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Anders was dozing off when the smell reached his nostrils. Strong. Heady. Unmistakable.


Slowly blinking his eyes open, he took in his surrounding slowly, not properly alert yet. He was quite reactive most of the time but this week had been exhausting between his work at the clinic and his association's reunions. His day had ended with an unnerving talk about the restricted dresscode omegas had to conform themselves to at school to 'not distract the alphas'. So when he smelt this scent, the scent of an alpha in rut and barely trying to hide it, he started to growl, pissed off. When it was omegas they had to restrain any smell they could emit otherwise they would be 'responsible' if something happened to them, like if alphas were dogs in heat unable to restrain themselves so excused if they harassed someone. But when it came to alphas, no sir, these one had perfectly the right to suffocate people around them with their pherormones. Anders had nothing against scents in general, as long as they weren't overwhelming he thought there was no reason to hide them and everyone should learn to live with without using them as excuse for their behavior, but he was annoyed by the double standard of their reality.


His eyes scanned the subway he was travelling in. Only ten people, not a suprise given the hour. The stinking alpha wasn't hard to spot. It was an elf, dark skinned with a light tuff of hair and what looked like tatoos running along his arms. Yet he didn't look confident and conquering like Anders would have expected from an alpha in rut, at least it was generally how they liked to act. Even if Anders didn't like stereotypes and could admit that all alphas weren't jerks (take as an example his friend Hawke, usually so bold, who looked so sheepish when he let his scent go wild) a lot showed off during rut. It was less of an instinct than a societal construction encouraged by the cis hetero alphas in power nowadays, in their modern world. But this alpha didn't look proud at all, on the contrary he was firmly staring at the floor, arms tightly wound around his waist while he made himself as little and discreet as possible. Unwanted or unexpected rut ? Anders wondered what could be the cause of the pained frown that painted his features.


Suddenly much more empathetic to the alpha, who looked like he wanted to be locked at home right now, Anders felt himself smile sympathetically. The alpha caught his look. And sneered...haughtily. Like if he despised Anders without even knowing him. Anders saw red. Was it because he was an omega ? Even when they weren't in heat you could pick up their scent, especially if you were an alpha, which made it easy to point them in the street and differenciate them from the rest of the population. It was a totally plausible explanation and Anders, who had been ready to search some soothing pills in his bag to calm down his rut, promptly closed it and crossed his arms. No he wasn't overreacting, he was just tired of condescending alphas who despised them because they were 'weak stupid submissive little omegas' or whatever.


Determined to ignore the rude alpha and his little healer voice in his head who told him it was wrong not helping those in pain (a voice that terribly sounded like his colleague Justice), he looked away. Until he smelt another scent. The scent of an omega responding to an alpha in rut. Despite himself he glanced at the alpha.


An omega was leaning against his seat, a seductive smile on their lips. And a predatory glint in their eyes. The alpha was trying to ignore them as they talked to him, pressing dangerously against him, invading his intimate space despise the obvious discomfort it provoked on the elf. Then they slipped a hand on his thigh and the alpha froze, arousal and horror fighting in his eyes. The strong scent released by the omega was ordering him to yield to these unwanted advances in order to appease his rut while himself, his conscious, tried to fight it off, not consenting to be touched this way. He was in a state of shock and suffering so great that he didn't seem able to react. A disgusted rictus painted Anders's features as he recognized every sign of a sexual harassment. And even if the elf previously sneered at him for whatever reason, he stood up and stomped toward the omega.


Most victims of sexual agressions were omegas because society made it so it was easier this way. Yet Anders was conscious that being an omega didn't make you harmless and being an alpha didn't make you immune to abuse. And he knew that omegas could use scent, biology and psychology to rape an alpha. Even one that wasn't as weakened and open to scent suggestion as this elf. It was less frequent yet it happened and he didn't like when the act was minimized or ignored. So even if he maintained that omegas had it worse than alpha most of the time, he wasn't about to ignore a scene of abuse was it perpetrated by one of his own or not. Being egalitarian didn't mean being blind to the crimes committed by one of your community, Anders wasn't going to be this kind of jerk.


“Come on don't you want to come with me ? I'll make you feel better, I'll relieve you...”


Was what he heard as he approached. The elf grunted something that sounded like anything but an agreement. Anders clenched his teeth.


“Here, let me help you...”


