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When Nothing Else is Left

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It was a beautiful night in Chernogorsk. The crisp fall wind blew through the trees, occasionally freeing a yellow-orange leaf from the branches. The only sounds coming from the quiet city were the leaves as they landed and the muffled protests of a young woman as she was dragged in a potato sack into the woods by a dark figure.

Firebrand glanced around at the trees, searching for the house he had scouted out earlier that day. Walking through the woods, he followed a familiar trail until he came upon the field in which the house was located. Dragging the squirming sack towards the front of the house, he opened the door and lifted it up. He dropped the bag in the kitchen with a thud and exited the house, locking the door. Grinning, he ran around to the back and grabbed a can of gasoline. He returned to the front of the house and proceeded to drench the door frame. Backing up, he raised his hands towards the house. With a maniacal grin, he opened his hands, revealing a set of eyes on his palms as the door burst into flames.

Firebrand listened as he heard the panicked shouts inside the house. He knew that it would only be a short time before the screams came. He loved the screams. Knowing that his victims became his next piece of twisted art never failed to fill him with ecstasy. His beady eyes widened and his thin lips stretched to a grin as he waited for the woman to catch on fire. After a while however, his smile faded and his eyes darkened. Where are the screams? he asked himself. Walking up to the flaming house, he pushed down the door and walked in. Stepping over rubble, he walked to the kitchen and turned the corner to find, to his surprise, that there was no one there. He left the house furious. Spinning around, he shouted, "Where are you? You cannot escape me! I am Firebrand!"

"A little dramatic are we?" came a mocking voice from within the dark. Lifting his hands towards the voice, Firebrand ignited a row of trees nearby. He noted with an insane grin that he had hit his target, however, his smile quickly faded when he realized that the fire seemed to have no effect on the robed man.

"You really chose the wrong guy to mess with." the robed man muttered, almost to himself, as he walked towards Firebrand. The fire flared, forcing Firebrand to squint his eyes to adjust to the light. By the time he had opened his eyes again, the robed man was already upon him. Like lightning, the man reached into his pocket and grabbed a small silver shiv. Firebrand noticed that the shiv looked as if it had been broken off of a much larger unit, but this train of though was cut short as the man plunged it deep into his chest. As Firebrand collapsed to the ground, the fire around the pair and on the house and trees faded to embers. Firebrand's beady eyes were a wide mix of fear and pain as he clutched at the hole in his chest and managed to gasp "Who are you?". The man knelt down beside him, whispered something in his ear, and standing, began to walk towards the woman in the sack.

As he untied the sack, Firebrand's body was engulfed in flames. When the man had finished untying it, he stood and turned to leave. The woman squirmed out of the sack and, seeing the robed man leaving, shouted "Wait!". The man froze stiff as soon as he recognized the voice. "Thank you so much!" the woman said smiling as she ran up to him. "If it weren't for you I don't know how I would have got out of there. Thank you." The man, without turning, gave her a small nod and began to walk away again. Grabbing the man's shoulder, she asked "What kind of hero are you? Leaving before you even tell me your name." The man sighed. "I'm no hero, Silverburgh. Don't thank me. I'm just repaying my debt." He tried to walk away, but she grabbed his shoulder again. "Who are you?" she whispered. He smiled from beneath his hood. "Trust me, Meryl. By now, I'm sure you've got it memorized." With that, he snapped his fingers, causing a shadow to grow from the ground. He stepped into the shadow, and as he disappeared it sank back into the ground, leaving her standing alone in the woods.

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I was promised an army, and I get a freak show, Cole thought to himself as he scanned the dimly lit room. Raist had better have a good explanation for all this. He looked down at the thick rubber gloves he was wearing and smirked as he realized how ironic he was being. Raistlin had insisted that he wore the gloves to prevent any more ‘incidents’ as he had put it. Cole knew that his anger got the best of him sometimes, so eventually he reluctantly agreed.

