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Banking On You

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When his boss had called Jensen to his office, he had been equally nervous and excited. It either meant getting fired or finally being promoted again.

He always did a more than stellar job at the Morgan Mortgage Bank and knew, that if he continued to not disappoint, then he'd be there until his retirement. But lately, more employees had been laid off or had their hours cut short. The thought didn’t help ease his mind, especially since Morgan paid him well and Jensen would have hated to touch his large savings.

Jensen was hired fresh out of college and never worked anywhere else but for Morgan. Finding a new job with only one reference would have been a pain in the ass. As it was though, he was more than relieved when Jeffrey Morgan himself wanted to see him and smiled like a Cheshire cat as he gave Jensen the next promotion.

Field work.

Not exactly the kind of job Jensen longed for, but the payment was better and on top of it, the keys to one of the company's cars were handed to him. Jensen didn’t particularly need the car, he was perfectly fine with using his own but being stingy by default made it easier to let his car sit in the garage. He thanked Jeffrey Morgan and promised himself to keep going until he would finally make partner.

After a few months, he got used to the work outside his office and away from the constantly ringing of phones. What he never got used to were the pleading eyes of the bank customers he had to visit at home. More often than not did he have to tell single parents and families that they were going to lose their home if the payments weren’t on time or sent in at all.

The Padalecki family was next on his list of customers, his first job this morning. Jensen knew almost everything there was to know, financial-wise, about them. He had read the file a couple of times to prepare himself for the very unpleasant visit. In the early 90's, after over a decade of renting they had bought a house big enough for five and the numbers spoke volumes. According to the records, Sharon and Gerald Padalecki were so far in debt they could barely feed themselves, much less cover the mortgage loan any longer. Throughout the last few months, all their savings were drawn from their joined account and Jensen wondered why they would use all their money for God knows what instead of making sure to keep up with payments for their house. It wasn't his business to know, however, and his personal curiosity had no place being present at his job. He wasn't supposed to question a customer's lifestyle, his job was simple: make sure they pay or send them packing.

Jensen dreaded driving up there and telling the woman to pack her stuff and leave; being that she was three months behind with her payments, Morgan Mortgage had no other choice but taking the house into the bank's possession.

He was aware that he shouldn't care about the family's personal problems and reasons for the missing payments for three months in a row, but he had never been cold hearted enough to not care. Sending someone out on the streets and into an uncertain future made him feel guilty. It wasn't his fault though, he wasn't the one not paying and he had a job to do.

Ringing the doorbell once, Jensen waited patiently for someone to open the door for him. The front yard looked well taken care of, flowers and bushes tended greatly and it gave off a homey feeling. He couldn't understand why someone, who obviously loved their home so much, could neglect their financial responsibilities to the point where it threatened them with being forced to leave and move out.

Jensen smoothed his suit jacket down and tugged on his tie to loosen the knot a little when the door finally swung open. Good thing he did loosen the tie because the young man standing in front of him took not only several of his breaths away but also left him gaping like a dying fish.

"Yeah?" The young man's voice rumbled and it did silly things to Jensen's neither regions. As a full blooded alpha, Jensen wasn't used to losing control of himself like that. What he saw and the way his body reacted, however, had nothing to do with his inner alpha but more to do with the fact that his eyes were drawn to the most stunning young man he'd seen in... forever.

Jensen was beyond confused that he couldn't figure the other man out. There was no distinctive scent that would've told Jensen if he was faced with another alpha or an omega. Considering that there was nothing, no smell at all, he was almost certain that the hazel eyed guy was a beta, or on a high dose of suppressants. Not that it actually mattered, but thoughts like these were unavoidable; nature wanted it that way and as an alpha Jensen liked to sniff out omegas and maybe find that one special omega he could be mated with someday. It’s all instinct, a knee jerk-reaction that he can’t help but submit to. Places deep down inside of him are always working on their own accord to find a compatible mate.

Getting his own voice working, Jensen took a deep breath before introducing himself. "Good afternoon. I'm Mr. Ackles from Morgan Mortgage and I'd like to speak with Mrs. Padalecki, please." Jensen took a firmer grip on his briefcase and blinked several times before speaking up again. "I scheduled an appointment with her. For... uh, today, now."

"Right." The man rolled his eyes in pure annoyance and Jensen knew, long before the giant opened the door, that he wasn't welcomed. "Come on in then. My mother's in the kitchen."

