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Happy Twenty-First Birthday Draco

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Draco returned to his bedroom from having dropped his son off with his mother – who had volunteered to watch him for the night. He closed the door and turned to trudge toward his bed. An unexpected sight made him stop short and rub his eyes.

“You're here!” Draco exclaimed in surprise

There, laying on his bed as if he owned it, was a naked Harry Potter. Harry shifted until he was laying on his side with his chin propped on a hand so that he could look at Draco. A warm smile lit up his face.

“It's your birthday, isn't it?” Harry stated more than asked.

“So it is,” Draco replied with a pleased grin. “I just didn't expect you this year, considering...”

During the year that had passed since Draco's last birthday, Harry had been rather busy. First, since he was a wreck from breaking off his marriage, he had spent a good six months following his best friend's advice by going to bars and pulling whoever caught his interest. This had led him to the conclusion that he really was bisexual – liking both sexes equally.

Then, he'd spent about two months trying to date a nice bloke he met at a bar. The man was a muggle and didn't understand Harry. To be fair, there were a lot of magic related things that Harry couldn't explain, and so he had let that relationship end quietly when the man broke up with him.

After that, Harry tried to go back to Ginny, but it had only taken a couple of dates and a glorious weekend in bed for Harry to realize that he wasn't actually in love with her. He'd probably never been in love with her like that. Now that he had some perspective, he realized that he had always loved her as a part of his family – not like a sister since they had too much fun in bed for that, but still, not like a romantic partner either.

Finally, with no small amount of frustration, Harry had gone traveling for a while. No one had seen him in over two months, and might have thought he'd died, were it not for the notes he owled at random to let everyone know that he was still alive and to ask how Scorpius was doing. Draco had spent the entire year patiently waiting for Harry to figure out what he needed to know and occasionally pulling a bloke from a bar when Draco needed a release.

All of this was why Draco was surprised to find Harry in his bed. He hadn't even known that Harry was back! With a soft smile, he took his clothes off.

“Last I heard, you were trying to climb a mountain,” Draco said conversationally.

“Yeah, that was surprisingly fun,” Harry admitted with a grin. “And then I spent the last two weeks learning to surf on a beach in Australia.”

“Sounds exciting,” Draco murmured with a polite smile.

“It was, but I had a major problem,” Harry admitted with a self-derisive smirk.

By this time, Draco was naked and crawling into bed. “Oh? And what was that?”

“I remembered that your birthday was coming up and I couldn't stop thinking of you long enough to concentrate. I nearly drowned at least three times!” Harry bemoaned this dramatically.

Draco crossed his legs and sat on his bed staring at Harry. “You were thinking of me?” He reiterated cautiously.

After so many years of letting himself believe that Harry would eventually return his feelings, he'd finally figured out how to shield his heart enough so that it didn't hurt when Harry left. Especially since Harry was very good about spending every weekend and several days each week visiting Scorpius – well, he was before he went traveling. Harry hadn't wanted to lead Draco on while he was still so damn confused about everything, so they hadn't simply hopped into bed and shagged at every opportunity. Which was yet another reason that Draco hadn't expected Harry to show up this year.

“Yes,” Harry solemnly confessed. “Without you right there next to me to confuse me, I was able to think a bit more clearly about you.”

Draco felt his heart fall just a little at that. It sounded so ominous when stated that way. “Oh... and?”

“And I realized why it is I can never think around you,” Harry informed him. “It's because my heart starts beating so hard that it sounds like thunder, which drowns out all thoughts.”

Oh?” Draco asked, highly intrigued by this. It definitely sounded like a reason to be hopeful.

“And once I realized that, the rest just seemed obvious. So I rushed back so I could be here for your birthday,” Harry finished his explanation.

Draco was definitely hopeful now. “What seemed obvious?”

“How I feel about you,” Harry murmured softly.

Draco wasn't about to let him get away with such a vague answer. “And how's that?”

Harry rolled his eyes. “Eh, well, mostly I want to punch you. Occasionally, I want to kiss you. Most nights I want to Apparate straight into your bed and molest you. Most days I want that too. In fact, that seems to come up on an hourly basis. Perhaps a bit more frequently. And then I want to kiss you all over again, while punching you, which is a bit confusing – if I'm honest.”

Draco raised a brow and frowned at Harry. “Is that all?”

