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On On and On and On We Go

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Niall let out a sigh as he watched the three giggling girls leave the restaurant.

It was a slow day at Al’s Pizza Factory, as usual for a Wednesday. Niall got hired on a Wednesday, or was it a Tuesday? It didn’t matter, he thought he’d be getting an easy job for a lot of pay but instead he got crowed Fridays and weekends and an entirely female staff. A lot of people would think that a relatively straight 19 year old male would kill for a job surrounded by girls, but the novelty wore off after a while. Especially when the girls are practically all dating each other.

“Are you sure they’re not all in some weird three way relationship?”

Kate, Jade, and Rebecca all lived together in an apartment near the college that they, and Niall, attended. They were practically inseparable and spent a lot of time subtly and not-so-subtly hitting on one another.

The cook, Abby, scoffed, “They're just really good friends, Niall.”

Abby was less expressive with her love for the girls, but Niall knew better. She’d been harboring a crush on Kate for a while.

“Not even two of them?” Niall thought for a moment, “I would put my money on Jade and Rebecca.”

“Nah, if any of them are dating, it’s Kate and Rebecca.” She said defiantly.

“Care to put money on that?” Niall held out his hand and Abby shook it. Then they both glanced at the watch on Niall's wrist. It was 9:56 p.m., only 4 minutes to closing.

Their boss was pretty crazy and didn’t want anyone leaving before every potential costumer got their food, or until 10 p.m.

This rule generally meant someone got left with Abby for the last few minutes of the day. Generally it was Niall, because god forbid he try to break up the golden trio.

“What are the chances of me, bisexual, getting a job with four other bisexual women?”

“Apparently pretty good.” Abby decided, “But Jade is gay all the way,”

Niall nodded.

It was 9:58.

The two workers stared down the clock on the wall, willing it to speed up.

Then the bell chimed. The restaurant was suddenly filled with loud chatter and laughter.

They heard someone call out, “Um, hello? Are you open?”

Niall glanced at his watch, which was just turning 9:59. He met Abby’s eye and they both let out a sigh. She got out her stuff for pizza and he picked up his notepad from the counter.

When he walked out of the kitchen he saw three boys at one of the tables, evidently seating themselves. One was clearly drunk and hanging all over his other friends and Niall was beginning to think this place just attracted gays.

The other two guys were sober, or were better at handling alcohol. One looked really amused while the other looked concerned. The concerned one made the drunk one sit up straight as Niall came over.

“Can I help you?”

“He’s IRISH!” The drunk one exclaimed, causing Niall to take a step back, “How CUTE!”

The drunk one was making grabby hands towards Niall so the concerned one grabbed his arms and placed them against the drunk one’s sides. The amused one, as his name implied, giggled at the sight.

“Liam! It’s my birthday!” The drunk one shouted as he broke out of the concerned one’s, Liam?, grip to resume his grabby hands.

Niall decided it was his time to speak up, “I can get you pizza and some other things, but I’m not on the menu.”

The three all paused to look at him in shock before bursting out in laughter.

“He’s funny too! I want him!” The drunk one could apparently only speak in shouts when drunk.

“Can you just make us a large pizza?” The amused one spoke up.

He had a small grin on his face and his brown eyes were slightly glazed over, obviously he was a bit tipsy. His dark hair swirled up and mixed together with a blond chunk in the front, and the left shoulder of his leather jacket was resting around his arm instead of on his shoulder.

Niall tore his eyes away. He always overanalyzed people.

“Y-yeah sure.” Niall felt his cheeks heating up with a blush as he turned and practically ran to the kitchen. He’s pretty sure he just held eye contact with a costumer for about 5 hours.

“Large pizza.” He said to Abby, who was already making the order.

“I heard,” she said, not looking up, “Go entertain them before the drunk one throws up or breaks something.”

Niall could protest. Could say “The drunk one’s already got a guardian,”. But he kind of didn’t want to.

“YOU!” The drunk one exclaimed as soon as he saw Niall exit the kitchen, “Come sit with us!”

Niall took a seat at the square table across from the drunk one, who was apparently trying to make sense of Niall's nametag.

“Neal? Nall? Neeeyalll…”


“Niall.” They all echoed.

Niall nodded awkwardly, “So you guys haven’t got name tags…”

The drunk one let out one single laugh before hold out his hand for Niall to kiss, “I’m Louis.”

Niall took Louis’ hand, but shook it instead of kissing it. Louis shook his head and leaned back into his seat.

“I don’t like him nearly as much anymore.”

The concerned one gave him a stern look, “Just because he didn’t kiss your, probably filthy, hand?”

Louis pouted and nodded, “You kissed my hand when I did that to you, Liam.”

“Yeah, and I got sick the next week.”

“That was totally Zayn's fault!”

The tipsy one raised his hand, “That would be me. I’m Zayn. The sickness was totally my fault.”

Niall nodded and avoided making eye contact with the boy for another hour, and turned to, who he assumed was, Liam instead.

“So I’m going to go out on a whim and say you’re Liam.”

Liam was now grunting as he tried to keep Louis seated and from running to the kitchen, “The one and only.”

“Liam, I just want to keep the cook company!”

“You don’t want to do that,” Niall said. Louis turned his entire body to look at Niall, so Niall leaned in close and whispered, “She’s on her period.”

