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William Bush Alphabet Soup

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"Mr. Bush!" At the sound of André's voice, William felt his heart skip a beat.

Turning in place, he caught sight of his lover, the red coat easily visible in the crowd. He smiled and extended his hand. "Major Côtard. It is a pleasure to see you again."

"And I, you, mon ami." Smiling, André took William's hand and tugged on it so he could kiss each of his cheeks in turn. "I have taken a room at Ferrault. We can talk in private there."

William nodded, hoisting his bag over his shoulder. "That sounds perfect, Major."

They walked quickly through the streets to Ferrault Inn, their booted footsteps in perfect time with William's racing heartbeat. Luckily, no one tried to stop them when they reached the inn, so they could head upstairs right away. The moment the door closed behind them, William reached for André, pulling him into a hungry kiss. After a moment of surprise, André wrapped his arms around William, responding eagerly to the kiss. "I have missed you, William."

"I missed you, too, André." William murmured, leaning into his lover's strong warmth. "I'm glad we can ring in the new year together at least."

He felt André kiss his forehead. "Joyeux Noel et bonne année."

"What is that in English?" William asked, straightening so he could look at André.

His lover smiled and kissed him softly. "Merry Christmas and happy new year."

"And the same to you, my friend." William drew André into another kiss.

Moaning, André returned the kiss and guided William to the bed. They could talk properly later.