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Happy Eighteenth Birthday Draco

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On May 2 nd , Harry defeated Voldemort in the culmination of a battle that did some serious damage to Hogwarts. By June 5 th , some of the students who had survived had returned to help rebuild the castle. For various reasons, they were given their own bedrooms in the guest wing.

That day, Draco had been working in an area by himself because he worked best alone. Not to mention, almost everyone avoided him. No one was quite sure how to treat him because he had been one of the bad guys for so long, but then he had defected to the good side right at the very end. Plus, his mother had helped Harry immensely.

Draco was just fine working on his own. It not only made him feel useful, but it gave him plenty of time to think. Currently, his thoughts were a jumble revolving around the suggestion that he come back for an Eighth Year to make up for the abysmal Seventh Year they'd all had.

Dinner time was fast approaching and he still hadn't made up his mind. Fortunately, he had until September to do so. Unexpectedly, an owl hooted at him and Draco responded by holding out his arm for the bird to land on. After that, he stroked the owl's soft feathers for a few moments.

I'm sorry I don't have a treat for you,” Draco murmured as he took the note tied to the owl's leg. The owl hooted softly, rubbing its head against Draco's hand as if saying: “That's okay,” then flew off.

Draco bit his lip in thought for a moment, wondering who would have sent him a note. With a shrug, he decided that it was probably McGonagal writing to tell him to work on something else for a few minutes before dinner. As it turned out, he was wrong.

Dear Draco Malfoy, congratulations on your 18 th Birthday. You'll be sent the same doll as last year for a present. If interested, please leave your room unlocked and unwarded when you go to dinner today.

Draco stood gaping at the note for several long moments. This had to be a joke. Only Blaise knew about his present last year, and it was completely in character for Blaise to tease him about it like this.

On the other hand, they never did figure out who sent the present. It's entirely possible that the same person really was sending it again. With a reluctant sigh, Draco decided that he didn't have anything valuable enough in his room to worry about losing should this turn out to be some prank.

Unable to focus on his work any longer, Draco returned to his room to clean up. When ready, he left for the great hall, purposely leaving his room unlocked and unwarded as suggested. It actually took him a great deal of willpower to do so because he was half convinced that someone simply wanted to leave a nasty hex or cursed object in his room.

Even so, if there was the slightest chance that this was for real, he wanted it so badly that he didn't even care if the doll came with an array of nasty STIs. Fortunately, the doll hadn't last year, and so that was unlikely. Squaring his shoulders to project a confidence he didn't feel, Draco left his room and went to the great hall.




When Draco returned to his room after dinner, he was just a little bit surprised that he actually did have a Harry Potter love doll in his bed – despite being warned to expect it. He quickly shut and locked his door. Then he slowly got undressed as he approached his bed.

I know you are just a doll,” Draco murmured a bit sadly. “But at the moment, I half wish you could talk to me.”

Now naked and standing next to his bed, his picked up the note laying on the blanket atop the doll's chest. Same situation as last time. The doll can follow simple commands but can't talk. He'll disappear by morning so please enjoy as much as possible before then.

Draco tossed the note aside with a morose sigh. He then pulled the blanket off the doll and climbed into bed. At first, all he did was snuggle up and rest his head on the doll's shoulder.

If you could talk, I'd tell you everything. Well actually, maybe it's better that you can't talk,” Draco conceded with a wry smile. “That way, I know you couldn't tell anyone, even if you will disappear by morning.”

Draco sighed heavily. “And now that I think about it, I don't really want to say any of it out loud. It will just make me depressed, and I want to thoroughly enjoy my birthday.”

Draco used one hand to ruffle the doll's hair. For a long time, he did nothing but cuddle with and pet the doll's head. Then his hand moved to stroke the doll's chest. He spent at least an hour stroking, licking, and just generally touching every part of the doll.

The doll was perfect in every way, except for one tiny detail that made Draco hesitate for a moment. The doll had scars now that it didn't have last year. He had no idea if the person who sent the doll knew Harry Potter well enough for the scars to be accurate, or if he or she simply figured that someone who had survived a war with Voldemort ought to have a variety of weird and interesting scars. With a mental shrug, Draco traced the scars with his fingers and tongue before finally moving lower.

