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New Beginnings, New Horizons

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New beginning, New Horizons.

Chicago Med Fanfiction

Rheese (Rhodes / Reese)

Authors Note: I have decided to re-write the two chapters I have written previously, as I wanted to change Sarah’s background. I fixed some of the grammar and spelling.

Declaimer: I do not own any of the characters and I’m not raising any profit from this story.

  Now on with the story.


The phrase “I can’t believe I just quit!” kept going through Sarah’s mind. She had no idea what she was going to do. She had worked 7 years in total since going to college to become a doctor, graduated only yesterday which she missed and now she had no job to show for it. She did not know want to do with herself, Dr Charles had just congratulated her for quitting her job and that she will be okay, and she was still lingering in the ED hallway. “I suppose I should make my way home” She thought. As she made her way to the staff room, she noticed the ED was quite for once and hardly anyone around, she heard gossip as she passed the nurses desk that Dr Downey had dead, she must have been oblivious today just to have heard about this now. She opened the door of the darken staff room and once the door was fully open, she saw Dr Rhodes was in the corner chair leaning over legs with his hands over his face. She didn’t know if she should come in or not, after all the death of Dr Downey must have hit him hard, after all Dr Downey was his mentor.


Connor was sitting in the staff room not knowing want to do and if he was honest with self not knowing how he felt. He needed a distraction, before he started the arrange all of Dr Downey affairs, Sharon Goodwin had approached him approximately an hour after Dr Downey had died and explain he want him to handled his affairs. Sharon had given him a folder with Dr Downey wishes, he had yet had the courage to open the folder. He was tried, he needed to go home to his bed, he would look at the folder tomorrow, he just for some reason couldn’t put the effort into getting out of the chair, pick up his stuff and leaving the hospital. “It’s been a long day” he thought, just then he heard the door open to the staff room. After a few minutes of not hearing the person whom open the door walking around the room, he lifted he head to see who it was and he was Sarah in the doorway looking uncertain on what to do. Pity went across her facial features and Connor hated the look, he had been seeing too much today.


Sarah watch as Dr Rhodes suddenly looked fed up and he looked away quickly from her and she realised he didn’t he need pity but understanding, which she could give in spades. Connor looked back up to Sarah and she no longer appeared to pity him, something else cross her face and he didn’t know what to make of it. Sarah slowly walked into the room and was shrouded by darkest as the door closed. She walked straight up to him and sat down in the chair opposite him and leaned forward onto her arms. She looked straight into his eyes and he had never seen Sarah appear so intimidating and confident, he immediately reacted by leaning further back into his chair.


“You want to get a drink,” she stated suddenly breaking the silence they had been in for the last few minutes, “I don’t know about you, but I really could go for a drink after the day I’ve had today.” Connor didn’t know what to make of Sarah all the sudden, he didn’t know what she meant by having a bad day, he really hadn’t been with it today, but it felt like he had missed something. Suddenly he realised he did want to take Sarah up on her offer to get a drink. He nodded his head while stressing “sure, but not Molly’s, I don’t want to be surrounded around people from the hospital.” 


“I don’t know where to go then. Do you have any suggestions?” She asked, knowing due to his high up bring he would know of somewhere to go. Connor slightly chuckled “Yeah, I know a place that no one from the hospital would go to.” He quickly took a deep breath and grimaced, “however, you would have to change clothes, it’s quite high end.” Startled Sarah asked “how high end?” “The Aviary” Connor replied. “Oh” she uttered stunned, “not sure if I have anything suitable then. I’m a student Dr Rhodes and don’t have full wardrobe to utilise at the moment.” Connor chuckled earnestly for the first time today and replied “really Dr Reese, I didn’t realise you were still and student.” Sarah moaned and replied “right I forgot, it’s a new thing after all.” Connor smiled and it lighted his whole face, Sarah liked him looking like this, she could look at him all day. “Okay this is what we are going to do Reese, I call my sister get you sorted out with an outfit from the store and then we can make our way to the lounge for that drink.” “But I don’t have the money in my account at the moment to afford a dress from Dolan Rhodes,” she stressed, she had the money to afford a full wardrobe from Dolan Rhodes, however that money wasn’t in her current account at the moment, but her trust account. The terms of her trust account were that she had to give 2-3 days’ notice until having an unrestricted access, which she will have in approximately 1 month. “Reese I’ll pay, call it a graduation present.” “A dress from Dolan Rhodes is too much” she was starting to panic. Connor grab her hands and calmly spoke “Sarah, please, let me do this for you, especially after this day.” Sarah thought about her day and thought maybe it would be nice for someone to make her feel special for once “okay” she declared giving into him, she was determined to pay him back once she has full access to her trust account.



The last hour and half had been a whirlwind for Sarah and now she was sitting across from Connor in the most stunningly beautiful drinking lounge on her second cocktail and was having the time of her life, forgetting about what happen today.


