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I don’t own Harry Potter and I don’t make a profit off of my stories

Warnings – AU no Voldemort- older Harry, sexual content, Mpreg, language, violence, abuse, neglect, abandonment, lots of Potter Bashing

(I'm thinking)

"I'm speaking"

Pairing: Yaoi M/M – seme Harry x uke de-aged Severus


“Lucius honey, you should go or you’ll be late” Narcissa warned her husband who, much to her amusement, couldn’t stop playing with their young nine year old son Draco. It still seems like a dream that the war involving Voldemort has ended.

Neither Lucius or herself wanted anything to do with the mad man. Lucius and their mutual friend Severus both had difficult childhoods and were ultimately sucked into something they regretted. The death mark on the inside of their left forearms was a constant reminder that they served the Dark wizard, but the fact they weren’t in Azkaban was do to another choice.

Albus Dumbledore and his husband Gellert seemed to sense that they were not very loyal to the dark wizard and took a chance by offering them the chance to become spies. They took it and became the pivotal points to change the war and eventually helped to end Voldemort.

Lucius smiled and kissed his son on the head “I’ll see you later ok Draco?”

“can’t I come with you?” Draco pouted as his Dad got up and draped his formal robes on his shoulders. The Malfoy family head kissed his wife before looking at his nine year old son.

“I doubt you’d want to Draco. I’ll be in a few boring meetings so it won’t be very fun. When I’m not busy I’ll take you and show you around” Lucius went to the fireplace and popped the lid off the blue jar containing the green floo powder. He took a fist full and haphazardly tossed the lid of the jar back on.

Draco sighed in defeat “ok, bye Dad”

“Ministry” Lucius smiled in amusement and disappeared in a flash of green flames when he tossed the powder down on the floor.

Narcissa chuckled as Draco glared at the fireplace with a pouty lip as if glaring will force the floo network to give back his Dad “your Dad will be back by dinner. Why don’t we play around with some new spells until he gets back?” Draco’s eyes sparkled at the idea and sat next to his mother with his wand out. A couple hours passed as mother and son played around with a few fun little spells.

The spell casting was interrupted when a house elf popped in to warn Narcissa about the potion in the lab. Narcissa went downstairs to the lab to take a potion off the burner leaving Draco to look around in boredom while waiting for his mother to return and he noticed something. The Malfoy heir raced over to the fireplace in excitement …

The lid to the floo powder jar was not on all the way! The child safety charm only keeps kids from getting floo powder if it’s all the way on so little Draco wouldn’t be able to open it if it was on right, but it wasn’t … Draco slid the crooked lid off, took some powder in his tiny fist and put the lid back on correctly this time.

“Min-itry” exclaimed the young Malfoy confidently and threw the powder down. The boy was startled slightly as he was hit with a weird sensation when the green flames engulfed him, but he recovered quickly and jumped out of he fireplace ready to go find his Dad. However, the place he jumped into looked nothing like the Ministry building his Dad described so many times before. It looked like someone’s home. To the left was a small kitchen, to the right was a smaller living room that could be closed off with a pair of large sliding doors. Another right from that room would take you to a room with a large wooden staircase and little farther left of the stairs was a sun room filled with plants and he was standing in a bigger living room with vibrant paintings of lots of shapes and sizes covering the walls.

Draco frowned as he gazed outside at a small park through a window in the smaller living room “why is the sun setting here? It wasn’t even lunch at home” it was clear that he was in the wrong place so he went back to the fireplace to look for a container with floo powder, but there wasn’t one. The boy sighed “maybe I should ask whoever lives here for help … I hope they won’t be mad, I didn’t come here on purpose”

The young wizard searched the first floor even going in the dining room, which he didn’t see because it was off the kitchen. A sinking feeling started to make its way into the little wizard’s gut. This place was looking very muggle and his Dad warned him that not all muggles take kindly to magic.

Is it possible this is a muggle’s home and they didn’t know about the floo network? How would he explain this? He recalled his parents saying that if he got lost they had a tracker on him and will find him so he just had to stay calm and not mention magic until his parents came for him. With that in calming thought mind he continued looking around. He was just about to go upstairs when he heard a hiss from in the living room.

