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Hey There, Guitar Man

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Jimin fucking hates his entire being right now. He's sweating, he's thirsty, and he might just pass out if he has to sit under the blistering sun for another damn minute.

"Jeongguk, holy shit, when does this band go on?"

Jimin complains, leaning heavily against the barrier.

"In ten minutes!"

Jeongguk says excitedly, not detecting Jimin's annoyance and tiredness. The security guard looked at Jimin a little wary, almost afraid he would pass out. Jimin thinks he just might.

"Oh my god, I think I see the singer!"

Jeongguk squeals and immediately holds up his phone, opening the camera and snapping away at someone's back who has a head of shocking red hair.

"God, I'm dying in this heat."

Jimin pants, his sunglasses slipping down his nose due to his sweat. They're currently at Warped Tour, a punk rock festival that travelled across the world, a bunch of bands playing all day in the hot, summer sun with lots of people, food, drinks, and music. Overall it's a great place for people like Jeongguk, who live for punk rock and live performances, and he begged Jimin to go. Jimin thought it would be fun and everything would be nice, but it turned out to be hell on earth.

"Holy shit, here comes Yoongi!"

Jeongguk's nails dig into Jimin's arm and Jimin hissed, slapping his hand away. They were at the Full Sail stage and were currently up front against the barrier. People were beginning to fill in behind them and Jimin found himself pressed against the barrier to avoid ass grabs which he's experienced a lot today. Jeongguk told him it had something to do with him wearing leggings and having his snapback on backwards because people couldn't tell if he was a girl or not. It certainly didn't help that he was all soft edges right now. There was sweat sliding down his exposed sides in his muscle tank and his thighs were definitely going to break out in a rash if he kept rubbing them together like he was. Jeongguk had wanted to see this band Jimin couldn't even remember so badly and he was lucky the band wasn't huge because they were playing at measly 3:15 and the barrier was pretty much deserted whenever they got up. Jimin glanced at what Jeongguk was pointing at while jumping excitedly and his breath caught in his throat.

Standing there looking like an angel was this guitarist. He had a white guitar strapped over his shoulder and was standing at the edge of the stage now, strumming the guitar lightly with his eyes on something in front of him, his foot pressing on a little pedal as he adjusted the strings at the head of the guitar. He had dirty blonde hair hanging in his eyes, a black undercut peeking through, his eyebrows a matching black. His skin was pale but a nice contrast to his guitar, wearing a black athletic shirt underneath of a green shirt with 'Yung + Dum' on the front and it made Jimin smile. He was also wearing black skinny jeans with rips in the knees and converse and Jimin wondered how in the hell he was alive in this baking heat in jeans. He looked like an angel with his sharp features and pale skin, cat like eyes focused on the dials in front of him. Jimin's mouth was agape, eyes widened. Jeongguk laughed beside him and shouted "Yoongi hyung!" And it caused the blonde man - Yoongi - to glance up and right at them and Jimin very nearly melted into the floor when the man smirked lightly. This time it wasn't from heat. Yoongi turned back to his task and Jimin hit Jeongguk's shoulder hard.

"What was that?"

"He's Korean. The only member of the band who has Korean speaking family, and since my grandparents are Korean they taught me honorifics. Hyung is what you call an older guy and it's why he looked up."

Jimin exhaled loudly, licking his dry lips and wishing he could get a drink right about now.


The band starting up was rather uneventful except for Jeongguk gripping his hand tight and bouncing up and down. Yoongi threw a playful smile at the crowd as Taehyung, the lead singer, began fucking with the cords of the microphone, swinging it around. Yoongi strummed the guitar and a loud sound reverberated within Jimin's chest. Then, the bass kicked in and it hit like a wave considering they were barrier. Holy shit. Everyone was screaming and everyone pushed forward and suddenly Jimin was pinned against the barrier and Jeongguk was shouting and jumping. Jimin felt completely out of his element. Jimin's been to a few rock concerts - with a friend like Jeongguk, how could you not? He knows concert etiquette and he knows what to do, yet he finds himself stunned by the beautiful man in front of him, fingers flying across the fret board as he strums like a madman, sound boosting throughout the speakers and bringing life to the area around them.

"Tear it up, Yoongs!"

