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An Unholy Alliance : Captain's Log, Year 2262

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Captain's log - Stardate 2262.002

Toasting in the year went well. Interesting seeing Spock with Romulan ale. Since it was formulated with Vulcanoids in mind, it was interesting seeing Spock a little tipsy. His ears flush with a darker green tone much to the amusement of both Nyota and Bones.

Tallying up last year, I have three planets under my control now and will soon have androids ready to start off other colonies. I wonder if I can count that booby-trapped Starbase among my possessions yet? I think that's another spot I'll man with my androids.

Captain's log - Stardate 2262.005

It appears that we're getting a busy start to the year. Uhura has picked up an Romulan distress call coming from a scientific colony on Triacus. I've had her to send word to the Romulans that we, as their allies, will investigate since none of their ships seem to be in this sector. Like I told Spock, doesn't hurt to keep in the good graces of the Empress.

That reminds me - I wonder how Princess T'anra is doing? A four way session with her, Bones and Gaila could be epic.

Captain's log - Stardate 2262.007

It's easy to tell from Spock's attitude that he's not thrilled about us going to assist the Triacus Romulan colony. Of course, he's stated his opinion of the Romulans in no uncertain terms in the past.

I thought Spock was going to choke on his plomeek soup when Bones casually mentioned that Sarek didn't seem to be very fond of Romulans, but the T'Pau seemed to have an open mind where they were concerned. Mentioning the resemblance between T'Pau and Empress N'alea got Bones glared at.

Captain's log - Stardate 2262.01

We have received a message from the Romulan Empire including their thanks for our assistance and details on the colony. It is a small scientific outpost with five family groups living there - ten adults, eight children of varying ages. We have been requested to send word back as soon as we determine why the distress signal was sent, at which time the Romulans will decide whether or not to send in one of their own ships.

Spock may not agree with me but I feel that the more favors they owe us, the better.

Captain's log - Stardate 2262.013

We are now entering the Alpha Lyrae system and I've ordered the helm to take us in slowly as we do full range scanning. So far, there is no signs of other ships and long range scans of Triacus are not showing any indications of recent natural disturbances such as major storms or earthquakes. That leaves illness, but if that was the problem, surely they would have requested medical assistance and not evacuation.

We'll go into orbit and do more detailed scanning before I send a landing party down to investigate further.