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Squad Goals

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Kirkwall sucks. It really does. The moment you think you’re finally done punching the evil out, it seeps back from the walls like black mold. With Hawke gone, Aveline thought the trouble might… quiet down a little, but it turns out they were not the only magnet for trouble.

The city itself seems to fight her some days. Worse than any street gang.

First Starkhaven’s shit and now… Aveline looks down at the report given to her that morning. Disappearances. Multiple disappearances. Her fingers crumple the paper at the edges. Not again. Not in her city, Maker damn them.

She scratches notes in the margins, feeling out the edges of a plan. She’ll need extra patrols, and schedule alterations to free enough of her guards.

Aveline’s concentration is broken with the thud of her office door hitting the wall. Guardswoman Geraldine throws up a salute in the doorway, panting. She’s clearly disheveled from running.

“Captain!” She gets out between breaths. “I have a report!”

“Report it, then!” Aveline responds, rising from her desk. Guardswoman Geraldine was on messenger’s post at the dock gates. Odd that she would leave her post.

“A group at the gate, Captain, small but armed, and their leader is,” she huffs in a breath, “claiming to be Champion Hawke. Asked for you personally. Has the same face.”

That is not what Aveline had been expecting, if she’d been expecting anything at all. “What.”

“They say they won’t leave til they speak to you, Captain,” Geraldine replies, “Guardsman Tanner is holding them at the gate, and would like further orders, ser.”

She leans on the desk with a heavy sigh. “And Guardsman Tanner is sure that this imposter looks like… the Champion.”

Geraldine nods rapidly, then adjusts her helmet. “Yes, Captain. Red kaddis and all.”

“I need you to go back the gate with a full patrol; take Nolan, Tess, Ricard, and Maewyn. Escort the Champion and their group to the Hanged Man in Lowtown. Take back routes if you can.”

Aveline spouts her plan as it comes to her. “I’ll need send a runner to the Hanged Man. We need it cleared. Also, a runner to the Alienage- I want the Keeper there. Fully informed.”

Guardswoman Geraldine nods, mouthing along to the orders. “Anything else, Captain?”

“No matter what they say, make sure they come to the Hanged Man with you. Alright?”

Geraldine snaps off another salute. “Got it, Ser!” She says, and promptly trots out the door to round up the patrol.

Even before the door shuts, Aveline pulls out her sword and shield. Hawke or no, it was going to be an interesting day. Joy.