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Hell's Child

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Dumah held the small body in his arms, Sandalphon looking down at the tiny baby. He was utterly perfect. "Deyn." Dumah whispered and Sandalphon nodded happily, gently stroking a hand over the tiny head of their child.


He huddled in the corner, terrified and still covered in blood. He didn't understand what had happened, just that Mother was gone. Tears fell down his face as he rocked and then strong hands lifted him and he cried out in fear. "Shh son, it's alright. No one will ever harm you again."

Lucifer lifted the child, his son into his arms, trying to comfort him. Adara was dead, killed by his brothers but he had managed to save their child. He'd been shocked when he realised the boy was his, he hadn't thought he could have a child with a human but he had and now the small boy was clinging to him, crying for his mother. "It's alright Samael, you are safe." He whispered and tear fill hazel eyes opened to stare at him, curious fingers slowly reaching out to touch his wings. He managed a rusty smile for his son, able to feel the latent power within the child. No wonder they had tried to take or kill him, fully trained Samael would be powerful. "Sleep son." He brushed his grace against the child and the boy slumped, eyes falling shut in sleep. He stood with the child in his arms and carried him to the bathroom, washing him up before dressing him and putting him into the large bed.

Once sure the child would sleep for several hours he left the room, sealing it behind him so that no one could harm the boy as he went looking for someone to act as a caretaker for the child. He nodded as he came across a new demon. She cowered from him as he stared at her. "what is your name?"

"Ruby My Lord." She answered.

"Come with me." He ordered and she obeyed. He opened the door and the demon stared in confusion at the child sleeping on the bed. "This child is your responsibility. You are to make sure he is safe, healthy and well cared for. He is nine human years old so begin teaching him. If necessary you will die to protect him. Do you understand?"

"Yes My Lord."


"Ruby! Ruby look!" Samael called excitedly to his caretaker and she looked down at what the boy who looked to be about twelve years old was holding. She smiled and took the flower from the boy, where had he found such a thing in hell? "What is it?"

"A rose little prince. Where did you find it?"

"Over there." He pointed and she bowed her head in respect when she saw Lucifer himself lingering.

"Come, let's find somewhere to put it." She offered and Samael nodded, pulling her along. She let him drag her back to his rooms and then found a container for the flower before making him sit and work on his studies. She wasn't sure if it was being in hell or his parentage that was making him age slowly, he looked and acted like he was twelve and yet he was almost twenty. She'd never had children as a human and becoming a demon removed all chance of doing so but she had the little prince to care for and that was enough.


Astaroth stared at the hybrid child as the boy worked at his studies. This was the child he was to train? He was small and slender but obviously had yet to hit his full height. It would take a lot of work to turn this studious child into a warrior fit to be their Lord's heir but he would do it. Slightly glowing hazel eyes focused on him suddenly and he was painfully reminded of another child, one he had helped raise.

"Who are you?" A curious voice asked and the fallen angel focused on the present.

"I am Astaroth; I am to be your new teacher." He answered, moving into the light and he was pleased when the boy's eyes merely widened, giving no other reaction to his armoured form.

"What will you teach me?" The physically thirteen year old asked.

"What you need to know as Prince of Hell." He answered and hazel eyes narrowed before the teen nodded. "We will begin now, come with me."


Lucifer watched his son as he worked, nodding as Astaroth joined him. "How is his training going?"

"He is a fast learner and talented My Lord."


"He lacks the killer instinct necessary to win in battle." He answered softly, watching the boy as he worked through the kata.

"He will learn." He watched for a while longer before leaving.


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Astaroth watched as Samael fought a low level demon, their swords clashing. He smirked in approval when Sam dispatched his opponent in barely a minute. He had come a long way since Astaroth had taken over his training but he still lacked something rather important, a want to fight. Samael would fight, even kill, demons in his training matches but put him against anything else and he would hold back. He soaked knowledge and skills up like a sponge and yet was reluctant to use those things. He was a strange boy. Well…young man really. He appeared about eighteen physically but was actually closer to forty. Old enough that Astaroth knew their Lord would soon want him to begin taking a part in the war and that would not end well. Despite the fact that their enemies had killed the Prince's mother he seemed to hold no rage towards them, more apathy really.

Samael looked over at his armoured tutor who nodded so he put his weapons aside and left the training room, heading for his own room. "Hello Ruby."He greeted the one constant in his life and the demoness bowed, smiling slightly.

"I thought you might like a bath little Prince."

"Thank you." Samael simply dropped his clothes and walked into his opulent bathroom, settling into the hot water with a sigh of relief. Ruby just shook her head in amusement and picked up the filthy clothes, relieved to find no rips or tears that would mean Samael was injured. She entered the bathroom and chuckled at seeing just his nose and eyes above water level.

"Are you sure you aren't part merman?" She asked teasingly and Sam sat up further.

"My back's itching." He admitted and she moved so she could see it.

