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give your second crush a chance

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Kazuha wasn’t sure when it started. She wasn’t sure why she even began to feel this way. All her life she only had eyes for one boy and that was it. She supposed it had to do with the fact that he never seemed to notice her the way she noticed him. It used to frustrate her a lot. Still did, but to a bit of a lesser degree. She had to make a choice. She didn’t really want to but wasn’t that always the case? You could only give yourself to a single person- only love one and reject the other.

She decided it was at least time to make her intentions known. There was no point in rejecting one without knowing if the other would even accept them. Especially when the other already had a special someone in their heart. It was worth a try though, she reasoned. Those two weren’t dating, it wasn’t official . The bloody fool was not even around for the better part of the year already.

She was going to do this. Even the situation was going well. It was smart of her to suggest Ran that they should go cook something with garlic in it to ward off the vampire knowing how afraid Ran was of the supernatural. Not that she wasn’t scared herself but.. Ran was just more scared.

Now they were alone. The boys, of course, ran off to try to solve this case and all the adults weren’t interested in any of this. Kazuha knew it was now or- well not never but still right now was a pretty good time to do it.

“I found ‘em, Ran-chan!” Kazuha exclaimed, holding up a bag. “The garlic!”

“Wow, there’s so much too!” Ran laughed.

Kazuha was glad that her friend cheered up. Ran got way too freaked out before. But then who wouldn’t? After seeing the corpse of Dracula and his reflection in the mirror when he himself wasn’t in the room- that was some real freaky shit right there.

“Oh but they’ve sprouted roots!” Kazuha exclaimed.

“It’s fine, it’s fine! We’ll just cut them off, not one will even notice,” Ran grinned. Then a worried expression crossed her face. “But will this be enough?”

“Oh don’t worry,” Kazuha grinned cheekily. She reached into the hidden pocket on her dress and took out some cutlery. “I’ve got this so we’re covered!”

Ran stared at the cutlery. It was tied together by a rubber band forming it into the shape of a cross.

“A-a cross?” she asked.

“Yep,” Kazuha replied. “It’s made of silver so it’ll be effective! And to think the master told the chiefs to throw it out.”  

Kazuha had to admit it was a bit silly but anything to put Ran at ease.

“But isn’t it said that for this kind of thing to work, you have to be a devout christian?” Ran asked rather worriedly.

Kazuha froze. Well shit .

“I-It’s fine! Ran-chan, you celebrate Christmas too, right?” she laughed, abet a bit nervously. “SInce we celebrate Christ-san’s birthday every year, it’s bound to work!”

Ran looked a little sceptic but she seemed to buy into it.

“We got everything we need so let’s cook,” Kazuha said, grabbing Ran’s hand and leading her back into the kitchen.

“Okay so we need a pot,” Ran mumbled.

“I think they should be in those cabinets,” Kazuha shrugged.

Ran shrugged back and bend down beginning to open the lower cabinets. Kazuha’s brain short circuited until she mentally slapped herself. She began to wash the cabbage.

“I found one!” Ran’s exclamation was muffled from her position of her head being stuck inside of a cabinet. She carefully extracted herself out of it, grabbing a decent sized pot along with her.

Kazuha nodded and stepped aside from the sink. Ran filled the pot with water and put it on the stove. Now it was just the matter to wait for it to boil.

They stared at each other for a moment until either of them spoke.

“So have you seen Kudo at all recently?” Kazuha asked.

“No. He called me four days ago but that was it,” Ran sighed.

“No new developments?”

“Not at all.”

They grew silent as the water bubbled in the pot.

Ran grabbed the cabbage and put it in the pot. Kazuha looked at the clock, keeping track of the time. It only needed to boil for two minutes.

“Do you think… that maybe it’s pointless to wait until our detective dummies realize our feelings?” Kazuha tentatively asked, trying to keep her tone light-hearted.

Ran furrowed her brows.

“Are you thinking of giving up of Heiji?” she asked, confusion evident in her voice.

“I-I don’t know,” Kazuha replied. “I might…” she trailed off as her face grew pink. “I might have began to have feelings for someone else.”

Ran blinked. The shock was very clear on her face.

“R-really?” she asked.