Sarah quickly thought back of what happen in that hour and a half and feel silent. Connor’s sister, Claire, had been a great help in choosing a dress for her, while in the changing room, which looked more like boutique waiting room, with Claire they had chatted and Claire was under the impression that she was Connor’s girlfriend. Of course, she indicated plainly and straight forward that they were friends and colleagues only. However, she got the impression that Claire didn’t believe her. Claire found her the most amazedly dark green dress, that felt incredible and looked even better wearing. It brought out all her best features and hid the ones she didn’t want to show.


“Hey, where you go?” Connor question, bringing Sarah out of her thoughts. “Nowhere, just thinking about our recent shopping expedition with your sister.” Connor brought his drink to his lips and to hide him starring at Sarah again. The dress Claire dressed her in made him speechless when he saw her and found himself thinking about her in ways he hadn’t before. “Have I told you look stunning yet tonight.” Sarah laughed and confirm he did.


“So….” Connor muttered his tone turning serious, “why did you need a drink after today and not in a good way, because you should be celebrating becoming a doctor.” Sarah signed and declared “Sure, I’m happy and excited I’m now a doctor, a doctor without a job!” “What?!” shocked from what she said. “I quit pathology today, before even starting.” She signed. Not knowing what to say Connor stayed silent. After realising he wasn’t going to say something Sarah explained what happen.


“I chose my match was after a challenging case where and patient continued to risk his life against medical advice and I thought what’s the point. It was at a very, very, low point for me and a critical time in my career journey and it forced me to make the wrong decision in choosing pathology. I hadn’t realised I made the wrong decision until the day the matches came out and I was dreading that I would get my choice. After all, why wouldn’t they give me my choice, I’m the top student of my year and then I realised I wanted to treat patients and not just run tests all day. About a week after my match and confronted Goodwin asking her what would happen if I didn’t want continued with my match and she plainly explained there was no way out of my match, it was a contract that I had to fulfil, which I believe is wrong, want if it is the wrong match. I felt forced into something I no longer wanted.” Sarah moan was getting lower and lower, which forced Connor to come around to her side of the table and place his arm around her shoulders.


“I was working on one of my last cases yesterday and missed my graduation. Joey found me sleeping on a desk, judging and accursing me of missing my graduation on purpose and then gave me my new lab coat with Dr Sarah Reese written on the lapel. I knew a couldn’t live being a doctor in pathology, that’s not right for me, I went down to pathology and just quit, I just quit!” Sarah finished hysterical and she could feel the tears beginning to fall. Connor noticed them as well and lifted his hand in the air to catch the attention of their server. “Can we have the bill please?” “Of course, right away.” The server replied immediately realising how upset Sarah was. Sarah looked up at Connor beside her “I’m sorry” “Don’t apologise you have nothing to be sorry for. Come on I’m taking you home.” Sarah looked at him in disbelieve. “But, I don’t want to go home.” Connor stood up pulling Sarah with him while looking at her and without looking handed their server a few hundred dollars. “keep the change.”


“Sarah, I’m not taking to your home, I’m taking you to my home. Okay.” He explained to her like child trying to impressed upon her want he meant. Connor had found herself enjoying his time with Sarah and realised he found her very attractive and not just in looks. She was different to all his previous partners and he realised he wanted to try something different, but he knew he had a move at her pace whether that was fast or slow “Oh” she replied and took his hand in hers and said “led the way then.”



Connor woke up the next morning facing the glass only wall in his bedroom, it was a blight summer’s day with no clouds in the sky. “A new day and the new start.” He thought as he turned in his bed towards a sleeping Sarah. He stared at her and while he looked he broke out into a smile. “She was the distraction he needed, NO!” his mind screamed himself “Sarah’s not a distraction, she more than a distraction.” He continued to watch her and she moved slight her hair falling partially onto her face. Connor hand move without thought and gently move hair out of her face and lightly stroke down her face, Sarah moaned. Without opening her eyes lick her lips and in a voice of sleep said “morning” “Hi” simply replied and cupped her face more firmly and softly kissed her lips. When he moved away and finally opened her eyes and expressed the same smile he was giving her. “Sleep well?” she enquired, he nodded his head and confirmed “well once we did get to sleep, I can confirm I have never slept so well” he spoke in the cheeky voice. “Good!” pronounced, strongly suspecting he hadn’t been sleeping well, especially with issue of Dr Downey’s declining health.


“I’m going to make us some breakfast if you want to clean up” Connor verbalised while pulling out some sweat pants from his bedside table, then getting out of bed naked, Sarah swallowed loudly not believing want had happen last night, especially considering she was still officially with Joey. Connor heard her and feeling adventurous turned around to face her and slowing began to put the sweat pants. Sarah couldn’t stop starring at him. Once his sweat pants were on Connor leaned forward and kissed Sarah again, whom had started to sit up as he was dressing without realising. “See you in the kitchen soon.” He declared when walked out of the room.


Sarah flopped down onto the bed and signed happily. She knew she would have to break-up with Joey now, it didn’t matter whether or not what ever was happening between her and Connor continued, because she obviously didn’t care enough about Joey last night or this morning in fact for her to have cheated on him with Connor. It didn’t even cross her mind that she was cheating on her boyfriend until this moment, but for some reason she didn’t feel guilty, she just felt happy and for some reason free.


To be continued…