Looking around the room, Cole could have sworn he was at some sort of circus. Directly to his left was a man who was leaning back in his chair. He had his feet up on the table and looked quite relaxed given the situation the group was in. Cole wasn’t sure if the man was unaware of what was happening, or if he just didn’t care. The man’s face was shadowed by his hood, and the black robes he wore made it impossible to determine any features about him. Cole had tried to talk to start a conversation when he first entered, but he had all but ignored him, so Cole thought it best to let it go.

Just past the hooded man was a jolly rodent-like creature. He was discussing things very quickly with another of his species, which Cole knew from overhearing the two of them talk, was the Yordle race. The male was larger than the female was, but Cole knew he would barely come up to his waist. He was currently using a small brush to clean out the inside of his bamboo blowgun, and when he would stay still enough Cole realized he had difficulty keeping focus on him. The female of the species was loading what looked like an oversized pistol. The bullets she was loading into it, as she had told the male who she called Teemo, were specially designed by a man, or perhaps another Yordle, named Ziggs. The look on his face as she said that was more than enough to make Cole question who this Ziggs guy was and how safe the bullets might be.

Looking further down the table, he passed an empty seat he assumed Raistlin would take when he arrived. He continued past the empty seat until he was looking straight across from himself at a younger brown haired man. The messy haired man was fiddling around with a small device that Cole had never seen before. Something the man did to the device caused it to whir and glow briefly, so he quickly stopped the device and put it back in his pocket.

Beside Cole on his right was the first of the two people at the table he knew, the legendary war hero Solid Snake. Cole had, on several occasions, worked with Snake for infiltration missions. On one occasion, Snake had given him a pair of brass knuckles that he had found on one of the soldiers in the factory they were infiltrating. “Given your... unique abilities, I think these would help you out a lot.” he had told him. Cole still carried them in his bag to this day, and they have saved him from a lot of trouble on many occasions.

Just past Snake was a quiet woman. When she had entered the room, Cole had noticed some strange leg braces that he assumed helped her walk. She carried around a strange looking gun that glowed orange, and she had strange scars on her throat. She seemed friendly, but by the way she had only nodded and smiled in response to the chatter he assumed that she was unable to speak.

The last man sitting at the table, and the second face that Cole recognized was that of the infamous Dr. Robotnik sitting in a large robotic walker. Robotnik, or Eggman as many called him due to his egg-like shape, was one of the last people Cole expected to be at the meeting. He knew that Eggman was, at times, helpful to humanity, but he was still evil on many occasions and Cole didn’t trust him enough for him to be in an operation like this. He managed to hold back his anger long enough to rationalize that Raistlin wouldn’t have him here unless he needed him for something, so he let it go.

Cole heard a knock as everyone went silent and turned towards the door. The two robots Eggman had brought along for security walked up to the door and looked through the peephole. Satisfied, the robots opened the door as one offered its arm to support the old man as he entered the room. The old man staggered into the room, his dusty hooded robe covering his wrinkled face. Getting up, Cole pulled the chair out for Raistlin as he slowly made his way over to the table. Raistlin sat down and took a moment to catch his breath before he began to speak.


“Some of you may know why I gathered you all today,” he said, his raspy voice barely more than a whisper, “but for those of you who don’t I’ll fill you in. I, my friends, am Raistlin Majere.” As he said this, he removed his hood and to the shock of many of them, met them eye to eye with his twisted gaze. Cole had known Raistlin for a long time, so he barely flinched when Raistlin’s hourglass shaped pupils and golden irises passed him over. He knew that the old man found the reactions people had when they first saw his eyes quite entertaining, so he let the man have his fun.


Raistlin continued, “Many of you have heard a lot about me. Most of it is probably true. However, situations in life often change a man, and many of my ways have changed since I last made contact with the public. I’ve gathered you all here today because the world is changing. Most of you know of the war outside these very doors, and those who don’t have seen the effects of it as you entered the meeting room.


The world you see now is an example of what happens when heroes fall and evil wins. When evil worked together and the heroes fell apart, it was no surprise that we lost. The heroes of the past were either too bold or too stubborn to work together to stop the uprising we know now as the Omega Faction. The few who were willing to work together were few and far between,” he said, looking at Cole and Snake, “or were unaware of the others that were willing to fight.”


