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"Skin-tight," she had called it. Skin. Tight.

Deku was wondering if her costume was tighter than his grip right now. Yes, Deku was most definitely touching himself while thinking about Uraraka.

In fact, this was the fifth time this week that he was squeezing some stress out while imaging Uraraka and himself in a number of positions that would make his mother faint if she even saw a censored caricature-like sketch of them.

Deku hated how fixated he was on her, though, and occasionally he tried to think about other girls in his class.
Of course, this was a fruitless endeavour, since he started comparing their features to Uraraka's, even if said features weren't really all that similar in any way.

"Maybe I should just tell her that I like her..." Deku thought to himself while he creamed all over his hand.

But Deku wasn't exactly sure if she liked him back, and he didn't want to ruin their current friendship by pouring his heart out to her and making things eternally uncomfortable between them.

He considered texting her, but that seemed like something Kacchan would do, strangely.

"[explodokills : you wanna fuck?]"

"Speaking of Kacchan, his mom's pretty hot, too... Ugh!" Deku slapped himself for thinking such things about his frie... Classmate's mother.

Deku looked down at his spent, still-throbbing cock lounging on his navel. When Deku started to first learn about more "adult" subjects of thought he had come (hehe) to appreciate how large he was down there.

When he was younger and still used public urinals and not stalls Deku was laughed at for having a huge dick, usually by Kacchan, who would point at it and call it a sausage.
Kacchan stopped doing that a long, long time ago, thankfully.

Deku's penis size might not matter at all later in life but he did cruelly think about Kacchan grumbling in jealousy sometimes.

"I wonder if Uraraka prefers it bi-" Deku immediately sat up and vigorously rubbed his face. He needed a distraction, just something to stop thinking about Uraraka.

What Deku usually did when he was a child and needed distraction he pretended to be All Might and run around his house in circles, pretending to save everyone from the tyranny of evil.

Deku considered doing this again, just for old times' sake, but immediately rejected the thought after he remembered that his mother was taking a nap downstairs after watching her soap operas.

So, instead, Deku grabbed his phone and sent a message to Iida.

[izuku_midoriya] : hi iida!
[izuku_midoriya] : are you there?


After a short while Deku was about to give up hope and could feel another wave of thoughts about Uraraka flood in until he heard the familiar "swoosh" of his phone getting a message.

[NGIN] : Hello, Midoriya!
[NGIN] : Please excuse me f or the wait, I was polishing my glasses.
[NGIN] : for*

[izuku_midoriya] : haha thats ok


Well, Deku was already out of things to talk about and the conversation had barely begun.

[NGIN] : Did you need to ask me about anything?
[NGIN] : Perhaps studying tips for next fortnight's test?
[NGIN] : I can assure you I will help to the extent of my ability, but I solemnly swear that I cannot give you any answers.
[NGIN] : Such an act would be cheating and I would have to report both of us for doing so.

[izuku_midoriya] : haha no thanks iida i think ive studied enough for that one
[izuku_midoriya] : i just kind of need somebody to talk about a kind of sensitive subject

Crap, what the hell was he thinking? Of all the people to talk to girls about, why was Deku talking to Iida? Hell, even Kamamari would be better to talk to...

[NGIN] : Really?
[NGIN] : Then, Midoriya I pledge that I will tell no one of this conversation.
[NGIN] : My lips are metaphorically sealed.

[izuku_midoriya] : thanks iida
[izuku_midoriya] : well
[izuku_midoriya] : this is kind of hard for me to talk about

[NGIN] : Are you having sexual thoughts towards Uraraka Ochako?

[izuku_midoriya] : uM

Deku's heart felt as though it was throwing Detroit Smashes against his ribs.

[izuku_midoriya] : what makes you think that?

[NGIN] : I'm only assuming, since as of late whenever you're near her,
[NGIN] : Pardon my language;
[NGIN] : Your face becomes redder than a cherry.

[izuku_midoriya] : well
[izuku_midoriya] : yeah

[NGIN] : what do you mean by "yeah"?
[NGIN] : What*

Deku couldn't help but cover his face in shame even though no one was in his room.

[izuku_midoriya] : ive been thinking about Uraraka a lot recently
[izuku_midoriya] : but
[izuku_midoriya] : i dont know if i should tell her about it

[NGIN] : Midoriya I recommend that you admit your feelings to her.

[izuku_midoriya] : you think so?

[NGIN] : Even if she doesn't reprise your feelings, you'll still be friends.
[NGIN] : And, if she does feel the same about you, perhaps,
[NGIN] : Pardon my language;
[NGIN] : She'll give you a little smooch.
[NGIN] : I've just winked, by the way.

Deku was sweating and blushing at the very thought of Uraraka's angelic face getting close to his. His heart fluttered and he wondered if she smelt like cinnamon...

[izuku_midoriya] : all right
[izuku_midoriya] : ill tell her then
[izuku_midoriya] : thanks iida
[izuku_midoriya] : i feel better now

[NGIN] : Any time, Midoriya.
[NGIN] : Now, if you'll excuse me I must grease my valves.

[izuku_midoriya] : uh, okay
[izuku_midoriya] : see you on monday, then!

[NGIN] : Farewell for now then, Midoriya!


Deku turned his phone off and flopped back onto his bed. He had butterflies in his stomach and his legs were shaking, solely from thinking of confessing his feelings to Uraraka.

Even if he was trembling like a leaf and had a bottomless pit in his gut, he mentally promised to himself and to Iida that he'd tell Uraraka how he felt about her.

Unfortunately, he had to think of what to say first.

"Sheesh... Being a teenager is hard."