She frowned as she found the red inflamed skin. She touched it gently and Sam hissed. Ruby's eyes widened in alarm. "Stay here, I'll get help." She rushed from the suite to find help, not just because if anything happened to him she would wish for oblivion but because she genuinely cared for the young prince. "My Lord!" She called out, seeing the armoured figure and Astaroth turned to her. "The Prince, something's wrong." She gasped out and Astaroth simply teleported to the doors to Samael's suite. No one but Lucifer and Samael could teleport directly inside, that was if Samael ever gained that ability.

Astaroth opened the doors and moved to where he could sense the young half angel's presence. He found him sitting in the bathtub, obviously in distress. "Let me see my Prince." He called gently and Samael turned to reveal the reddened and inflamed skin of his back. "Does it hurt?"

"It's more irritating and itching." Sam admitted and Astaroth nodded. "What's happening to me?"

"It appears that you may be gaining wings like an angel." Astaroth admitted and Sam frowned.

"Wings? But I'm not an angel."

"Your Father may have Fallen but he is still an Archangel and you are his son, half human or not."

"Wings." Samael whispered in shock, he'd never thought he'd have them. Astaroth nodded and sent a mental message to their Lord. He bowed as a figure appeared in the bathroom and Samael stared with wide eyes, he so rarely saw his Father.

"Interesting." Lucifer commented as he reached out to touch the hot skin and Sam bit back a hiss of pain. "Relax Samael." He murmured, letting a little power seep into his son and Sam relaxed as the pain faded a bit. "Let's get you into bed on your stomach." Astaroth moved forward and scooped Samael from the water, carrying him into the bedroom to lay him on his bed. Lucifer sat beside his son and laid his hand on the inflamed skin, easing the pain until three days later Samael screamed, back arching in utter agony as pitch black wings burst from his back. He then slumped, unconscious as the others worked to clean him up.


Samael laughed as he turned and dove before spinning lazily through the air. Was there anything better than flying? He paused as another joined him and then followed the other male through the twists and turns, really learning what he was capable of. "Who are you?" He asked when they landed.

"Dumah, young Prince. You are learning fast, keep up the good work." With that the once angel left him alone. Samael stood there for a while before leaving to go back to his lessons.


Sam blinked when he saw his new training opponent but then gave a short bow to the fallen angel. Dumah returned the gesture and then the fight was on. For the first time Samael found himself actually enjoying a fight, a small smile on his face that Astaroth noticed. Dumah pushed him to his limits and beyond and when they finished he could barely stand but he was still smiling.

"I think we've found your new training partner my Prince."

"Yes. Thank you Dumah." Samael agreed happily and then turned, sensing something but just missing seeing his father and the proud smile he was wearing.


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Samael sat on his bed with his legs crossed trying to remain focused on the book he was reading but after a while he shut it with a sigh of frustration and flopped backwards to stare at his ceiling. Thankfully he had learnt how to un-manifest his wings or lying on his back would be very uncomfortable. He was bored, a relatively new state for him. Dumah wasn’t available for training anymore, too involved in the war. His own training had been increased and he dreaded to think why, he didn’t mind the training but the thought of joining the war…..he didn’t want to fight; they were technically his family as well right? Sighing again he got up and left his room, making his way to the large empty space he used to fly. He spread his wings and took off; soaring through the air but even that wasn’t cheering him up.

Sam looked over and smiled. “Hello Ruby.”

“My Prince, your Father wishes to see you in the Throne Room.” She told him, pulling a formal robe from his wardrobe. Sam sighed but let her put it on him and fuss with his hair. Once she deemed him presentable she smiled and sent him on his way, hiding her worry. In the fifty years Samael had been living in hell his Father had never called for him like this.

Sam made his way through the halls and then paused outside the Throne room, taking a deep breath and smoothing down the light grey formal robe he was wearing over his trousers and shirt. He hesitated for a second and then pushed the door open, walking towards the dais with…….two thrones?

Lucifer stared down at his son thoughtfully. The boy had grown and changed a lot since first arriving and now it was time for him to take his place as his heir. He had kept an eye on his training and all he lacked was actual experience which he could gain with time. Samael dropped to one knee and bowed his head. “Come closer Samael.” The young hybrid stood and moved to the foot of the stairs but then Lucifer waved him closer so he walked up them. Lucifer reached out and touched his sons’ face; the child really looked more like his human mother than himself except for his height. Sam glanced up at him and Lucifer smiled at his only child. “Sit Samael, it is time you start learning what it means to be my heir.” He indicated the other throne and watched as his son sat on the throne, shifting slightly to get comfortable. He hid an amused look as the various demons and fallen angels entered the room.

Sam sat in the sand, legs stretched out before him as he enjoyed the intense heat. It felt really good just to soak it up like a cat. He was bored; he had no training, studying or court duties for the next three days!! That should be a good thing and yet……he had no clue what to do with his time. He was so used to his time being dictated by others that left to his own devices he just didn’t know what to do. Giving up on just lying in the sand he began to wander through the various levels, after nearly a hundred years he’d never actually just explored his home.

