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Sentinels Future and Past

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Spock was in his quarters meditating when his heard voices. He was startled by this as he was alone in his room. The sounds were getting louder and louder by the second. There were several different voices he could discern, but he was unable to determine what each was saying. As time passed, each became more discernable, and he could separate each voice from the whole.

“He’s new,” one voice said.

“Brilliant deduction there Jackson,” another said.

“It was a statement, Rodney, not a deduction. Who is he?”

“How the hell would I know, I have been here for as long as you have. Maybe Blair would know. When is he supposed to arrive anyway?” the voice that answered Rodney moaned.

“When he gets here. Should we talk to him?”

“Hey, you with the pointy ears, what’s your name?”

Spock opened his eyes and blinked. He was not in his quarters but a blue tinge forest. This was an extraordinary vision he was having. His meditations usually did not come with images. Perhaps it was a byproduct of his hybrid heritage; he would have to explore this at a more convenient time.

“Maybe he doesn’t speak English, Rodney.”

Spock blinked again and decided it might be wise to answer, “My name is Spock. Where am I?”

“Spock, huh, you are in the spirit realm or some such new age mumbo jumbo that Jackson and Sandburg are trying to teach me.”

“Spirit realm?” Spock questioned the other two men.

“Yeah, I’m Daniel Jackson, by the way, and this is Rodney McKay.”

Before Spock could inquire further, another figure appeared in his field of vision. He raised his eyebrow at the newcomer; he had curly hair long enough to be pulled back and placed in a ponytail, like Nyota’s.

“Hello. Cool, we have a new Guide,” the newcomer said. Spock was unsure how the temperature was related to guiding anything new, but before he could question anything another man appeared. This man was silver-haired and slightly older than the other three in this vision forest.

“Hey, Jethro,” the newcomer said to the newest of their group.

Spoke was very confused, believing he had a vision, he attempted to bring himself out of his meditative state. Closing his eyes, he slowed his breathing and heart rate; drifting off, he could hear the voices become further and further away from him until they stopped. He opened his eyes to find his quarters as he had left them and that he had been meditating for nearly four hours. Being Vulcan, he was not easily startled by many things, but he seemed to have lost track of how long he had been meditating. Typically, he would have been aware of the passage of time, even as he meditated, but for some reason, he could not discern that had not happened.

Putting his meditation supplies away and heading towards the bathroom facilities he shared with his captain. He ensured that the lock on the Captain’s side was engaged and he removed his robe to take a quick sonic shower. He had never been shaken by meditation before, but tonight he was uncertain as to why he would have had a vision. Perhaps he would contact his father on New Vulcan and inquire as to this new situation. It would be logical to determine if his father knew of other Vulcan’s that had visions while meditating. Perhaps it was unique to him, being only half Vulcan. He finished with his shower and returned to his quarters; he slipped into his bed and quickly drifted off to sleep.


“Who was that guy?” Jethro asked.

“Said his name was Spock. I think he was an alien,” Rodney said, shrugging his shoulders.

“An alien?” Blair questioned.

“Well, he wasn’t human. He had pointy ears and green colored skin. He wasn’t a Wraith, thank whatever,” Rodney huffed.

“We didn’t get to ask him much else,” Daniel chimed in.

“He’ll be back,” Blair said, confidently. Turning towards his fellow guides, he began their daily training exercised to help them work with their Sentinels.