Raistlin began to cough and reached for a handkerchief inside his robes. He coughed into it, and when he was finished, slipped it back into his robes. Cole noticed as he put it away that there was some blood on it from his coughing. The old man continued, “This is why I’ve gathered you here today. The world is corrupted, but not lost. There are still heroes left in the world, and although many of them are suppressed by the evil around them, they are still willing to fight for good. This may be the ranting of a foolish old man,” Raistlin’s thin lips twisted to a weak smile as he said this, “but I believe if the heroes could come together, they could win this war.”


At this, Snake began to talk. “I’m an old man, Raistlin. I’ve seen many wars. Both my experiences and my common sense say we’re going to lose this war. What makes you believe we can win this?” Raistlin was silent for a moment, then he said, “I believe it will work, because it’s our only chance left.” The hooded man to Cole’s left had moved from his relaxed state to a much more focused and tense state by now. He stood up and spoke for the first time, saying with a quiet voice, “Whatever you have planned, I’ll do it.” He then sat back down and went back to his relaxed position.


Snake sighed. “I think you’re crazy Raistlin, but I’ll help too.” “If I wasn’t interested in helping, I wouldn’t be here now would I?” Eggman laughed as he saw several of the people at the table tense up when he said this. The Yordles were the next to chime in. “Me and Trist will help as much as we can.” said the jolly Teemo. Tristana laughed and cocked her gun. The silent woman, who Raistlin had identified as Chell, handed Raistlin a note that simply stated “I’m in.” Cole gave Raistlin a nod to reassure the fact that he already knew: Cole would fight at his side until the end.

The last man, the messy haired man, sat silent at the table. Raistlin struggled out of his seat and walked over to the man. He whispered something in his ear, and the man sighed and said “I won’t help you fight. But I will help you escape if you ever need it.” Satisfied, Raistlin hobbled his way back to his chair and sat down. He smiled. “So it’s settled. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the freak show.”

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“You’re gonna have to move faster than that if you wanna catch me!” laughed Itsuki Minami as he leaped down the staircase, followed close behind by several white creatures with long silver blades. Spinning around and sliding backwards on his rollerblades, he pulled out a pair of pistols and began to shoot the creatures. He hit one, killing it, but two replaced it as he turned around and skated away.


Spinning around a corner, he leaped over more of the creatures as they swung their swords at him. He flipped through the air and slammed his foot into the face of the creature, killing it as he landed and sped up. Laughing, he turned around to taunt the creatures, when he slammed backwards into one, tripped and crashed to the ground.


Itsuki raised his guns and shot the creature behind him as more came up from in front of him. Aiming at the pack, he fired into them as they slowly approached. He scrambled back, getting a rock stuck in his rollerblades and firing into the pack some more. He fired into the endless waves of the creatures until instead of a gunshot, he heard a click. He clicked again as he realized, to his horror, that his guns had run out. He raised his arms in the air to block his face as the first of the creatures raised its blade above his head.


Itsuki opened his eyes to see that the creature had stopped. The pack now stood around him in a circle, their blades pressed into the ground with an inhuman force. He saw the pack part as a man walked into the circle. He was a middle aged man who Itsuki thought was pretty average with the exception of the large burn marks on the side of his face. He stood slightly taller than Itsuki, and was above average in build. Itsuki worked the rock out of his rollerblade as the man approached him and offered him a hand. Itsuki pushed the hand away and stood up, meeting the man eye to eye.


“Well, you caught me. What do you want?” he spat as he stared the other man down. The man smiled at him, a sinister smile that sent shivers down Itsuki’s spine. “My comrade, I offer you a chance for freedom. My name is Zoran Lazarevic, and I’d like you to join the Omega Faction.” When he heard the man’s name, Itsuki scowled. “You’re pretty upfront about this aren’t you? Why do you want me?” Zoran laughed. “Your fighting skills and your skill in racing is known to many, including me. We have several... problematic individuals that we need to deal with, and we need someone fast to fight them. With your help, we could defeat the resistance that stands against our lovely Omega Faction.” Itsuki looked down. “I see you’re quite familiar with this little resistance I speak of. We do not wish to hurt them, we simply wish to maintain our control over this world. So what do you say?” Itsuki looked up and smirked. “And what if I refuse?” Zoran’s smile faded and a serious look came over his face. “Then we would have no choice but to kill you,” he said, removing a gun from his belt to reinforce his statement.