Unlike most of his sexual experiences – in which he generally made his partner pamper him a bit before getting hot and heavy – this time, he almost didn't want sex. It was weird, but he had a strong urge to simply pleasure the doll. With a smile, he took the large, hard, and heavy shaft into his mouth and lazily practiced his oral skills.

When the doll started to thrash back and forth with loud moans and groans, Draco stopped what he was doing to smirk. One of his hands explored the area, his fingers slipping downward until they found the puckered hole. This time, it was already softened and well lubricated. Draco hummed happily.

Even though he technically didn't have to, Draco slipped two fingers into that well prepared hole and sought out that one spot in particular that made the doll whimper and mewl. He had no idea why, but simply playing with the doll was more fun than being played with himself. Well... Almost. Part of it might have simply been that the doll was a replica of Harry Potter, and he sincerely wished he could find out how the real Harry would react in this situation.

When the doll gasped out as if he was being strangled and arched his back, Draco figured that the time was right to stop teasing and move on. He withdrew his fingers and climbed up until he was laying on top of the doll. One hand conjured oil for his rigid shaft, while his other supported his weight.

Before he did anything else, Draco kissed the doll. This kiss was so perfect that Draco forgot what he was doing for a long time. He simply settled himself on top of the doll and snogged until he felt dizzy and weak. His breathing was utterly ragged and he had to stop simply because he thought he was going to pass out if he didn't.

Shaking, he took a deep breath to calm down. With a pleased grin, he noted that the doll also looked like it was about to die from the intensity. This made Draco wonder if the doll was magicked to respond in this way to this stimulus, or if it was magicked to respond exactly how Draco did. Either way, the result was the same, but one option made Draco feel rather smug.

Finally ready, Draco pulled those muscular legs over his hips and carefully pushed into the doll, pausing to groan happily every inch or so. When he was buried deep, he rested his head on the doll's chest and simply enjoyed the feel for a long moment. It was sheer bliss!

When he was ready to move, he chose a moderate and grinding pace. He didn't want to have to think of anything at all for as long as possible, so he let his mind go blank. He kept himself fully in the moment, enjoying each thrust and rolling his hips just right to provoke that delightful shudder from the doll each time.

Kiss me, pull my hair, scratch my back, do whatever you want,” Draco commanded, his breath escaping him in heavy pants.

The doll responded by yanking on Draco's hair and holding it in a tight grip while snogging him so hard that it was almost impossible to breathe. Draco groaned, feeling like he was in his personal heaven at the moment. He adjusted his position just slightly, and then sped up until he was banging into the doll as much as he possibly could.

The doll cried into Draco's mouth as he suddenly dug his nails into Draco's back. At the same time, the doll arched his back slightly and squirted out several hot stripes that coated both their stomachs. This was accompanied by a full body shuddering and a tight rippling around Draco's shaft.

Draco had to stop moving completely and rest his head on the doll's chest as he panted. “Not yet... not yet...” he told himself in a whisper. After all, he only had one night. One entire night, and he didn't plan to waste a moment of it sleeping.

The moment he felt like he wasn't going to orgasm right then and there, he resumed with a slow pace that sped up a little at a time over the course of an hour. At this point, the room felt positively sweltering! Draco was pouring sweat and couldn't determine if the doll was sweating too, or just covered with Draco's.

Best of all, the doll was not only writhing, but also whimpering and crying and clinging to Draco as if he never wanted to let go. They had snogged nearly the entire time, but now Draco had to pull back because he had just officially run out of stamina. He repositioned himself until he had the leverage to grip the doll's hips and grind as deeply and powerfully as possible.

Pumping the doll full seemed to trigger another array of full body shudders. This was accompanied by a low squeal as the doll dug his nails into Draco's back again. It felt so good that it stole Draco's breath completely, leaving him no way to make a sound as the world spun around him.

When it was over, Draco collapsed onto the doll and nearly passed out. Both of them were panting erratically, and the doll continued to hold him in a comforting embrace. After he had calmed down and was relaxed – and probably at least half asleep – Draco snorted softly in amusement.