The bassist yelled into Taehyung's mic, strumming away as well and Taehyung laughed, sipping his monster as he watched the guitarist literally blow the crowd away. Apparently the short solo was over whenever Yoongi dropped his arm, breathing heavily for a moment, before standing up and looking at the crowd with this look, shaking his hair out of his eyes and beginning to play a tune. Apparently it resonated with the crowd because there was screams and pushing. The drums started and Taehyung set his monster down, leaning on one of the speakers and nodding his head along to the kick drum. Jeongguk was absolutely dying, shoving his phone up between the security guards to get the closest video possible (even though they were almost within touching distance) and singing like a madman to the songs. Jimin liked their sound, he had to admit, and he especially liked whenever Yoongi moved around on the stage, slaying with the guitar and at one point he leaned on the speakers, Jimin holding his phone up to take a video for Snapchat, and Yoongi lifted his gaze, looking straight at Jimin with a predatory look as he licked his lips and Jimin made a very unmanly squeak. Yoongi turned around, walking back to the drums and strumming away while Taehyung sang and interacted with the crowd. The first song ended and Jimin liked it quite a bit.

"God, you guys are amazing."

Taehyung breathed into the mic, staring out at the sea of people who had collected in front of the small stage, eyes aglow.

"Wow, I'm seeing a lot of burned skin out there."

The bassist - Hoseok, Jimin learned - said into his own mic, staring at all the very red, blistering skin adorning their fans skin.

"Thank God this stage is tented. Yoongi here doesn't tan, he burns."

Taehyung said and gestured to the guitarist who gave him a withering look in return, adjusting his sleeves.

"Anyway, this next song is..."

Jimin found himself not even hearing the music for at least half the set, watching the angel in front of him. There was one point where they stopped to talk to the crowd and Taehyung gave a meaningful speech about how people always told them they shouldn't be a part of Warped Tour because they're Asian and don't fit the "Warped Aesthetic" and people thought they were some Japanese band. Taehyung then plopped his happy ass down on the edge of the stage and grinned right at the crowd.

"How 'bout we fuck it up like the rest of these big bands and give the staff some real stuff to clean up?"

The crowd roared and Jimin found himself screaming as well, his eye catching the movement of Yoongi laughing under his breath. Taehyung then proceeded to get up and perform a really good song that had the whole crowd - including Jimin - jumping and waving their hands in the air, bobbing their heads and feeling the song.


"This is our last song,"

Taehyung began and the crowd was filled with protests. Taehyung laughed into his mic, putting it on the stand and licking his lips.

"I know, guys, I know. This song is an oldie from our first album and it's personally my favorite song to play live because all you motherfuckers go nuts."

The crowd cheered and even Hoseok clapped his hands and spurred them on.

"So, without further ado, this is our last song. Also, you guys, our merch tent is over there and right after our set we're going to be taking pictures and signing anything you want. Our merch guy - Devin, raise your fuckin' hand -"

Jimin turned to see a white tent with an American guy giving the finger right back to Taehyung. Taehyung laughed into the mic and a couple girls along with Jeongguk swooned.

"Will be handing out things all day. We understand what it's like to have no damn money and have nothing to your name, so you can get pictures with our beautiful faces for free. We aren't like those other shitty bands who become too famous for their fans-"

Yoongi coughs loudly and Taehyung grins sickeningly sweet at the crowd.

"Right. So, after this performance, go to our merch tent and come hug us! Thank you all so much for being here and being the best crowd. Happy Warped!"

Taehyung left the mic then and the beginning notes of a song started.


Jimin doesn't know how it happened. One minute he's jumping with Jeongguk, hand in the air and bouncing up and down with the beat as Taehyung yelled into the microphone, the next second said singer was leaping off the stage and was standing on the back of the barrier right in front of them, singing into the mic and standing above them. Jimin watched as Jeongguk immediately touched him, dragging his hands up the man's chest and holding him in place so he didn't fall despite the security guard holding onto the red-head's belt. Jimin could spot his underwear and almost laughed because there was fuckin' dinosaurs on them.

"Are y'all ready?"

Taehyung shouted right before the drop and that's when he swung over the barrier and hopped into the crowd, singing and letting himself get swallowed in by the crowd, jumping and singing along with them. Jeongguk was recording with wide eyes, screaming the words and feeling the song. Taehyung was walking back through the crowd when his shirt (a button-up) came unbuttoned and fell open, revealing his chest and torso and Jimin swears Jeongguk screamed louder than any of the girls as the man's tattoos became visible. Taehyung laughed into the mic as he threw his shirt back on stage and began making his way to the front. As he was trying to get back on the barrier, Jeongguk's hand pressed to his back to make sure he didn't fall, Taehyung accidentally elbowed him in the eye. Jeongguk squeaked as his hands went to his eye and the singer must've noticed. Taehyung got up then spun around, pulling Jeongguk into a large hug and pressing a kiss to his temple before getting back on stage. Jimin and Jeongguk stared at each other in utter shock as the crowd erupted into screams and Jimin had to admit it was the best part of the act.