“I think that's more than plenty for now, except to say that I think I want to try this. With you.”

Draco was still frowning since he wanted something a lot more concrete than a desire for copious shagging and possibly some punching. Which actually did sound appealing. Draco had secretly wanted to punch and or strangle Harry just about every day since he'd first met him. Well, maybe not quite so secretly.

Harry sighed and pulled Draco close. “I mean it. I want us to try having a serious relationship. I'll move into the Manor with you, or you and Scorpius can move into my place with me. The point is, we'll be together.”

“You'd move in here?” Draco asked incredulously.

“Yeah, if it means being with you and our son, I'd move to the frozen tundra of Siberia,” Harry stated, quite seriously, as far as Draco could tell.

Draco felt like he practically melted at those words. When Harry kissed him, he didn't resist at all. Harry rolled Draco under him so that they could make love with just their mouths for a long time.

“I missed this...” Harry whispered a while later. “No one ever kisses me like you do.”

Draco grinned, inordinately pleased to hear this. He rewarded Harry with another hot kiss. A few minutes later, Harry pulled away to look at Draco.

“So... me or you?” Harry asked.

“How about I do you and then you do me?” Draco suggested with an eager smile.

“You didn't take a fertility potion, did you?” Harry asked suspiciously.

“No!” Draco denied with a chuckle. “I didn't even know you'd be here, and besides, once was really enough.”

“Not now, but maybe in the future, I think I'd like to carry a child,” Harry admitted softly.

Draco grinned like a cat who'd gotten into the cream. “I'd love that!” Then he patted around on the bed until he found his wand. A moment later, he cast a spell to detect any sexually transmitted diseases, grinning again when they both lit up as clean.

“I was careful,” Harry murmured defensively.

“I believe you,” Draco assured him with a smile. “I just figured that it's better to be sure.”

Harry nodded in acceptance. Then he let Draco roll them so that Harry was on bottom. Draco used one hand to slide underneath Harry's balls.

“Hmm... This feels very tight, like it hasn't been used in a while,” Draco observed as he conjured oil.

Harry blushed and turned his head in an attempt to look away. “Er... well... I could never relax enough to trust anyone else to top me, so...”

This delighted Draco beyond words. He momentarily abandoned his efforts to lubricate Harry so that he could squeeze Harry tight. Then he added a possessive kiss just to make sure that his point got across.

Harry chuckled and returned both the hug and the kiss. “Although I do find it strange that I was able to trust you so completely even back when I was fairly sure you were going to hurt me.”

“Well, I can admit that had I known it was actually you the first time, I might have thrown a few hexes first,” Draco drawled with an unrepentant shrug.

“I had to take some calming draught before sneaking into your dorm so that I could go through with it without panicking,” Harry confessed.

“Ah, that makes sense,” Draco admitted with a soft smile. “I wondered – when I thought back on it – how you managed to keep still and not blush or panic. I even watched Blaise's memory to see if I could find something that gave you away, and aside from being very realistic, nope.”

“You have a copy of Blaise's memory of it?” Harry asked with interest.

“Yes, along with all of my own,” Draco informed him with a grin. The different perspectives offered slightly different details.

“I think I might have to watch that sometime,” Harry murmured, his eyes far away in thought.

“How about for your birthday?” Draco suggested with an eager grin.

“Sounds like the start of a very good evening,” Harry replied before kissing Draco.

Draco took this as his cue to resume preparing Harry. It didn't take long at all for Harry to writhe from the fingers in his arse. He seriously loved when Draco did this to him!

When Harry was ready, Draco pushed into him. Both of them were very grateful that Harry had decided to continue the birthday tradition! Harry held Draco tight, wrapping his legs around Draco's waist and kissing him through blissful groans.

Then a thought occurred to Harry. “So... When did you first want to have sex with me?”

“What?” Draco wondered in confusion. He was far too focused on the glorious feeling of being buried deep in Harry's arse for that to have made sense.

“Well, it's just that I overheard you and Blaise talking about how you want to make a love doll of me, and it really sounded like you had wanted that for quite some time. I'm just wondering how long,” Harry explained.

Draco blushed and leaned his forehead onto Harry's chest. “Merlin's deformed left testicle! Does it really matter how long?!”

Harry gripped Draco's hips and helped him maintain a good pace even as Harry ground into him. “ Yes . I want to know.”