Part of me wants to go right to sleep, but the rest of me wants to hold out until I fully recover and can go again. The problem is that I think I've turned into a flobberworm and don't seem to be able to move!”

Draco was laying with his cheek pressed to the doll's chest, so he couldn't see any sort of facial expression, but even so, he'd swear that the doll smiled at that. One of his hands feebly patted the bed until he found the blanket. It took some doing – especially since he had no energy left – but he managed to cover them with the blanket and drift off to sleep.

About an hour and a half later, Draco felt rested. Rather surprisingly, he felt like he had just had a relaxing massage, a warm bath, and a full night's sleep. Since none of that was true, he could only conclude that a good orgasm worked wonders. Of course, this theory had to be tested.

Lifting his head, he noticed that the doll seemed to be asleep. He never opened his eyes – which Draco actually preferred – so there was no way to tell for certain, but it made sense that the doll would go into a sort of rest mode if it wasn't in use. Draco ruffled that soft, thick, black hair, and then pressed kisses to the doll's face and neck.

In the mood to have lazy, sleepy sex, Draco conjured a little bit more oil to rub into his shaft so that he could slide back into the doll smoothly. The doll let out a moan that sounded a bit like he was purring in his sleep. This was so adorable that Draco couldn't help but want to kiss him.

In no hurry, Draco snogged and thrust for what felt like the entire night, but probably wasn't. This time, the doll orgasmed three times. As for Draco, his snuck up on him slowly. When it finally hit him, it wasn't Earth shattering. Instead, it felt like he was being overwhelmed by lava flowing over him.

When he was done, he rolled onto his back, stretched out with a happy sigh, and then tugged the doll so that it was laying half on top of him. He pressed a kiss to the doll's head and as Draco drifted off to sleep, he idly stroked the doll's back. This time, he seemed to only be in a half sleep, his thoughts dwelling on his Birthday present and whether or not he'd have the capacity to go one last time before it disappeared.

Strangely, he started making a noise as if he was trying to talk in his sleep, but nothing coherent actually came out of his mouth. Suddenly, the doll moved. This was unusual and Draco probably would have frowned, but he was too lethargic to move.

Feeling just slightly cold, Draco realized that the doll had actually rolled away. Then the blanket was gently tucked around Draco once more. More murmuring came from Draco, which sounded a bit like thanks .

When the doll got off the bed, Draco gathered up just enough energy to crack open his eyes a tiny fraction. Just enough to see the doll moving in the light of the full moon. He bent over and grabbed something from under the bed.

A moment later, he put a pair of glasses on his face. Then he turned to look at Draco. Very slowly, he reached over and ruffled Draco's hair, then – equally as slowly – leaned over and gave Draco an extremely light yet lingering kiss.

Whispering so softly that Draco almost didn't hear the words, despite them being dropped practically in his ear, the doll said: “Happy Birthday.”

After that, the doll swirled a cloak around his shoulders and disappeared. It was then that Draco realized that he had to be dreaming. He just had to be! What kind of love doll comes with an invisibility cloak???

A few seconds passed in silence, then the door slowly opened before slowly closing again. Draco sat up in his bed in astonishment. He stared at the door with his mouth gaping open for a long time.

No...” Draco exhaled when he finally thought to shut his mouth. “That was him... That was actually him!”

Suddenly, he felt like he couldn't breathe and clutched his chest in something close to panic. If Harry wanted to, he could make Draco's life miserable because of this! He was just about to freak out completely when a new thought had him gobsmacked all over again.

That was him last year too! How could I have been so stupid as to think that anyone could actually make a love doll that realistic?!”

Draco immediately wondered if he should commit suicide, but then he remembered that Harry had done absolutely nothing over the past year to even acknowledge that it had happened. Thus, he likely planned to do exactly the same thing this time. I might not have to off myself to avoid the mortification after all...

In fact, if Harry was willing to have sex with Draco like this, maybe they could come to some sort of arrangement. A very agreeable and mutually satisfactory arrangement! With that thought in mind, Draco fell asleep making plans to come back for an Eighth Year after all. For the first time in a long time, he fell asleep with a smile on his face and hope in his heart.