"Fuck, that's our show! Come to our merch tent and give me some love and lemme take pictures with your beautiful faces. Goodbye!"

Taehyung shouted as the song drew to a close and Jeongguk immediately shoved his way through the slowly dispersing crowd, the band not even off stage yet, and into the line in front of their merch tent where a good couple people already were.


"Oh my god."

Jeongguk said for about the millionth time and Jimin wiped the sweat off his brow as he adjusted his hat, pushing his black hair back so it was off his face.

"Would you stop saying that?"

Jimin said, putting a hand to his back to stand with some pressure on the area because he knew it was going to be sore later.

"No! Look, here they come!"

Jeongguk as well as a few other people in the crowd began squealing whenever they saw the band making their way over to their merch tent. Jimin's eyes followed the angel who was now wearing a snapback that was actually the matching one to the one Jimin was wearing. Jimin flushed when he realized it, knowing he would have to go up to them and they would notice.

"Oh my god, I can't believe we're about to meet them."

Jeongguk said, gripping Jimin's fingers tightly. This is the most affection Jimin's ever gotten from Jeongguk, he thinks.

The line moves relatively fast and before they know it Jeongguk is stepping up and right into the arms of the singer.


Taehyung says while hugging Jeongguk back, taking a small step back. As Jeongguk begins speaking, the band at the Full Sail stage begins playing and it's hard death metal. Great. It's loud and obnoxious and Jimin can no longer hear what they're saying to Jeongguk. Jeongguk gets in between Taehyung and Hoseok, smiling brightly as Jimin points the camera. Jimin takes a bunch because he knows Jeongguk will want to filter through them before handing it back to Jeongguk. Jeongguk waves at them and Taehyung blows him a kiss and Jimin watches with a small smile. He then realizes it's his turn as Jeongguk moves to stand beside the tent and wait. He unsurely takes a step closer and Taehyung pulls him in, hugging him and bouncing with him.

"I heard you liked our performance!"

Taehyung yells into his ear because the band is so loud. Jimin nods and Taehyung pats his ass which makes Jimin jump.

"Thank you!"

Taehyung says and then Jimin is being pulled into another bone crushing hug by Hoseok. The drummer who was just a stand-in by the looks of it is passing out albums and posters for them to sign and Jimin realizes belatedly he has nothing for them to sign. Jeongguk had them sign his phone case.

Whenever Hoseok lets him go he becomes face to face with the angel. His jaw drops once he sees him up close, hair swept back off his face and skin lightly glistening with sweat. Yoongi looks down at him and smirks, saying something to him. Jimin furrows his brows and leans closer because he can't hear him.

"We're twinning."

He says and Jimin can then hear it and he nods, smiling like an idiot. Jimin begins speaking, trying to tell him that he enjoyed the set, but the man shakes his head and suddenly he yanks him close, hands on his hips and mouth by Jimin's ear, brushing over his piercings.

"I can't hear you,"

He says and then Jimin speaks again, finally saying "I liked your show" and Yoongi understands. He hugs Jimin, laughing as he thanks him. Jimin is going into shock by now, probably, from having this absolutely God touch him.

"You're really, really attractive. You're like an angel."

Jimin says, now leaning away from the man and he says it because he knows the screamo band will be too loud for him to hear. Sadly, half way through his sentence the band ends the song and he practically shouts 'really really attractive. You're like an angel' into the moderately quiet air. Yoongi's eyes widen and Jimin slaps a hand over his mouth and Hoseok breaks out into obnoxious laughter.

"Um, let's get your picture!"

Taehyung says whenever it's quiet for a moment and pulls Jimin into his side. To his disdain Yoongi gets his other side and Jimin feels his hand on his lower back. Jeongguk is in the middle of snapping the picture whenever Yoongi's hand slides down to his ass and gropes it, making Jimin jump and shiver.

"Got it!"

Jeongguk shouts and Yoongi lets go as if nothing happened.

"Want us to sign?"

Taehyung asks, marker cap already popped off and between his teeth.

"Um, I don't have anything-"

"Let's sign your tummy! You're alright with that, right?"