Jensen waited for the young man to step aside and let him in, wary of stepping inside someone else's home when on duty, just as he always was. Especially when it was a home he was short of taking away. He never knew what kind of people he might face during these situations, if they'd rather chop his head off than talk things through.

Making sure to walk behind the customer's son, who lead the way to the kitchen, Jensen caught himself once or twice checking out the guy's well-shaped ass in those ridiculously tight jeans that hung just a little too low on his hips. Who said working the field wasn't a joy to do?

"You must be Mr. Ackles?" A tired and exhausted looking woman greeted Jensen and from the copy of her ID in the bank's records he knew right away it was Mrs. Padalecki. She looked dead on her feet and again Jensen felt guilty over having to do the job he was getting paid for. There was always reason for people to skip payments and he was tired of hearing all the obvious stupid excuses some people dared to come up with. But whatever excuse Mrs. Padalecki was going to throw at him, Jensen was sure it would be true. Jensen had always been a good judge of character.

"Yes, ma'am. If it was under different circumstances I'd probably say it's nice to meet you." Jensen extended his hand in greeting and was relieved to receive a small smile from the woman, who took his hand without a twitch.

"I suppose that's right. Would you like a cup of coffee before we get started?"

Jensen swallowed thickly at the question. He loved coffee, needed it 24/7, and he only had one cup that morning. Nonetheless, one of the first things he learned from Jeffrey Morgan was to never accept any beverages or food from customers. Jeffrey had done so once and ended up in the hospital because the customer was trying to get the bank off his back and Jeffrey out of the way. "Thanks, but no thanks. I'm good."

Mrs. Padalecki nodded at him, her face confused and something like hurt clouded her eyes. It was just a coffee but in Texas a woman would always believe her cooking wasn't good enough if it was rejected. "Okay then. Well, Mr. Ackles. Why don't you have a seat?"

Jensen accepted the offer without questioning it. He was glad to finally be able to sit down, the woman's son hovering just a little too much over him and it made Jensen all kinds of nervous. Jesus Christ, the guy was cute. Too cute and Jensen didn’t like thinking that way at all. If the records were correct, and they always were, then the son was about nineteen years young. Too young for Jensen. What a shame.

Controlling himself and his thoughts, Jensen turned his attention back to the mother. "Mrs. Padalecki, I'm really sorry that Morgan Mortgage has to bother you and your family..." And truth be told, Jensen did feel sorry for her. There was just nothing he could have done to prevent the inevitable.

Jensen placed his briefcase on the table and took out the folder that held all the important numbers that indicated how well and truly the Padaleckis were screwed. "Morgan Mortgage has been patient and respectful for well over three months and we're closing in on the fourth missing payment. Mrs. Padalecki, I have to inform you that, with the amount of money you owe our bank, we can't hold you as a customer any longer."

"What's that mean? You’re going to kick us out of our house?" The woman's son spoke up and the young man didn't seem fazed by his mother's attempt to stop him from interrupting.

"Jared, why don't you go see your dad? I'm sure Mr. Ackles and I will be fine."

Jensen's gaze lingered between the two people in front of him and he wasn't legally allowed to talk to the man, Jared, without the mother's approval. Protection of data privacy and all that.

"No, sorry. This is my home too and I'd like to know what’s exactly going on."

Mrs. Padalecki sighed deeply at her son's determination but nodded at Jensen to keep going.

Jensen licked his lips and scratched the back of his neck before opening the file to present both, mother and son, the numbers. He shoved the file closer so they could read it better. "I'm afraid, that if I won't walk out from this meeting with at least one month worth of the mortgage payment, we have to move you out of this house."

"Isn't there any other way? Mr. Ackles, my mother is working two jobs right now, my dad's... well, he's not able to work for a long time to come and with me being in college there is only so much I can chip in."


Jared couldn't believe what he was hearing. His mother had mentioned that all of their savings were drawing to an end since all the money was spent on his father's hospital stay, doctor bills and medication.

After Gerald had suffered a stroke a few months ago, his mother was forced to go back to work. She never really needed to in the past, with his dad being the bread earner. Jared's mom never liked being a stay-at-home mom but his father enjoyed coming home to the smell of homemade meals and his income had been more than enough to cover all their costs. Now though, life was turning upside down and the volunteer community work his mom did wasn't going to get them any cash, so there was no other option but getting herself a job. Of course, Jared would've loved to get himself a couple more paychecks as well, but his parents still refused to let him ditch college. They definitely had a point. If he resigned from college, there was no way of him ever earning enough money to not only pay his student loans back but also support his parents.