The omega grabbed his arms and tried to drag him up on his feet. The alpha weakly struggled to break free. Anders separated the two of them, firmly, before putting himself between the two. Creating a protective barrier before the alpha.


“What do you think you're doing ?” He quirked an eyebrow at the omega, expecting a really good excuse for this unnaceptable behavior. Pfff who was he kidding, like if there was any good excuse for sexually harassing someone.


The omega looked surprised and a bit guilty even if they tried to hide it under a confident smirk. It didn't impress Anders one bit.


“Just helping my friend get up.”


Anders scoffed. This person had some guts lying to his face like this when he witnessed all the scene.


“Well your 'friend' doesn't seem to want your help. So maybe you should leave him alone.”


Then he briefly turned toward the alpha. This one was looking at him, still, suspicion clear on his face. As gently as possible he came closer. Maybe the elf sneered at him but he couldn't possibly hold it against him right now, not when he looked like a deer caught in headlights. As he got closer Anders could smell the bitter scent of fear and panic mixing with the aroma of the rut. His annoyment toward the omega doubled over, it was pretty obvious this alpha wasn't seeking for any action or contact right now. Even if he had not been a doctor, Anders could have told he was only wishing for a safe place away from anyone who could smell his rut.


“Do you know this person ?”


After some seconds of intense staring, he slowly shook his head, lips pressed into a thin line.


“Do you want to go with them ?”


Again he mutely answered by the negative.


“That's what I thought.” Anders grimly said before turning back toward the omega, looking way less confident all of sudden. “I think you should leave.”


The omega looked hesitant for a second but eventually sent him an affronted glare.


“You are the one who should leave, all of this is none of your business.” They bited back, defensive after being exposed like this.


“It became my business the moment you started to sexually harass him.”


To Anders's surprise the omega litterally snorted, disdain replacing uneasiness on their features.


“Sexual harassment ?! Oh please ! He's asking for it, why would an alpha go out like this if he didn't want to fuck anything passing by ?! Everyone's now it's everything they can think about.”


The omega tried to push him away. The elf growled behind him. Anders echoed. And, even though he wasn't violent by nature, he pushed the omega, brutally enough for them to stumble back and hit the wall. He heard a few gasp around them but he didn't care about people's outrage. He didn't care about their opinions if they were the kind to get shocked by a fight but not by a scene of sexual abuse.


“There are ton of reasons why an alpha would be outside while in rut and none of them is an excuse to jump on them without their consent. You're taking advantage of him when he can't properly fight back and it's disgusting. Would you consider yourself able to give consent during your heat ? No ? I know that I wouldn't ! Well guess what ? It's the same with an alpha in rut ! Stop trying to find yourself excuses and minimizing what you're doing ! Because this is sexual harassment even if he's an alpha and you're an omega ! You should be ashamed of yourself, it's because of people like you that omegas gain bad reputation and are considered as slutty temptresses ! And its because of people like you that abuse toward alphas is still neglected and mocked ! You should crawl back in your nasty rapist nest and never come out until you learnt how to be a decent person ! So now back off or I'll throw you out of this wagon myself !”


A long silence followed his harsh menace. He must have looked really furious. Murderous even. Because slowly, reluctantly, the other omega took a step back, practically cowering. Then finally turned heels and fled at the end of the wagon, tail between thighs. Anders felt a raw feeling of pride course through him at the sight of the surrending. Quickly, he gave the other passengers a glare, silently accusing them for their lack of reaction. They all looked away, different degrees of shame or discomfort painting their features. He snorted disdainfully. He hoped they felt ashamed, yes, they could be. It's not because they weren't the one assaulting the alpha that they were less guilty. Being passive made you as condemnable as the criminal in this situation. Shaking off his anger, he tried to calm down before turning back to the alpha. No need to distress him any more.


“You okay ?” His voice was still rough but he managed to make his tone as gentle and reassuring as possible.


The elf eyed him with distrust still. He nodded nonetheless. Anders sighed, wondering if he was so hostile due to his state or something else. As he approached the alpha tensed. Great, he guessed that was all he would get from him. Not even a little thank you. Well not that you had to be thanked to act like a decent human being but still a little smile or word would have been good. Especially since the elf litterally sneered at him in the first place. His reaction could have made him nicer toward Anders but no mister alpha was still looking at him like he was a nasty tick ready to latch at him, suck on his blood and infect him with a disease. His passionate defense should have made him look better than a damn parasite right ?