Hoseok says and Jimin shrugs as he lifts his shirt. Sure, he doesn't have his rippling six pack anymore, but he's still flat (especially when he's bending back a slightly bit like he is now) and so he lets them sign. Whenever it's Yoongi's turn, the man places a hand on Jimin's side as he leans close and begins signing right underneath Jimin's nipple, smirking the whole time. Whenever the marker lifts off Jimin's skin, he gives Jimin's nipple a little pinch afterward and Jimin lets out a breathy sigh, thanking God they're faced so his back is to the crowd so nobody can see what's happening, including the band members who have begun talking amongst themselves. Yoongi lets go and smiles one last time at Jimin as Jimin lets his shirt drop.

"I'll see you around."

He says with a wink before Jeongguk is calling Jimin's name as the next girl gets up for pictures. Jimin walks like a zombie with Jeongguk who prattles off about Taehyung. He can't believe that just happened.


Jimin really fuckin' hates his life right about now. Wow, deja vu, he thinks bitterly. He had accidentally wandered off to a Journeys tent and Jeongguk got lost somewhere along the way. Now, Jimin just had to hope and pray he could find the younger again at the end of the night because Jimin was the one who drove. Jeongguk's phone is also dead due to forgetting to turn on his battery saver. Perfect. Jimin is merely wandering a more deserted part of the venue (everyone is currently at the bigger stages watching the bigger bands perform and Jimin has no doubt Jeongguk is probably at Sleeping With Sirens) when he bumps rather harshly into someone.


"Hey, it's you!"

Jimin glances at the person he bumped into, seeing it's Yoongi from the band earlier. He laughs and nods, doing the same to Yoongi.

"You're just out wandering?"

Jimin asks and Yoongi looks even more attractive now without the sun beating down on him, the sky turning grey as the night winds down.

"I'm a smaller band, so nobody really cares. I get a few hellos here and there. What about you? Shouldn't you be watching whoever is playing right now?"

"I'm not all that interested."


"Yeah. Not my thing. I wasn't even all that eager to come."

"You still against it?"

Yoongi has this smirk on his face like he knows something Jimin doesn't and it makes Jimin's skin tingle with excitement.

"Depends. Do you have something to make it worth while?"

Yoongi hums, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I think I have exactly what you need."


"Dude, if we were to ever get stopped at a border we would be so fucked."

Yoongi huffs and Jimin giggles, taking another hit from the blunt in his hands. Jimin didn't expect Yoongi to lead him back to his tour bus for weed, if anything he expected a handjob, but this will do too. Jimin leans back against the sofa in the back room, breathing out the thick smoke and holding the blunt out to Yoongi.

"This is some good weed."

"Yeah? We got it from Falling In Reverse."

"They're fuckin' assholes."


"Got good weed though."

"Also agreed."

Jimin feels smoke be blowed into his face and he peeks an eye open to look at Yoongi who looks even better with his cheeks rosy, eyes glazed and lips a little chapped. Jimin hums, eyes falling shut as he relaxes. He inhales sharply when he feels something soft press against his lips, eyes fluttering open and seeing Yoongi was very close, eyes closed, and lips pressed against Jimin's. Jimin kissed back slowly, his own eyes closing as he lifted a hand to Yoongi's jaw, holding him close as their lips parted with a soft sound. Their eyes opened and met again before they connected again, hungrier this time. The blunt was ignored on the floor in the ashtray as Jimin pushed Yoongi onto his back on the sofa, climbing over his lap and straddling him as their lips met with wet noises, hands running across exposed skin.


Jimin panted when Yoongi began trailing kisses down his neck, sucking softly at Jimin's shoulder. He tugged on Yoongi's shirt and Yoongi apparently got the message, leaning back and pulling his shirts off. He tossed them onto the floor, helping Jimin out of his. They both took a second to admire each other's torsos, Jimin's decorated with the band's signatures, before diving back in, Jimin sucking paths along Yoongi's soft skin. Yoongi dragged his nails up Jimin's back, goosebumps rising on the younger's skin. Jimin's legs shifted and their crotches rubbed together, Jimin sighing breathily as his semi rubbed against Yoongi's front.

"Do that again."

Yoongi commanded, hands gripping onto Jimin's soft hips as he thrusted up against the boy. Jimin moaned and rolled his hips, feeling Yoongi's own boner pressing against his jeans. Jimin steadied himself with his palms on Yoongi's middle and just rolled. Yoongi's breath hitched as his nails dug in, Jimin's head tipping back in pleasure. Yoongi fumbled for his jeans, Jimin pausing in his grinds to watch as Yoongi got the zipper down.