“Salazar help me,” Draco murmured under his breath, still not looking at Harry. “Alright fine... I first wanted you as a potential love interest and future bed partner when I watched you defeat the dragon in our Fourth Year. It was really amazing! Though I would have rather swallowed a Daught of Living Death before I admitted that at the time!”

“You wanted to have sex with me all the way back near the beginning of fourth year?!” Harry asked incredulously, faltering in meeting Draco's thrusts for only a moment. Draco smirked.

“Actually, I think the having sex bit was about halfway through Fifth Year when I saw how you simply gritted your teeth and took everything Umbridge did, all the while plotting to undermine her... Well...” he trailed off with a shrug.

“That must have been weird,” Harry theorized with a grin.

“It actually was,” Draco admitted with a wry smile, settling himself a bit more comfortably on Harry so that they could have a conversation and shag forever at the same time. “On the one hand, I wanted to get you into trouble, punch you, mock and ridicule you, and prove to everyone that I was undoubtedly the better person, but on the other hand, I wanted to throw you up against the wall and snog you so hard that you forgot to argue. I wanted to vanish all your clothes and run my tongue all over your body.”

“Yeah?” Harry asked, so interested that his voice almost deserted him and he had to clear his throat.

Draco kissed him. “And I wanted to bite you and suck on you and wrap my hands around your prick until you couldn't think straight.”

Harry moaned and unconsciously clenched all the muscles in his groin and arse at that image. This made Draco go a bit cross eyed from the pleasure. He let out a groan and redoubled his efforts to pound into Harry. Until a thought occurred to him .

“So... When did you first want to have sex with me?” Draco asked curiously.

It was Harry's turn to blush and try to look away. “Erm... I don't think that's really important...”

Draco nipped his neck. “Oh no! You made me tell you !”

Harry sighed and grumbled something intelligible.

“What was that?” Draco asked with a tone of challenge.

“Alright, fine!” Harry capitulated, pinching Draco's arse. “It was when I sat there under my invisibility cloak watching you and Blaise seriously try to make a love doll of me. I'd never had sex before and –”

You hadn't?!” Draco asked in astonishment. He paused deep inside Harry, who promptly wiggled his body as a reminder to keep going.

Harry blushed again. “Er, no. There wasn't really time to think much about sex before that. I was too busy worrying about Voldemort. And for a while, I really thought I liked Cho, but that didn't go beyond kissing and didn't work out, so yeah...”

“But then why?!” Draco wondered, shifting his position again so that he could lie flat on top of Harry and slide his hands under Harry's shoulders for a good grip and some excellent leverage for fast grinding.

Harry wrapped his arms around Draco but repositioned his legs so that his knees were bent and his feet were flat on the bed. This way, he could push up into Draco with more force. He also took advantage to the proximity to run his hands through Draco's hair.

“As I was saying, I had never had sex before, but you so clearly and eagerly wanted to have sex with me. I couldn't believe that it wasn't some sort of joke at first, but then I started imagining it,” Harry informed him with a smirk. “Not only did that make me rather horny, but it also made me very curious. None of what I was imagining seemed bad.” He paused to kiss Draco and simply enjoy the thrusting for a long moment before continuing.

“In fact, staring at you and thinking about having sex with you quickly created a situation in my pants that made it clear that the idea was appealing. I am more than half sure that was what made my mind up for me!” Harry exclaimed with a laugh.

He was being completely honest except for the detail that he also felt he owed it to Draco to give him what he wanted to make up for nearly killing him in the bathroom not too long before that. Saying that out loud would probably come across as insulting. Or maybe it just wasn't the time to bring up something so painful.

Draco chuckled and gave Harry a wry smirk. “So you're saying that all of this happened because of an impulse decision made by a horny virgin?” He punctuated some of those words with particularly deep thrusts.

“Pretty much,” Harry agreed with a smirk of his own. He moaned and shifted his hands down to squeeze Draco's arse.

Draco shook his head and rolled his eyes. “I can't exactly complain since it was mostly an impulse decision that made me actually take the fertility potion. Before that – when I made it – I was just having a lark. It made me laugh because it was supposed to represent us having a family someday in the mythical future, but I didn't think you'd come back that year since you were... involved ...”