Eventually he heard the sounds of screaming or cries of pain and frowned, feeling his sword comfortably resting at his side. He moved deeper and felt like being sick as he came upon the never ending rows of torture racks……..filled with human souls. He could feel them, their pain and despair and he had to close his eyes to reinforce his shields. “Welcome to my humble abode little Prince.” A voice called and Samael spun around to see a demon….no Fallen Angel but boy had he really Fallen.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“Alistair, this is my little corner of hell.”

“And all these souls?”

“Humans who will one day be your loyal subjects.” He answered and Sam nodded, Alistair was really creeping him out. Sam looked at all the souls and all he felt was pain, this wasn’t right. No one deserved this. A soul cried out and Alistair looked over, smirking. “Please excuse my Sire; I must get back to my work.” And from the look on his face Sam knew it was work he loved. Sam quickly left the level and headed back to his rooms, no longer in any mood to explore.


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There will be het in this chapter.

Chapter 4

Sam sighed and rolled onto his back to stare up at his ceiling, unable to sleep. He felt restless and warm and it was driving him nuts. What was wrong with him for the last week? Sighing again he got out of bed and redressed before leaving his room and wandering the halls. He hesitated when he noticed his Father’s door was cracked open and a light was on. He moved closer and then knocked quietly, chewing his lip nervously. He had very little to do with the angel outside of Court duties and wasn’t sure of his welcome.

“Come in Samael.” Lucifer called and Samael started slightly before opening the door and walking in, looking around curiously. He watched his son, wondering what had brought him to his rooms for the first time ever. It was strange that the child’s wings were out although held against his back. Sam shifted nervously, looking lost and he took a really good look at his son before realising what the problem was. He hadn’t even thought about it, Samael had looked physically mature for over a century after all, he had never stopped to consider that perhaps he wasn’t totally. And now the poor child was finally maturing fully and had no clue what was happening to him. Lucifer sighed, perhaps he had not been as attentive a father as he should have been. “Sit Samael, we have much to discuss.”

Sam kept his eyes averted from any female, be they demon, fallen angel or human soul being tortured. Why, why had his Father told him all that? He didn’t want to know about how his parents had made him!!! Sure it explained the weird thing he had been feeling lately but he’d almost rather still be in the dark.

“My Prince?” Ruby called and Sam looked over at her before flushing and she blinked before smiling. “I was wondering when this would happen, it is only natural Samael.” She assured him gently. She had begun to wonder if his mixed heritage meant he would never mature as a healthy young human male would.


“It is only natural and you will learn to deal with it.”

“It’s driving me crazy!! Every time I see a female…”

“Even me?” She teased and he went red. “I’m flattered my Prince after all you are a very attractive young man.”

“Ruby…” He practically whined and she kissed his cheek.

“What? It is true. Seriously, find a female and experiment. You don’t have to marry her after all.” She suggested and then chuckled when he took off. Someone would corner him sooner or later. He needed to learn, couldn’t afford to have him distracted by a pretty Angel one the battlefield after all.

Meg smirked as she cornered the young Prince, pressing herself against him even as he stared at her with wide eyes. Her Father would reward her greatly for getting close to him and the idea of one day being Queen…well what girl didn’t dream of that. She smiled as she felt his body react to hers, his wings fluttering slightly. “Please my Lord.” She purred and Samael hesitantly touched her hip. She pressed even closer if that was possible, leaning up to press her lips to his. There was no reaction for a second and then he was responding to her actions on instinct. She gasped when they vanished and reappeared in the most luxurious room she had ever seen. She pulled him over to the massive bed and gently pushed him down onto it, ready to teach him everything he would ever need to know about sex.

Samael sat in the sand, soaking up the heat and thinking things over. He had to admit that what he and Meg did together was fun, very fun. But……he just didn’t like her much outside the bedroom and he could tell she was pushing for more than that. Guess this was what his Father and Ruby had warned him about, woman using him for his position and power. But how to break things off? Her Father was a powerful and influential General after all. He groaned and buried his head in his hands. Why did life have to be so complicated?


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Chapter 5

Sam found himself wandering through a section of hell he had never been in before. Meg hadn’t taken his refusal of her advances well this time and he had left to avoid a confrontation but now he wasn’t sure where he was. He sighed and sat against the wall, closing his eyes. It was cooler here than what he was used to and it felt…nice. Eventually he got up and kept walking before he came to a massive room. He shivered and looked up, seeing the pulsing lines. He frowned and squinted until suddenly the lines made sense, they were bars. There was a massive cage above his head. It was….wow. So this was where they had tried to seal his Father away for eternity, pity for them it hadn’t worked. Then again if it had he wouldn’t exist which would be bad, at least for him.

Samael smiled as he spotted his old sparring partner. It was good to see him getting a break from the war. Dumah saw him and inclined his head in respect. “Happy Birthday my Prince.”

