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Hell's Child

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Dumah held the small body in his arms, Sandalphon looking down at the tiny baby. He was utterly perfect. "Deyn." Dumah whispered and Sandalphon nodded happily, gently stroking a hand over the tiny head of their child.


He huddled in the corner, terrified and still covered in blood. He didn't understand what had happened, just that Mother was gone. Tears fell down his face as he rocked and then strong hands lifted him and he cried out in fear. "Shh son, it's alright. No one will ever harm you again."

Lucifer lifted the child, his son into his arms, trying to comfort him. Adara was dead, killed by his brothers but he had managed to save their child. He'd been shocked when he realised the boy was his, he hadn't thought he could have a child with a human but he had and now the small boy was clinging to him, crying for his mother. "It's alright Samael, you are safe." He whispered and tear fill hazel eyes opened to stare at him, curious fingers slowly reaching out to touch his wings. He managed a rusty smile for his son, able to feel the latent power within the child. No wonder they had tried to take or kill him, fully trained Samael would be powerful. "Sleep son." He brushed his grace against the child and the boy slumped, eyes falling shut in sleep. He stood with the child in his arms and carried him to the bathroom, washing him up before dressing him and putting him into the large bed.

Once sure the child would sleep for several hours he left the room, sealing it behind him so that no one could harm the boy as he went looking for someone to act as a caretaker for the child. He nodded as he came across a new demon. She cowered from him as he stared at her. "what is your name?"

"Ruby My Lord." She answered.

"Come with me." He ordered and she obeyed. He opened the door and the demon stared in confusion at the child sleeping on the bed. "This child is your responsibility. You are to make sure he is safe, healthy and well cared for. He is nine human years old so begin teaching him. If necessary you will die to protect him. Do you understand?"

"Yes My Lord."


"Ruby! Ruby look!" Samael called excitedly to his caretaker and she looked down at what the boy who looked to be about twelve years old was holding. She smiled and took the flower from the boy, where had he found such a thing in hell? "What is it?"

"A rose little prince. Where did you find it?"

"Over there." He pointed and she bowed her head in respect when she saw Lucifer himself lingering.

"Come, let's find somewhere to put it." She offered and Samael nodded, pulling her along. She let him drag her back to his rooms and then found a container for the flower before making him sit and work on his studies. She wasn't sure if it was being in hell or his parentage that was making him age slowly, he looked and acted like he was twelve and yet he was almost twenty. She'd never had children as a human and becoming a demon removed all chance of doing so but she had the little prince to care for and that was enough.


Astaroth stared at the hybrid child as the boy worked at his studies. This was the child he was to train? He was small and slender but obviously had yet to hit his full height. It would take a lot of work to turn this studious child into a warrior fit to be their Lord's heir but he would do it. Slightly glowing hazel eyes focused on him suddenly and he was painfully reminded of another child, one he had helped raise.

"Who are you?" A curious voice asked and the fallen angel focused on the present.

"I am Astaroth; I am to be your new teacher." He answered, moving into the light and he was pleased when the boy's eyes merely widened, giving no other reaction to his armoured form.

"What will you teach me?" The physically thirteen year old asked.

"What you need to know as Prince of Hell." He answered and hazel eyes narrowed before the teen nodded. "We will begin now, come with me."


Lucifer watched his son as he worked, nodding as Astaroth joined him. "How is his training going?"

"He is a fast learner and talented My Lord."


"He lacks the killer instinct necessary to win in battle." He answered softly, watching the boy as he worked through the kata.

"He will learn." He watched for a while longer before leaving.