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Broken Pedestal

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When Haru first encountered Kumori Asahi.

She was intrigued.

His voice sounded so beautiful and captivating.

She felt admiration at such beauty.

She loved the magic of music he had.

She eventually joined his music club in the guise of a different name as music clubs are forbidden in their school.

She wrote songs and brought the club to a lot of fame in underground stages.

And one day, she created a song for her own self, a song about her father.


Asahi seems impressed and supported to see that it's finished.

When it was done, Asahi wished for more people to listen to it.

Haru refused.

It was a song for her father and herself. She doesn't want anyone else to listen to it.

Just a few people to listen to it is enough.

And it's just good enough for her.

But it seems it wasn't enough for Kumori Asahi.

He later quit school leaving her, Takagi and the others to fend themselves.

And not long after, he made it to the entertainment world and joined the record label, singing "Hope".

When she hears it around television, she snapped.

(It was her song.

Her song.




No. You can't do this-)

She felt powerless and broken at how her song that is a hope for her own becomes a meaningless fake hope that everyone seem to think as good.

(It hurts. It hurts. It hurts.)

She wished she was deaf when she hears him singing it around for the world.

(No no no I don't want this fake hope I don't want to hear the sound of Hades singing my hope)

She no longer loved music the way she used to love it.

She no longer loved Asahi's music for he had taken her own hope away.

She no longer believed in the magic of music the same way she used to see it.

She no longer had hope in taking the hope that was stolen back to her.

It's too late.

There's nothing she can do to stop it.