Itsuki thought for a moment, then smirked. “You see, when you grow up in a rathole like Pallet, you learn two things. You learn how to run, and how to fight. And since you interrupted my race, I guess I’m done running.” He laughed as Zoran raised his gun to his head. “Unfortunately for you, my competitor might not be so happy that you ruined our race.”


Ducking down suddenly, Itsuki punched Zoran in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him as a large shadow came over them. Sliding past Zoran, he leaped into the air and slammed down on several of the white creatures. He swung around and slammed his empty gun into the head of one of the creatures, ducking behind another as Zoran fired his gun. He grabbed the sword of one of the creatures, but noticed that after he sliced through one that it began to fade away, as did the bodies of the creatures who died. Itsuki rolled and raised his pistols just in time to block a swing from one of the creatures, sending him rolling backwards. As he stopped, the area around the creature burst into flames.


Zoran, who had been focused on trying to hit Itsuki, jumped back at this and looked into the sky. As he looked up, a large creature flew by from the roof of one building to the other. Panicking, he grabbed his phone and called in his evac squad. The dragon-like creature flew by again and ignited more of the creatures near Zoran as he dove under cover. Itsuki laughed. “I told you he wouldn’t be happy!” he taunted as he beat down more of the creatures with the guns he carried. As the white creatures surrounded him again, he leaped into the air. The dragon creature swooped down one last time and grabbed Itsuki’s arm in its talon, carrying him away from the fight.

“So we’ve got the villain, the dragon and the hero. I guess that makes me the princess doesn’t it?” Itsuki laughed at the red capped man who sat in front of him. The man just smirked and said “Shut up.” Itsuki sat for a moment treating a gash on the side of his arm. He hadn’t noticed it until after the fight. He figured the adrenaline that he had while he was fighting was to blame for the lack of pain, but he figured it could be one of the man’s creatures that was causing him to not notice it. “Do you have any idea what those things were?” “They’re called Samurais, “ the man said. “They’re a species of Nobodies. One that we,” he put a hand to the small orbs on his belt, “fought to eliminate several years ago. I’m not sure how they survived. Especially that many.” Itsuki went silent, remembering the stories the man had told him of the wars before the Omega Faction took over.

The pair sat in silence for awhile, listening to the sound of the wind blowing by them and the wings of the dragon-like creature flapping. Itsuki was the first to speak. “I missed you, Red. Things haven’t been the same around here since you left.” Red fixed his cap. “I missed you too Ikki. I couldn’t come back before.” “I know.” Itsuki said. “Are you going to stick around now?” Red turned his head and smiled. “I don’t think I have much choice.” Itsuki smiled as he remembered the old times, back when they’d fight side by side. “Then we’ll fight this together.” “Together. Just like old times.” Red said, and the pair went silent again as they flew to where Red had his camp.

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It was a quiet day for Meryl Silverburgh. Ever since the Omega Faction had claimed the cities around Cherno, business had slowed down to almost nothing. There were still a few locals that came by to shop every once and awhile, but they were barely enough to keep the shop afloat. She sighed as she went back to carving a chair out of wood with James. James was the name she gave to the knife that she had been given long ago when she left for war. It had kept her safe not only on her way home, but in many occasions such as when there were break ins at the shop. Her mind drifted to the wars of her past, and she began to think of where everyone was. She knew Snake had never left the wars, that he had continued to fight in many countries. She had even heard that he had made his own society out at sea. She thought about visiting from time to time, but she knew if she went back she’d want to go back to the life she had before she left.

