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Johnlock Experiment

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Sherlock, care to explain why i'm cuffed to my bed with only my phone ? JW
Well, experiment obviously my dear John SH
And why is there a camera trained on me ? JW
What kind of experiment is this ? JW
An experiment needs to be watched doesn't it ? SH
What are you testing for exactly ? JW
I want to see if I can drive you crazy with only my voice SH
And how will you tell, I'm pretty sure you can't see anything useful from where the camera is JW
I can see as much as i want, who said that there were only one camera ? SH

John squirmed on the bed at this, attempting to cover his cock but legs being strapped down too he had no such luck.

Sherlock I'm warning you, you are in so much trouble when I get free JW
Oh no I don't think so, You'll beg for me SH
Well we shall see, won't we ? JW
Are you that impatient to begin ? SH
Not in the slightest, this is going to be torture for me I can just tell JW
We'll see then, now shall we begin ? SH
Yes alright fine, as long as there are no more surprises hidden on me for when you get bored JW
I won't spoil you the surprise SH

« You're so kind » John called out sarcastically, dropping his phone
« come on then beloved, do your worst ».
Sherlock's voice comes out of nowhere « i'll do my best ».
John closed his eyes with a smile « i know you will ».
« now just realx and keep calm, close your eyes for a second, breath slowly, imagine i'm just right there on your side but keep your eyes closed » Sherlock said with his soft baritone voice
John did as he was told, flexing his fingers in the desire to touch, of what, he was unsure if it was his now full erection or the imaginary Sherlock by his side.
"I'm just here next to you, I ran my fingers along your neck and trail them down on your torso" his voice deepened.
Following the words, John arched his neck then back, trying to get closer to the invisible fingers as they moved over him, "Sherlock" he pleaded quietly.
"My tongue is now following my fingers, it starts from your neck and slide along your chest down to your stomach while my fingers gently pinch your nipples".
John squirmed "Sherlock I swear that if you don't come and do these things right now there will be consequences" he attempted to rub his crotch against anything but only got air.
"Are you already giving up ? I planned on keeping this up and try to make you cum with only my voice you're not funny".
"No I'm not giving up, just threatening you makes me feel like I have a little more power then I actually do" John grunted, opening his eyes and staring down the camera lens, "But seriously, do you want to waste a perfectly good erection on something that may take so long that it just goes away anyway?"
"Well, you've got a point, but I will never know the result of my experiment and if my voice has a great influence on you or not"
"I can give you a solid answer to that" John smirked "Yes, your liquid sex voice has a very strong effect on me, on many many occasions I have had inappropriate erections because you have said something in a particular way, not even what you say it's how you say it, now come here and fufill your words before I have to do something drastic"
Sherlock smiled "that's all i wanted to know" he stood up and appeared at the door of the bedroom "what did you mean by something drastic ?" He leaned against the wall, looking at him with a smile of victory.
"Deny you sex for a month, request from Lestrade to keep cases from you for a week, pound you into oblivion so often that you wouldn't be able to be coherent enough to do cases for however long I deemed fit, take your pick my love"John replied
"How horrible from you" Sherlock growned "but here I am right ?" He approaches him with a smile and kneeled in front of the bed "you're damn sexy like this" he whispered in his ear before licking his earlobe.
"Yes here you are," John moaned quietly, "now please Sherlock either do something to me or let me free so I can do something to you".
