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Legacy: Vignettes

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It’s Jess’ first night out (as a civil) after her baby’s birth, and the girls are gone all out- restaurant, dancing, ice-cream and, if they happen to run in some troubles (the ones that need to be solved by super-heroes) so be it.

Bobbi is missing- out on a mission with Lance against the London Branch of the Hellfire Club - Patsy and Tasha are dancing, Jen is taking selfies with random people, Carol is talking about politic with a nice guy, but Jess is sitting in a corner, sweating despite the cool temperature of the club, a ball of nerves.

“You want to talk about children? Let’s talk about children.” Chris tells her matter-of-fact, dropping on the couch at her side. She’s gone for her clubbing attire from her old days as a society starlette, slave stiletto heels and a microscopic Missoni golden dress that covers too little for comfort. Like she used to do when she pretended to be her brother’s female counterpart (a  lifetime ago), she does her best to act careless, like she owned the world and was in total control- and she makes it looks like it’s effortless. Which being a “billionaire, genius extraordinaire, philanthropist and man-eater” it totally isn’t.

“You want to talk babies?” Jess asks, quizzically, her mind going into the most awful places. She can’t believe she has left her baby with Roger. Her son has probably been already eaten alive by some alien creature.

It’s not that she can’t believe that people wants to talk about children, it’s just that… people doesn’t want to talk about children with her. Probably because the lack of sleep has removed her mouth/brain filter, and all her singles and children-less friends now will never, ever have children to begin with.

Besides, Chris doesn’t talk about children, period. Not after having lost the twins. It’s, like, The Avengers’ taboo- a bit like with Wanda, only Chris remembers she has had her babies.

Chris smirks. “Do you want to laugh?” Chris asks, hands crossed behind her head. “The Baby Avengers…”

“The ones from Mojo-world?”

“Rights. Those are the baby Avengers. No, I’m talking the “Children of the Avengers raised by my excuse of a brother after Ultron took over the world and killed us all” Baby Avengers.” She chuckles. “They are here in the past to meet and greet their parents, or whatever. And guess who knocked at my door the other week? Barton’s kid. Which, it comes out, is my kid too.”  

Jess doesn’t say a word for the longest time. “

God. You and Barton. A baby. Together. I know he feels the need to kill any man who dares to even just think about touching you, but, I would have never guessed that he would have gone that far, or he will go that far, as to get you pregnant himself…” She whispers, conspiranciously. “Did you tell anyone?”

“I didn’t- but Clint told Kate. Sort of. Let’s say it slipped while we were watching TV.”

“And did you two…” Chris’ eyes turn as big as saucers, and blushes like a schoolgirl- although an indignant one. “What? It’s not a crime! I mean, you are single, he is single… and trust me, Clint knows how to get to the happy ending!”

She groans, closing her eyes. “Yeah. Well, maybe he looked too many movies, thought. He has suddenly decided that now it’s the time to get me pregnant, and that he can’t live without me any longer. Do you know what he did the other day?” Jess lifts her eyebrows, waiting for the other woman to explains herself. “I went grocery-shopping, and I came home to my place filled with petals of red roses and candles. And Clint naked on my bed, with flutes of Champagne in hands.”

Jess barely resists laughing. “When you say naked, you mean…”

 “Yep. As the day he was born.” Chris laughs, too. “I must say, I didn’t act very mature. I just threw him my jacket and then left the apartment again screaming that he was supposed to clean everything up before I came back. And that I was going to go to a SPA and put everything on his credit card.”

Jess sighs, feeling the need to pat the younger Chris on the head, like she was a child. “Eh. Listen, I know you don’t talk about it- but I was wondering, if maybe, just maybe… those feelings you once thought you had for Clint…”

Chris bits her lips, sighing. “It’s not like I don’t think I could… love him. I do love Clint. Just, not like that. Not now, at least. And, I’m not mad because he thinks he is falling for me or whatever. I’m mad because he is trying too hard. He is pushing the issues. He does it because he thinks he has to and because he thinks we are running out of time”

“Ooohhh… You don’t want for him to take away all the magic!” Jess giggles.

Chris lifts her eyebrows, sceptical. “You do remember that I like to wear black leather, right?”

“You are still sweet on Clint. You’ve always been sweet on Clint. I mean, how many of us actually keep up with his shit 24/7 like you do? That, my girl, is called love!”

Chris sighs, shudders, he lips graced by a small evil smile. “Oh, well, I don’t think you’ll still think so after learning of what I did to him after he pulled the  American Beauty on me…”

Chris chuckles, and Jess doesn’t know if she is more worried or excited about the next poker game with Clint and the girls…