She then thought about Red. The Beast Tamer, they used to call him. Snake had brought him in from some other country far off to the east. He was a quiet man, and Meryl had doubted his effectiveness out on the battlefield, especially after he had denied all weapons offered to him. It wasn’t until their first battle, when he removed a small orb from his belt and released a strange dragon-like creature that she began to trust in his skills. Last she had heard he had gone back to his own country, but she didn’t know where he was or what he was doing.

She then began to think about the people who hadn’t made it out of the war. She thought of Gretern, the orc, who had gunned down nearly 50 men before he collapsed from loss of blood. She thought of Jack, the man who had gone insane from the war. He claimed he couldn’t die as he grabbed a bomb that they couldn’t defuse and jumped out of the 20 story building they were in. But most of all, she thought of Axel.

When Meryl had first met Axel, she hadn’t thought a lot about him. He was a younger man, about the same age as her, and was more skilled in stealth and hand to hand combat than assault and front-line forces. He was their unit’s stealth specialist, and he was great at what he did. That was more than enough for Meryl.

For their first couple months of working together, they didn’t talk a lot. He seemed to keep to himself mostly, only talking when he needed to and spending most of his spare time reading his raggedy old journal, sometimes adding new entries, or staring at his odd collection of random objects. Meryl had caught glimpses of the collection at that time, but he would put it away when people approached so she hadn’t seen the collection up close.

It wasn’t until their fifth month together that this changed. They had been on a mission in the Serena Republic for about a week, and they had been sent to track down one of the Omega Faction’s leaders by the name of Sephiroth. Intel had informed her that this was a high danger mission, but she hadn’t expected anything like what she came up against.

Their squad had arrived at the dusty old city in which Sephiroth was supposed to have made base in. The streets and buildings had been empty as far as anyone could tell, and there was a silence across the whole city that made even the bravest of them jumpy. They were about to turn a corner when Axel suddenly stopped and raised his hand. Freezing, the squad waited to see if they could hear what stopped him. Without warning, he turned up and fired straight into the beast that was hanging above them.


Hanging above them was the most disturbing creature Meryl had ever seen. The creature looked like a man in body, but was horribly disfigured. The creature wore little more than a disgusting loincloth that looked as if it was made of skin, and it carried a large blade that was as long as it was tall. The most disturbing part about the creature, however, was the strange metal triangular object it wore over it’s head. The creature turned its head down at them, and as it did, Meryl saw flakes of rotting skin flake down the thing it wore. As it hung from a window only a single story up, Meryl noticed that the bullet hole did little more than annoy the creature.

The creature let out a cry as it dropped from the building above her. Rolling out of the way, Meryl spun around and fired as the beast closed in on her allies. Suddenly, she heard movement behind her as three more of the creatures came running out of buildings nearby. The group still outnumbered the creatures, but she knew they were in for a fight. She unloaded several more shots into the creature, but the creature remained unfazed. She went to shout to Gretern but one of the creatures grabbed her shoulder and lifted her into the air. The creatures fingers dug into her shoulder as it raised the large blade it was holding into the air. Screaming, she fired into the creature’s stomach, but it did little more than slow the creature. The creature was about to swing the blade when a trash can lid came flying from behind her, smashing the metallic pyramid on the creature’s head.

Everyone stopped for a moment and turned towards Axel, who was now standing hunched over. He was holding his chest which now had a large gash in it, and he was laughing. Behind him was two more of the creatures who hadn’t been there before lying dead on the ground. He reached down and picked up the blade of one of the creatures, and with a smile, he said “Today just really isn’t your day Sephiroth.”

The creatures that the group had been fighting before sprung back into action as one swung its large blade towards Meryl. She rolled out of the way, firing at the metal helmet the creature wore. There was a large ringing sound as the creature clutched at its head, falling to the ground. A second creature swung at Gretern, who caught the blade between his hands and jerked it from the hands of the beast. Gretern slammed his fist into the creature’s helmet and knocked it into a wall.

