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The Dark one has a pokemon

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~In a clearing in a forest~


"Now Hook use Water Pulse!!! Cried Emma as her Oshowatt struck true.


The wild Pokemon didn't have time to dodge so took on a full direct hit head on.


Smoke cleared to reveal that the pokemon had fainted  meaning that Emma had a chance to catch it.


She threw the ball with the pokemon going inside it.


She waited nervously for the ball to stop moving.


Finally it did.


Yes cried Emma , I caught a Cubchoo

Great can we go now said Regina who was checking her nails.

Come on Regina don't be such a bore Emma got her second pokemon said Snow.

Murmurs of agreement went all around.


Oh alright but I want to sleep in a bet not the forest floor again. said Regina.

Don't worry were only a few minutes from an inn so we can rest their for the night said Regina's boyfriend Robin.

Well what are we waiting for cried Ruby as she speed off ahead.

W-wait Ruby cried her boyfriends Archie and Whales.


Well last one there has to pay for everything said David as he started to sprint.

Cries of wait up were heard as everyone started running in hopes of getting out of paying.

The only ones left in the clearing were Emma and her Oshowatt.


"You were fantastic now what say you that we go we don't want to get stuck paying again" said Emma as she held out Hook's pokeball.

"Oshawa" said Hook before he disappeared into his ball.

With that Emma took off running in hopes of catching up so she wouldn't have to pay.


She didn't.