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Bless Me With That Smile of Yours That's Never Faded, Not Even Once

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Homura likes Jyushimatsu’s brothers.

She was very surprised to find out that Jyushimatsu had identical brothers -- he spoke often of them, but had never mentioned that they were all identical! They really did all look the same at first glance -- even if she can sometimes tell who is who, she still has a hard time with it and messes up. They don’t mind, though -- even if she calls them by the wrong name at first, they don’t get angry. They just gently correct her, and for that she’s grateful. She knows they must get upset, but Jyushimatsu tells her to pay that no mind.

Besides, Jyushimatsu had told her, You never get my name wrong, so it’s fine




Ever since coming back to Akatsuka ward a little over a year after she had left -- she's so glad she found Jyushimatsu again. She’s so glad that he accepted her and forgave her for leaving him.

When he first answered the door, sleeves rolled up to the elbow, she couldn’t help herself -- she threw herself at him, practically, hands wrapping around his middle and face pressing against his shoulder. She didn’t even explain why she was back, or how she ran away from her family again, or how she had actually moved back to Akatsuka several months ago, and found a job (a real job, not like the one she had before) and was finally financially stable. She simply cried, calling his name over and over again, and he wrapped his bare arms around her after only a moment of hesitation.

The way he smiled was a little pained, but…that’s to be expected, right?




People change. Homura’s changed, since she first met Jyushimatsu, and so has he.

Jyushimatsu is a little different from how she remembers. He smiles a lot, but it’s not the big smile he always used to do in her memories. He doesn’t do the funny trick with the water anymore – she had asked, once, why he didn’t, and Jyushimatsu smiled at her and said that he “didn’t feel like it anymore” which was a very Jyushimatsu thing to say, she supposed.

He takes her out on dates, but they’re not like the ones they used to go on. They go to the arcade, and Jyushimatsu always manages to win at the claw game -- even when he was so bad at it before! He’s also not so good at the batting cages anymore, but he said that he hasn’t had time to practice his swings lately, because he’s been with her so often!

He makes her laugh. All the time, she laughs and laughs and laughs and he does too.

It’s a wonderful, almost like a dream.


Jyushimatsu’s brothers spend time with her almost as much as Jyushimatsu himself. She likes that, though -- they’re all different kinds of people, and she loves keeping company with them.

Todomatsu is very engaging. He has a job at a coffee shop, a chain one in the city, and is always bringing her new drinks to try. She loves the sweet ones he makes customized just for her, like the one that tastes like cotton candy and the other that tastes like caramel popcorn.

(He brings them home for Jyushimatsu, too -- always the same kind, too; a tall latte, a doppio with expresso -- and if she was perfectly honest, she didn’t expect Jyushimatsu’s tastes to be so bitter. But Jyushimatsu laughs when she asks and tells her that she’s all the sweetness he needs in his life.)


Ichimatsu is the quietest of all the brothers, but he’s also the one who sticks to Homura the closest. He’s a gentle sort of quiet, a protective sort. He always seems to know when she needs to just be alone, but he also knows the difference between when she needs to be alone and when she thinks she deserves being isolated. And he’s always there to help her through the latter.

(-- it’s funny, though. Jyushimatsu always used to tell her that he was closest with Ichimatsu, but she doesn’t see them speak to each other much. When she asks Jyushimatsu, he tells her that he and Ichimatsu “had a disagreement”, and to not worry about it. )


Choromatsu is the one that Homura doesn’t see too often. When Jyushimatsu first introduced her to all his brothers, he was the only one who seemed unresponsive until Osomatsu started teasing him. He seems to always be pouring over books, and he says they’re for jobs but once in a while she’ll see him with an idol photobook tucked in front of a job search magazine. She doesn’t see him much otherwise -- but that’s because he’s so busy trying to become a member of society, right? Even if he’s just spinning his wheels.

(It’s probably nothing, but he always seems to avoid her, and it makes Homura a little sad because she really does want to be friends with all of Jyushimatsu’s brothers. And whenever she does manage to make eye contact with him, he always looks so sad when he looks at her.)

(She doesn’t think that she should mention that to Jyushimatsu, though.)


Osomatsu is always smiling, but he’s also very protective; one of the stranger things he does is that he always makes sure she’s on the inside of the sidewalk as they walk down the road.

She thinks it’s a little silly at first, but one day she asks him why, and he admits that someone he knew once, someone very important to him, had been hit by a car that skidded off the onto the sidewalk and died a little over six months beforehand. That he didn’t want to see the same thing happen to her. He smiled as he said it, swiping a finger under his nose and grinning, but she could see the cautious hurt lurking in his movements.

(when she mentions it to Jyushimatsu, and asks if he knew the person who died, too, his eyes get a faraway look and he admits that yes, he knew them too -- actually, all the brothers knew them. And that the hurt is still there, but it’s going to scab over someday for all of them, and to not mention it again. She doesn’t ever ask after that, and Osomatsu keeps her on the inside of the sidewalk when they’re walking around town)


(The curiosity nags at her, though. She wants to know more, but she also knows that a wound so fresh isn’t something she should bring up.)


Sometimes she catches Jyushimatsu on his way out. He always tells her it’s a secret where he’s going, but one day she can’t help herself -- she really wants to know! -- so she follows after him at a safe distance, where he won’t see her.

Usually it’s just on a walk around town. He’ll pull on a jacket different from his jumpsuit and pull on some shades, and just walk around town.

The way he stands, the way he moves, the way he carries himself --

It’s almost like he’s a different person.

Homura’s not sure what to think about it, but she doesn’t mention it to anyone. Its Jyushimatsu’s little secret, and she’ll respect that.


Homura really likes Jyushimatsu’s brothers.

He spoke about them all the time, but she didn’t know he was a quintuplet.