“what’s that sound?” Draco paused as he reentered the room with the fireplace. The hiss was coming from a painting of a Weeping Willow shading a cottage. Curiosity made him look closer …

The hissing stopped …

The picture actually started moving, but not like the portraits of people he has seen where the people talk to you …

No … this was different …

Wind was blowing through the leaves, moving the vines. It was like the painting was truly alive …

Suddenly Draco fell back and screamed as the cottage door flew open and something charged out of the portrait …


Narcissa pulled the finished potion off the burner and turned the burner off. She eagerly headed back upstairs “ok, Draco honey what would you- … Draco? … Draco!” she just shrugged and waited a couple minutes to see if he’d come back, but something just felt off “Dobby!”

A house elf in a fancy uniform with the Malfoy emblem appeared “how can Dobby help Lady Malfoy?” he asked cheerily.

“Dobby is Draco here?” Narcissa asked worriedly.

Dobby stayed quiet a moment, but then his eyes widened “no Lady Malfoy”

“go get Lucius!” she ordered and Dobby vanished to get help. Narcissa didn’t waste a moment. she pulled out her wand and whispered the incantation to connect to her son’s tracker charm.

The house elf returned with a soft pop and he looked a little irritated “Master Malfoy is in a meeting and they couldn’t let Dobby interrupt-…” Dobby frowned in concern as he noticed how pale Narcissa was “Lady Malfoy?”


“are you sure you want to sign another contract Severus? The war has ended years ago, you are known as a spy and were cleared of all charges. You don’t need to continue as a teacher with the threat of Voldemort and Azkaban gone and your cover as a spy” said Albus Dumbledore as he sat in the potion master’s Hogwarts quarters.

Severus sighed as he leaned back in his chair ”and what will I do Albus? Who will hire a former Death Eater spy or not?”

“you could be a free lance potion master or finally travel. You always wanted to when you were young so why not now with your contract up? It would be good to get away for a while and even check out this research facility in America who invited you to join. It is an honor, that is a famous potions research facility. They only invite the best potions masters and Herbologists” suggested Albus who was feeling a little bad for making Severus sign a contract that had a long limit, but they wanted to convince Voldemort that Dumbledore trusted Severus back then. Severus played the double agent to perfection, while Lucius pretended to spy in the Ministry but it is over. The contract that was bound by magic is over, he should get on with his life.

“ah yes, the invite to Decoction Research and Development in California … I don’t know about that” Severus frowned as he thought of his life choices all the while the disgusting Dark mark on his arm plaguing his mind. It seemed like that one decision completely destroyed his future. The family he wished for when he was young was most likely not going to happen. Sure he had a few flings, but it wasn’t really anything that felt special. Just a bunch of horny guys who liked the idea of being dominated by a battle scared, war torn wizard and he didn’t want it that way. Of course who could … or would for that matter, top him? Even though he never thought he was a good looking person. Maybe when he was younger he may have had a chance for that tender loving care, but not now …

Albus sighed, he knew Severus was stubborn and that it was pointless to try and talk him into or out of something. He just wanted the wizard he considered a son to be happy for once instead of just content, if he was ever even that “school only just finished so take the summer to consider something other than the job that was more or less forced onto you during a war” the headmaster pleaded.

“I don’t mind teaching” Severus twitched at the disbelieving look the headmaster was giving him “… I’d like it more if there weren’t any students” Albus just burst out laughing at that. However before they could commence with their conversation the floo roared to life and a positively stricken Narcissa Malfoy making both wizards race over to her “Narcissa what’s wrong?”

The witch let her tears fall down her cheeks as she tried to calm down “Severus, Albus it’s Draco! He’s g-gone, I c-can’t find him”

Albus paled just as much as Severus “there is a tracking spell on him right?” the headmaster asked quickly.

“yes, but it says he’s in the muggle world of America! I-I don’t know how to find him without alerting muggles! I don’t know who to contact or even how he got there! The floo powder jar was still sealed and no one came through the wards! I can’t get Lucius because he’s in a meeting I-I-I just” Narcissa started to break down. Her son was in the muggle world of a foreign country! Being in muggle world in their own country was a frightening thought enough if you meet the wrong type of muggle …

Severus looked at Albus “could you try to get in touch with Lucius?”