Harry sighed, feeling a bit depressed for a moment. His hands fell to his sides to lay on the bed and he went completely passive. “I lied to myself that year. I told myself that it wasn't cheating on Ginny because I was only a doll to you and thus it wasn't really me there having sex with you. But after we were done, I felt incredibly guilty. I vowed never to do it again – and I probably wouldn't have except...”

Draco responded to Harry's actions by going still, then frowned a bit at his words and murmured. “Except you found out I'd had your child without telling you and you wanted a chance to confront me.”

This was starting to sound like a series of chance encounters. Harry making an impulse decision in the first place. Draco doing possibly the one thing that would have made Harry talk to him at that point... It almost hurt that neither of them had the – what? Courage? Desire? Capability? To talk to the other when clearly a conversation might have solved so many problems!

Harry rolled them over so that he was on top, and then placed his hands on Draco's abdomen as he rode Draco rather hard. “And I'm glad I did. When I think about how I nearly married Ginny, it scares me. I was only doing it because it was a guarantee that I'd have most of the things I wanted in life. It wouldn't have been fair to either of us in the long run.”

Draco was thoroughly enjoying this new position. He gripped Harry's hips tightly and panted. “Sh. Shut up. For a few. Minutes!”

Harry laughed but otherwise complied, moving up and down as fast as he could, letting gravity help him pound himself onto Draco with oomph. Draco quickly started gasping. Harry mischievously counted to 60 in his head, and then pinched Draco's nipple.

“Hurry up already! Do you plan to take all day?!” Harry whinged in feigned complaint.

“It's my birthday and I'll take as long as I want!” Draco growled, but his continued panting assured Harry that the end was near, he smirked.

“But you're taking forever and I'm dying for my turn!” Harry said with a pout.

“Just for that, get off me!” Draco insisted, lifting Harry off him and tossing him onto the bed face down. Then, he maneuvered Harry so that he was on his knees with his face pressed into the mattress. Draco reentered Harry and then chose a rough pace that had Harry chanting an entreaty to God.

Draco gasped from the intensity of the pleasure as he pumped Harry full. Then he slumped over Harry's back and nearly purred from happiness as he rested. Harry shifted his arms until they were crossed and cradling his head.

“So... my turn?” Harry asked with an impertinent smirk over his shoulder at Draco.

Draco gave him an over-exaggerated sigh as if severely put upon. “I suppose , if you must .”

Harry grinned at him. “I missed you!”

Draco simply smiled at that.




“What's this, we're actually going out to dinner this year?” Draco asked, pretending to be haughty and upset.

Harry laughed. “Yeah well, we've more or less had a date every year for your birthday, but it was just shagging.”

“Nothing wrong with shagging,” Draco pointed out.

“Definitely not!” Harry agreed with a grin. “I could shag you forever!”

Draco preened a little at that, and then leaned over and gave Harry a kiss.

“But anyway, now that we've been seeing each other for an entire year, I thought it was really about time that we went out and had an actual date on your Birthday... You know, before we hop in bed and shag,” Harry informed him.

“I'm not complaining,” Draco replied with a soft smile. “I gather that we're going to that muggle restaurant you love so much?”

Most of their dates took place at muggle restaurants with a few at other muggle places such as museums or theaters. This was because Harry liked it that they could walk around and hold hands without everyone pointing and staring. It wasn't that Harry was ashamed to be seen with Draco, it's just that he didn't really like all the attention in general.

“No, I have a different one in mind,” Harry replied vaguely, holding out his arm for Draco to take. “I made reservations and everything.”

“You sound as if you think that's a huge accomplishment,” Draco remarked a bit snidely as he took Harry's arm. “But most people would consider that one of the basics of being a competent adult.”

Harry simply smiled and kissed Draco on the cheek before he Disapparated them. They arrived in an alley, sort of still smirking at each other and not paying attention to anything else. Harry finally thought of a somewhat witty response to Draco's teasing.

“Yeah, well, most people would also consider it a basic part of being an adult to dress properly, but I always have to let you pick out my clothes for me, which just makes me think that I adult just fine, but you simply have to control everything.”

Draco narrowed his eyes at Harry and pursed his lips. “Harry, if I didn't dress you, you'd wear nothing but jeans and a tee shirt. Even on days like today!”

“Just because it's your Birthday and we're going out on an actual date, doesn't mean that we have to dress up,” Harry pointed out, tugging at the collar of the nearly formal suit he was wearing.