"Hmmm... I would like to see what you are able to do to me when you are at this state" he licked his lips while climbing on his lover, undoing really slowly the handcuffs, swinging his hips above him. As soon as John was free he grabbed just behind Sherlocks knee, flipping them so he hovered over him, grabbing his wrists with his free hand he locked them with the cuffs that had been holding his hands "Now, my love, you are going to get some of your own teasing medicine before I fuck you to insanity, sound fair?"
Sherlock didn't see this coming and fell on the bed, suddenly attached and not able to move his hands at all. He blushed as he listen to john's dirty talk that aroused him a bit more than he was already "oh you really want to tease me as hell with your own voice ? Can't wait to see that" he said sarcastically
"Oh no, I don't have a silk over satin voice like your own, I'm planning on using my mouth and my hands as my weapon" he purred, feather light touches brushing over his chest before tearing Sherlocks shirt open.
"Oooooh..." sherlock licked his lips "I think I might love that a lot" he was a bit surprised as he torn his shirt off "did you hate my shirt that much ?"
"No, but your hands are cuffed right now, there would be no other way to get your shirt off and I need to get to these lovely nipples of yours" John smirked, leaning down and circling one with his tongue.
Sherlock smirked and blushed a deep crimson "lovely uh.. ?" He hummed as john went licking him, bitting his lower lip trying not to moan for him.
"All of you is lovely, but I like all the bits that make you scream a little extra" John said before reaching down and gripping Sherlocks clothed cock firmly.
"You're really perverted.." he said in a smirk, when john grabbed him, he tried to hide a huge moan between his lips as john wouldn't hear it.
"Oh no you don't" John said, kissing Sherlocks neck and nuzzling him "I want to hear you, I confessed to you, you make noise for me".
"Tssk..." he looked away, blushing "as you want John".
John pressed his lips to Sherlocks, carefully undoing his trousers and pulling them and his pants off while he was distracted, kissing down his body to his happy trail, nuzzling it before giving a long lick up Sherlocks now exposed cock.
Sherlock kissed him back passionately, he wanted to ran his fingers through his soft blond hair but he couldn't, he groaned while shaking his cuffed hands angrily. He made a little groan as john broke the kiss but it's a long moan that came of his throat when he licked him.
"That was good" John praised before taking Sherlock into his mouth, sucking just enough to be felt.
"Oh John... I feel so good.." he moaned a bit more, raising his hips against his mouth.
John grazed his hands over Sherlocks chest, tweaking his nipples and rolling between thumb and forefinger, taking more into his mouth before grinning impishly and pulling away, moving out of Sherlocks reach "Beg, my love"
Sherlock growled of pleasure, his cock twitching his John's mouth as he played with his sensitive nipples. He made a disappointed noise when John pulled away "no Jooooohn.. agaiiiin !" He complained as he raised his hips as far as he could.
"That's not begging, I want to hear you say 'please John, fuck me' and I want to hear you say it three times before I do anything more to you, and as an extra plus, I'll let your hands free"
"That's not fair joooohn..." he moaned in complain "and why three times uh ? That's too mean..." he was hard as rock and tried to stroke himself with his thighs "just do it already.."
John moved forward to hold Sherlocks thighs open and smiled "Irene Adler once said she would be able to have you begging for sex twice over and never accomplished it, I want to achieve three, just to prove I can"
Sherlock stared at him, panting for a few minutes "oh you're jealous John" He smiled "that's cute..." he took a deep breath before saying extremely fast "pleasejohnfuckme- pleasejohnfuckme- pleasejohnfuckme"
"That's cheating but I'll take it" John smiled, getting out lube and a condom from the bedside table, prepping himself placing a pillow under his bum and gently beginning to prep Sherlock.
"I said what you wanted that's no cheat..." he gasped when he saw John, too impatient to see what will happend next. He spread his legs as wide as he could "oh john..."