“yes and if I have to I’ll get Gellert to get him” Albus reassured them. He knew first hand what could if non magical people saw strange things that scared them. His own little sister was severely traumatized by muggles who beat her after witnessing her use magic … a horrifying experience that lead to her death from magical block where the lack of control made her magical core basically explode …

“good. Come on Narcissa, lets go get Draco” Severus stated as calmly as he could while grabbing his bag of potions and wand before joining Narcissa. As a potions master he always had a bag of various potions ready for many types of injuries, but he prayed he wouldn’t need them or at nothing more drastic than a salve to heal bruising “tap into Draco’s tracker again and apparate us there. I’ll give you some of my magic so we should be able to make it”

Narcissa took Severus’s hand and did as instructed. The classic uncomfortable feeling of being apparated washed over them both and they vanished with a loud pop. The time difference between UK and America was suddenly startlingly clear as they reappeared out of sight near the slightly busy streets under a fiery orange sky, but they didn’t stop to admire it. Severus quickly cast a Glamour over both of them in mid run to make their clothes appear more like muggle clothing. He looked like he was in a pair of brown slacks with brown shoes and a dark blue button down shirt, while Narcissa was in a red skirt with a white blouse and red heels …

Neither of them stopped to see what they looked like though for they both continued moving through the streets with Narcissa in the lead following the pull of the tracker on her son. She nearly plowed other people out of the way as they searched for Draco. Each second made them feel more and more desperate. They rounded a corner into a quiet district of homes.

“oh thank Merlin he’s close Severus!” Narcissa exclaimed in pure relief and quickened her pace eager to get to her son and to make sure he’s safe. The potions master easily kept pace with the frantic mother and also started looking closer at their surroundings waiting to see anything strange or Draco looking for help …

*pop* the sudden startling sound from behind them made the witch and the wizard whirl around and point their wands at the intruder. There wasn’t a shred of patience between them so who the unfortunate bystander, who ever he or she was, was going to be hit with an obliviate spell and have their memories erased …

“whoa! Hold it! Zippy meant no harm!” Narcissa and Severus blinked a few times as they stared at the funny house elf standing in front of them. The house elf was wearing tan shorts, sunglasses, sandals, a white t-shirt and a blue jacket … not at all what they were used to seeing a house elf wear and why the hell was it in the middle of the street where it could be so easily seen?

Severus sighed in frustration and lowered his wand soon followed by Narcissa “sorry, but we don’t have time to chat. You should get out of sight before you’re seen” Severus commented absentmindedly as he turned to leave with Narcissa.

Zippy shook his head “it’s fine, this a magic friendly neighborhood so Zippy can be seen, but that’s not why-” the house elf started running after the witch and wizard who didn’t seem to be listening to him and just walking away at a fast walk with a sense of urgency “wait! Zippy needs to ask if you are looking for a little wizard named Draco-AH!” the poor house elf was once again staring down the shafts of two wands “again with the wands” Zippy gulped in fear as he received a couple very harsh glares … glares that would make any other person piss themselves.

“Where. Is. My. Son? … talk elf!” Narcissa growled menacingly.

“now just c-calm down! Your little dragon is perfectly safe. A couple things happened and the little dragon got scared so the master took him to the park to get ice cream. The master asked Zippy to watch out for the little dragon’s parents. You look like Draco and are both magical so Zippy asked” the house breathed a sigh of relief as the two wands were lowered.

Narcissa was so relieved that she had tears in her eyes “oh thank Merlin … yes I’m his mother, Narcissa Malfoy, and this is Draco’s godfather, Severus Snape. Please, where is he?” she asked much calmer now … well, at least not homicidal. The house elf smiled and started walking down the street.

Severus, of course, remained skeptical. He will see for himself if Draco is alright. The trio soon came to a quaint little spot with a small park squared off by quiet streets and surrounded by a few houses on each side. To Severus it was the perfect little mini quarter to raise a family …

Draco came running towards them from the swing set with a drop dead gorgeous blonde man that made Severus’s heart skip a beat …