A pained grunt escaped the elf's lips and Anders suddenly felt guilty for focusing so much on understandingly not being liked by a total stranger rather than helping this stranger. After all he had every right to not smile and being nice in this situation, he was in pain and certainly feeling vulnerable in the first place (which would make anyone act hostile) and now he just got assaulted. Yeah Anders should stop nursing his stupid wounded ego and start adressing the real problem there. Someone was in pain and in his quality of doctor he was the one who should take charge of it. So he swallowed back his previous outrage and kneeled beside the alpha.


“Hey...Hum you don't look like you're in the mood for an interrogatory right now but...I'm a doctor and I would like to check on you.”


The elf stayed safely in his corner, dark eyes scanning Anders. This one rolled his eyes. He wanted to help, he had patience. But he also had a long day and a tiring fight and just wanted this to get over with.


“Look I get that you're not in a pleasant state and you certainly feel threatened by most people right now. But I just took your defense against your aggressor and made them go away. So I think you can trust me a little at least ?”


The alpha seemed to think about it. Then relaxed a little, not trying to get away when Anders came a little closer. He still seemed ready to snarl at Anders should he make any wrong step though.


“Good. Tell me, did your rut just started ?”


He nodded.


“I guess it was unexpected or unwanted ?”


A scoff and a nod. His eyes seemed to yell 'no shit sherlock'.


“..Okay. Is it just fighting off the rut that puts you in distress ? No ? What are you experiencing in addition ?”


Having a stubbornly mute patient made it all the more unnerving yet he stayed calm. He was used to it, he had to stay professional and understanding, after all he was in pain.


“Dizziness ? Yes ? Nauseas ? Yes ? No ? No. Abdominal pains ?...Yes ? Hey wait where...”


The elf was suddenly on his feet, trying to balance himself has he took an hesitant step forward.


“...m...'top...” He grunted through clenched teeth, looking a bit confused, the gesture taking more efforts than expected surely.


“What ?” Anders took a careful step back, not going too far though, he wanted to be able to catch the alpha just in case he tripped on his feet.


“It' stop.”


Oh. Anders looked up to the little digital letters rolling on a screen. Hightown. Fancy area. He turned back toward the elf, eyes widening when he saw he got away and walked all the way to the wagon's doors. He seemed a bit better, not as wavering as earlier. Anders bited his lips. Maybe he would be okay ? Maybe he could let him go without checking on him any further ? Maybe he didn't have to play the hero any longer tonight and he could allow himself to just go home and have a good night sleep ? Would it be selfish or irresponsible to just..


“Hey wait are you sure you can walk like this ?”


The elf jumped a little, looking a bit surprised by this question. Eventually he nodded. Anders felt a bit better but still doubtful. Could he trust the judgment of someone who was curling in pain one minute ago ? His reason told him no but he was really tired and he only wished to be in bed right now so maybe just for once he could be a bit selfish ? No ?




It took him by surprise, that the elf granted him a word of gratefulness, as reluctant as it sounded. So he just gaped dumbly as the doors opened and the alpha stepped out. Only to trip and catching himself on a bench in extremis. Anders gasped. He thought about his bed, such an inviting bed right now. Then took a look at how the elf was heaving. Oh Maker's pierced cock...




In a flash he was outside. He heard the door close behind him and heard the subway leaving. Briefly he thought that he would have to wait a moment before catching another. It was late and Kirkwall wasn't known for its effective means of transport. But he chased these thoughts of his head the second he saw the elf taking a courageous step ahead despise his heavy breathing and trembling body.


“Careful there ! Don't want to end up falling on the rails right ?”


Again, the elf seemed shocked, apparently not expecting Anders to follow him outside. He seemed to gather himself, standing upright as in to make himself look less vulnerable. Anders could understand the need to put on a solid front before a stranger in this situation so he didn't take offense.


“...why do ?” He managed to grunt, blinking widly as he seemed to fight off dizziness.


“Well I'm not the kind who let someone alone in this state. Sue me for being a considerate person. Maker, can you even stand ?!” Anders worried, approaching cautiously, sighing in relief when the elf let him.


He tensed as Anders made a gesture to grab his arm though. So he backed off a little, not wanting to pressure him with unwanted contact when his body surely overreacted to any stimulation right now.