They only needed one more week and they'd definitely have enough money to pay the bank at least one month of mortgage, just enough to keep the house for now.

Jared wanted to argue with Ackles, force him to understand, but the last thing he wanted was pity. He wanted to hate the guy for barging in and trying to take his childhood home away but damn those stupid green eyes and vivid freckles for making it almost painful to even look at the guy the wrong way. Ackles was for sure a sight for sore eyes. Jared was trying to figure out if he should jump off the chair and punch the man or hump his damn leg.

If Jared didn’t know for a fact that the needy omega part within him was shut down thanks to all the little pills he took, then he would have definitely blamed his inner bitch on how his nerves were dancing the Macarena and the way his stomach did a summersault.

Jared had a bad habit of being attracted to the wrong men, especially alphas. He was nineteen and he liked it more than anything to have some fun every once in a while. He never let any alphas fuck him, not that he had much to worry about with the amount of suppressants he swallowed down three times a day. It was enough to keep any alpha in a twenty mile radius in the dark. Then again, if an alpha was to be plastered against him, inside him, the suppressants wouldn’t hide his scent.  Jared always preferred betas, they weren't as needy as omegas and not as demanding and self-centered as alphas. For Ackles though, Jared might have been willing to make an exception. Because there was one thing other omegas and betas couldn't give him: rough, hard and just on the edge of too much. Maybe there was a way of using his omega to persuade the banker.

Ackles cleared his throat and Jared snapped himself back into the world of reality and out of his thoughts where Ackles wasn't forcing them into homelessness.

"Mrs. Padalecki, Jared, I'd like to offer you a new monthly deduction. This offer would be acceptable with Morgan Mortgage if, and only if you can pay at least one full month today. Then you'd only be two months behind payment. Three months is too much and considered breach of contract."

In his head, Jared began calculating. If they actually had the money for one month then this still wouldn't work. "Well, that's great and all but you just said so yourself, my parents are closing in on the fourth month. So, in my calculations they would be facing the same problem and you’d visit again in less than three weeks."

Jared took his mother's hand in his own for much needed comfort. He hated to see her like that, especially since it wasn't either of their fault to end up in such a dilemma. He had never seen his mother so quiet and worn out and he was more than glad that she had called for him to come over. There was no way she would have made it through Ackles' visit without breaking down if she had to do it alone. His mother loved their house, it was their home and always would be. Jared had been born in the bedroom upstairs and the place held a sentimental value to his parents. Jared always knew that he'd go above and beyond to keep the house in his parent's possession.

"My... my son is right, Mr. Ackles. How could we possibly avoid sitting here again in a few weeks?" Sharon’s voice was small, sadness layered her every tone.

"I understand your concerns, but you gotta believe me when I say that this is the only part I really hate about my job. There is nothing enjoyable about taking someone's home away from them.” Ackles sounded sincere, as if he really didn’t want to do this. Neither Jared, nor his mother said a word, waiting instead for the banker to keep talking. “Which is why I can offer you the new monthly deduction. If you pay one month of mortgage today, then I'll make sure to send out as many dunning letters I can legally pull, without risking my job and enough to buy you some more time to pay your debts with our bank off. I think I could get this approved with Mr. Morgan and we'll forgo any default charges on the dunning letters."

What Ackles said made perfect sense and it could've actually worked. Jared pulled the file closer to study the numbers again and he felt Ackles' eyes on him the whole time. He tried his best to ignore the intense gaze. "Does it have to be today? The payment, I mean?" Jared wanted to know and mentally calculated how much more money he'd need to cover the amount the bank was asking for. His next paycheck from the library wouldn't be in for another three days and with it he could chip in enough to help his parents out. "Can't you make that three days?"

Jared locked eyes with the banker, staring straight ahead and the light twitch in the man's eyes was indication enough that Jared might have a chance of coaxing the man into changing his mind. To press his question further, Jared closed the folder in front of him and pushed it slowly towards Ackles. When the man didn't pay attention to the file, Jared licked his lips before offering his dimples for dessert, "...please?"