"T-take your pants off."

Yoongi said and Jimin stood up, peeling his leggings off his legs and pushing his underwear down with it as an afterthought. He clambered back on top of Yoongi, his cock red and precum beading at the tip. Yoongi didn't push his pants down, instead just pulling his cock out of them and stroking it. Jimin wanted to taste him, but he didn't think they would have time before the rest of the band comes back. Jimin whimpered, his own hand wrapping around his cock and stroking to the same pace as Yoongi, muscles twitching.

"Fuck, Jimin. You're so pretty."

Yoongi sighed out and Jimin's breath hitched as he stroked a little faster at the praise.

"You like getting complimented during sex?"

Yoongi asked and Jimin nodded his head with a blush high on his already flushed cheeks.

"That's so cute, baby."

Yoongi cooed and Jimin thrust up into his hand without realizing, eyes closed and lips parted.

"Come here, sunshine. Lemme kiss you."

So Jimin leaned down, releasing his length in favor of supporting his weight as he crashed his lips against Yoongi's. The kiss was hot and rushed, Yoongi's knuckles brushing against Jimin's own girth as he stroked himself. Jimin whined as Yoongi's hand picked up speed, sucking on Yoongi's tongue.

"F-fuck I'm gonna cum,"

Yoongi hissed and Jimin hummed, reaching between them to cover Yoongi's hand with his own dainty one, thumbing over the slit and dragging his nail over the sensitive flesh. Yoongi didn't cum with a shout, more like a groan, over he and Jimin's hands, most of it getting on his stomach. Jimin stroked him through it, kissing Yoongi's neck and jaw as he came down. His own length was still painfully hard as Yoongi tugged him up, and he shivered when the tip of his dick dragged through the cum on Yoongi's stomach.

"Grind on me. Cum all over me."

Yoongi's voice went off into a little squeak and Jimin found it adorable. Jimin settled himself on Yoongi's stomach, sliding his dick through the mess there unsurely. He hiccuped at the sudden pleasure of the tip running through the wet, warm mess on Yoongi's flesh, his soft skin gliding against Jimin's pulsing length.

"You're doing so good, baby. Keep going."

Yoongi said, hands digging into Jimin's plush ass. Jimin thrusted faster and faster, chasing his orgasm as little 'ah's left his mouth. Jimin was so, so close to the edge, his arms trembling and thighs shaking, but he just needed one more thing to push him over the edge. Just one-

"Please, Yoongi."

Jimin begged, tears gathering in his eyes from the immense pleasure. He didn't even know what he was begging for, is he was honest and Jimin was worried Yoongi wouldn't do anything, but then Yoongi's hand shifted on his ass, spreading his cheeks as one of his fingers rubbed against his sensitive hole roughly. Jimin, surprised and incredibly turned on, screamed as he came in white stripes across Yoongi's torso, nails digging into Yoongi's sides. He collapsed on top of Yoongi, breathing heavily and sweaty. Yoongi ran his hands through Jimin's hair, humming softly as Jimin relaxed.

"We really need to clean up."

Yoongi said after they had relaxed, Jimin sucking hickies into his neck as soft as possible. Jimin hummed against his skin, pushing his body back and they both went 'ew' as Jimin's body literally peeled off of Yoongi's, their cum webbing between them before breaking.

"God, yeah we do."

Jimin stood up and waited for Yoongi to sit up.


Jimin asked and Yoongi got up, tangling his fingers with Jimin's as they walked naked through the tour bus. Yoongi pushed open a door and Jimin wanted to die.

The bathroom was so tiny with the shower cubicle being the size of Jimin's hallway closet.

"Can we even fit in that?"

Yoongi nods, pushing the door shut and turning shower on.

"It's a lot roomier inside than it looks."


The bathroom stall is a little bigger than it looks, but either way Jimin is always pressed against Yoongi somewhere without meaning to be. As he's washing his hair, Yoongi is behind him and Jimin can feel Yoongi's hands bumping against his back and ass. At one point, their dicks brush together and Jimin squeaks, cheeks coloring. Yoongi calls him cute as they get out and dry themselves off. They go back and get dressed, Jimin grimacing as he struggles to get his leggings up his damp skin.

"The big bands end in about two minutes."

Yoongi says with a disbelieving lilt and Jimin grins up at him as he laces his shoes up.

"So we made it just in time."

"Nope, we're kinda fucked."

Yoongi says and not even a second later the bus fills with noise and voices.

"Yep. You are probably gonna have to do the walk of shame through them."