“Y-yeah,” Kazuha replied, just a little breathlessly. She stared off into space too afraid to meet Ran’s gaze even though she was sure the other girl didn’t suspect a thing. Her eyes drifted until she was looking at the clock.

“Oh no, Ran-chan! We’re over boiling the cabbage!” she exclaimed.

Ran reacted quickly. She grabbed the pot off the stove in record time and drained the water into the sink, holding the pot with her sweet arm muscles. Kazuha nearly drooled a little.

“I’ll grab a bowl,” she quickly said.

“I think I saw some in the cabinet near the one I got the pot from,” Ran said, distractedly.

Kazuha nodded, even though Ran couldn’t see her, and opened the cabinet Ran spoke of. A large bowl was indeed there. She grabbed it and turned back to Ran just in time to see her grabbing a cutting board. She then began to mince the cooled down cabbage.

Kazuha came to stand beside her, mixing seven ingredients in the large bowl. Ran soon added the cabbage to the mix. Then she she grabbed the gyoza wrappers and they both began to wrap the gyoza.

“Do I know them? The person you have this.. new crush on?” Ran asked.

“Uh.. yes,” Kazuha replied.

“Really?” Ran asked, utterly surprised.

Kazuha pursed her lips.

“Will you tell me who it is?” Ran hesitantly asked.

Kazuha paused. She took a deep breath and squared herself. She then turned to face Ran. There was no running away. Whatever will happen.. will just have to happen.

“It’s.. you,” she whispered, barely audible.

“What?” Ran asked, furrowing her brows.

“It’s you!” Kazuha exclaimed.

Ran’s eyebrows flew up and her mouth dropped wide open. As the shock began to set in, she began to turn red as a tomato.

“M-me?!” she stammered.

“Y-yeah… I know we’re just friends and it’s fine if you don’t see me that way, I’m not expecting anyth-” she rambled on quickly before Ran cut her off.

“I’ve.. never thought of you like that but.. I’m not.. against it,” Ran managed to mumble.

Kazuha stared at Ran with something akin to hope in her eyes. This wasn’t a rejection and that was already better than she had hoped.

Kazuha reached to grab a gyozo wrapper and her hand brushed against Ran’s. Kazuha was about to move her hand away but Ran grabbed it and after a moment, laced their fingers together. Ran shyly gave a tentative smile before turning even more beet red, her face nearly steaming. Kazuha wasn’t any better.

“The gyoza are all wrapped up,” Ran laughed nervously.

“We just need to cook them now,” Kazuha mumbled.

A noise startled them from behind. Their hands broke apart as they grabbed the silver cutlery and held it in front of them.

“Ah, no…” it was the kitchen chiefs had come back to check up on them.

“We just wanted to say that if you’re going to use the stove, make sure you turn it off after you’re done…” one of the three chiefs said.

“Ah, okay,” Ran said.

“We know,” Kazuha said, nodding.

This seemed a bit weird to the girls. It wasn’t like they didn’t know how to operate in a kitchen. Kazuha figured they must have wanted to say something else. Probably something to do with a crime. There was no way a crime didn’t happen while Ran’s father the great detective Mouri and Heiji were here.

“Let’s cook the gyoza,” Kazuha said, momentarily forgetting what happened previously.

“Ah okay,” Ran nodded. The tips of her ears were still pink. She grabbed a pan and began to cook.

It was a while before Ran spoke again.

“I’d.. I think I’d like to try dating maybe,” she mumbled.

Kazuha, who was in the middle of breathing like she wasn’t affected by being this close to her friend right after she confessed, choked on air.

With a worried expression, Ran shifted over and hit her on the back, trying to help her. It didn’t really help but Kazuha stopped making death noises anyway. She blinked back tears and unconsciously leaned in closer to Ran. By the time she could once again notice her surroundings, she and Ran were very much in each other’s space. They stared at each other.

Kazuha swallowed thickly as Ran’s eyelashes fluttered. This was her chance. She began to move closer and closer to Ran until their noses nearly bumped into each other. She went very slowly, giving Ran plenty of time to realize what she was doing and to bail out. Ran didn’t though.

It was hardly a kiss, more like a brief brush of lips against lips. It was still magical, not to mention it was a first kiss for both girls.

They broke apart after a few seconds to catch their breaths.