“Happy Birthday?”

“It is a human thing I have discovered. They celebrate the day they were born with a party and the giving of gifts.”

“Huh, humans are strange.” Sam shook his head. “Do you have free time?”

“I will meet you in the training room.”

Samael grinned and rushed off to grab his training gear, it had been too long since he had an opponent who could push him.

Lucifer watched his son as the young man read a book. He was so smart it made Lucifer very proud of him; he just had trouble telling the child that. Since his Fall he had trouble admitting to the ‘softer’ emotions, perhaps that was why he had stayed away from his own son for so long. Samael looked over and saw him, smiling happily at him. No one had ever looked so happy to see him, not since Gabriel was very young anyway. His son walked towards him and Lucifer stayed where he was. Sam simply sat at his feet and laid his head in his father’s lap. He looked down in shock before hesitantly moving his hand to his sons head. Sam sighed and relaxed, enjoying the contact with his father. Sure he was 150years old but as far as he was concerned he would never be too old to seek comfort from his father.

Deyn fought against the hoard of demons and Fallen Angels with abandon, losing himself in the fight. This was the only thing that really helped him relax. He would defend his home with his very existence if necessary. That attitude made him one of the more feared angels in battle, only Michael was more feared. He didn’t care about that though, there was very little he cared about anymore. He’d never known his parents and even most of his caretakers were gone, Fallen or dead. He had no one. Which meant no one would mourn him if he were killed. He heard the order to retreat, clearing his head from the battle haze he looked around to find the reason why and saw him. Lucifer himself had arrived and since they had no Archangels with them they had to fall back. He hated retreating but he could not match Lucifer so he obeyed.

Samael sat on his bed just staring at the wall. He felt so confused but there was no one to talk it over with, no one like him existed. He was turning two hundred in a few months and his father had decided it was time for him to begin participating in the war. Part of him was excited by that, craved the fight but another part, the human part, was scared. Yes he had taken mild injuries in training but in actual battle it would be much worse and he could even die. No one knew what would happen if he died, would he cease to exist like an angel or would his soul return to hell? And the idea of killing others, family even if they had never met, made him feel sort of ill. Why couldn’t he be like everyone else and be one species? It had to be easier than this.

“Little Prince?” Ruby called softly and he looked over, revealing how miserable and confused he was. She sat beside him and he laid his head on her shoulder. “It will be alright.”

“No it won’t. I don’t want to kill.” He mumbled and she sighed.

“You had to know this would happen eventually, you are the Prince of Hell. Seeing you on the battlefield will definitely boost morale.” She pointed out and he sighed but nodded. He was a morale booster.

Lucifer watched the match closely. Samael was an excellent fighter but it was time to truly test him. He stood and moved to pick up a training blade even as the current fight ended. He moved to stand opposite his son whose eyes went wide in surprise before he smiled and moved into a ready stance. The start was called and Lucifer moved, pushing his son to his limits. Sam fought well but in the end the fight ended with Lucifer’s blade to his throat. Samael panted and dropped his own sword, surrendering. “Very good Samael, I am proud of you. Not many can last so long against me.” He smiled at his son who beamed at the rare praise.

Samael dodged the blow that would have taken his head off and then blocked another with his own blade before impaling another angel. They’d been fighting for over an hour now and he was beginning to tire a little, one of the downsides to being a half-breed. But he kept going, he didn’t want to disappoint his father in his first battle, no matter how bad he felt about killing his….’cousins’? He got caught between a group and hissed as a blade scraped against his shoulder but felt a flash of relief as Dumah came to his aide. It took another hour but finally the battle was won and he slumped in exhaustion before teleporting back to his room to clean up and let Ruby tend to his mild injuries.

“You did well today little Prince.” She praised and Sam nodded numbly. It didn’t feel like it to him, how many had died on his blade today?

The room was filled with cheers as Prince Samael knelt before his father and a silver band was placed on his head. He was finally taking his full role as heir to the throne.


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Chapter 6

Samael slumped on his couch, he was exhausted, worn down by centuries of fighting. There had been brief interludes, periods of rest but they never lasted long. He was so lonely too, Ruby had been reassigned when he was three hundred since he was too old to need her care. There’d been a night here and there, sharing a bed and his body with another, usually a human on earth, but it wasn’t the same as having a friend or lover of his own. Why couldn’t they have peace?

Deyn listened to the briefing, it was hoped that they could capture of kill the Prince soon. Perhaps Lucifer’s son would be more of a challenge for him then the usual weaklings. He was honestly growing bored with the war, it was always the same thing day after day. Nothing ever changed.

