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Shot In The Dark

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As Cordelia fell silent, Xander sat on her bed staring at her, stunned. Spike had been shot? Willow had made some horrible deal with Angelus? Buffy hadn't been able to prevent it?

What the Hell was the world coming to?

"So, it's been a busy night," Cordelia said, reaching down to unbuckle her shoes and massage her sore feet.

"Understatement of the decade," Xander mumbled. "Do you think he's going to make it?"

Cordelia's brows went up. "I'm surprised you care."

"If he dies, so does Willow," he reminded her, frowning in concern.

"Yeah, I know," she replied softly, echoing his concern. Rising from her vanity seat, she walked over to the bed and sank down onto Xander's lap. "I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you."

"Never going to happen," he promised, his voice deepening from the intensity of the love he felt for her.

Wrapping her arms around Xander's neck, Cordelia kissed him tenderly. Her lips brushed lightly over his cheek, tasting the remainder of his aftershave, then down his neck. She smiled as his heart began to race, the vein beneath her lips thudding heavily.

Xander's hands slid down her back, caressing her through the thin linen dress she wore. "Cordy?"

"Everyone's life is going down the tubes. I don't want that to happen to us." Lifting her head, she met his eyes, nearly drowning in their dark brown depths. He smiled at her, then covered her mouth with his.

Settling her hands on his shoulders, Cordelia pressed him down onto his back, then moved to straddle him, never once breaking the connection between their hungry mouths. Xander's hands slid down her legs, then up under her dress to clasp her hips. Together they rubbed her damp mound against his straining erection.

As their mutual desire grew, their hands began to move faster, tugging at each others clothing. Cordy's dress was yanked over her head, leaving her in a matching set of red lace bra and panties. Xander's breath caught in his throat at the sight of her as she sat on his stomach and tugged his t-shirt over his head.

Sliding down his legs, she ran kisses down his chest, and her fingers found the button on the front of his khakis. Opening it, then dragging the zipper down, she continued backing, pulling the pants down his legs, her mouth never breaking contact with his trembling flesh.

"Cor..." he groaned as her mouth ran along the waistband of his R2D2 boxers. He kicked off his sneakers and she tossed his pants over her shoulder. Slipping one knee between his legs, she rubbed her silk covered crotch against his thigh, moaning as sparks of pleasure shot through her.

Moving her mouth lower, she ran her tongue over his cotton covered cock, making it tent the boxers even farther. Xander yelped and dug his fingers into the bedding as his hips arched to her hot mouth. Smiling at his reaction, she teased him with her tongue, thoroughly wetting the cotton, as her fingers danced along the waistband.

"Baby...oh fuck..." he panted brokenly. "I'm going to come in my pants if you don't stop."

"Can't have that," she answered with a lusty grin. Rising to her knees, Cordelia unhooked her bra, peeling it away from her heavy breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and aching for his touch. As she moved back up Xander's body, she felt his hands on her bottom, tugging at her panties. They slid to her knees and she wriggled her way out of them, nearly making his eyes cross as she pressed against his erection.

Settling her wet pussy on his stomach, Cordelia leaned down and Xander raised his head, catching one of her nipples between his lips. He sucked hard, not wanting to play. As she was already incredibly aroused, she didn't argue about it, just moaned and dug her fingers into his shoulders, kneading his hard flesh.

His teeth nipped and she arched, rubbing her throbbing clit against the hard planes of his stomach. Xander moved to her other breast, worrying the nipple with his teeth, lapping it with his tongue. His hands caressed her bottom, rocking her against him. The scent of her arousal filled the air and he breathed in deeply, his cock jerking painfully.

Panting harshly, he pulled his mouth free and pushed her down his body. Her fingers caught the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down, carefully freeing his engorged cock.

Suddenly, Xander flipped Cordelia off of him, rolling with her and settling between her sprawled legs, as he kicked free of his boxers. Leaning down, he kissed her gently, then buried his mouth in her throat as he thrust into her.

Cordelia clutched his shoulders, her legs raising and wrapping around his hips as he began to pump steadily. Moving with him, she arched her head into the pillows, breathing shallowly as he ran kisses over her throat. His chest brushed her sensitive nipples and she keened softly in pleasure as she pulled him closer.

Feeling her climax approaching, Cordelia dug her heels into his ass, forcing him to thrust faster and drive his cock against her swollen clit. Her vaginal muscles tightened around him and she arched hard, bowing her back off the bed. Crying his name, she shuddered into orgasm, her fingernails scoring his back, her breath coming in harsh gasps.