Visibly shaking himself out of a trance-like state, Jared wanted to jump up and scream in frustration when Ackles shot him down. "Sorry. The deadline is today at midnight. I don't make the rules. Either you pay one full month today or the house is gone."

Jared guessed his show of interest wasn’t good enough and he’d have to up his game. Ackles definitely had that strange look in his eyes, a look every alpha wears when around an omega or when they try their hardest to get a good sniff.

As soon as Ackles bid his farewell, Jared excused himself. The lie of heading to the library slipped easily from his lips when his mother asked where he was going. The library was by far the last place he wanted to be. He had to buy his mother time and Ackles was the only one able to sell him just that.

Careful, as to not being too obvious, he followed Ackles' car in his old beat up Ford. He had no idea where the man was going, if he had another appointment to destroy a family's life or back to the bank. It didn't really matter, Jared's car was fully loaded and he would follow the man for as long as it would take until the man stopped.

To Jared's surprise it didn't take long until Ackles took a turn into Austin’s business district. The alpha was obviously driving back to the bank and Jared still didn't let up on his plan. He followed the man into an underground garage and killed the engine of his car a few parking spots over from where Ackles parked his car.

"Mr. Ackles?" Jared called for the alpha when the man stepped out of the car.

"Jared? What are you doing here?" The man was seemingly nervous; even as an omega, Jared could smell the alpha’s fear. Honestly, Jared would've been scared too if someone, who you've been threatening to take his home away, was stalking up behind him in a damn underground garage. Many horror slashers started that way. But Jared wasn’t out to hurt Ackles.

"Just wanna talk to you again, about the mortgage." Jared took hurried steps towards the banker.

"There's nothing left to talk about. We've been through it all and your parents have until midnight." Ackles grabbed blindly for his briefcase from the backseat, his eyes fully focused on Jared’s every move.

"Well, maybe I can change your mind?" He watched the wheels in Ackles’ head turning, trying to figure Jared out. “I need three more days. Midnight is impossible and I’m willing to repay you.” Jared took another step forward, invading the man’s personal space. The banker was an alpha and Jared knew exactly how to play them. In order to show Ackles what he was offering, Jared reached out to wrap his fist around the banker’s silk tie.

“Sorry, kid.” Ackles swatted his hand away and sidestepped him, “you’re barking up the wrong tree.”

It was a lie. Jared looked right through it and the nervous flicker of the man’s intense gaze was proof of just that. Jared was slightly taller than Ackles but he was still only an omega. If he didn’t play this right, Ackles could knock him on his ass in an instant. No matter how much Jared worked out, an alpha would always be able to physically overpower him. There was only one weakness to an alpha: omegas. Unknotted and unmated omegas. Every healthy alpha in their prime years was ready to sell their grandmother to claim a compatible omega as theirs. It was a mental power, something that made any alpha dizzy and a nervous mess. But physically? Not so much.

There was nothing less appealing to Jared than being mated at only nineteen. However, the needy omega within him always longed for a knot. Ackles was too easy on the eyes to have anything but a precious hungry knot. Taking a knot, as far as Jared had heard, could be risky. Some alphas used their power to knot whoever they deemed to be their little bitch. Once an alpha knotted you, the omega was done for. Jared never understood why Mother Nature made it that way; it was ridiculous and took every chance of free will from people like him. Mating, however, was a different matter. Mating was only possible with the right one, the one and only person meant for you. Nothing Jared was ready to face yet.

When Ackles tried to walk away, Jared’s desperation got the better of him. He moved fast and rushed in front of the alpha, “how about a proposition?” Jared leaned in, further, until his mouth brushed against Ackles’ cheek; the full beard soft to the touch. So much so that Jared’s breath hitched.

“Take a sniff and tell me again that I’m barking up the wrong tree.” Jared whispered close to the alpha’s ear as he pulled the lobe between his lips. He knew, that, with being this close, the alpha was able to take in his unique scent. No suppressants in the world were enough to shut his scent out completely. Which was why Jared pressed his whole front against the alpha. And, there it was, Ackles tensed up, breath labored. “Smells good, doesn’t it? Bet you my mouth is worth three more days.”

Ackles’ whole body shivered and shuddered against Jared but no matter how hard the alpha tried, he couldn’t escape the physical need nature blessed him with. Jared could smell the man’s arousal, a sniff of an unmated omega able to drive any alpha insane.