He straightened and calmed himself down, suddenly looking more put together, almost like he wasn't suffering from an intense unwanted rut. Anders was impressed, really. Yet he didn't trust him to keep this up until he got home, he wasn't naïve.


“Yeaaaaah riiiight...You know what maybe you should call a friend to get you home ?”


“...Can't.” The elf shrugged.


“Why not ?”


“Don't have any...”


“Oh well you can use mine.” Anders immediately reached for his phone.




Anders looked up, a bit taken aback. The alpha looked defiant, it seemed he dared him to consider him vulnerable for his lack of support. Anders didn't think one instant it made him weaker. More lonely and self reliant certainly. But even in this state he could see he wouldn't have the upper hand in a fight. The way he was keeping on a brave front despise the pain he must be on attested of a greatest physical strenght than Anders's.


“Okay so in this case do you mind if I walk you home ? I know we don't know each other but I still took your defense earlier so I guess it give me some points on the ladder of trust right ?”


Shifting on his feet, the elf didn't look really convinced. Anders tried not to get frustrated, telling himself it was pretty normal to be suspicious of anyone in this state, himself couldn't swear he would completely trust someone had he been in this situation.


“...Don't know...”


“Okay here's a list : I defended you, I didn't touch you, I checked on you like a professional doctor, I even made my scent as faint as possible so it wouldn't bother or influence you did you notice ?”


Taking each point of the list in account, the elf finally nodded slowly, silently admitting that these were valid points.


“See ? I'm on your side, totally harmless, just want to help.”


Still he looked hesitant. In his eyes Anders could see him debating which option was the less dangerous. Going alone in the streets in this state or letting a stranger help him even if he apparently couldn't trust him.


“Sorry but I can't leave you alone like this, really.” Anders sighed, crossing his arms. “With your symptoms you could pass out anywhere. So please can you lead the way and let me make sure you went back home safely ? Please ? I didn't save you from this jerk only to see you in the newspapers tomorrow under the rubric 'alpha in rut was so in rut that he spread himself on the rails to offer himself to the subway'.”


He almost laughed at his little joke until he saw the frown on the alpha's face. Disgusted, offended, not trusting. Shit.


“Riiiiight okay maybe I went a little too far there. Look I have medicine in my bag for this kind of situation maybe you could take some ?” He blabbered, panicking a little as he felt what little trust the alpha had granted him vanishing. His frown deepened as Anders presented him the pills. He quirked an eyebrow.


“What ?”


Then realized how this could be interpreted. How he could have interpreted this had he been in his place.


“Oh...Oh yeah how stupid I am, one second I tell you to trust me the minute after I offer you medicine like some dubious man giving candies to children. Sorry I...Sorry. Instead let's...yeah...see this ? Pepper spray. I walk you home, I do anything threatening you only have to press your finger down for me to cry on the floor. Sounds good to you ?” He attempted to convince him.


He didn't like to be considered as a potential sexual offender but he could only put himself in this alpha shoes and admit that the situation was far from reassuring. So even if it cost him to see his favorite weapon used against him he offered it to the elf, knowing it might be his last chance to convince him of his good will. If it didn't work then...well guess he'll just have to give up and sit on a bench til the next ride arrived. And let the alpha leave alone, as terrible as it sounded. He was certain he would be restless not knowing his fate.


“Please can you...I know this must be a difficult situation for you, I went through this myself a couple of time and I know it sucks...But I'm really tired and I have to find a way to go home myself after this and please could you accept because I won't be at peace if I don't know if you made it back home. So please ? Pleeease ?”


Hesitation. A flicker of hope. Anders put on his best Puss In Boots eyes. Hell he didn't even know why he was begging him like this. Fatigue or his intense need to always meddle with peoples business to help them ? No idea. But it seemed to work. With a reluctant grunt the elf closed his eyes resignedly.




“Thanks Maker !”


He finally saw the light.


“But...not too close..” He tended a hand before him, like to keep a safe distance between them, to dissuade Anders to approach too much.


“What ?”


“Don't walk too close. It...makes me uneasy.”


Oh. Seemed fair. He guessed he could find a reasonnable distance so he wouldn't distress him nor being too late to catch him should he faint.


“Right. Got it. Understandable.” He gave him two thumbs up with a reassuring grin. He was sure the corner of the elf's mouth twisted a little.


Without another words the elf turned heels and Anders promptly followed him.


