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Sweeter than adrenaline, hotter than the racetrack, prettier than the color of the finish line.

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The Sound of engine roared in his ears, the air was filled with the smell of gas and engine oil. The racetrack heated up by the sun and friction with hundreds pair of tires.

It was a hot day, and it felt even hotter underneath the suit. He could feel sweat roll off his temple and his hair got all sticky under the red helmet.

Thousands of people were screaming and cheering like madness but all he could hear was the sound of cars growling and chasing each other like wild beasts.


Another turn and two cars behind him got lose. The black and white color of the finish line appeared in his windshield and it kept getting closer, the heavy flag was waving like it was the Independence Day.

He kicked his pedal hard and only a half of second later, the whole stadium exploded. The crowd was all standing up, throwing things in the air in excitement and screaming louder, they were screaming his name.


His team rushed out even before the wheel stopped spinning and when he got out, they lifted him into the air and then hundreds of people appeared out of nowhere, cheering their new champion.



“God damn it, Jaybird!”  Roy screamed in excitement and roared like a wild animal.


When his feet touched the ground, Jason took off his helmet and pushed his sweaty hair back with a big smile on his face. His team kept patting his back and Roy slung an arm around his shoulder. Kori, their team’s model came to cheer him too.


“Good race, Jason. You’ve given us an amazing show”  The sun hit her orange tanned skin and made it glow, her red hair looked like fire burning free and the so tight so small outfit that she was wearing could make any man’s knees turned to jelly. But Jason wasn’t any man... okay, maybe he had slept with her, but that was just one-time thing, besides, she was his friend.


“Thanks, Kori. I didn’t think I could make it, shit those guys are good.”  He tucked off the top of his suit, let it swing behind around his hip and pulled his white tank up a bit to wipe away the sweat around his face.


Roy was grinning so hard his cheeks would probably burn after this.

“Yeah dude, we’re in NASCAR here! Of course they would be fucking good!”  Roy waved his hand up in the air then pointed his finger to Jason.  “But you’re better. You are the champion, man! The cup is ours now!”


 Jason could feel adrenaline pumping through every muscle of his body. The race was a damn hell challenge, those guys he raced with were all freaking good. Every moment in the racetrack made him sweat like a pig. But damn, he made it, and victory tasted too good in his mouth.


“Oy, let’s move. The press is here!”  Roy looked around then called the rest of the team and pushed Jason ahead.



After the ceremony and a few hundreds of picture, the cup was now in Jason's hands. They were having a party in the team’s room. Everybody got wild and drank like Irish. They had all worked so hard for this day and it was literally dream came true with the shiny silver champion cup on the glass table.


They stuck at the stadium longer than the other teams for celebrating. Jason lost track on time until the sound of crowd and cameras became too loud to be outside. It got all the team attention and then one of his teammate was running down the hallway like ghost behind his back, he was screaming.


“Shit! Guys, the boss, it’s the boss!!!”


That still didn’t ring anything in his head cause obviously their manager was sitting right here.


“Calm the shit down, man! What boss?”  Roy caught the poor guy’s shoulders, shaking his head and grinning in confusion.


“What boss?! Our boss! Bruce fucking Wayne, you idiots!!! Get your ass off, he’s coming!”


That felt just like someone just slapped the shit out of them and they all stood up, just in time to see through the glass wall of their room, their owner walking calmly in a black suit that just one look could make you smell money from three miles away, next to him were two other men and 8 bodyguards, all in black and white comm in their ears.

Oh shit, Jason could see behind him were the other teams' sponsors and all the heads of NASCAR.

All of his team stood still like statues and he could literally feel the hair at the back of his neck raising.


The moment Bruce Wayne step in, Jason could feel the tension in the room. Their big boss was a very handsome man, with a strong jawline and muscle hidden underneath the fancy suit that shouldn’t belong to a businessman, but the icy blue in his eyes and the depth of his looks just made people want to scream dangerous. The air surrounded him could literally taste power and there was something about this man that made others facing him felt like an ant in front of a boot.

He nodded and smiled with some of his teammates and went straight to Jason.


“What an amazing performance out there, you were very impressive, Mr. Todd.”  Bruce gave him a firm handshake and a pleased smile.


Oh yeah, he won the big game and brought home the cup, of course his boss would be proud and happy.   


“It wasn’t just him that you impressed”  Oh man, this man was talking to Jason was one of the main funder of the race next to Wayne and he was patting on his shoulder. “You’ve got quite a gift, young man. I can see your future will shine very bright.”


He could see other sponsors all look at him with satisfaction written clear on their faces.


“Thank you, sir. I just do my job, it’s what I’m best at.”  He ducked his head and shakes their hands. Jason could already see the fact that after this his salary would fly up a lot and other sponsors would be racing to have a spot on funding his team.


“Well then, I shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the party, you deserve it.”  Bruce Wayne gave him another smile and turned to talk with the NASCAR league and other businessmen. The press was doing their job like usual and dozens of micro and cameras pointed toward their boss.


Roy went stand next to him and crossed his hand, looking at the media just readied to swallow all those powerful men.



“Well, I don’t know about you but I see penthouse in Dubai after this.” 


They grinned at each other and kept their eyes at the view.


Bruce Wayne was ducking his head to whisper something in the smaller man’s ears that was standing right next to him.

It took Jason’s breath away when he noticed this man.