“I… I’m sorry.” Ackles croaked out, his free hand flat on Jared’s chest. “This is not acceptable. You should leave.” The alpha pushed him away.

“Don’t tell me you’ve got morals.” Jared pressed but the banker already turned his back to him.

“Yeah, actually I do.” Ackles called while he all but sprinted into the direction of the elevators. The alpha turned around shortly, “you’ve got ‘til midnight.”

With that, Ackles was gone and Jared cursed under his breath. This couldn’t be happening, he needed to come up with a new plan in order to convince the alpha. It was still early, not even noon yet. He would figure something out.


As soon as Jensen stepped into his house, he lost his suit in favor for a quick shower. He was exhausted and the day’s events took their toll on him. There was only so much he could handle and Jared Padalecki was one of the things he definitely could not handle. Jensen had met many customers who gave ridiculous offers to get them out of their troubles, but what the young Padalecki tried was simply out of line. It was a great difficulty to refuse the boy, especially since Jensen smelled that the guy was an omega, but there were rules. Damn it. He wasn’t ready to lose his job only because he couldn’t keep himself in check, no matter how strongly his body reacted to the omega. If Jensen was anything like other alphas, he would have jumped at Jared’s offer in a heartbeat, let the young man drop to his knees and suck him down. But Jensen wasn’t like that, not at all. His friends often pointed out that he was way too soft for an alpha. Jensen, however, believed that opinion to be wrong; he was a decent person. Being an alpha didn’t give anyone the right to be an asshole or take advantage of someone else. That was probably also a reason why, at age thirty-five, he was still unmated. Of course Jensen had tried to find his mate. And he tried good and proper, but not a single omega he ever had underneath him seemed to be the right one. It never clicked. Jensen actually went as far as asking his father, who was an alpha himself, how he could possibly know when his mate entered his life. There wasn’t a right answer, or a helpful answer to it. All Jensen knew now, was, that he would know; he would feel the strong desire to claim. So far that didn’t happen.

Dressed in a pair of sweatpants and his favorite old ACDC shirt, Jensen grabbed himself a bottle of beer and slumped down on his couch. He was sure that it was only a matter of time before his eyes would grow heavy and sleep would drag him down. It was a long fucking day.

The TV buzzed quietly in front of him, Jensen didn’t even pay much attention to it; his brain was still at work and mentally he went through his appointments for the next day. He was well prepared but today only proved that one never knew what to expect.

And how true this really was showed when the doorbell shrilled through the house and forced Jensen out of his comfortable position and off of the couch. He groaned in protest, since he didn’t invite anyone over. All of his friends knew damn well that he didn’t like surprise visits, especially during work days.

Jensen barely opened the door when his nostrils caught the scent of Jared Padalecki. The young man’s scent had been invading his senses since the guy let him take a sniff. He was shell-shocked to see Jared at his doorstep, “the hell you doing here?” Letting go of his self-control, Jensen stared the omega down, his eyes almost furious, “where’d you get my address from?”

Jared licked his lips and Jensen couldn’t look away from the movement. “Internet.”

That wasn’t true, couldn’t be. The first thing Jensen did after getting his promotion into field work was delete all traces of his address from the internet. For good reasons. Reasons like Jared Padalecki.

Something must have shown on his face because without being asked, Jared spoke up again. “Paid two dollars for twenty-four-hour access to your background check, Jensen.”

Now Jensen was livid. He knew those pages existed and he never figured out how to avoid having his information on them. It sucked because there was nothing he could have done about it. “Are you fucking kidding me? What do you want?”

The second the question left his mouth, Jensen regretted it. The answer was too obvious, considering Jared’s earlier attempts of bribery. And the longer the omega stood there, the harder it became for Jensen to ignore the man’s scent. It was stronger than in the morning, more prominent and it already affected Jensen to a point where he was about to snap and bend the guy over.

“See, the thing is, I love my family and I love our home. Three days ain’t nothing for a bank like Morgan.” Jared locked eyes with him, the mixed hues of blue and green torture for Jensen’s sanity. He swallowed hard, his body’s desires rising to immense highs when the young omega stepped closer. “Maybe I didn’t make myself clear enough this morning.” Jensen had no chance of avoiding the man, he was coming closer with every passing second. Eventually, Jared was so close that Jensen was left with no other choice but take a step backwards. It was a damn mistake too, because now Jared was inside his house. “If my mouth isn’t good enough, there are other parts of me practically begging for something only you can give me.”