Once they were in the streets the fresh air brushed their skin. With some relief, he thought it might soothe the heat surely crawling inside the alpha's body. His doctor's mode went on and his eyes started to professionally scan the person walking beside him. Not too obviously, he didn't want to make him feel uneasy, yet enough to notice the strain in his moves despise the determination you could read on his face. He saw the shivers travelling down his spine too. As well as the way his chest heaved with irregular breathing. And his fingers were compulsively scratching along the lines of his tatoos, almost inconsciously. It made him frown. He had seen bad cases of rut or heat where people were overwhelmed by their hormones. But this problem seemed to have deeper roots. The resigned pain he could read in his eyes made him think it was all too usual for the alpha. And as he observed him he could see more and more tiny signs of ocd's. Maybe this physical pain was linked to some psychological issues. Remembering the way he froze as the omega had invaded his intimate space, he gulped. It was uncomfortable to watch this, now that he wondered if some bad experiences might have twisted the way his rut affected him, the way he perceived and endured contact with others. Touches were a delicate subject during rut and heat but rarely did it petrify someone this strongly. Yes, Anders was sure there was more to do than a simple medical treatment there.


The elf brutally stopped and Anders had to throw himself backward to avoid smashing against the alpha. Thankfully he avoided any contact and safely stayed away from the sensitive alpha. This one gave him an indecipherable look.


“It's here...” He finally grunted, pointing to a huge building built in a old yet elegant style. It looked more like an hotel than an appartment complex, really. Anders whistled.


“Nice building, more fancy than I expected.”


The elf quirked an eyebrow at him and he felt the urgent need to justify his apriori.


“You...You just seem a bit edgy with all the leather and..yeah shouldn't have presumed.”


Now that he thought about it, it was prejudiced, he should know better. Justice who always dressed nicely owned in a tiny studio while his friend Hawke who often dressed like a mix of a hobo and a redneck(a hot hobo-redneck but a hobo-redneck nonetheless) lived in a big mansion. The cover was rarely a good clue to learn about the content of a book. Anders should know it by then.


“It's fine...” The alpha shook his head, looking too exhausted to take offense.


“Good.” He sighed in relief, a smile coming back on his face as he waited expectantly for the elf to go inside where he'll definitely be safer and wouldn't need his monitoring anymore.


So he waited. And waited. And the alpha didn't move. Instead he stared at him. And seemed to grow more and more perplex by the minute. Even anxious if the way he fidgeted and scratched his tatoos again was anything to go by. Anders gave a hint of moving forward, instinctively wanting to get closer to take a look at the elf, making sure he was okay. A dark shadow crossed his face and his frown took an angry tone.


“...What do you want ?”


“Pardon me ?”


“You're...waiting here. Like you're expecting something.”


Anders's puzzled look intensified as the elf sneered, looking more and more nervous, what seemed like disgust glinting in his eyes. He was staring at him like he was som crawling predator who suddenly came out of the night itself.


“Is that a reward you want ? For being nice ? That's what it was about ? You want me to invite to come in so I can express my gratefulness by letting you fuck me ?” He sneered, a bitter smirk painting his lips.


He was still clenching his middle, still in pain. Yet his hand firmly grabbed the spray, ready to press. Too shocked, Anders didn't manage to defend himself. The alpha seemed to take his silence as a proof of his guiltiness. His pupils were dilating as the pain seemed to become too great to be ignored. It only fueled his anger and panick, making him go from relatively tolerant of Anders to obviously disgusted by his mere sight.


“Tsss..omegas all the same...don't know what I should have expected.” He grunted, rage growing with each second Anders spent mutely staring at him.


When he eventually reacted, the elf was practically bristling, looking ready to tear off his throat if he did as much as taking a step ahead.


“Woooooaaaaaaw !!! Calm down okay !” He snapped, still taken aback by this sudden outburst and by the implications of his words. “What made you think I would...Why would you...I would never expect any reward for acting like a decent person what the hell ! The only thing I was waiting for was for you to enter the house !”


An unconvinced look answered to his outraged retort. The comment about omegas came back in his mind and, suddenly, it was his turn to feel revolted and point an accusing finger. Maker he had thought the previous sneer in the subway had just been because of his state, that he was wary of anyone taking an interest to him. And no clue in his behavior or the way he looked at him could have let Anders think otherwise when he walked him back home. But no apparently the core of the problem seemed to be omegas !