“T-tha--” Kazuha breathlessly began but was cut off by Ran. This time she broke the distance between them, wordlessly kissing Kazuha. Trying to figure this simple and yet complicated task of how to kiss her back was intuitive.

Ran pushed Kazuha to the counter causing her to lean back, feeling cornered. After a few breathless moments, Ran pulled back. They stared into each other's’ eyes, mouths quietly gasping for air.

Kazuha raised her hand and ran her fingers through Ran’s hair, twirling a particular lock of hair by the end.

“That… was something,” she grinned cheekily, her blush a permanent fixture on her face.

Ran smiled back, a bit shyly but it was a sincere smile and it filled Kazuha with the hope that this will work out. This will be a very good sort of something.

“Mmm… do you wanna try something more?” she asked, her grin turning surprisingly sly. The brightness and sincerity of her eyes overwhelmed Ran and it only took her a second to hesitantly nod.

Kazuha grabbed her wrist and tugged her into the pantry, wordlessly closing the door and sliding the latch closed. She let go of Ran and held up her hands in front of her.

“I promise I won’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with,” she said with extreme seriousness. She seemed confident but the red tips of her ears and the slight shaking of her hands betrayed her. She was even more nervous than before.

“I know,” Ran said with a smile. “So are you just gonna stand there?” she chortled.

With shaking hands, Kazuha shuffled over. She then awkwardly wrapped her arms around Ran’s neck, stepping closer and into her space. Ran bit her lip and placed her hands on Kazuha’s waist. It took a few tries as she wasn’t very sure where to position them but she opted to just awkwardly hold them above the Kazuha’s hips.

Kazuha gulped and leaned in a little too quickly for a kiss. She ended up bumping into Ran’s nose.

“Ow..” she grumbled.

Ran tried to contain her laughter by biting her lip but Kazuha’s pout made it hard. Ran’s shoulders shook in silent laughter before she succumbed to outright giggling.

“Raaaaan-chan!” Kazuha whined.

“I’m- I’m sorry,” Ran giggled. “But you’re too cute!”

Kazuha’s eyes widened before she smiled blushing furiously. She looked at Ran and her laughter was just so contagious that she was hardly surprised when she let out a giggle. After that she could stop. Laughter shook her and glancing at Ran didn’t help either. When one of them showed signs of stopping, just one look at each other got them bending over, panting with laughter.

When for the eighth time Ran showed signs of calming down, Kazuha didn’t waste her chance. She leaned in slowly, trying to be much more coordinated this time. As Kazuha’s lips touched hers, Ran grabbed Kazuha’s waist and tightened her hold on the other girl. Just a little pull caused Kazuha to topple against Ran, pressing her into the shelves with pickled everything that could be pickled and stuffed into a jar. It wasn’t very comfortable or safe but it wasn’t like Ran was complaining. Kazuha braced her hands on either side of Ran on closest shelf behind her. Ran arched to be even closer, their bodies flush together.

They broke apart gasping for air before Ran grabbed Kazuha’s collar and pulled her into another kiss. After a moment, Ran shyly licked at Kazuha’s lower lip. Kazuha momentarily froze up before hesitantly parting her lips. Ran looked into Kazuha’s eyes and saw shy encouragement. She ran her tongue over Kazuha’s lower lip again before dipping inside. Both girls jolted in a shock as their tongues touched, a shiver running through bodies.

Kazuha, feeling more bold than ever, begins to inch her hands towards Ran’s skirt line. After a moment of hesitation, she slipped them up into Ran’s sweater. Ran stiffened, her eyes snapping open and she broke the kiss.

“Your hands are cold!” she whined.

Kazuha giggled. She leaned in making smooching noises as Ran tried to lean away. She didn’t get far because she was pressed up against the shelves, and fidgeting didn’t help much. Kazuha caught up with her and with a grin, pecked Ran on the nose. Ran tried to look offended but she couldn’t help smiling.

They stayed in the pantry for a good amount of time.

And then...

“Uh.. I think we should put the gyazo in the fridge,” Ran blinked. 

Kazuha blinked back. Then she let out a giggle. Ran pretended to look hurt but her eyes betrayed her. A smile broke out on her face and the first giggle broke loose. They didn’t come out of the pantry for a good five minutes.