Samael spun out of the way and then ducked another attack before impaling his attacker on his blade. He spotted and angel fighting nearby and actually paused to watch him fight, he was good. Too good for most of his forces so Samael quickly moved in to lock blades with him. The angel seemed a little startled by the move but then attacked him. Samael knocked him back and they circled warily, everyone else backing off to leave them to their fight. He stared into brilliant green eyes and saw something familiar staring back at him, disdain for the fight. He smiled slightly and then took off, glancing back to find the angel following him which was what he wanted. He landed on a rock ledge on a mountain on earth and created a warm fire to rest beside. The angel landed and looked around for a trap. “I don’t want to fight you.” He sheathed his sword and sat down to rest. The angel just stared at him blankly so he nodded at the rock opposite. “I promise not to bite.”

Deyn stared at the male across from him. What was the point to this? Why get him alone if not to attack him away from backup? And who was he? He wasn’t a demon, that much Deyn knew but he also didn’t feel like one of the Fallen. He sheathed his sword but kept his dagger in his hand to be safe but the other simply sat and warmed himself by the flames. They stayed like that for several hours before the other cocked his head to the side, listening to something.

“Goodbye.” He stood and bowed slightly before vanishing, leaving Deyn alone on the mountain. He extinguished the flames and took off, returning to his Garrison.

Samael sat on his lounge and stared at the single white feather he held. It was edged in gold and so light it almost didn’t seem to exist. He wondered what the angel would think if he knew Samael had it. Three times now they had met on that mountain and he still hadn’t spoken a word but at least he hadn’t tried to kill him. He smiled as he played with the feather, finally he had found something well someone interesting. How to keep it from his Father and the angels superiors?

Samael stood on ‘their’ mountain and took a deep breath before holding out the feather and closing his eyes, summoning his power to call out to its owner. He then lit the fire and sat down to wait. It didn’t take long for his angel to appear, sword drawn. “Hi.”

“How did you summon me?” He demanded and Samael smiled at finally getting him to speak. He simply held up the feather.

“You moulted last time.” Samael shrugged. “Going to sit down?”

“Why?” Deyn stared at the other warily. Why had he summoned him? It made no sense.

“To talk.”

Deyn scoffed at the answer, why would one of Hell’s warriors want to talk to him? “The truth.”

“It is the truth. This isn’t a trap.”

“Why?” Deyn demanded again, trying to stare him down.

“Because you’re like me. You don’t want to fight anymore, I saw it in your eyes that first time.”

“Who are you?”

“A name for a name.” Was the counteroffer.

Deyn stared at him before simply vanishing. He knew better than that, names held power. It was bad enough he had…how could he have forgotten to get his feather back?

Samael sighed and extinguished the fire before leaving, he would try again later.

“Deyn.” He finally whispered, getting a smile from the other male.

“Samael.” Deyn stiffened and his hand went to his sword but the Prince didn’t move. “I’ve heard a lot about you, most feared angel other than Michael. That’s an impressive reputation. Planning to sit down?”

“You are the Prince.” Deyn sat warily even as Samael nodded. “How can his heir not want to fight?”

“Because you are all family too, even if I haven’t met any of you before. I am half human Deyn, maybe that makes me more emotional over this than others but this fighting, the war, its wrong.”


“My mother was human, from earth. She died when I was nine and that is when Father found me. I’ve spent nearly five centuries living with him now.”

Deyn was shocked at hearing his age, he was so young. With what he had heard he had expected someone closer to his own age at least. “Five hundred?”

Samael smiled and shrugged. “I’m not a baby Deyn. I’ve been trained for centuries to fight, to boost morale.”

Samael laughed at what Deyn had said. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, it is true.” The angel smiled slightly even as Samael laughed, sprawling on his back with black wings spread beneath him. Deyn reclined beside him, his own wings held against his back. He reached out and curiously touched the pitch coloured feathers and Samael stilled but did nothing to stop him.


“Why are they black?”

“They’ve always been black, even before Father found me. Maybe because he is a Fallen Angel, I don’t really know.”

“Does he know?”

“About you? This?” Samael asked and Deyn nodded.

“No. I don’t know how I would explain us being….friends?”

Deyn blinked, friends? Was that what they were? He’d never had a friend before. “Friends.” He finally agreed, earning another smile.


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Chapter 7


He watched his son leave for Earth and shook his head, he knew exactly what the boy was doing, he’d known for years and not put a stop to it. If Samael could turn a warrior as strong as Deyn to their side it would be a massive boost. He knew his son hated the fight and even he was growing weary of it. But what else could they do? Michael was not content to let them live in peace, he would wipe them all out if they did not fight.



Samael smiled as he spotted Deyn waiting for him on their mountain side. He landed and moved to sit beside him, and they just sat in silence, enjoying the moment. It was getting harder and harder to find time to meet up. He didn’t have too much trouble sneaking away but Deyn did, they were watched much more closely than those back home were. They both knew the risks he took every time they met up but Deyn obviously thought he was worth the risk which made him happy. A brisk wind blew around them and Samael stretched out a wing to wrap around Deyn, not that either of them was affected by the cold. It got an amused look and Samael shrugged. “My Angel,” he whispered.