Yoongi says sadly and Jimin huffs as he grabs his things, making sure he didn't leave anything and that his hair is smoothed down correctly.

"Okay, let's go."

The walk between the band members is rather awkward. Yoongi walks out first and everybody begins shouting things at him - mostly questions - whenever they see Jimin walking behind him, one of his dainty hands clutching the back of Yoongi's shirt.

"Hey, haven't we seen you before?"

Hoseok says and Taehyung claps his hands.

"Your the friend of the really hot kid! What are you doing here?"

Jimin doesn't respond because he's sure the other will catch on, pushing Yoongi a little faster. They make it out of the bus and Jimin sighs in relief.

"God, that was so embarrassing."

Jimin whines, turning back to face Yoongi. Yoongi laughs, nodding his head.


Jimin toes at the ground as silence stretches between them.

"So, uh-"

Yoongi drags Jimin close by his hips, hugging him close as he pecks his forehead.

"You don't have to act like I'm about to yell at you."

He says as he nuzzles Jimin's temple. Jimin laughs, hands pressed against Yoongi's chest.

"I guess not."

Yoongi pulls back, his eyes searching Jimin's, before leaning down and pressing a kiss to Jimin's lips. This kiss is soft and tender, Yoongi's thumb rubbing circles into his sore hip as he works his mouth against Jimin's. Jimin cups Yoongi's jaw, eyes closed and heart hammering in his chest. Whenever they pull away, Yoongi gently holds Jimin's cheek and strokes his thumb over Jimin's flushed skin.

"You're really cute."

Yoongi says and Jimin grins.

"Can we take a selfie? So whenever you get really famous I can say I met you before it was cool."

Jimin says in a rush and Yoongi laughs, nodding. Jimin holds up his phone, smiling at the camera as Yoongi dips his head down to Jimin's shoulder, pressing a kiss to Jimin's neck as the camera clicks.

"You want my number too, sweetheart?"

Yoongi taunts and Jimin pouts as he hands his phone over.

"Yeah, just so I can blast you online."

Jimin defends and Yoongi nips at his shoulder, watching a flare of pink rise up on the skin.

"I can't wait."

Yoongi says and Jimin smiles a really big smile at him, taking his phone back when Yoongi offers it to him.

"You should probably get going. The concert will be ending within minutes and everyone gets kicked out. I'll see you later?"

Yoongi runs a hand through Jimin's hair as he speaks and Jimin beams at him.

"Yeah. Bye, Yoongi."

"See you around, sweetheart."


"Dude, you're a fucking liar."

Jeongguk says and Jimin sighs, staring at the road.

"I'm really not though."

"Yes, you are. There's no way you fucked with Min Yoongi. He's, like, the most hard to talk to person ever. He's really cold."

"Not really."

Jimin says and Jeongguk huffs.

"I don't know who gave you those hickies, but I hope it was worth it. You're a bad liar, Jimin."

"Guk, hand me my phone."

Jeongguk obeys and Jimin glances between the road and his phone. He finds what he's looking for and hands it to Jeongguk.

"You got a picture with him? Where are you guys? Is he - oh my god."

"We're at the tour bus. It was right when I was leaving after we hooked up. We took a picture and I got his number."

"Dude, nuh uh!"

Jeongguk is now more excited than anything and Jimin laughs as he snatches his phone back, stuffing it under his thigh.


"Tell me - is his dick big?"


Jimin posts a picture of the marks on his Twitter a couple days later, the marks purple and blue and aesthetic. He posts it purely for aesthetic purposes. He gets a couple favorites and retweets and he's about to switch apps when he gets a DM. It's from Yoongi's Twitter, which he got pretty quickly after talking to Yoongi.

"You posted a picture of your hickies!!!!"

Is all it says and Jimin giggles aloud as he responds with a 'yeah?'

"It's a shame those will fade soon. I'll have to give you new ones."

Moments later Yoongi links him to a tweet and he opens it. It's a tweet from Yoongi's account and it's him showing off his hickies that Jimin gave him. Jimin laughs quietly. Jimin is in the middle of almost sexting with Yoongi whenever Jeongguk bursts into the room.

"I didn't think you were serious!"

He squeaks, panting and eyes wide.

"I thought it was all some hoax! It is not a coincidence you both posted hickey pics at the same time!"

"How did you-"

"I have notifications on for you and all the band members. I can't believe this!"

Jeongguk squeals as he tugs at his hair.

"Hey, will you hook me up with Tae?"

"Get out."