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party, party, party!

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i. early may

place: tsukumihara academy

time: morning period


"Come back when you're ranked first worldwide."


Was her quick answer decisively shutting down the somewhat boastful Shinji Matou who appropriately found no words to respond with... Their much younger classmate Leo B. Harwey decided to pitch in. "There for Shinji has to defeat the current reigning only gaming champion from Europe, Miss. Kishinami?"


"Well, whoever it is currently ranked first and Shinji can be undefeated ranked first place champion of Asia, right? "


"Yes, supposedly so." The Harwey heir nodded and looked at the stunned boy critically. "Do you think you'll be up to the challenge, Shinji?"


"Of c-course I am!" He finally sputters although he doesn't seem quite so sure. Almost humbled at the idea of attempting to reach rank one of the rankings. "What do I get out of this, if I hypothetically get the first rank, though?"


"Hypothetically? Are you really thinking low of yourself?" Hakuno asks blankly and the boy protests with a frown, folding his arms. "This is a bit too farfetched for me to reach, even if I were to be the prime champion of the country, Kishinami! So What do I get from all of this, huh?"


"I am a poor maiden, who have freeloaders at my apartment and they don't pay me rent. Don't expect anything out me, seaweed."


"I wasn't even expecting anything from you!"


"Did you want me to become your personal maid for the rest of the school year or something?"


"Look. I like you enough as a friend, Kishinami, but I don't want to see your ugly mug out of school every day of the year as my maid."


"Thank you for giving me some least shreds of dignity, oh mighty one."


"Shut up, Kishinami."


"Come now, you two, don't need to make a scene so early when the teacher isn't here yet." Leo's breezy voice put the stop of the passive banter between the two friends, and he smiled peacefully. "If you do ascend to number one, I shall give you my personal congratulations."


"Really?! You hear that Kishinami? We're gonna have a party at Leo's mansion when it happens! It'll be great."


"... Did you just invite yourself over to Leo's mansion and decided that there will be a party...? Without his---"


"Well, well. I don't mind at all allowing that arrangement." He looks at the girl curiously, "You surely won't mind coming if it happens?"




"Of course, we'll offer our special Harwey Curry at this party...."


"Fine." She mutters.


Shinji snorts loudly as he rolls his eyes at how easy it was to get Hakuno come if someone gave something in return. Leo claps in excitement.

A small sigh. "Now, would the two of you clear away from my desk already?"