As she sank beneath him, a smile of satisfaction crossing her face, Xander rose to his knees, pressing her legs down against her chest. Thrusting hard and fast, he gave a guttural cry and exploded into her. Breathing hard, his whole body shaking, Xander collapsed next to Cordelia, rolling onto his back.

They lay there for a few minutes, slowly calming down, then turned into each others embrace. Pillowing her head on his shoulder, Cordelia idly caressed his lightly furred chest, as Xander ran his hand up and down her back, soothing her.

"That was incredible," he murmured when he could finally speak.

"Always is with you." She placed a soft kiss on his sweaty shoulder. "Stay the night?"

"Not like my parents would miss me," he snorted ruthfully. Silence fell for a few minutes, before he spoke again. "You know, I like this. I mean, I like making love like this. I love it when you do it to me, too," he added hastily. "I love you being dominant, but this is nice."

"I know what you mean, and I do, too," she agreed. "I like it all. Every way we have sex is great." Cordelia glanced up at his face and saw that he was flushing. "What?"

"Um...I really like it a lot when you...well, when you fuck me."

"You mean, when I'm on top?"

"No...when you use that fake cock," Xander finally admitted, embarrassed.

A slow grin formed on Cordelia's face. "I kind of noticed."

He reddened even farther and Cordelia giggled, kissing him hungrily, until embarrassment faded to lust.

As she straddled his waist, feeling his cock hardening again beneath her tingling cleft, she peppered his face with kisses until his hands squeezed her bottom and he arched against her. "Xan?"

"What?" he grunted, his eyes rolling back in his head as she undulated her wetness along his erection.

"Have you ever thought about having sex with a guy?"

Xander's eyes widened in surprised and his mouth fell open. "Huh?" Then he groaned again as her fingers twisted his nipples.

"Have you?"

He was panting now, trying to lift her hips and impale her on his cock. "Not gay."

Cordelia sighed, then moaned as she sank onto him. "Didn't say you were." She began a slow, rocking motion, rubbing her clit against the base of his cock, her inner muscles squeezing it.

"Shit!" Xander's hands tightened on her bottom, spreading the cheeks as she began to bounce.

"It's just, you like it in the ass," she panted, her own desire spiraling out of control as their bodies moved faster.

"" His teeth clenched and her fingers pinched his nipples harder.

"Oh God," Cordelia cried, slamming down on him, smashing their pelvises together as she reached the peak. With a loud whimper of near pain, she ground against him, her body spasming in release.

Feeling her orgasm wash over her, Xander arched his hips, driving his cock as deeply as it would go, spilling his hot semen into her core.

Cordelia slid forward, her head falling onto the pillow next to his, her legs splaying out on either side of him. His cock was still inside her twitching passage and she squirmed in pleasure.

Xander groaned and lay there panting hoarsely.

As he slipped from inside her, Cordelia moved to his side, curling around him.

"I...have thought about doing it with a guy," he admitted out of the blue.

Cordelia's eyes flew open and she stared up at the chagrined look on his face.

"Especially since I found out about you and Will."

"Any guy in particular?" she asked softly.

"God no. I'm not gay. I've never checked any guy out in the locker room."

"I believe you," she soothed, petting his rapidly rising and falling chest.

"Cordy? Where's this all coming from?"

"I'd love to watch you with a guy, Xander. Just the thought really turns me on."

"Oh." He was silent for a minute. "Do you have a particular guy in mind?"

Cordelia felt a thrill go through her as she realized he was becoming more amenable to the idea. "Uh huh. I know he's done it with guys before and he'd be willing to do a threesome."

"Do you want to do more than just watch?"

"I'll do whatever you want, baby." Cordelia rose to her knees and tugged him up into a sitting position, taking his hands. "Xander, I don't want you to do this for me. I want you to want it. And, if you want to be alone with the guy or have me just watch, or watch me fuck him, that's up to you. Or, if you want to just forget I mentioned it, that's okay, too."

"How long have you had this idea?" he asked suspiciously.

"Um...several weeks, since you seemed to enjoy it so much when I used the dildo on you," she admitted.

"I did like it...a lot. Is this the Hellmouth again?"

Grinning, Cordelia leaned forward and gave him a big kiss. "Probably. Do you mind?"

"Well...I do want to please my woman," he replied as his arms slid around her back. "Let me...think about it for a bit, okay?"

"Sure. I don't mean to pressure you..."

"You're not, honey," he reassured her, then shook his head, smiling ruthfully. "Damn, who would have thought that 1998 would be so fucking weird?"


"Hellmouth," he agreed and tugged her closer for another kiss.

End Interlude 2