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Saving Severus Snape

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         Harry James Potter had just turned 17. Finally, he had become an adult in the eyes of the Magical World. At 12:00AM Harry gathered his trunk, Hedwig’s cage, and the few items he had stored under the loose floorboard in “his” room, and let Hedwig fly out the front door, since his window was once again barred. Once everything was gathered and Hedwig was off into the night he cast his first ever legal spell outside of Hogwarts, Recalcitro¹. With this spell his Uncle Vernon and Cousin Dudley were forever denied tasting the food they so loved to eat and his Aunt Petunia was denied ever feeling clean again. Then he cast Obsaepio² preventing the three of them from speaking of the curses that were now upon them. With this he bid his relatives a good night and farewell and disapparated to where Remus Lupin now resided, number 12 Grimmauld Place.

            “Harry, Haaarrryyy!” Harry startled and looked around the dreary kitchen of number 12 Grimmauld Place.

            “Wha? Oh, sorry Remy, I was just remembering my last night at the Dursleys’.”

            “Remind me, why did you curse your relatives, and why shouldn’t I tell Dumbledore?”

     With a put upon sigh and a slight shake of his now shaggy hair, Harry once again explained how the Dursleys tormented him leaving out the major incidents and then moving on to how Dumbledore wouldn’t understand and would reverse the curses. Remus just gave him a look and turned back to the sandwiches he was putting together. He knew his pup wasn’t telling him everything but he could wait until Harry was ready. Before taking a bite of his turkey sandwich Harry looked up at Remus, who now sat across from Harry, and said with some humor,

     “You know I could cook for us every once and awhile so that we’re not stuck eating sandwiches and cereal. I mean sandwiches are good and all but eating only that and cereal for the past week with only the occasional hot meal is driving me insane. Even muggles at least have simple microwavable meals. Ugg.”

    Remus who had started to eat half way through Harry’s rant looked up and swallowed his current bite before to answering. “Harry, you said your relatives forced you to cook for them, so while you’re here I don’t want you to have to do anything you don’t want to. Kreacher is cleaning this place but I don’t trust him to cook our food. If you really want a cooked meal maybe Mrs. Weasley could stop by and cook us something.”

    Harry just looked forlorn and shook his head before continuing to eat his sandwich. “Oh, and Harry, before I forget, there is going to be an Order meeting tonight.” Bam Bam BAM! “Harry stop hitting your head on the table.” “Nope.” bam! “Maybe I’ll…” bam! “…go brain dead…” bam! “…and not have to listen…” bam! “…to their bullshit” Whack! This time Remus sacrificed his hand with a sigh, so that Harry’s now red forehead would suffer no further damage.


    Later that day, the Headmaster was giving a speech to the Order about the Dark Lords latest plan. “Welcome everybody. We have learned that Voldemort…” here most of the occupants flinched “…plans to attack Hogsmeade before the school year begins. That leaves us with three weeks at the most for his attack to happen. We need to be prepared. We’ll have four guards at Hogsmeade at all times, day and night. Harry and Severus will not be part of the rotation…” At this Harry jumped up and his chair went crashing backwards.

“Professor, I want to fight! I’m supposed to be the Savior and a part of The Order, how can I be that from inside these walls?”

“Now, my boy, I know you became a part of the Order when you turned 17, but it is much too dangerous for you to fight in the war. The battle field is a dangerous place and you need to be trained so that you will be ready for the final battle.”

    Harry picked up his chair and sat back down heavily. After this, the Order discussed the Hogsmeade watch schedule and what they would do once Voldemort started his attack. After all of the major details were worked out, it was decided that the smaller details would be taken care of between the partners so that none of the Order members had too much information. The meeting continued for a while with everybody discussing the upcoming battle, giving their reports on the current political climate, Voldemort’s movements, and Harry doing a good impression of Professor Snape’s ‘Longbottom blew up yet another cauldron’ glare. 

    After most of the Order, including Dumbledore, had left, Mrs. Weasley called in Ginny, the only person not allowed into the meeting, and they cooked dinner for the rest of the Weasley Clan, as well as Harry and Remus. Once she had finished helping her mum, Ginny sat next to Harry, who was sitting on one end of the table and was still sulking. Almost as soon as her bottom touched the chair Harry was nudging her in the ribs and whispering in her ear, “So, Ginny, are you going to ask Blaise out this year? It’s your last chance.”

“Harry! Keep your voice down.”

“Well are you?”

“Noooo, why would I, he’s a Death Eater in training.”

    Before Harry could respond that Blaise seemed neutral, Ron came and sat as far away as he could from the two of them on the other side of the rickety old table. Ron and Harry had stopped talking during their 6th year when Ron had decided that Hermione was a freak and disgusting because she was bisexual. Harry himself had told only three people that he was gay, Hermione (obviously), Ginny, and his other friend that he knew would accept him. The dinner itself was rather dull and surprisingly normal if you ignored the tension radiating between Harry, Ginny, and Ron, all of whom wouldn’t even as much as glance across the table throughout the meal. No, the dinner wasn’t all that exciting, but what would happen after the dinner was completely unexpected and would forever change the Wizarding World.