Louis let out a bark of laughter, “I’ve decided to like you again!”

“I’m still not going to kiss your hand, though.”

Louis seemed seriously troubled by this.

“Would you kiss mine?” Zayn asked from Niall's left side.

Niall bit his lip. Was this flirting? “You drive a hard bargain,”

Zayn smirked at Niall, his eyes darkening. Niall couldn’t look away.

Then Abby saved the day by bringing out the pizza and tearing her apron off, “I’m out.”

“Bye Abby,” Niall said, now avoiding Zayn's eyes again.

“Bye Abby!” The three boys chorused.

Abby furrowed her eyebrows, “Do you guys practice that?”

“No,” They all answered in unison.

She raised an eyebrow and Niall decided to have a talk with her about eyebrow communication. Then she turned to leave and Niall looked down to see there was somehow already two slices of the pizza missing.

Upon looking up Niall found himself looking at Louis’ cheeks full of chewed up pizza that he appeared to be about to throw up. Liam, apparently the father of the group, quickly got up to lead Louis towards the sign marked bathroom.

“Don’t miss the toilet, I’ll have to clean it up!” Niall shouted after them.

Then Niall was left with Zayn. Really hot and intense Zayn who seemed to be getting less and less drunk. He picked up a slice of pizza and began eating it. He somehow managed to make even pizza eating really hot.

Niall and Zayn remained silent eye contact through Zayn's entire pizza and then a bit more until Liam and Louis came back.

Louis now looked a bit more sober and a lot more tired.

Niall saw him glance at Zayn and then at Liam and then back at Zayn and then at Niall and then at Zayn again. He then raised one eyebrow, a feat Niall could never master.

Louis chose that moment to lean over and whisper in Liam’s ear, something Niall can’t understand for the life of him. Then suddenly Louis is kissing Liam fiercely. Clearly, this was not something new for Liam, who got over the shock quickly and had no choice but to kiss back.

“Liam,” Louis said breathlessly as he broke from the kiss, “Let’s go home for some birthday sex,” Louis then began singing, quite well really, the chorus to Birthday Sex.

Liam allowed Louis to finish the chorus before saying, “There’s only one car Louis, how will Zayn get home?”

“Our good friend Niall will take him of course!” Louis said, getting up and pulling Liam with him, “It’s not a bother is it?” He asked Niall, but then followed it with “Thanks byeee!” before Niall could even think about answering.

“Well,” Zayn said, “Looks like you’re driving me home.”

“Um, when do you think they’ll be done?” Niall didn’t want to subject Zayn to the sound of his friends having sex.

Zayn shook his head, “They're probably going to be going all night,” He sighed, “Might as well take me home now, so I can make sure they at least don’t do it on my bed. Or the couch. Or the kitchen table.” He paused before grinding out, “Again.”

Niall gave Zayn a pitying grin, “Do you want to crash at my place?”

Then Niall didn’t remember much of the drive to his apartment a few blocks away. He also didn’t remember getting in the door and he definitely didn’t remember kissing Zayn.

He did remember, however, the non-birthday sex that Zayn and he had a few minutes after the kissing began. Niall could guarantee it was at least as good as, or better than, the sex Liam and Louis were having.

Niall didn’t really remember passing out, but Zayn most definitely did.

Zayn watched Niall sleep from the left side of Niall's queen bed. It was kind of creepy, but Zayn couldn’t help himself. Ever since making eye contact with Niall a few hours earlier, Zayn couldn’t look away. Niall was gorgeous. All bleached blond hair and bright blue eyes. His skin beautifully pale and stretched tightly over muscle, but less tight over his stomach. His lips soft and pink, covering unnaturally straight teeth that came out when he laughed. God, his laugh. It was like rainbows and sunshine and happiness all had a baby and the baby laughed at everything.

Zayn was an English major, he should be better at metaphors. Or similes? He’d used 'like'. When do people make comparisons without using like or as?

‘It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.’ Zayn's mind supplied.

‘Yeah like a billion years ago,’ Zayn fought with himself.

Zayn rolled his eyes, ‘More like 420 years, genius.’

‘Fuck off, Zayn.’

Zayn shook his head. He needed to work on his internal monologues fighting. It happened far too often.

He looked down at Niall again. The blond let out an adorable little snore and then rolled over to his side, facing Zayn.

Zayn would kill to spend the rest of his life like this.

‘Whoa there buddy,’

‘You just met this guy,’

‘He could be a killer,’

‘And you literally just broke up with you-know-who.’

Zayn's monologues finally agreed on something. A panic creeped into Zayn's chest and soon spread all the way to his fingertips and toes. He quietly got out of the bed without jostling Niall and grabbed his phone out of his pants on the floor.

“Liam!” He whisper/shouted into the phone when the boy picked up.

Liam sounded drunk with sleep, “Wha?”

“Liam I went home with Niall and we had sex and I’m having a lot of feelings and I need help!”

The line was silent for a while, “I, what?”


“Look, I’ll come get you,” Zayn heard Liam get out of bed and tell something to Louis, “Where are you?”

Zayn told Liam Niall's address and then hung up. He quickly shoved on his clothes and ran out the door. He waited in front of Niall's apartment building for Liam to come.

Zayn didn’t notice until morning that he’d taken Niall's shirt instead of his own.