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Still The One [FANVID]

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Music: "Still the One" by Orleans

For Dawn.

Starsky POV

I wish I had thought to set my camera to record the reaction this one got at Sharecon 08. I have never felt so HIGH in my life, with the exception of perhaps giving birth. When this one ended, Flamingo stopped the show and said, "Now, that's a con vid." I had at first been leery of the faux opening, but Flamingo told me that if I changed a thing, she'd break my fingers, so I left it in. :) Laughter and applause and lots of sing-along for this one.

The reason for the faux opening was one of those flashes of idea. I had made the main part of the vid first and upon review, noticed that I'd put them in the car a lot. Thoughts started connecting—Starsky loved his car, he wouldn't ever give her up, the lyrics could read like he was talking about the car! So I put in the scene where the poor girl overheats and Hutch is reading Starsky the riot act over it being the third day in a row it's happened, and starts making demands. "Don't make me choose," says Starsky. Again with text on the screen after the record-scratching stop. I had more fun with this vid! And it was so well accepted, I still get a goofy grin on my face.

Driver Picks the Music Awards, Round 19
Winner: Most Humorous

Driver Picks the Music Awards, Round 19
Runner-Up: Best Relationship

2008 Torino Awards

Third Place Vid, "Still the One"; Third Place Vidder