Draco gaped at him incredulously. “Then when do you think is a good time to dress up?”

“Very special occasions such as weddings and funerals,” Harry stated with a shrug.

Draco huffed and looked around. “Harry... We're in Diagon Alley.”

“I know,” Harry stated with a mischievous smirk. He linked his fingers through Draco's and pulled him out of the alley. They had arrived right next to one of the classier restaurants that Draco just loved.

Which meant that half of Draco was purring with happiness that Harry had made an effort to bring them somewhere he'd like. The other half of Draco was rapidly devolving into a nervous wreck!

“But Harry! What if someone from the Daily Prophet sees us?” Draco protested because he knew that Harry hated appearing in the papers.

Harry smiled at him. “Ah, let 'em!”

Now Draco felt like he could quite easily melt into a puddle on the floor. Thankfully, the hostess recognized Harry and led them to their reserved table before Draco had to think. At all. About anything. Because his brain was still trying to comprehend Harry being so sweet and considerate and very public with Draco.

Possibly because he was Harry Potter , a waiter arrived before the hostess had finished hoping that they would enjoy their meal. The waiter held a bottle of wine that he knew – from previous experience with the Malfoy family – that Draco would love. A very spendy bottle that Draco normally wouldn't think twice about, but Harry was paying after all...

Harry saw the look of appreciation on Draco's face and gestured toward their glasses. “We'll take it.”

Draco looked at Harry suspiciously. “Alright, where's the real Harry and what have you done with him?”

Harry laughed. “I tied him up and tossed him the bottom of my seven level trunk so that I'd have a continual supply of his hair for Polyjuice potions.”

The waiter went bug eyed and almost spilled some of the wine he was pouring into Draco's glass.

Draco smirked because he understood the reference. “Speaking of Polyjuice, are you serious about doing that for your Birthday?”

Harry grinned like a devious wolf. “Why? Interested?”

Draco sighed as if he was being given a choice between being honest or having all his teeth pulled out. “Not so much interested as willing to give you what you want.”

Harry reached across the table and grabbed Draco's hand. “It'll be fun!”

Draco harrumphed and the waiter cleared his throat now that he had poured Harry a glass of wine. “Er, so, do you gents have any idea what you want to eat?”

Draco ordered using a long string of fussy instructions that – while they were in English – made no sense to Harry. So he simply smiled and nodded in agreement. The waiter gave them polite smiles before leaving.

“So, do you want to pick the hair, or do you want me to do it?” Harry asked.

“If it's for your birthday, then it should be up to you,” Draco reasoned, taking a sip of his wine.

“Well yeah, but I happen to love blondes, so I'll just pick a blonde. But I figured that if you would rather try out a dark brunette or a ginger –”

“Harry, you must know by now how I feel about gingers! I will not consent to that!” Draco growled in displeasure.

“I thought it was my choice?” Harry pointed out with a perverse grin.

Draco nearly fell for the bait and shouted, but then he realized that Harry was just winding him up. So instead, he glared. “I'm agreeing to let you Polyjuice me into a woman for an hour to celebrate your Birthday so shut up before I change my mind.”

Harry chuckled and mimed locking his mouth shut with a key. Then he ruined the effect by asking: “Blonde then?”

“Merlin's funky armpits!” Draco muttered in exasperation. “Yes! I would prefer to remain a blond!”

“Good to know,” Harry murmured with a warm smile.

Draco looked up at the waiter in surprise. It usually took a few more minutes for the first course to arrive. He looked over to Harry with a speculative expression. Again, the extremely prompt service was probably due to Harry.

“Hmm... tell me again why we don't come here more often?” Draco asked, more than willing to take advantage of Harry's fame if it meant excellent service.

“Because everyone is staring at us,” Harry stated, which drew Draco's attention to the fact that Harry didn't even need to look around to know that it was true.

Draco took a moment to look around, and sure enough, everyone was trying their best to be covert as they stared at Harry. “Ah. I was so completely focused on you that I didn't even notice.”

Harry smiled at him a bit wryly. “At least you're paying attention to me for the right reasons.”

By this point, the waiter had placed a basket of warm bread and two plates of salad in the table, and then topped off the wine in their glasses.

“And what reasons are those?” Draco asked with a smirk.