Deyn stiffened slightly at the possessive title. It was something he should deny, even fight against and yet…he liked it. Samael was nothing like anyone he had ever known, he trusted him despite being on opposite sides of an eternal war. “Why do you fight for him?”


Samael didn’t have to ask to know who he meant. “He’s my Father. And I know what your superiors would do to me. I could try hiding out among humans but that couldn’t last forever,” he shrugged and Deyn nodded. “You don’t like the war any more than I do so why haven’t you left?”


“The only way would be to Fall.”


“Would that be so bad?” Samael regrated the question immediately as Deyn went rigid beside him. “I did not…I am not asking you to Fall Deyn,” he turned to face his friend, it hurt seeing him so on guard again. “Deyn I am your friend and I would never ask you to do something you do not wish to do. You are an Angel, that is who you are,” he kept his body language open and non-aggressive, wings hanging low and slowly Deyn relaxed again.



They walked through the town, unseen, eyes wide as they took in just how far humanity had advanced while they were busy fighting. It made him miss his Mother and the life he could have had with her even more. He barely remembered her anymore and Father would never speak of her, but he knew she would have loved this.


Deyn was amazed by what he was seeing, he could never have imagined such things! The way the others spoke he had imagined savages, living in the mud and barely able to communicate. But this…this should an ability to adapt and shape the world that he could never have dreamed of. It made him wonder…what else had he been misled about?



Gabriel watched as the young ones trained, it made him feel sick, the whole war did. They were family, they shouldn’t be fighting each other! He’d been toying with an idea for the last few centuries, but it was a big step to take and there would be no turning back. He looked over as another Angel approached, smiling at Deyn. “What brings you to my little corner of Heaven?”


“Information,” he knew Gabriel was his best bet for unbiased answers, but these questions were…risky.


“Ask away,” Gabriel offered as they moved away from the training area.


“What do you know of his son, Samael?”


“Straight to the point,” Gabriel smirked but then sobered. This…this was a sore subject, and one he was ashamed of even though he had not been involved. “It is not a happy story,” he warned and Deyn nodded. “No one knows how Lucifer managed it, but he met a human woman and they became intimate. Nine months later Samael was born, without his knowledge. For nine years he was raised as a human child but as he aged his powers grew. Eventually both sides felt his power, we just got their first. I was not involved so what I know is what I heard from others. They attacked the village where Samael and his Mother lived, killing all in they found as they searched for the hybrid child,” Gabriel had been horrified and saddened by the wasteful killings, there had been no need to do it. “They killed his Mother in front of him, causing his powers to manifest, the only thing that bought him the time until Lucifer arrived with some of his men, they slaughtered those who had done the killing and Samael was taken by his Father.”


Deyn was shocked, they had slaughtered innocent humans, children included, all to get to Samael? How could they? “Thank you for your time,” he left, lost in thought. Neither noticed the one observing their conversation with a frown.



Deyn laughed as Samael told him of some of his early training mishaps. After learning of his traumatic childhood, it was good to see him so happy. This war had destroyed a lot of lives and childhoods, but Samael’s hurt more than others, because he knew him? This time he was the one to offer a protecting wing when the wind blasted through and it earnt him a bright smile. That smile…it made him feel strange, like nothing he’d ever felt before. He felt happier, more at home with his enemy than among his own.


“Deep thoughts?” Samael asked, sensing his mood.


Deyn smiled, “not really.” They sat quietly for a while until he stood. “I will see you soon.” Samael nodded and Deyn returned home.



Deyn appeared before his superior and bowed. “You summoned me.”


“I did,” Michael agreed, staring at his best warrior. “I am concerned for you Deyn.”


“Sir?” Deyn cocked his head curiously while deep down he felt a brief surge of fear, did he know?


“You have been asking questions better left unasked. You have been absent many times without any word as to your location. Most interestingly, you have faced the Prince more times in battle than any other…battles that have ended with both of you unharmed.”


“He is a very skilled warrior,” Deyn answered and it was the truth.


“Or perhaps it Is not a true battle,” Michael offered and then sighed. “Know that I am doing this for your own good Brother. I will not allow you to Fall to their lies.”


“Si….” Deyn was cut off as he screamed in utter agony. He struggled to focus and saw Michael’s fist in his chest. He choked, hands weakly coming up to grip at Michael’s before falling limply to his sides as he became too weak to even stand, help up only by the hand. When it was pulled back he crumpled, small whimpers slipping free as he stared up at Michael, and the glowing vial in his hand…. his Grace. He felt so heavy, unable to move or do anything.


“You brought this upon yourself Deyn, you should never have questioned. I am not without mercy, you will live as a human for eternity, never remembering who you once were or how you were tempted. You will never return to Heaven or Fall to Hell,” Michael informed him as Deyn’s world went black.



“Push Katherine!” the midwife urged, and the young woman screamed in effort, her voice soon joined by the cries of a newborn boy.


