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The Silver Eyes From Next Door

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A few weeks had passed since Levi moved in next door to Eren. They hung out every single day from then on and were practically inseparable. Everyday would be the same. Levi would go to Eren’s house to play video games and eat all day and vise versa. Today was no different.


It got to the point to where Levi would only text Izzy and Furlan in the evening once Eren left. They would always complain that he was replacing them, but what else was he supposed to do? His mother and uncle were happy with Eren being over all of the time and happy that they were actually friends. Eren’s parents seemed really happy as well. And if they were worried that Levi was an alpha, they never said anything.


Levi also realized that Eren was pretty cool and him being an omega didn’t really bother their friendship. Eren hadn’t gone crazy with hormones and didn’t act like the omegas he had seen when he lived in the underground with his mother when he was a child.


Eren was lying on Levi’s bed with his right leg crossed over his propped up left leg and his head was hanging off the side of the bed. Levi was cross-legged on the floor, looking through some manga Eren had brought over.


“Oi, you little shit, you’re going to lose brain cells if you stay in that position for much longer. God knows you shouldn’t lose anymore.” Levi said, flicking his eyes up to Eren’s for a second.


“Pfft! Rude! Levi, I’m not that stupid, okay? I’m just a little slow sometimes.” Eren pouted and then rolled his eyes as he struggled to sit upright.


“Tch. Could have fooled me, Brat. You excited to see your friends in a week?”


“Well, of course I am. I haven’t seen them all summer, you know? It’s too bad your friends aren’t coming until Thanksgiving. I’d really like to meet them.” Eren grinned.


“Yeah, they really want to meet you too, Kid. It’s getting so damn annoying. Like, I’m their friend not you and they haven’t mentioned seeing me once!” Levi scoffed. Those idiots were interested in seeing the brat, but not him. Some friends they were.


“Heh. Levi, when they say they want to come see me, seeing you is implied. Like who wouldn’t want to see you? You have a really nice body that’s wonderful to look at.” Eren winked.


After a few weeks of knowing Levi, Eren wasn’t afraid of telling him how he felt anymore. Levi would never hurt him and he knew it. Levi always let Eren get away with anything!


“Oi, you’re an idiot. This manga sucks. Well, it’s too short. I’m already done and we’ve been playing the same fucking games for the past..who the fuck knows how long. It’s boring as hell, Kid.” Levi growled.


“Well, I don’t know what else we could do, Levi. It’s raining today, so going outside is a no. Our parent’s are at work. You don’t have a car. There’s nothing to do.” Eren said sadly as he gazed out the window.


Levi got up and sat next to Eren and watched him quietly. After a few minutes he made up his mind on what they could do.


“Oi, you wanna have sex?”


“W-What did you-? Levi! Are you serious?.” Eren squealed and then sat up on his knees to get a bit more comfortable.


“Tch. Stop being stupid. You heard me. Do you want to fuck or not?” Levi growled, his eyes rolling in annoyance.


Eren’s eyes widened and he looked down at his lap in embarrassment. Why would Levi want that with him? “Uhh.. Well, s-sure.” Eren looked up to see Levi nod and then get closer to him. Levi was sitting on his knees only a few inches away from him.


Levi reached over to Eren and set his palms on Eren’s ass to pull him onto his lap. He heard a small gasp escape from Eren, but Eren wrapped his arms around the raven’s neck.


“Do you trust me, Eren?” Levi husked as he made his way to Eren’s neck. He placed sloppy kisses to Eren’s pulse point and pulled the kid flush against him once he heard the small moans escaping Eren’s lips.


Eren tilted his neck to the side to give Levi more access. He couldn’t help the sounds that came from his lips because everything Levi did just felt so good. He wanted more even though he wasn’t really sure what they were doing. He bit his bottom lip and then reached up to run his fingers through the buzzed part of Levi’s hair, tugging on the long ends of his hair.


Levi groaned and pushed Eren back onto the bed so his head landed on the pillows. He was so fucking horny he just wanted to fuck the kid already. He could feel his cock becoming even harder from just listening to the kid’s moaning growing a bit louder.


Levi propped the kid’s legs up and spread them so he could get in between them. He pulled his shirt off and leaned down to kiss Eren. He felt Eren gasp and the kiss started out a little bit slowly because Levi knew that the kid had zero experience. When he got bored though, he glided his tongue against Eren’s bottom lip and once Eren gave him entry he shoved his tongue into Eren’s sweet mouth. His lips were so soft and the inside of his mouth tasted so sweet, almost like chocolate.