“I'm serious ! And what is this about omegas ? You got saved by an omega who did nothing but help you until now right ?”


“I also got attacked by an omega.” He pointed darkly, shivering in revulsion as the memory passed through his brain.


“Oh thanks for using one jerk on a hundred against us ! There are assholes everywhere and they weren't like this because they were an omega !”



“Right...Like omegas don't feel entitled cause of their status and use it to force people to have sex with them...alphas especially since you know we're asking for it, cause it's all we can think about and you makes us a favor by fucking us right ?”


Seriously ?!! And he was the one thinking earlier it was bad to make presumptions or to put every alphas in the same dirty basket...Well if he had known that mister alphas thought so lowly of them he would kept his prejudices close too...And what was this about omegas using their status to take advantage of people ?! In which world was this guy living ? Was he another poor alpha afraid his masculinity was threatened by the omega movement ? Was he terrified that treating omegas like equals was the beginning of the apocalypse or some shit ? If he was, he regretted ever quitting the subway for this...this...ignorant !


“W..What ?! That's...Maker these were stupid words uttered by a fucking jerk you can't decently say that they represent every omegas ever and their views on alpha ?! Oh and if I may add, what you described is much more of an alpha's behavior than anything else ! I don't know on which planet you live but in general it's you who use your status and your position of authority to force us ! You are the one society favors and let get away with everything when it comes to omegas ! Honnestly the only time I heard someone saying 'they were asking for it' they were talking about an omega !” He litterally yelled, too caught in his ire to mind the neighborhood.


If everyone in his area could learn he was an ignorant omega hater then good ! It would make him feel better for ever wasting his time and gentleness with this jerk !


“Right...And then this omega said it about me.” He retorted, eyes narrowing dangerously as Anders took a step forward, a furious finger pointed toward his face.


“Oh for fuck's sake...I'm not denying you got assaulted and that alphas too can be abused but stop making it like every omegas are evil because until now society proved me that we were more often the victims than you !”


“Society favors you because you're the divine being who can sire and bear at the same time and so you're allowed to do anything you want.”


What the hell ? He hated repeating himself but in which kind of delusion did this guy grew up ? The only things he ever heard about his parts and his secondary sexual gender had nothing to do with 'divine' or 'sacred'. It rhymed more with 'shameful' and 'meek'.


“Society despise us because apparently having a womb makes you weak and even disgusting when you're a guy ! And so it makes it acceptable for alphas to treat us like shit and force themselves on us and seriously if one of us should be worried of being assaulted right now, rationally speaking, it would be me ! Because I'm an omega and you're an alpha in rut who looks way more stronger than I and to which I even handed my fucking pepper spray so you could feel safe while I'm walking you home, what a joke !”


Maker he should...He should juste get away before this got out of hand and he tried to punch the guy and end up with a broken hand and this ass filed a report so the cops could catch the nasty little omega who dared 'taking advantage' of him.


“If I assaulted you right now it wouldn't be consensual because I'm not able to think clearly and you know it...”


“Of course I know it and it wouldn't be consensual on my part either because I absolutely don't want to have sex with you especially not in this state ! Rape is not my kind of first date I can assure you ! Come on I'm not touching you, I'm not coercing you, I'm not emitting any scent ! You remember what this jerk did to you right ? Am I doing anything similar right now ?”


...Surprisingly, the elf brutally turned silent. And seemed to really think about it as his breathing progressively slowed down. A silent grunt passed his lips as he massaged his middle and had to lean against the wall. Anders almost felt some pity for him. ALMOST.


“....No but...” He huffed through gritted teeth.


“No. Exactly. Thank you. So now maybe you can stop growling at me like I'm gonna jump you the minute you turn your back to me ? Maybe you could act like a reasonnable person and accept that I just wanted to help and expect nothing in return ? Ah and maybe you can admit that not all omegas are twisted rapist who want to trick you into having sex without consent or any horror you might think about us ? Because, surprise, your ass got saved by an omega and I did nothing to let you think I was expecting a reward did I ?!”


Money for you thought bastard ! He had to restrain a smug smile, a bit proud that he managed to argue like with the low level of energy he had left. His voice didn't even waver, something that sometimes happened when he was in the heat of the fight, too passionnate to catch his breath and take time to think. He was satisfied by the way he verbally tackled this asshole, neatly, without a tremor, brutally. And, cherry on the cake, the alpha actually looked like he was considering his arguments seriously and reflecting on them.


