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Alex came around the corner from training to find her team mate sitting alone on the steps.  “Hey Chris?” “Hey.” “What are you doing?” “I’m just hanging out.” “Where’s Tobin?” “I’m not sure.” “You’re not sure, I figured you two would know where each other are at.” Christen half smiled. “Is everything ok?” “Honestly, I’m not sure.”

Alex stopped and sat down next to her fellow forward. She just looked at Chris.  “Do you want to talk about it?” Christen did not say anything she shrugged.  “Oh boy, I kind of know that reaction.  Is Tobin withdrawing?” Christen looked at Alex surprised.  “I know her pretty well.  She is not always easy to follow or understand sometimes. Tobin can be just…..Tobin sometimes.”

Christen nodded her head in agreement. “It’s just that, I don’t know.  I’m not sure what she is really feeling.  She is very affectionate and attentive and then she is discreet and reserved.”  “Ok I have to let you know this.  She really likes you Chris.” “How do you know that?” “I see how she looks at you when you’re not looking.” “Mmmm….I’m not so sure.  Tobin has been acting different since the game with Costa Rica.” “Different how?” “Well she has been hands off and she has been spending time by herself.  She has sent a few texts, but that was to let me know she had some things to take care of.  It feels like she is shutting me out.”

“Well if this helps as all, she does this sometimes.  It’s not you.  Maybe she is trying to process the final exchange that her and Cruz had.  Once thing is for certain Tobin is a very deep and caring person and she takes time to process and reconcile situations.  Many time she goes off and just sits in a quiet place with her bible or journal.  She has to process and she likes doing that alone.”  “Ok, but if we are closer now, why wouldn’t she come to me so I could help?”  “If you figure that one out let me know.  I have known Tobin for a long time.  This is how she is.  You just have to give her the moment.  Don’t worry she will come to you when she is ready. It may feel like she is shutting you out, but that is really not the case.”

Christine listened to Alex’s advice.  “I hope she figures it out soon.  I’m dying over hear.”  “Just let her come to you.” “What do I do in the meantime?” “Be patient.  She will tell you what is going on.  She always did when we were hanging together.  We were very close at one point and I had these same types of questions and thought maybe I was doing something wrong until Lauren pulled me aside and explained how complex Tobin can be.  She seems very laid back and easy going. But when it comes to people and their feelings she hates hurting people and she wants to do the right thing.  I’m sure this Shirley thing has left a mark.  Any time you’re involved with someone and it ends unfavorable, it is difficult to move past the feelings.”

“You and Tobin appeared to never have this type of breakup.” “Our relationship was never romantic. Don’t get me wrong we love each other and are very close.  But we never really crossed that line.  My focus and romantic feelings were always aligned with Servando, so we never look our relationship in that direction.  Actually I was surprised Tobin decided to get romantically involved with Cruz.  She is nice, but I never really got the connection. She did not seem like the right match for Tobin.  We had a few conversations about it over Skype while she was in France.  Unfortunately Tobin did not take my advice and the relationship continued.”

“I hope she can trust me Alex. I only have her best interests in mind.  I really like her calm and caring nature.  I guess I’m a little more open than she is when it comes to sharing struggles.”  “She will tell you don’t worry.  But it has to be on her timeline and that will test your patience.  Believe me, I’m speaking from experience”

Christine reached her hand over to Alex’s forearm and gently squeezed. “Thank you for talking to me about this Alex.  I feel a little better about what is going on.”  Alex smiled.  “Are you walking back to your room? I’m going that way if you want to head over with me.” “Sure.” The two women walked back.  She told Alex she would see her at dinner.  

During dinner Christin and Tobin sat together.  Their conversation was small and directed at others who were at their table.  Towards the end of the meal, Tobin looked at Chris and she could see the struggle on her face.  Leaning in, Tobin whispered into the forwards ear.  “I know I have not been myself. I’m sorry.” Christen nodded when they pulled apart.  Tobin leaned in again, “Can we talk?” This time Christen replay, “I think we need to talk.” Tobin nodded. “I will stop by your room in an hour.” Christen smiled and Tobin stood up and headed out of the dining area.