Meryl looked over at Axel, who was now standing and fighting the creatures again. In one hand he wielded the trash can lid, and in the other he wielded the sword of one of the creatures. Stabbing through the first of his foes, he swung around and broke the helmet of another that had tried to sneak up behind him. The lid bounced off the creature and landed straight in his hand again. Meryl could have sworn that she saw fire come off the lid as he threw it, but her thoughts were cut short by another swing from the creatures.

The group continued to fight for nearly 20 minutes when finally they had killed the last of the beasts. Meryl leaned against a wall and sat down, exhausted from the fight. She turned to speak to Axel, but she realized he wasn’t there. She looked just in time to see a shadow enter the dark alleyway nearby. Struggling, she got up and slowly made her way past the bodies of the creatures. She followed him into the alley where she saw him lying against the brick wall, fiddling with a small metal object. She walked over and sat beside him.

“Tough fight, huh?” she smiled and turned to him as he stared at the metal object. He smirked. She leaned back against the wall and sighed. “You know... you saved my life out there. Probably saved the lives of the others too.” “Don’t mention it,” he said coldly, not taking his eyes off the object. Meryl frowned. “Fine, if you’re gonna act like this, I’ll just leave.” She stood up to leave, but stopped as she heard him mutter “Wait”. He paused for a moment, then took a deep breath and said, “I’m sorry.”

She sat back down. “That’s better,” she said with a grin, “now what’s bugging you?” He stared into the object, spinning it between his fingers slowly. “Meryl, do you think I’m a hero?” Meryl was thrown off by the question. Confused, she answered, “We’re all heroes in our own way. As long as we’re fighting for the right side, we’re heroes no matter how much we fail.” Axel smiled as he stopped spinning the object. “You see Meryl, that’s where you’re wrong.” He looked into her eyes. “If I’m really a hero, where’s my happy ending?” With that, he stood up and walked back over to the rest of the group, leaving Meryl alone in the alley.

Meryl’s thoughts quickly came back to reality as a man rushed into her shop. “Ms. Silverburgh?” the man asked. “Yeah that’s me, is something the matter?” The young man grinned at her. “No ma’am, you have a visitor.” the man’s voice lowered to a whisper. “He seems to know something about the medallion.” With that, the man opened the door and held it as an elderly man entered, using a strange staff as a cane. The old man handed the young one several gold coins as he nodded him goodbye. The young man left as Meryl pulled up a chair for the elderly man. He smiled from beneath his hood, and reached into his robes to retrieve a flask. The man drank from the flask as he sat down.

“I heard you might have some information on my medallion?” Meryl whispered to the man as he sipped from the flask. The man swallowed, then spoke in a raspy voice. “Ah, Meryl. Shouldn’t we introduce ourselves first? Well of course I know your name, but you don’t know that you know mine yet do you?” Meryl sat for a second trying to figure out what the man had meant, when he began to explain. “You and I met when you were but a girl. You were lost in the forest and in great trouble when I found you. You might have never made it out of there if it weren’t for me.” “Pala...” Meryl stopped as the old man raised his hand, and she remembered what she had been saying. “Fizban, is that you?” The old man smiled. “It’s me, child.”

The pair spent the next several hours discussing what had happened since they had last seen each other. Fizban remained mainly quiet while Meryl told him about the war and everything that had been happening lately. It wasn’t until she asked him about her medallion that he spoke. “Ah, child, I’m sorry. I do not know about your medallion, I simply used it as a way to convince the messenger to bring me here. However, I do know a man that might. If you head to the capital city of Solitude, an old friend of mine has begun a rebellion against the Omega Faction. Find him, and tell him that Fizban sent you. He’ll tell you what you need to know.” “How am I supposed to know who he is?” Meryl asked. “Look for the man who sees time. You’ll know what I mean if you see him. But I must be off, or else the others will leave me here. Take care, Meryl.” With that, the old man began to glow a bright white. The light got brighter and brighter when it suddenly disappeared, leaving no trace of the old man.

Meryl grabbed a few important things, including her gun, James, and a basic survival kit. She put out the fire in the fireplace, locked the doors and barred the windows. She quickly said goodbye to the residents of Cherno and, after telling Craig the messenger to watch the store, left quickly down the path to Solitude.

