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Hide and Seek

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Moments after Kirigiri had hoisted herself up the tree, Leon finally reached 100.

’98…99…100! Coming, ready or not!’ He bellowed, sprinting out of the cafeteria without even turning around.

Junko threw her hands in the air, crying out ‘for fuck’s sake!’. Asahina grinned.

Sakura heard the shouts, and smiled to herself. Down the hall, Maizono was still snickering at the genius of her plan. Leon was creeping around just outside the bathroom, glancing behind him every few seconds. She put her ear to the door and listened, but just as Leon was about to move on…her phone started ringing. The cutesy pop song was unmissable in the dead silence, and before she could even react, the door was thrown open and Leon barrelled into her.

‘Found you!!’

‘What the hell? Who called me?’ She snatched up her phone, which had stopped ringing as suddenly as it had begun, and checked the caller ID: ‘TOGAMI’. ‘That…! He called me to get me out of the game!’

‘Man, that was mean.’ Leon sympathised. ‘I want to actually find people, not just have Togami give them all away! I should try to find him next.’

‘I’m coming with you!’

‘D’you think it’s against the rules to have multiple seekers?’

‘I don’t care! Togami’s the last person who can complain about rule breaking. I can’t believe he did that!’

‘Yeah, fair enough. Hey, Maizono-san? Your hiding place was pretty good. I wouldn’t have dared look in there.’

This cheered her up, and the pair set off to find Togami, Maizono promising to wait in the cafeteria once they had. They figured the simplest way was to search floor by floor. As they walked by the infirmary, Leon paused.

‘There are probably a few other people on this floor right? I should keep looking for them while we hunt down Togami.’

‘Yeah, of course! Should we split up?’

‘It’d make things faster. If-‘

‘If I find anyone else, I’ll ignore them and let you seek them out!’

‘How did you know I was gonna say that?’

‘I can read minds.’ Maizono beamed and skipped off, leaving Leon to investigate alone. He smiled and burst into the infirmary. Under the bed, Ishimaru held his breath.

After looking for a few minutes, Leon spotted that one bed had its sheets arranged differently. He grinned, and silently crouched down beside it.

‘EEEEK!’ Ishimaru screamed, hitting his head on the bedframe as he did so. Leon burst out laughing.

‘K-Kuwata-kun! You made me jump!’ He shuffled out and Leon helped him to his feet, still in hysterics.

‘I wish I could’ve seen your face!’

Ishimaru rubbed his head, which Leon apologised for, and wished him good luck on the rest of the seeking. ‘I’ll make my way to the cafeteria, shall I? But I must come back later to tidy up!’

‘Yeah, that seems like a good place to meet, and you can tidy once I’ve found everyone. See ya later Ishimaru!’

Two were down already, and Leon felt pretty good, despite only having ‘found’ one of them. He checked the classrooms, and finding nothing moved on to the computer room. Here the desks were far more cramped, and there were a fair few places to hide. He was stalking up and down the aisles, checking under each desk, when he heard a persistent buzzing noise at the far end of the room, and something shuffling around. Peeking over the desk, he spotted Chihiro yanking his phone out of his pocket and staring at it in horror. He looked up and saw Leon waving.

‘Togami called you?’


‘He’s mean. He’s trying to get everyone out of the game. I’m sure he’s called all the others. You were just unlucky that I was in here.’ He reassured Chihiro. ‘I found Maizono-san the same way. She’s out looking for Togami now. Wanna join her?’

‘Yes! He won’t get away with this!’ Chihiro pushed the desks back to their original position and marched out. Leon followed and yelled down the corridor.


She appeared soon after, and immediately sussed out what had happened to Chihiro.

‘I don’t suppose,’ she asked thoughtfully, ‘You could somehow find out where his calls are coming from?’

‘Hmm…yes, I could! It wouldn’t take very long at all. Let me see…’

He tapped away at his phone until his face lit up, triumphant. ‘He’s in his dormitory!’

‘What?! That is so unfair! Guys, I’m gonna go find him, and we can pretend it was just me being a really good seeker. That’ll totally bum him out!’

The others agreed, and went to wait in the cafeteria. Leon walked determinedly down to the dorm rooms and flung Togami’s open. ‘Hah! Found you!’

Togami looked sharply up, phone still in hand. ‘How on earth?’

Leon beamed down at his shocked expression and grabbed his wrist, yanking Togami out of his chair and dragging him into the hall.

‘Think you’re gonna ruin this game, huh? Huh? HUH?’

Although Leon was completely harmless, he enjoyed having a go at Togami for trying to outsmart him. After a sufficient telling-off had been given, he pointedly checked all the other dorms, just in case anyone else had decided to be clever. Before long, Leon was escorting a furious Celes and Togami to the cafeteria.

Meanwhile, Enoshima had decided to make herself a drink in the kitchen, with Asahina watching her. She was spooning coffee into a mug when Leon marched in.

‘These two are cheaters! I’m going.’ He stuck his tongue out at the two new arrivals and stomped out, failing to notice that anyone was in the kitchen. By the time Enoshima had returned to her spot in the cafeteria he was gone, and she had still not been found.