Eren moaned against the boy’s lips because fuck it was amazing and everything Levi was doing to him felt so fucking good. He reached out to hug Levi closer to himself because at this moment he was so lost in the lusty haze that he just really wanted Levi to have sex with him. He didn’t care if it seemed a bit rough because maybe that’s just how sex was supposed to be. It had to be because Levi wasn’t going to hurt him.


“Fuck kid, I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’re going to beg me not to stop.” Levi groaned against the kid’s neck, making Eren moan loudly in response. Maybe Eren enjoyed dirty talking. Interesting. Levi made his way down Eren’s neck, leaving a trail of sloppy kisses on the way. Once he got to the crook of Eren’s neck he started sucking roughly until a large purple bruise formed.


“Hngh! L-Levi, I want you to fuck me,” Eren moaned.


“Oh don’t you worry, I will be pounding your plump ass soon enough.” Levi sat up and reached for Eren’s hem to pull his shirt up, Eren leaning forward to help Levi. Once that was done, Levi started to undo Eren’s pants as quickly as possible. Hooking his fingers into his underwear.


Eren felt nervous but he was too far-gone, so he raised his hips so Levi could pull down his pants and underwear. Eren didn’t even realize how hard he was until his erection was freed. He could see the precum oozing out at a steady pace. He looked up at Levi. Why wasn’t Levi naked yet?


Eren bit his lip and sat up once he saw how Levi was eyeing his body with hunger. That look gave him the courage to reach out to unbutton Levi’s jeans and shove his hand inside his boxers to grope him. Once he did, he realized how big Levi was. How the hell was that going to fit inside him?!


Levi hissed feeling Eren’s soft hands on his rock hard dick. He didn’t know why Eren did it, but he thanked whatever god there was for it because he was about to fuck this sexy brat until he couldn’t come anymore.


Levi bit his lip and pulled down his boxers and pants to his thighs and looked at Eren to see his reaction to his dripping cock. The response he got was so fucking beautiful. The boy’s eyes widened and then he looked up at Levi with a certain hunger that could only be sated by him.


“You like my cock, Babe?” Levi husked and Eren nodded frantically as he started to stroke Levi’s cock experimentally. Levi moaned and let Eren do as he pleased for a few minutes.


Eren stroked faster when Levi groaned in pleasure and started to thrust his needy member into Eren’s hand. Levi was panting and to be honest so was Eren because Levi’s low groans were such a turn on. He didn’t know what was about to happen, but apparently his body did because he could feel something wet dripping in a steady flow from his ass. Eren was also very impressed with Levi’s cock because it was quite large. Eren expected Levi’s cock to be smaller because of his stature, but damn was he wrong. Levi also had a piercing decorating the tip of his thick cock and the neatly trimmed, black pubic hair just made his pale cock looks as if it was glowing. It was perfect. Levi was perfect.


After Levi had had enough of Eren’s stroking he yanked the boy's hands away and pushed him back onto the mattress. Then he yanked his pants and boxers all the way off throwing them across the room.


“L-Levi, how is.. How is your dick going to.. You know..?” Eren stammered breathlessly.


“I’ll make it fit,” Levi husked.


Eren bit his lip and nodded as he spread his legs as wide as they could manage. He had a feeling this was going to hurt and it fucking scared him.


Levi bent down to kiss Eren’s left thigh and then he started to suck on the skin, his eyes glued to Eren’s. The brat had propped himself up on his elbows to watch Levi work him into a panting moaning mess the lower Levi’s sucks got. Levi growled in response to all of the sexy noises that spilled from the brat’s open mouth.


Levi stopped what he was doing to lift Eren’s hips up and shove a pillow underneath him so his hips would stay in that position. His eyes roamed from Eren’s down to his dripping hole and what a fucking sight that was. Levi could see how wet he was and his hole twitched, waiting to be filled. And fill him he would.


Levi pressed his middle finger into Eren and watched as his finger was almost sucked up by Eren’s greedy hole. He knew that he wouldn’t have to prepare the kid thoroughly because of it. He let his finger slip inside and stopped to let Eren get used to the feeling.


Eren had his eyes shut tightly at the intrusion, but after a little bit it started to actually feel good. So he experimentally started to fuck himself clumsily with Levi’s finger. He moaned at how good it felt and when Levi shoved in a second finger, he winced and his breath started to get ragged. The moment Levi hooked his fingers and hit his prostate Eren felt his body bolt with intense pleasure, making him let out a needy, lustful moan. He didn’t even feel embarrassed about it because it felt so good.


