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Legacy: Vignettes

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“Ok, I need to talk with you, and I need you to listen to me without stopping me, all right? Because this is very, very important.”

Bobbi lifts her eyebrows quizzically as soon as she opens the door to her apartment, and Chris storms inside without  as much as hello or any other polite salute, the brunette simply goes into the kitchen, without stopping talking for a second, and, grabbed a yogurt from the fridge like it was her own place, goes to sit at the kitchen table, at Hunter’s side. And that’s when she finally closes her mouth for a second. Just to reopen it then again.

“Hello, Miss Stark. It’s good to see you again. Costed someone their very important job lately?” He asks, annoyed, looking like a brat- or like Clint when she does something that he doesn’t appreciate, like when- could God have mercy of her soul- she dared to get involved and saved his life.

“Oh. Uhm… hi?” She is a bit scared of Hunter. Not that he could hurt her in any way- like it was even possible- but they guy can keep a grudge. And he is pretty vindictive, and petty, too- and he thinks that he lost his job as Joint Chair Committee because of the mess she and the other British heroes did with the whole MysTech affair (especially his former deputy, MI:13 very own Pete Wisdom, aka the guy Chris was with back when the whole MysTech mess happened). Like it had nothing to do with him selling British assets off to SHIELD…

“Chris? You here for a particular reason? Besides trying to steal almost out-to-date yogurt?”  Bobbi grins, and goes to sit in front of her friend- somehow, she doesn’t know why, but she is amused by lance’s bickering with her friend. Which is a bit scary, because she used to enjoy looking at Chris and Clint bickering as well. Which means that Lance is right and she has a type, and that, maybe just maybe, deep, deep, deep down, there’s more than just sex between the two of them.    

“Oh? Oh, right… well, the fact is, Miss I think I’ve got psychic powers… I lied to you, and wanted to say I was sorry.” Bobbi simply lifts her eyebrows, waiting for Chris to explain herself. She has promised to let her talk, after all. And she and Chris have known each other for a very, very long time. They practically talk each and every week. At least once. Which means that many things have been said and it’s hard to pinpoint just like that what exactly Chris lied about. “Do you remember when we saved Clint from Osborn? Well, you see…”

Bobbi doesn’t know Chris as well as her (ex)husband does, but she is pretty sure she remembers she hates her coffee cold, and she likes it bitter, so when, after rescuing Clint from Osborn and Mentallo, she finds the younger Stark all alone in the dark in Bucky’s kitchen, busy nursing a cold cup of coffee filled with sugar, she knows there’s probably something wrong with her.

“Seat taken?” Bobbi asks sitting at Chris’ side. “Christine… are you all right?” She asks her, worried. The telepath has been pretty weird for the whole day, and then, when they had gotten and freed Clint… Chris has scared the hell out of Bobbi. She has tortured Mentallo- and what’s worse, she seemed to have enjoyed it. Or at least, she doesn’t seem to be too worried. Its’ like she doesn’t care, like something snapped in her the moment they learnt that Clint had been taken, and the dark shadow- that huge, dark cloud- had been lifted only the moment she had known that Clint was safe with them.

Bobbi knows that feeling. She felt that too- and she had felt it in the past as well. And it has nothing to do with friendship.

“Christine…” Bobbi starts as she starts to play with an empty cup. “I know that whatever there is between you and Clint…” She pauses, looking for the right word. “What I am  saying is, I’ve been gone for a lot of years- and… I don’t blame neither of you. So, if something happened between you two, I’ll understand it, all right?”

Chris leaves her spot at the table, and, calmly, empties the cup in the sink; then, she leaves the room- only to stop at the door; she leans over it, and turns her head slightly, so that Bobbi could, at least, be in her line of vision. “I don’t love him.”

Yes, you do. You don’t need to be in love to actually love someone, Bobbi thinks, but she keeps is to herself.

“I don’t love him- and nothing happened between us. And it never will.”

Bobbi lifts her eyebrows as she remembers the story, and that chat in particular, so many months before- almost a lifetime. “So, what, you are telling me that something did happen between you and Clint in the past? That’s it?”

Seriously- she is not surprised it if did. Those two idiots are crazy for each other, but they hide the fear of rejection and their abandonment issues behind the façade of platonic friendship.

“What? No! I mean- it did happen. Once. Well, twice. But it was just kissing. That one time. The first time there was a discreet lack of clothes on both parts.” Chris takes a big breath, and then shakes her head, sighing. “I’m pretty sure I’m in love with that idiot of your ex-husband.” She finally admits.

“So?” Bobbi asks, matter-of-fact.

“So… I wanted to tell you. Because… he is your ex. And I told you that I would have never hit on him. And we are good friends. Things have been awkward enough as they were when you broke up, I don’t want to…” Chris pauses as she sees Bobbi shaking her head, like  a frustrated parent or teacher. “What?”  

“The only reason things were weird it’s because you were making them weird. You were both jealous but neither of you wanted to admit it, and when we broke up and you happened to be single again, you got scared. Because you saw an opening and it terrified you.”

Pouting like a child, Chris grunts- a sound echoed by Lance, who, frankly, is having enough of girl talk. “I hate it when you play psychic with me.”

Bobbi simply smiles. “A word of advice? Go get your man.”