Gulping and mentally trying to put a stop to this madness, Jensen found himself to be at a complete loss for words. Omegas where the worst, they could play any unmated alpha like a damn fiddle and it wasn’t fucking fair. Instead of throwing the boy out, Jensen went for nonchalant. “Does your mother even know you’re here? I already told you that I can’t help you.”

That was only half true. Jensen could help the Padaleckis. There were always a few loopholes that allowed him to postpone a deadline. Of course it came with a few risks and maybe even a dissuasion, but in some cases it was worth it. He had done it before, when a widow was too caught up in her mourning process that she didn’t have the mental strength to worry about the financial problems the loss of her husband caused.

Zoning out and into his thoughts was yet another mistake because all of a sudden the young Padalecki crashed their lips together, invading Jensen’s personal space as if he had any right to. Jensen gave his best shot at trying to stop Jared, but his body betrayed him as he slammed the door shut and shoved the omega against it. He didn’t know what happened, what hit him, because he had lost all control over his body. All he could focus on was that gorgeous omega offering himself up on a silver platter. Even with their mouths slotted together in a hungry kiss, the distance was still too much and Jensen hoisted Jared up, wrapping the guy’s legs around his waist and pressing himself deeper against Jared. Deep down, he knew this was wrong, he shouldn’t be doing this, but he couldn’t stop as the alpha in him took the reins.

“This’ what you want?” Jensen pried his lips off of the omega, his eyes intensely staring at the boy, “to latch yourself onto some knot? Whoring yourself out for your family?”

Jared tightened his legs around him, mouth desperately trying to get closer to Jensen’s lips again, “as if you don’t want it too. I can fucking smell you, how much you want my ass. Help me and I’ll let you feed me that knot of yours.”

Any other alpha would have the omega pinned down and hanging on their knot before the boy had a chance to open his mouth. It was difficult for Jensen too, but he was raised right and taught to be respectful. If the omega asked to be left alone, Jensen would have still been able to put a stop to this; a painful task if needed but omegas weren’t just a piece of meat, they were something precious, something that needed to be cherished. Without them, the human race would have been extinguished a long time ago, since barely any betas were able to reproduce.

Jensen searched the omega’s face for any sign of repulse or the need to end this, but all Jensen could see was a raw and dark lust, an emotion that mirrored his own craving perfectly. “You’ve got no idea what you’re getting yourself into.” He was unsure of who he was talking to, the omega or himself, because Jensen’s arousal spiked up more and more the longer Jared hung onto him. The scent of the omega was almost too much for Jensen to handle. It was solid, powerful and nothing like Jensen ever smelled before.

Without a warning, Jensen pulled them away from the door and all but carried Jared to his bedroom. Whenever his alpha was out and crawling to the surface he had enough strength to rip a big guy like Jared apart.

He still thought of this to be wrong. It wasn’t right to accept sexual favors. But the omega was too delicious to refuse. Jared was definitely something else. Something Jensen was terribly hungry for. Untangling their bodies, Jensen threw the omega on his bed and watched Jared bounce up and back down. The boy’s chest heaved in surprise, his breath hard but his eyes still demanding. Jensen wanted to enjoy the view of this handsome omega on his bed, it looked so perfect, as if this was where Jared belonged all along. However, Jared came to him for a reason and Jensen was more than willing to oblige and didn’t make a show of affection as he crawled on the bed too, quickly stripping the young man out of his clothes. The omega went willingly, not an ounce of nervousness seemed to burden Jared when he propped his naked self up on his elbows, staring up at Jensen.

“So pretty.” Jensen whispered under his breath and got off the bed to shed his own clothing. Whereas Jared had been composed before, the second he got a look at Jensen’s thick hard length, he lost all his cool. There was no doubt what that look meant, “you’ve never had an alpha before, huh?”

Jared shook his head, his Adam’s apple bobbing in a constricted gulp, “not exactly a huge fan of you knotheads.”

There was an insult in there somewhere, though, Jensen didn’t find it difficult to ignore it. He knew his kind: ruthless bastards with a huge self-esteem and an even bigger lack of sense of justice. Well, he would just have to show Jared that not all alphas were like that.