“Mostly just that you don't give a crap about all that Savior business, and also because we have definite plans to go home and shag when we're done,” Harry stated, not surprised in the slightest that the waiter dropped the pitcher of water he was pouring into empty glasses on their table – as an alternative to the wine.

“Oh! I'm so sorry! I'll just clean that up!” The waiter wailed in mortification before promptly casting a couple of drying spells.

Draco leaned across the table so that he could whisper to Harry. “You did that on purpose.”

Harry linked their fingers again and whispered back. “Sometimes it's the only way to get them to back off.”

Draco shrugged and smirked. “Well, no harm done since it's true,” he said in his normal volume.

“I'll be right back with your second course,” the waiter promised, his face utterly red.

“How many courses are there?” Harry wondered.

“Salad, soup, entree, and then dessert,” Draco stated. “Just like in a muggle restaurant.

“I thought you'd order 12 courses or something,” Harry remarked with a teasing smirk.

“I would have if I wasn't so eager to get to the shagging,” Draco stated, completely flustering the Manager – who had come to apologize for the waiter's clumsiness.

“Er, ah, erm, i-is there anything I can get you gentlemen?”

Harry waved her away. “Not really. We're fine.”

“But you haven't even touched your food!” She protested in alarm.

“We're too busy flirting,” Harry assured her. “It's Draco's Birthday,” he added with a warm smile intended only for Draco. Draco responded by preening a bit.

“Oh, er, ah, I see,” she murmured with a blush. “Well then, I'll just let you get on with it.”

“Thank you,” they both said as she walked away, and then snickered.

“Perhaps there is such a thing as too prompt when it comes to fine dining,” Draco murmured, taking another sip of his wine, and then beginning his salad.

Harry took one of the mini loaves of rye bread, cut it in half lengthwise, and then slathered butter on it. “This is fantastic!”

They ate and drank until the soup arrived – which was a rich and creamy clam chowder loaded with bacon. Harry simply loved the soup! He'd rather thought that Draco's favorite restaurant would be too fussy to be enjoyable, but he was most definitely wrong. The restaurant was fussy, but the food was excellent.

Harry got lost in the pleasure of just being with Draco. He flirted on autopilot, glad that Draco wasn't trying to have a deep or intellectual conversation, because Harry had no idea what was being said. He was completely surprised a while later when dessert was served.

“Is something wrong?” Draco asked in concern.

Harry blushed and looked down. “No! I was just too busy mooning over you to pay attention to our food.”

Draco laughed. “I'd like to say that's a shame – the food really is excellent – but I'm far too happy to hear that.”

Harry quite abruptly slid out of his chair and got on his knees next to Draco. He then pulled a ring in a fancy little box out of his pocket and took a deep breath.

“Merlin's crooked teeth!” Draco blurted out before Harry could say a word. His eyes were wide and his mouth hung open in shock.

“Draco Malfoy, will you marry me?”

Draco felt like he couldn't breathe! He pressed one hand to his heart, and then when he still couldn't breathe – or speak, or move so much as his eyelids to blink – he managed to nod a bit frantically.

Finally, he regained the ability to gasp out: “Yes!”

Harry grinned – his own heart having stopped for a few moments as he waited for an answer. Now that he knew it was the right answer, he slipped the ring on Draco's finger. Then, he pulled Draco close for an intense kiss.

Not that they were paying attention, but the first thing the rest of the patrons in the restaurant did was collectively gasp in shock. Then they started whispering to each other – asking if they were really seeing this. Eventually, when the kissing had gone on for a while, they started to clap and offer congratulations.

One lucky reporter managed to get a picture of the kiss. Draco's hand was tangled up in Harry's hair and his engagement ring was clear for all to see. The bright flash of the camera caught their attention.

“I think it's probably time to go home now,” Harry whispered, suddenly embarrassed.

“Not until after I've finished my dessert,” Draco insisted with a twistedly pleased grin. “And had a chance to enjoy the gossip for a few minutes.”

“Ponce,” Harry accused with a grin. Then he got up and returned to his seat.

“Yeah, but you love me,” Draco teased with a flirty tone.

Harry tilted his head to the side and gave him an expression of adoration. “Yeah... I do.”

Draco's eyes widened. Suddenly, he was gesturing for their waiter to bring them their bill. “I think it's time to go home after all!”

Harry simply grinned in agreement.