“Fuck kid, that was so sexy. Can you moan louder for me?” Levi groaned. He really needed some release soon. Fuck it, he thought. Two fingers would be enough, right?


When Levi pulled his fingers out of Eren, the kid whined and Levi smirked. “Don’t worry baby, I’m going to fuck you with my cock now.”


Levi lined up his cock against Eren’s twitching heat and fuck if it didn’t already feel good. Levi bit his lip to stop a loud groan from escaping. He shoved the tip of his cock inside of the boy’s slick entrance. Eren moaned so loudly from pain or pleasure Levi couldn’t really tell, but he kept sliding his cock inch by slow inch until he was fully inside of Eren.


Eren held onto the bed sheets as if his life depended on it and he tried to regain his steady breathing, but fuck it hurt. It hurt terribly and he thought it was supposed to feel good and not feel like this.


Eren couldn’t help the tears that spilled from his eyes. He reached up to hold Levi’s right hand with his left and by some miracle Levi actually took it and squeezed gently, which made him feel a little bit better.


“Stop crying, kid. It’s going to feel better just breathe.” Levi groaned, his body quaking from the strength it took him just not to slam his hips against the crying brat.


Eren nodded and took a few deep breaths. He wanted to give this to Levi. He didn’t want to be a pussy. He didn’t think it was going to feel good after a few more seconds of pain, but he told Levi to move anyway because he saw how much Levi wanted this.


Levi didn’t need to be told twice. Maybe he got a bit too excited because he did exactly what he wasn’t supposed to. He had slid out until only the head of his cock remained inside of Eren and then slammed into him causing the poor kid to scream out and whimper in pain. But Levi couldn’t stop now, he felt so good. The way that Eren’s tight insides squeezed his cock perfectly was enough to make him forget that maybe he should be a bit gentler with the brat.


Eren squeezed his eyes shut as the tears dripped into his ears. He reached up and clawed at Levi’s back with his freehand while Levi snapped his hips over and over again into him at a brutal pace. All he could do was whimper and hope that it would feel better soon.


After a while Levi angled his cock perfectly to hit Eren’s prostate. The feel of Levi’s piercing slamming into that needy spot had Eren screaming, but in pleasure this time. His fingers dug into Levi’s skin, drawing blood. Both of the boys were lost in such absolute pleasure, that they didn’t even notice the pain.


“Oh god! Hngh! Levi don’t- Mmmm! D-don’t fucking stop!” Eren screamed, repeating, “don’t stop” the closer to the edge he got.


Levi groaned low and loudly at Eren’s screams. He gripped Eren’s hips and pulled him up onto his lap and then he held his hips in place tightly so he wouldn’t be able to move an inch. He started to ram his thick pulsing cock into Eren over and over again until Eren was screaming his name on repeat as if it was a fucking mantra he couldn’t forget.


Eren wrapped his arms tightly around Levi’s neck, as well as his legs around Levi’s waist. He tilted his head back in ecstasy and after his voice gave out from so much screaming he finally found his release all over his and Levi’s chest. He fell forward onto Levi because he couldn’t hold himself up anymore. He was so spent and Levi still fucking him didn’t help. He was sweaty and exhausted, but he didn’t want Levi to stop. At one point though it got to be too much and he couldn’t help it when he fell unconscious and his body went limp against Levi.


Levi held Eren closer after his release and pounded into him until he just couldn’t take it anymore. Eren’s tightening insides were helping bring him closer to the edge, but for whatever reason he just wasn’t able to release just yet. He had never lasted this long and he didn’t know why it was happening now of all times but he couldn’t get enough of Eren.


He could feel Eren trembling from over stimulation, but he couldn’t stop slamming his hips into the poor boy. It was like he was in a trance and all he could do was fuck the kid that had most likely passed out by now from the way he was slumped forward pressed against his chest.


Luckily after a few minutes of slamming and cursing he finally found his release. “Fuuuuck Eren!” Levi groaned loudly and released the largest load he’s ever had. He rode out his orgasm with a passed out Eren until he was too weak to even hold himself up anymore. He pulled out of Eren after about a minute and then dropped him onto the bed and then plopped down beside him. He was so sweaty and sticky, but he didn’t clean himself up from how spent he was. Cleaning would have been the first thing he would’ve done otherwise.


That had been the best orgasm he had ever had in his life and that was the last thing he thought about as he closed his eyes in exhaustion. The realization that he had fucked up hadn’t even set in yet.