They stayed like this for a moment, both taking deep gulp of fresh air. The elf cringed every two seconds. Maker...He was actually going to make Anders feel a tiny bit, but JUST only a tiny bit he deserved no more, bad for him...A wave of fatigue suddenly crashed on him, making his limbs feel so heavy and his brain so hazy that it took him aback. He had to close his eyes for a second in order to gather himself. When he opened them anew he wasn't feeling as revolted as earlier just...just fucking tired of all of this, of another disappointment and of all this time lost helping someone who uttered ignorant bunches of stupidities...What a shitty day...


“Okay now that this point is clear...Just...fuck I'm tired I swear I don't know why I'm still here when you accused me of...Anyway just get home already so I can go back to my slutty omega shack cause you know normally I would be sleeping right now and not trying to convince a stubborn alpha that he's not the endangered minority in this country or in this situation...”


He sighed...Oh if only he could take a day off tomorrow, he was in cruel need of a day at home, doing nothing but sleeping, petting Pounce and watching Steven Universe.


“...Why ?...”


The elf was eyeing him waringly, looking somehow puzzled by Anders. Oh maybe an once of realization hit that stubborn brain or something akin ?


“Why what ?”


“Why do you still want to make sure I'm home and safe after this ?” such luck.


“To spot which appartement you live in so I can stalk you and get in to trap you.” He deadpanned.


Of course the guy seemed to take the threath seriously and his expression distorted into something nasty. Anders choose to cut him before they started to yowl like furious cats once again.


“Because I'm a decent person even if you're an ass ! Because I'm worried you wasted what little energy you had left to spit at me and and that you'll fall in the stairs or something ! Because yeah even if you're a stupid jerk who seem to know nothing about the reality of our beautiful society's dynamics I want to make sure you didn't die dumbly. Don't tell me I'm stupid, I know I am, I know it all too well ! And dont take me wrong I do hope you'll fall once or two in the stairs, not enough to break your neck but just enough so your legs will be covered by bruises tomorrow morning. Because yeah sorry for being a meaaaan omega but you kind of deserve it after this nonsense you growled at me ! Ugh...How could you...No don't let's just...agree to not talk about it again and not see each other ever again preferably...”


“...We have an elevator.”


His voice was so sheepish and dim Anders took some seconds to realize it cam from his mouth. When he did, and when what he revealed hit his fried brain, a nervous giggle escaped him. Great, oh the irony he thought bitterly. Weirdly it took the rest of his anger again and he almost felt like smiling at the alpha. This one wasn't glaring at him anymore, he even looked a bit...guilty ? Oh good, that was good...


“Good. Well get inside and go sleep you look ready to fall over.”


And so was he, Maker only him could get himself in this kind of situation. Hawke will never shut up about it when he'll inevitably tell him what happened tonight.


The alpha faintly nodded, turned heels and slowly, painfully, searched for his keys. Still holding the pepper spray and looking briefly over his shoulder sometimes. But Anders couldn't find the energy to care he just wanted his fucking bed. Suddenly a low groan passed the elf's lips and Anders saw a virulent spasm course through his limbs. He couldn't help but wince in sympathy as the alpha coughed, his arms tightening around him. He gave a look above his shoulder and the omega could see the shame to be seen so vulnerable, the fear of this pain not getting away and keeping him of even opening his hall's door...


“Oh and fuck this...”


He knew, he knew this guy didn't deserve his kindness, that he should have apologized properly before Anders granted him any pity...But he couldn't. He was a doctor, a healer before everything else. And now that the rage had vanished, now that only the exhaustion and tiredness lingered, he didn't have the strenght to resist his first instinct. And so he reached in his bag for his box of medicine. Ok the guy was a jerk and he kind of wished pain upon him one moment ago but he couldn't not sympathise with someone going through such a violent rut. It wasn't totally like a heat but similar enough for him to imagine the pain. It was only medicine, he just would hand it to him, it didn't engage him to anything and he would feel better about himself, knowing that he was so kind even to someone who practically spit on his kind. He was the winner in this, this alpha would drown in shame and bitterness while he would feel great for being above him, for proving him wrong and acting justly.


