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Sormik Drabble Compilation

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“Hey Lailah, have you seen Mikleo?”

“Yes. I believe he was conversing with Dezel at the back of the inn.”


After surveying the area, Sorey saw some interesting unexplored grounds. He was excited to bring Mikleo along to investigate. 

“Mikleo! There’s some really cool-! Eh?” Sorey tilted his head, “What are you guys doing?”

On the grassy plains behind the inn, Dezel and Mikleo were sitting down, surrounded by a few cats.

Sorey curiously approached them, “I thought you were scared of animals, Mikleo.”

“I’m not scared!” Mikleo defended, “I was… troubled by their appearance and barks. Besides, those are dogs. This creature is tamer.”

Sorey sat beside Mikleo and watched as the cat in between Mikleo’s thighs purred and preened at his gentle pats. Mikleo smiled softly and continued pampering the creature while reading a book with one hand.

“So…. how much longer are you going to do that to it?”

“As long as it lets me.”


Sorey continued staring at Mikleo and the cat. But the seraphim paid no attention to him. Eventually, Sorey felt a little envious that he was beaten by a cat. He pouted before shifting to turn his body and then lowered his head to Mikleo’s shoulder. He nudged it and then nuzzled his forehead childishly. 

Instinctively, Mikleo put his book down and brought his other hand up to pat Sorey’s head, “You tired or something?”


Mikleo gently lifted the cat off his legs.

“Take a nap then.” Mikleo patted his thighs.

Sorey ceased his nuzzles and pointed to Mikleo’s lap, “There?”

“Are you really asking?”

Sorey perked up with a beaming smile before rolling onto Mikleo’s thighs. Mikleo sighed before picking his book back up to continue where he left off. His other hand drifted to Sorey’s head where he lost his fingers in brown locks.

Meanwhile, Dezel felt the change of wind and thought to himself ‘Another cat joined in…’

Bonus: (You can probably guess who’s saying what)

Peeking from the side of the inn: 


They grow up so fast… *sniffs*

You literally just met them -.-”

My eyes feel tainted