Presently mother and son were cleaned up and she held her son in her arms, smiling as she gently ran her fingers through the downy blonde hair. “My beautiful Evan,” Katherine whispered, utterly content. None of the humans in the room were aware of another watcher keeping an eye on events.


Michael nodded to himself, content that Deyn was now safe. All that was left was to ensure no one would ever find his Grace and return it to him or use it themselves.



Samael sat at the fire for hours, he hadn’t seen Deyn in the last two battles which was very odd. And now he was very late for their meeting. He pulled the chain around his neck out from under his shirt and grasped the Feather on the end of it, calling out to its owner but nothing happened. He waited as long as he could before leaving a message in case Deyn came later and then he returned home.



“You are troubled Son,” Lucifer commented as Samael gently tended to his wound. There were few who were ever allowed to see their King and Master weak, his son was one of them. “Does this have to do with the Angel you have been meeting the last several centuries?” he asked and saw Samael’s eyes widen in surprise, making him chuckle. “I am old, not blind.”


“I…yes. He’s been missing form the last battles, he has not met with me either and when I tried to summon him, nothing happened,” he admitted sadly.


“Could he have been killed?”


“If Deyn was killed I think everyone would know.”


Well that was a shock, he had thought one of the lower rank…but Deyn? It was amazing that he had even considered questioning. And it meant one of his men would need to be informed of his disappearance and possible death, although he agreed with his son, it was highly unlikely he could have died without them knowing. 



It had been over a century with no sign of Deyn, no matter what was tried. Samael tried to remain optimistic, but it was hard. It had been a shock when Dumah had gone nuts at the news and then to learn Deyn was his son… to think they could have known each other since Samael had been brought home, rather than being on opposite sides. Then again if Deyn had been raised here he would have been different and maybe they would not have become close anyway. It hurt…Deyn was really the closest friend he had, and he really cared about him.


He’d never felt this sort of pain before, a pain he was actually happy to take out on the enemy. His Father was happy with the change and they had won several battles with his new attitude.  He was not sure why Deyn’s disappearance was affecting him so deeply, they were just friends, were they not? It was not possible…. was it? Did he…could he…love him?



Samael walked between the racks, forcing himself to ignore the pleas of the human souls as they saw him. He had heard that a scouting party had gotten lucky and brought a captive back with them. He despised Alistair, but he was very good at his job and Samael needed information. He entered the heavily shielded room, designed to keep Angels from escaping to find the torturer already at work.


“Welcome my Prince,” Alistair greeted as he continued trying to break the Angel. “What brings you to my humble workshop?”


“Your prisoner, I need information.”


“Of course, Sire, what do you wish to know?”


“The fate of Deyn.”


“If he knows I shall inform you at once.”


It took thirty years, but the Angel finally gave up the information and Samael felt sick and enraged. How could they? He stormed into the Throne Room, the doors slamming open before him without a touch, getting the attention of all within.


He took one look at his sons face and knew it was not good. “Leave us,” he commanded, and they scattered, no one had ever seen Samael that mad. “What has happened?”


“That…that bastard!” Samael snarled.


“Calm yourself Samael,” he stood from his Throne and moved to grip his sons’ shoulders. “What has happened?”


“I know he is your Brother, my Uncle, but I am going to kill him for what he has done.”




Samael nodded, trembling in rage and grief. “He ripped Deyn’s Grace out and banished him to live as a human forever, continually reborn with no chance of ever coming to Hell or Heaven. He has no memories of who he is, no powers, nothing,” he gasped out the last and collapsed in his Father’s arms.


“I am so sorry,” he gently put his son to sleep and sent him to his rooms before summoning Astaroth and several others, wanting their input on what could be done.



Samael walked in slowly, they could all see his grief and pain as he approached the Throne. “Father?”


“We believe that if Deyn can be found we could bring him here, or if he could be coerced into making a Deal. The problem is finding him among the many humans,” Lucifer explained gently. There was hope, but it was very slim.


“Then do to me what was done to him,” Samael stated, and the room went dead silent. “I know I will find him.”


“What good would that do with no memories or powers?” Astaroth demanded.


“I don’t know, but it is my only chance. We know from when Mother was killed that I cannot hide with powers. I have to be human.”


“No, I will not lose you,” his Father snarled.


“Father please, it hurts so much. And it would not have to be exactly the same, I could return home in between lives, I could remember then,” he offered.


He stared at his only son, he looked like he had barely slept since Deyn had disappeared. He was thin, pale… how could he say no if there was even a slim chance they could find each other? He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “Agreed.”



Samael stood within the ritual circle, trying to hide his fear as he looked around.


“Are you sure?” Lucifer asked sadly, drinking in his sons form as he stood with only his wings to preserve his modesty.


“Yes Father… I have to do this,” he agreed and then smiled sadly. “I love you,” he whispered and then screamed in pain as his powers were ripped away and the world faded away.