Oh god, this man was ridiculously attractive. His face was a perfect match of classic James Dean charm, Calvin Klein models sexiness, and Apollo Greek god’s beauty all combined. And his eyes, holy shit, those eyes could make the water of the Circassian sea felt shame. Even from this distance, he could still see the whole sky in those shiny big eyes.

There was something that made every gesture of this man feel natural, elegant and bring comfort to the ones who saw it.

When he smiled with his boss, his gorgeous eyes flickered with warmness and genuine that made Jason’s heart lose a beat.


He didn’t even realize he was holding his breath when Roy shook his shoulder.


“Yo, you’re still in there, man?!”


Jason didn’t tear his eyes away from the beautiful man, he swallowed.

“Who’s that?”


Roy looked at him then followed the line of his eyes. Realizing whom his friend was talking about, he grinned playfully.


“That, my man, is Richard Grayson-Wayne, our big boss eldest son. He barely shows out, but when he does, the media will always go all wild over him.”


Oh great, Jason thought this man was just some employee of his boss. His thought had shaken a bit when he saw how close the two were acting, now it all went to ashes. He hadn’t felt like this for anyone in ages and when it happened, it had to be his owner’s son.

Felt like his luck just gave him the middle finger.


“It’s kinda easy to understand, right?! I first thought he was some kind of model or actor, I was head over heels for him for months. Pretty face like that, rich as hell, no wonder the media see him like Sevruga caviar. Hell, even without the money, that look alone can bend straight guys like rubber!”


Well, yeah! He kinda got it now.


“Think I can get a shot?”


Roy stared at Jason’s face then patted his shoulder, lightly shook his head.


“Keep your pants on, Jaybird. We’re just fish in their big ocean, you don’t wanna poke the shark.”





Shark Jason could play with, but the way Bruce Wayne kept his son close to his every single move and ordered the guards to make the press stay distance from that pretty face, Jason suddenly felt that this would be a lot harder than wrestling with a beast.















“Yo Jason, I saw you on TV! You won the race!”  Tim ran toward him when he waited in the hallway for the elevator.


“Well, I have these flowers and gold medals for reason, kid!”  Jason rolled his eyes, ruffled Tim’s hair then pushed all the stuff in his hands to the kid and took out his phone.


“How many have I told you, I’m 19 now, not a kid anymore! And why do I have to carry these when yo− wait, are you playing Candy Crush?”


His private elevator door opened, Jason whistled and took the fancy box of gold medals away from Tim’s hands and stepped in.


“Thanks for the help, kid. Give your mom those flowers for me, I don’t need them anyway.”  He clicked his tongue and the door shut close before Tim could say anything.



When the door opened again, he stepped out. All the light automatically turned on, Jason went to his souvenir room, where he kept most of his pictures, medals, and champion cups. He opened the black box, reviewed three finely carved gold medals with shapes of a big tire, the racetrack and this year on it. He put it on the shelve, next to the champion cup that he got last year, then left the room.


Taking off his boots and jacket, Jason flung himself on the bed, groaned loudly when his back hit the soft mattress. It’s been a long day, a victorious one, but a long day. He was tired, he had put too much energy on the racetrack and the party, now he just wanted to rest and enjoy the rest of his day peacefully and alone.

It was still too soon to sleep so he reached out for the remote and turned on the TV. The flat screen lighted up and showed all the sports news. They were talking about the NASCAR race today and reviewed his winning moment, then there was his speech after taking the champion cup, a short footage of him opening the victory champagne with people cheering above the stage, and a few images of his team’s party.


He was dozing off when something caught his interest.


“… and all so on this event today, CEO of the Wayne Enterprises, billionaire Bruce Wayne appeared at the stadium to cheer for his team. The Wayne Industries nowadays owns 40% share of NASCAR and is the owner and also the only sponsor of the victory team today. Red Hood as known as Jason Todd and his team have been working for one of the many umbrella companies of the WayneCorp for just almost 2 years but already bring a lot of success and promise a bright future to the Wayne Entertainment… ”

“… the interesting fact that Bruce Wayne today didn’t show up alone but side by side with his ward Richard Grayson-Wayne among the guesses of honor. Since the day the billionaire decided to adopt the circus acrobat, Richard has been a mystery to the media as the number of times he appears to the public can be counted on one hand. But his appearance today has quickly become the headline because the last time we saw him he was just a 15 years old boy, but today clearly that boy had grown up…”


Jason immediately shot his head right up and stared at the screen to see the two reporters showing an old photo of a 15 years old Richard at a Met Gala 9 years ago.


“Wow, look at that face. I’ve got to say, April, even without blood relation, he’s clearly got his father charm and attractiveness.”  The reporter commented when he turned back to see the new photo had been taken today of Richard standing next to Bruce in the VIP glass room at the stadium.


“He’s clearly is a charmer, John. I can see why all the girls look at him like that, rumor says that his eyes are bluer than the Circassian sea.”

“Well, he’s rich, handsome and mystery. Buckle up, girls, cause you’re gonna have to get in a very long line to touch this jawline.”



They moved on to the other news but Jason's eyes kept staring at the screen. His brain flashed back the image of a 15 years old Richard, with black hair slicked all back and in formal suit, he didn’t smile but was listening to something and clearly paid attention ahead, unaware of a cameras was pointing at his direction, and the image they took today, when he stood next to his father and watched the race with a glass of wine in one hand.

He quickly remembered the moment he saw that man. He could still feel the air rush out of his lung when he relived the images in his head.




That night, Jason slept with those blue eyes and that genuine smile haunted his dream.