Joining the omega back on the bed, Jensen couldn’t help but explore every inch of the young man’s soft skin. His fingertips tingled when he roamed over miles of toned flesh and he made sure to let his lips travel over the glorious body underneath him. Jared didn’t only smell like sin on legs, the taste of him was pretty much addictive. So much so that Jensen didn’t have to think twice when he wrapped his lips around Jared’s hard length. It was a surprise for him, how well-proportioned the omega was. Most omegas were rather small, but Jared? Jared was almost as huge as Jensen. Though, that didn’t stop Jensen from going all the way down, swallowing the omega’s cock until he was nestled deep inside Jensen’s throat. Small drops of precome exploded on his tongue, the taste so strong Jensen’s whole body shivered in anticipation and the need for more rose up and gripped him tight.

It only intensified when another scent hit him, taking a hold of him and forced him to bop his head faster on the cock in his mouth. Jared was leaking, his ass full of slick and Jensen pushed two fingers inside, the natural lubricant making it easy to drive right in. He had heard of some omegas producing their own form of lube, but mostly the ones in heat or mated omegas; until now Jensen hadn’t met any of them; always in need for KY to accustom an omega to his knot.

Jared was thrashing underneath him, the omega reduced to quiet yet needy moans; all previous cockiness gone in favor to let his inner omega come to the surface. Jensen knew, that, now he could do whatever and the boy had no chance of escaping. He could use and abuse, make the omega his little bitch and fuck him senseless until he would pass out. However, Jensen wasn’t that person. No matter how difficult it was to keep his beast inside, there was no way Jensen could willingly hurt anyone.

The need to be buried inside Jared grew heavier and when it became too much to control, Jensen all but spun the omega around. Without warning, he spread the boy’s legs and lined his cock up, his free hand pushing on the omega’s back, pressing him into the mattress with no room to fight against him.

“Condom. Use a damn condom!” The omega growled into the pillow and the desperate sound of the younger man’s voice was enough to snap Jensen’s focus back and out of his crazy musings.

The omega was right, lust and desire were no excuse to knot the omega bare, jeopardize their health or, worse, saddling them with a lifetime of responsibility in ten months. Jensen reached for the nightstand and grabbed one of the tin foils. He was close to shooting his load right then and there as he pulled the latex over his cock. That wasn’t how he wanted this to go though, so he calmed his nerves and squeezed the base of his erection, hard.

“You still sure about this?” When the omega nodded and wiggled his ass invitingly, Jensen shoved his hard length all the way inside the velvety smooth heat.

Jensen had a fair amount of omegas in his bed before, all willing and horny, but none of them felt as good as Jared. The young man might have wanted all of this for completely different reasons, but the way his body moved, ass chasing after Jensen’s cock and those delicious needy sounds coming from his mouth, Jensen found himself caught off guard when his hips began to move on their own. He felt as if he wasn’t himself anymore, the alpha in him clawed at his insides, battling against his conscience to break free and take over. Now Jensen was the one who couldn’t escape as his movements sped up, his cock driving in and out of the omega’s tight channel in a rapid pace.

Even as his knot began to grow, Jensen couldn’t slow down. The broken and fucked out moans from the omega only intensified his pure need for more.

“Oh fuck!” Jensen screamed as his knot spread Jared even further. Something deep settled in his nerves. A longing filled his senses, something he never felt before, a raw need of more and right now. Jensen’s brain was all fuzzy, his whole body on fire with too many emotions he couldn’t name. He had no idea what happened with him and what exactly spurred him into action, but without a second thought he pulled all the way out of the omega, yanked the condom off of his cock and slammed right back inside. The force was almost brutal, his hips snapped on their own accord and there was no chance of stopping himself. As his knot grew bigger and locked itself in the depths of Jared’s tight heat, it hit Jensen. His mate. Jared, the cocky omega who bribed him into this, was his mate. Jensen’s heart rate increased to impossible levels, his senses on overload as he pushed the boy down, his front flat on the sheets.

Draping himself flush over the omega’s back, Jensen slowed his hips down, his thrusts becoming gentle and coordinated. Jared’s neck was right there, right in sight and in reaching distance for Jensen’s hungry lips. The need to be closer still overcame him and Jensen nudged Jared’s legs further apart, settling himself in between. Jensen slung his arms underneath Jared’s, gripping the omega’s shoulders from the front and pulling him further down onto his cock.