John smiled and leaned down, taking Sherlocks erection into mouth, pressing a second finger into him, and working quickly to try and stretch him.
He couldn't stop himslef from moaning louder and louder, saying John's name at each time he breath "John .. please.. my hands"
"Oh sorry, I thought I'd done that" John said, leaning up and unlatching Sherlock with his free hand, pressing the fingers inside him up against Sherlocks prostate teasingly.
When he was free he immediately buried his fingers down through John's hair, almost screaming of pleasure when he touched his sensitive spot.
John smirked down at his lover cheekily "I think you're ready for my cock, what say you?" He said, before rubbing down more firmly on the nerve bundle.
Sherlock tightened his grip on john's hair "Yes yes I'm ready ! I want it now !" He claimed, panting loudly.
"Good" John said, withdrawing his fingers and positioning himself and pushing in slowly, "how would you like it?" He purred "slow and sweet or fast and hard?"
"Oh god John .. I can't wait any longer just make it fast please !" he begged in a moan.
John did as he was asked, pushing in fully, waiting the time for Sherlock to adjust then beginning a strong pace, conserving energy to start off to make sure he would last.
Sherlock almost shouted as John was all in him, he wrapped his arm around his lover's neck, moaning in his ears at each thrust.
"Fuck, you're perfect you know that?" John breathed in Sherlocks ear, moving harder as he did so "so fucking perfect"
"my  experiments... are not that bad.... after all my dear John..." he managed to say between two moans.
"Next time I'd prefer to have given my consent first" John chuckled "now shut your brain off and just enjoy"
"It wouldn't have been interesting at all" he smiled "well, make me !"he teased.
"Fine" John said, kneeling up, moving Sherlocks hands from around his neck to hold his legs up to his chest, as John gripped his pale hips and began pounding into Sherlock with abandon.
Sherlock smirked as John was going to give him much more pleasure, he put his head backwards in the pillow, arching at the feeling, shouting his pleasure.
John didn't know how long he kept this up for, but finally he began to tire, close to coming "Sherlock, you're going to have to ride me, I can't keep this up to finish"
Sherlock panted, also close to come, a bit disappointed that he have to change his position "alright John.."
John rolled them over quickly, holding Sherlocks hips firmly as they went and began his movements when they were settled "it's only for a little bit, then you can be lazy again" John joked, rolling his hips as he bounced Sherlock.
"It's alright John, it's a pleasure" he said, licking his lips playfully, he started moving his hips up and down on John's ock, head leaning backwards.
"Well that is the idea" John smiled, hands gliding over Sherlocks body, "I'm close"
."I-I'm not far too ... god John You feel so good in me" he increased his pace.
With a few more hard thrusts of his own, John came into Sherlock with a deep moan, making sure to keep thrusting through his orgasm to make sure Sherlock got off too.
When Sherlock felt the hot orgasm of his lover deep inside inside him, he couldn't resist and came as well on john's chest, moaning a long 'john'
.After a few moments John slipped out of Sherlock and moved to spoon him, "that was wonderful my love" he said, kissing down Sherlocks neck "Nap then find a case?"
" Oh yes it was..." he got back his breath with a smile at john's porposition "you know how to please me !" He whispered "i love you"
"I love you too" John said, "now go to sleep, you need to catch up on some hours my love"
" but sleeping is boring John ! You know I don't need to sleep anyway" he complained.
"I know but I don't want you to pass out like you did on the Cheserlime case" John said "but you are going to eat whether you want to or not"
"It's just a waste of time !" He sighed "but if I sleep you sleep with me too ! Alright ?" He asked "oh no please not eating ! It slows me down you know it !"
"Yes I'll sleep with you but you need food, you aren't on a case so you have no excuse not to eat"
"I'm already drinking tea all day ! Isn't it enough ?" He grumbled.
"That's not food, so no" John smiled, "for every full sized meal you eat, I'll give you something free that you desire"
"Something free..? What do you mean ?" suddenly very inrested he turned around to look at him
"Well I'm not going to buy you a new microscope, just something I can give you without cleaning out my bank, like consent on experiments, or blow jobs, something along those lines"
He smirked "how interesting" he pulled him into his arms "i will think about it during this boring nap" he chuckled.
"No you'll sleep during this boring nap, you can think while you eat" John said, snuggling into Sherlock "Now go to sleep"
"Aaah come on ! " he sighed and pull the blanket over them, holding John close to him "have a good nap.."
"I will, once you've begun yours, and I've lived with you long enough to know when you're fake sleeping so don't try it" John said, pressing a kiss to Sherlocks skin before closing his eyes.
"I didn't plan to fake it at all ! " he said, closing his eyes and trying to fall asleep into his arms.
"Yeah you did" John said, before managing to fall asleep.