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Hidden Acknowlegement

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Chapter Three

One of the disadvantages of being very quiet and shy is learning how to speak up.


“What was that?”

Hinata flinched, standing up with her head bowed before him, avoiding his penetrating gaze.

He spoke louder, as if compensating for her soft volume and her confidence took a hit as she bit her lower lip.

She could also hear the suspicion in his voice as he questioned her.

What should to do now?

It was taking her everything to throw the handkerchief in her hand at him to escape.

Taking a deep breath, she tried again.

Her arms were out and she couldn’t lift her head up, but she spoke again.

“This…is for you.”

Could he hear this time?


Naruto scowled and crossed his arms in a huff.

This girl was weird.

She didn’t seem like the others kids who were rude to him, yelling and pushing him away.

She was bowing in front of him.

He didn’t know how to respond in this situation and he couldn’t hear her at all either.

He didn’t know what to do, but shout.

“What did you say? I can’t hear you. Speak up!”


Frustration…and stress.

‘What did you say?’

‘I can’t hear you.’

‘Speak up!’

These were the most common phrases for someone who spoke quietly will hear in their lifetime.

It was also something that can come up from speaking with the same person in multiple conversations and it seems to define their very character in other people’s eyes.

It made a person to want to scream and shout at the world while they repeated what they just said and a little more loudly.

Why did talking have to be so difficult?



Hinata bit her lip, cutting herself off from finishing her sentence.

She was stuttering again and he was getting angry.

Did he hate her for being weak?

At that thought, her head and shoulders fell down at the feeling of despair filling inside her.

Was this the end? Was this the best she could do and she failed?

But…there was no sound.

Hinata expected that there was more yelling and glaring that were filled with disdain.

A glare that she should have felt by now.

But…it was quiet.

Wasn’t he angry at her?

Indecisively, she peeked at the boy under her lashes and saw blue eyes staring at her in confusion.

There was no hatred or anger…not even annoyance at her attempts to talk confidently.

Her stuttering…he didn’t… mind?

Her hopes rose.

She still had a chance, to help and do something right for once.

This wasn’t the time to give up, right?

Taking another breath, she slowly lifted her head up and stared at the cerulean hues of the blond boy’s.

She felt the heat rising in her cheeks and it took everything to not look away.


“This…is…for you.”

The words were really soft.

They were spoken in a breathless kind of tone and he blinked a couple times as they registered in his mind.

She was helping him?

No one besides the Hokage tried to help him before.

She wasn’t trying to trick him was she?

Naruto stared at the blue haired girl, stupefied.

The handkerchief in her palms was extended towards him.

Was this some kind of trick?

His throat was dry.

“Are you really serious? You’re not joking are you?”

Staring intently, he watched for signs of her lying.

Her cheeks were red as the girl nodded, but he couldn’t find anything else strange.

His hand trembled slightly as he reached for the handkerchief.

He pulled it and she did not make a protest as the fabric pulled slowly from her hand.

She wasn’t kidding.

He started wiping himself in an absent manner, trying to accept the fact that there was someone who didn’t hate

He watched her face trying to understand.

Up closer, he found that she looked a lot different than he expected.

Her eyes at this distance were actually this really light shade of purple and she had no pupils.

However, her eyes also had this unbelievable feeling of softness and gentleness when they stared at him and he couldn’t help but relax under its gaze.

She also had really long lashes that accentuate her eyes too.

It was really hard to believe that she could be cruel with those round, purple orbs.

With her delicate features and eyes, he actually thought that she was kind of pretty.

Unexpectedly, there was a squeaking sound that came from her.

Blue eyes blinked as they watched her cheeks were turning really red again and it was spreading down to the rest of her face, neck and on.

Was there smoke coming from her?

Was she sick?

Concerned, Naruto leaned in, trying to see her face and he heard a squeak again before he got hit in the head as she bowed deeply and unexpectedly.

Naruto hissed in pain, rubbing his head and heard the girl speak again.

In that soft, whispery voice, she spoke in a rush, “I’m sorry!…Ex..excuse me, bu..but I have to go!”

Naruto was pretty sure he heard her squeal again before she ran away with her head down.

Huh, what a weird girl.

Very quiet too.

She seemed really nice though.

He wondered if he would see her again.

A breeze passed by and Naruto shuddered, feeling the wet fabric of his clothes sticking to him.

He sniffed and cringed; smelling the disgusting scent from the mess the old man threw at him.

Naruto started walking away in the direction of his new apartment to clean up.

He did not know that the girl ran off because he unknowingly spoken out loud the comment about her being pretty.