“This’ gonna hurt, babe.” He gushed against the boy’s ear. Before Jared had time to react, Jensen latched on to the omega’s neck, his rapid pulse beating against Jensen’s lips and he bit down. His teeth sunk into the warm flesh, the breaking of soft skin painful even to Jensen.

Jared tried to fight against him, gave his best to free himself. “What the… NO. What the fuck are you doing!” The omega yelled, his body writhing and shaking. “Don’t. Oh god, please don’t.”

A mix of copper and sweetness dribbled over Jensen’s tongue. In a firm hold, he kept Jared from pushing him off and soothed the mating’s mark with his lips. The first wave of his orgasm hit him, come coating the omega’s insides. Jared still tried to get away, but Jensen held on, made himself heavier on the omega’s back. “Shh, ‘s okay.” He shushed, circling his hips carefully until he came again, his whole body twitching and on fire.

A cry broke from the boy’s throat, “no, it’s not. You had no right! Lemme go…” But Jared’s body betrayed him, as his ass pulled Jensen in further, holding on and moving his hips to feed himself more of the knot.

Jensen felt a tightness in his chest, guilt gripping him at the words. Yes, he had no right, but mating wasn’t about yes or no, it happened when nature wanted it to. Neither of them could have ran from what they are, not for long. It was inevitable. “I can’t let you go.” The words had more meaning than the young omega probably knew; once mated, a couple is bound to each other. A bond only death could break.

The omega was scared, his smaller body trembling and for the first time Jensen got to see the real Jared; a teenager with his whole life ahead of him. And now he was mated to Jensen, a thirty-five year old alpha who didn’t mean for this to happen, not like this. However, they both had no choice, no say in the matter, and it was left to Jensen to take care of Jared, his omega and mate. While many other alphas preferred to use their mates for household chores and as bed bunnies, Jensen always longed for a mate to enjoy life together. He sincerely doubted that Jared wanted any of this, that the cocky teenager had other plans for his life. A life that Jensen envisioned as one where the omega found himself in the professional world. It wasn’t something Jensen was opposed to, in fact he kind of liked the thought of it. Stepping in and scrambling all those plans didn’t feel right. Jensen knew he had to treat the subject carefully.

“It’ll be okay.” Jensen whispered and moved them both into a more comfortable position. The second he spooned up behind Jared, Jensen slowly began rocking his hips again and he didn’t stop until the omega orgasmed on his knot. Jared was almost silent in his arms, a quiet sob the only sound in the room.

More minutes passed, neither of them speaking a word but as soon as Jensen’s knot let go of Jared, the omega jumped away from him and rushed out of the bed. “Jared, we should talk.” Jensen gave his best to sound apologetic and calm.

“I don’t think so.” The omega didn’t look at him, only collected his clothing and got dressed. “Congratulations. You’ve got all I never offered and ruined my fucking life.”

The alpha in Jensen knew that this behavior wasn’t acceptable, that Jared should be grateful for having found his mate. However, Jensen was better than that and after years of waiting for his mate, he was the one being thankful. Even if it meant he was in for a long fight and many hours of convincing Jared that this was something good, for both of them. “Do you think I knew this was going to happen?”

Jared turned, his eyes bloodshot and puffy, “you should’ve fucking stopped!”

“That’s not how this works, you know that, right?” Jensen asked, his voice small compared to the many different emotions rushing through him. The omega looked at him as if Jared had no idea what Jensen was talking about, that maybe the omega really didn’t know how mating happened, how it couldn’t be controlled, much less stopped. “Talk to any alpha you know, we can’t just mate whoever we want.” Every alpha was able to knot whichever omega they pleased, turn them into a junkie for their knot, but mating didn’t work like that. An alpha couldn’t mate just anybody, it had to be their other half, the only person able to complete them; the one meant to be. Jared was going to realize that, sooner or later.

The omega clenched his jaw, anger taking over when he scowled at Jensen again, “we’ve had a deal. You give my family more time and that’s it. We’re done here.” With that being said, Jared stormed out and Jensen was left wondering how he could possibly convince Jared that he wasn’t a bad guy. Either way, he knew that Jared would come back to him on his own. The omega’s body would practically force him to knock at Jensen’s door again. And, with their mating being performed, sooner or later Jared would realize that he wouldn’t want anyone else again. Nobody but Jensen.