“Push Sarah, you can do it, just push,” Marcus urged his wife in the dim light of their cabin. There was no midwife or older woman to help, just him and he was terrified, what did he know of childbirth? She screamed, clutching the sheets as she pushed, over and over, until finally a silent child slipped into his hands. He shakily picked up the small, still form, terrified and then it suddenly screamed, and he laughed. “You did it!” he moved to show their son to Sarah and she smiled tiredly.


“Thomas, for your Father,” she suggested, and he grinned.


“A good strong name.”



“My Lord!” Astaroth strode into the cold, dark, Throne Room. With the Prince’s absence things had changed and no one liked it.


“What is it?”


“Dumah has learned what was done to Deyn, he was gone before any could stop him. He is going after Michael.”


“Send a battalion after him, do not engage, just drag him back.”



Alex screamed as the wolf tore into him, his weapon out of reach. Thankfully he passed out from blood loss before it ripped him apart. His soul slipped free but before it could pass on it was yanked across the world and into a newly conceived child, a baby boy. Deyn’s consciousness did not react as he was once again ripped from one life to the next. He would never know that at the moment of his ‘death’ as Alex, his Father was killed by the one who had condemned him to this existence.



He watched as a soul landed in his Throne room, watching as it wavered and changed into the familiar and much missed form of his son. He stirred slowly and then sat up, looking around and Lucifer could see the instant Samael’s memories returned, his son smiling at him before scrambling up and lunging in for a hug. “Any luck?”


“No, although I think… I found a man’s body, I think it was Deyn. He was not long dead,” Samael shook his head. “That was six months ago.”


“And how did you die?” he asked and was surprised when his son blushed.


“There may have been an incident with a goat.”


“Forget I asked, come, you should rest and then we can talk for a while.”


“Yes Father,” he was happy to find his rooms had remained untouched and easily fell asleep. A week Hell time later he moved on to his next life.



Samael lay on his bed, staring at the ceiling, hoping and praying that this time it would work, this time he would be reunited with Deyn. He refused to lose hope.



Gabriel looked in the window at the family within and smiled, he had finally found him. Deyn actually look surprisingly like himself, just tiny. With his punishment and then the death of Dumah…Gabriel had enacted his plan and vanished, hiding as a pagan god, Loki. He enjoyed the life and had been keeping an eye out for Deyn’s next rebirth, because of something he had learned only recently. Samael had managed to convince his Father to do the same to him, trying to find Deyn. Something about what kept Deyn from moving on also worked to keep them apart, but he wasn’t an Archangel for nothing. The Mother, Mary, was pregnant with another son, one who did not have a soul yet. He tracked Samael down and sighed. “You’ll thank me one day,” he muttered before killing his current body, catching his soul before he could return home and then gently placing it within the baby. This life they would be together, even if only as brothers. He would watch over them as much as he could but for now they were safe. He left, not realising just who the parents were or what was to come for their children.



“Sam!” Dean screamed as he saw the man move behind his brother, knife in hand. Sam went to turn but it was too late and the blade was driven into his spine. Dean rushed forward as the man ran off, catching Sam as his legs crumpled. “It’s okay, you’re gonna be okay Sammy. We’ll patch you up,” he babbled as he put pressure on the wound and Sam weakly clung to him, gasping. “Stay with me Sam,” he begged as Sam sagged against him. “Sam? Sammy? No! SAM!!!” Dean screamed in denial, cradling his brothers too still form.



Sam scrambled to his feet, looking around in confusion until a flood of memories washed over him and he relaxed. “Father.”


“Samael, it has been longer than usual.”


“Yeah…it’s weird, I went straight to the next life and I’m pretty sure I was killed to do it. I found him Father, I found Deyn. He is Dean Winchester.”


“You were Samuel Winchester?” his Father asked in disbelief and Sam nodded. “Do you know how much trouble you’ve caused?” he shook his head. “Go, rest, we will speak later. With Deyn being a Hunter there may be more options to reuniting you.”


Sure enough, just before Sam would have been moved on to a new life one of the Crossroads demons announced she had made a deal for Dean Winchester’s soul…in return for his brother being brought back to life. Samael laughed and spun her around before rushing to tell his Father. No one could break that deal, they would finally be together for eternity. He felt horrible that Dean had felt there was no other way than to make a deal, and with only a year to live, but he was also overjoyed by the consequences Dean knew nothing about, yet. He would have to be careful, he did not want to scare him off.


He waited impatiently and then he felt the power of the contract grip him tight and yank him back into the body of Samuel ‘Sammy’ Winchester. He sat up with a gasp, sucking air into his lungs and trying not to cough. He looked around, frowning as he realised he was alone in what looked like an abandoned hut of some sort. He’d thought Dean would be there… then again Dean would have been at the crossroads and since Sam didn’t know where he was he had no idea where the nearest one was. He would be back soon, he knew it.


The End.

Hope you enjoyed this, if you haven’t read Hell’s Heir, that starts where this finishes.