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Hello everyone!

First off, my apologies for deleting without explanation. I was in a bad place, and thought it was the only way to save my sanity at the time. I did a great disservice to phoenix_173 when I did that, but believe me when I tell you, that I was in a very precarious emotional place thanks to a lot of different things (not only fandom). I owe her an apology for essentially running away to the other side of the world and leaving her to clean up the mess. That was unfair to her and my loyal readers and other friends I have made, and I am truly sorry for that.  Also, I owe an apology to usedkarma, who runs the tumblr site FuckyeahDarcyLewis, as she had to field too many asks regarding my work and that was also unfair to her.  Also, ozhawkauthor, who  fielded a lot of questions regarding my disappearance.  I'm truly sorry to all of you for putting you in this situation.

Second off, this one story will contain all my stories. I will title each chapter with the work title and will try to jam one story to a chapter if I can. Tags will be posted at the beginning of each story. I will not be taking comments on these.

Lastly, please be kind to your fanfiction writers out there. I was getting about twenty anonymous messages a week about how hard I sucked and how I was ruining Darcyland. Give your love to the people who do this, because love may go a long way in counteracting the hate. Please also know that you can't know what they are going through behind the scenes. A perfect storm of suck that just wouldn't let up on all sides of my life and fandom had me running away for my health. And it will keep me away from this fandom, because nothing is worth my mental health.

(Also, please leave phoenix_173 alone in regards to your inquiries about me. Yes, we have worked together in the past. But she is not my keeper, and there are so many more interesting things to talk to her about other than me. Ask her about her day. Give her love. She deserves it).

Thanks for all the previous support.  Best of luck and well wishes to everyone.

<3 Katie