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Legacy: Vignettes

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After having reached the peak of passion, Clint collapsed at Chris’ side, sweats running down his body in tiny rivulets, his muscles sore and still aching ; at his side, Chris was gasping for air, her eyes as huge as saucers, fixed on the ceiling of her dark bedroom.

“Wow.” She simply said, shaking her head in disbelief; she was dead serious, and at loss for words. Something rare. And yet, Clint wasn’t worried, not even a tiny bit. Because, deep down, he knew what she was feeling- and he felt exactly the same as she did.

“Yeah, I know…” He turned on his side, towards her, leaning on his left elbow. “I can’t believe that we haven’t done this before. We should have started sleeping together a long time ago.” He chuckled, and looked at Chris with teary eyes, filled with love and devotion and desires for the future- a future that a son coming from the another time- and maybe even another world- had showed them.

Chris chuckled, her dark hair a cloud in stark contrast with the pristine white pillows of her bed; naked and imperfect, with her make-up came undone, she was the most amazing thing Clint had ever seen; of course he had known this for a long time- but until now, he had never found the strength, the courage to admit it- to do anything about it. To say the words out loud. And yet, it was true. Chris had always gone and dolled herself up for the men she had been with, she had taken to wear a mask with them just like she did when she was out in the world fighting the good fight. And yet, he honestly believed that she was at her best with a tank top, old jeans and running shoes- and maybe one of his jeans shirt as sweatshirt.

“And whose fault is that? I think I remember pretty clearly that it was you to turn me down, Mr. Barton…” She skimmed over his taunt chest with a finger, tempting him, her eyes filled with mirth and fun- no malice, nor regret.

Clint chuckled, stopping the evil finger that was going in places it didn’t have reason to wander yet. “…And yet, I was the one only in boxers. I still remember that bra, though.” He smiled of a little sad smile, hoping that she wouldn’t notice it; he didn’t want for her to know that there wasn’t a thing he had forgotten, when it came to her. It was too soon to tell her something like that, and he knew that their love- their relationship, at least- was something small and frail, to treat carefully. Too many times he had been that close to losing her- now that he finally had her, he wasn’t going to make any mistakes. Not if he could help it, at least.

They looked at each other in silence for the longest time; then, Clint started playing with a lock of reddish air, and broke the spell- not because he wanted to, but because there was something they needed to talk about. Things that needed to be said out loud now or never.

“Chris? Are we all right?” He asked her, his eyes filled with worry and doubt- he knew what he felt, but, despite how her inner mind worked, her heart was still a mystery to him, even if he had known her for the longest time. But maybe it was because, at times, he believed Chris Stark and The Lady Blackdragon to be two completely different individuals, that had little to nothing in common with each other.

Chris chuckled, and, in answer, she went to ride him, her hair falling like a curtain over their faces as she leaned down and kissed Clint, moaning around his tongue as it captured her mouth.

“What do you think?” She asked, chuckling, as they separated, and she was passing an hand through her long hair; Clint grabbed her for the waist, and looked at her in the eyes, never breaking contact, his orbs still filled with all those emotions he had missed to communicate until that very moment.

“I think that’s not an answer, sweetheart.” He said serious; Chris huffed, and dramatically rolled her eyes.

“Fine. Yes, Clint- I think we are all right. If you are, at least- because I’ve got no regrets, I’m not going to second-guess and I’m more than fine.”

Clint lifted an eyebrow, smirking proud. “So, it was good, uh?” She didn’t answered immediately, and his expression shifted to that of a puppy first- sad and in need of reassurance- to one of worries, like he was scared he had somehow ruined her experience, that she’d been disappointed- and he couldn’t live with that, because it’s her, and because they’ve waited for damn too long to get here and everything should just be perfect and good, and their life is anything but, and could they pretty please at least get the sex part good?

She laughed- of that laugh that he had always loved so much, that smile that reached her eyes and just changed her whole features into ones of stunning beauty, and she smashed him a few times on the chest, playfully. “Yeah, well, did you have any doubt? You have, like, tons of experience…” She opened her mouth as to say more, but the she bit her tongue and she didn’t- instead, she simply blushed.

“What?” he asked quizzically; she answered nothing, but it was too quick, and it was in that moment that he knew she was lying. “C’mon     Chris….”

She sighed as she understood he would have never let it go of the subject; he kept staring at her, and she sighed and admitted her truth, huffing a bit annoyed. “I know that we always joked about me and my evil exes and that Starks are natural born womanizer and femmes fatale, but at the end of the day…” She sighed, and started counting on one hand. “The number of relationships I had had can be counted on one hand- one and an half tops.”

Clint looked at her quizzically, not really knowing how he was supposed to react: laugh? Trying to reassure her? “Ok, first, sex is always good for men, whatever they told you. Second, if anyone ever told you that you weren’t’ able to make  a man feel good, he was an idiot. Because there is a reason I’m going to  spend the rest of my life worshipping at your altar and begging for forgiveness for I didn’t jumped in your arms the moment you stopped those robbers the day we met.”

She smiled, tenderly, sweet- and for a second, Clint could see her in the future, kneeling at the side of Francis’ bed, reading him stories and kissing him goodnight, with that same expression on her face. “You know, for the first time…It felt good- and… clean, I guess?.”

“You mean it was too vanilla for your tastes? I thought I had reached the right mix but, that’s cool. There’s always room for improvement, right? I can… I don’t know, read the Kamasutra, maybe. I can even have a chat with Starfox, if that’s what you need…!”

“That’s not what I mean.” She admitted, blushing. “I mean that… it felt… right. Like.. a connection of the souls, you know?” she paused, pouting, her lips so kissable that he was getting crazy- he just had to kiss her again, forget the world and their dangerous and crazy lives in her arms and the sweet caress of her soft lips. “If you ever tell anyone that I’ve said something so corny, I’ll torture you. And I’ll deny it for the rest of our lives. Got it?”

Clint nodded, his eyes filled with devotion, like he wasn’t the same womanizer she had met over a decade ago, but a gentleman from the ancient times- and there was something else added to the mix- he was as happy and carefree like he hadn’t been in a long time.“ I know what you mean, Chris. That’s how you made me feel too… like we weren’t having sex… but making love. Because, honey… I love you. I truly do. He said, and, leaning over her, he captured her lips in another searing kiss. “And now, sweetheart, if you don’t mind… allow me to show you again just how much I feel for you.”

She smiled against his scarred and taunt skin, her touch sending shiver all over his body- and yet, Clint had never felt so hot.

Just do your worst….”