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To whoever it may concern,


Today was my first and last day to escape from the Omega Faction. I have been trapped for 3 months deep within the prisons, and today I and several of the other prisoners are to attempt to make an escape. Though we all wish to escape with our lives, the others have chosen me as top priority. This is because I have been chosen to carry the soul gems. I will be escaping from Solitude and fleeing to the oceans of Baltazor, in hopes to reach the Destiny Islands where the gems will be safe.


If you are unaware of what a soul gem is, I will do my best to explain. The soul gem is similar to a vessel, but a creature does not travel in it the way they would in a normal vessel. When a creature uses a soul gem, their soul is put into the gem. This allows the creature to continue on with its normal life, but with their soul contained in the gem.


Now some may question why this is important. Containing your soul within a soul gem is useful in two ways. The first of these ways is that even if your body dies, your soul can continue on in the gem, and even be transferred to a new body. This allows for longer lives than the normal body can live, and counters any attempts of assassination in the case of a noble or person of power. The second use of containing your soul in a gem is that even after you have died, your memories and  knowledge will be contained within the gem and will be accessible to anyone with access to the gem.


However, the soul gems do not come without great risk. As your soul is contained within these gems, it is quite simple for anyone with access to the soul to access your thoughts and memories. If the person is powerful enough, they can even control your current body using the soul gems, and call upon your strength to use as their own.


If you have found this bottle, that means that I did not believe I could escape from the Omega Faction. If this has happened, I would have released the bottle containing the soul gems of my allies and I into the ocean where it will hopefully fall into the hands of a hero. Should these gems fall into the wrong hands, they will give the owner complete control of the men and women, including I, who are contained within. Please, if you find this bottle, bring it to the Destiny Islands where it will be safe until a true hero can find them.


You are our last hope.




Zelda Hyrule, Princess of Hyrule.


The hooded man rolled up the scroll and, opening his suitcase, tossed it in. He held up the bottle and let the foggy sun shine through the gems inside. He watched as they sparkled slightly as he sat down in the grey sand. Staring out at the water, he gently sat the bottle inside his suitcase, making sure to secure it. He looked at what he knew to anyone but him would be a strange collection of junk. Sifting through to make sure that everything was still there, he closed the suitcase, satisfied. He laid down, putting his arms behind his head and relaxed.


All of the sudden, he heard a footstep behind him. Grabbing his shank, he stood up and swung in a circle, only to have his arm caught by a familiar man. Angrily, he turned and sat back down. “When I need a physician, I’ll let you know. Until then, leave.” The brown haired man sat down beside him. “You know, it’s not good to dwell on the past. If I couldn’t have saved them for you, you know you couldn’t have.” “I should have stayed,” the hooded man said. “Maybe then things would have been different.”


“You wouldn’t have changed anything. If you stayed, you’d be dead too.” The brown haired man fiddled with his small gadget as the hooded man reopened the suitcase and grabbed the glass bottle. “Here. You take this. Better in the hands of a real hero.” The man hesitated, then took the bottle and placed it in his jacket pocket. “We all have to run sometimes, Fume. We can’t save everyone. Take it from my experience.”

Fume smirked. “You’ve known me long enough. I think you should know that my name isn’t actually Fume.” Smiling, the brown haired man said “I didn’t think so. You seem like the type who needs to hide his real name.” Fume laughed, then went quiet. He turned to the man. “Do you want to know my real name?” The brown haired man thought for a moment. “You know what? I think I’ll pass. You keep calling me what you’ve been calling me, and I’ll keep calling you Fume alright?” Fume smiled. “Fair enough. Go back to the others, tell them I’ll be ready. If I’m not there when you leave, I’ll catch up.” The brown haired man grinned and stood up. He turned to leave, then stopped. “Just don’t stay here too long okay? The Dark Margin can take its toll on people.” Fume laughed. “What are you, a real doctor? I’ll be fine.” With that, the man stepped into the large blue box resting on the sand behind them, and after a fair amount of noise and flashing, the beach went silent.