“Wait...I don't know why I'm doing this after all the shit you accused me of and all the stupidities you said about omegas I swear...Anyway call it a professionnal deformation but I noted your rut is weird, it has abnormal symptoms maybe not due to the rut itself and...yeah no not going to bother you with explanations, I don't want to endure your pleasant company any longer take this medicine, it acts like a sedative and will soothe the pain and the need you might experiment. I assure you it's safe but I guess you won't believe me and will go check on internet the minute you're home to make sure I'm not trying to drug you. But take it anyway, you'll be locked at home and safe once you take it so there's no risk its a way for me to take advantage of you right ?” He smirked mockingly.


“..I can't take it it's...”


“Oh please I swear I'm not trying to...”


“I can't pay you for this.”


Oh. He had principles now ?


“Well good thing that our clinic give these for free. Part of our job to ensure omegas and alphas's safety and well being. Even when they're assholes. So don't worry about being in debt to a tricking dirty omega.”


And then, because he was too fucking kind for his own good and because the doctor side took over him, taking advantage of his fatigue, he gave him something else.


“Take this too.”


“A card ?”


Yes, He couldn't believe himself either. He told himself he wouldn't have to see him ever again som minutes ago and then he gave him a pass to his clinic. He didn't know if he was tired, stupid or just masochistic. Maybe a mix of al of this. Anyway what was done was done and if he did as much as frown at an omega in his clinic...Well, Justice would offer him a taste of hi own special secret medicine. Nobody wished to see Justice angry. Nobody. Trust him....Now he kind of hoped this jerk would come by and insult someone in fact, it would be a grand show for his delighted eyes.


“Yeah the clinic's card. Like I said you have some worrying symptoms. Are all of your ruts like this or..”


“Most of them.”


“Yeah that's what I thought. You should come by once this one is over, we'll find a way to help you with this. Don't worry you won't have to see me there are other doctors who'll be happy to take care of your prickly ass, I don't wish to see you again either. Yeah don't look at me like this, I'm as surprised as you and I bet I'm going to regret this but whatever...I don't want to have to save your ass again each time I meet you in the subway. Because yeah I would do it again, cause even if you're an horrible ignorant asshole and you insulted me I'm not as low and cruel as to let someone rape you. You'll go home alone though, don't want any more walk under the moonlight with you, jerk.”


The elf looked hesitant, shifting the card between his fingers. Anders sighed for what seemed to be the hundred time tonight.


“It's not an obligation but it would be wise to get a check up. You shouldn't go through this every time you're on your rut, it's not healthy.”


After a good moment of intense thinking (must be hard for an ignorant jerk's brain..) the alpha nodded again and, oh surprise, what almost looked like a hint of a smile appeared on his face. And Anders, fool that he was, almost answered in kind, too overwhelmed by the tiredness to think. He caught himself just in time.


“Oh well look at me going soft on you and almost forgetting you're an ignorant asshole ! You're lucky that I like healing people more than treating them like they deserve. Great. On this delightful note I'll ask you to go home and make me a sign, anything to know you're in or...yeah just go okay ? I want this to be over as much as you.”


Taking a long inspiration, the elf gathered his forces and managed to open the door. Swallowing another spasm, he exhaled slowly, controlling his breathing. Anders almost made a show of checking on his watch but took pity at the last minute, when the alpha tripped on the step. He was truly miserable.


“...Thanks. I guess.”


He didn't register the words before the elf had passed the door and closed it after himself. And they reached his brain he could only grunt. Of course the asshole choose the last minute to show a hint of respect.


“Don't choke on politeness for me.” He laughed humorlessly.


It seemed like hours before he saw light illuminate a window on the second level. He was close to falling asleep on his feet when a head passed by the opening and a hand gave him an unconvinced thumbs up. He huffed, relieved that he accomplished his duty and that he could finally go home.


“Good. Hope you have an awful night asshole. Since you litterally ruined mine.”


He must have heard him cause the thumb was replaced by a middle finger. He rolled his eyes before turning back and walking to the subway.


“Maker I'm too fucking nice. And I'm talking alone way too often too....I'm fucking tired...”


He swore it was the last time he got caught in this kind of shitty situation. It was the last time he helped someone home before asking about their political views and their opinion about gender equality, he swore to the Maker ! And if he saw the elf at the clinic then he would happily find an excuse


His hands clenched around his bag, unable to find the contours of his favorite toy.


“Oh and this idiot kept my pepper spray of course !”