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Buy me and keep me (Underfell Sans x Reader)

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Heavy boots patted up the muddy road like they had for the past coupled months. This was his job, and he was good at it. Plus it made amazing pay, even if he worked for a...interesting crowd. Once he got to the cave he'd send down his message and then his 'boss' would send up requests of what they needed for tonight's sale. Of course, he had never seen his boss, but the money kept him quiet and made him do his job. Do you know how much gold coins are worth? He entered the cave and out of the rain, walking down to the-oh so familiar hole in the ground. He bent on his knees and silently waited as he pulled down his hood and revealed his blonde hair. He checked his wrist watch, 2:32 A.M., he was two minutes late. Great now his pay would be cut down by two gold coins. He remembered the words he read on the first letter this hole gave him "You'll lose a coin for each minute you waste."

Then the vines came up carrying the letter like normal, hard to believe that he thought this was 'normal', but it was. It came carrying a black envelope with a red wax symbol that had a large 'M' on it. He could only assume that was either the first letter of his bosses name or the first letter of the company. He opened it to see the familiar scratchy writing. "Tonight will be our grand special; monsters will come from all around the Underground to catch a sight of these beauties. This is the kind of beauties you'll need to find..." And that's how the job of his starts. He would walk down to the nearest town, and if there were no good 'finds' there, he would drive to the closest city. But tonight was a bit rare, he would need help from his ‘fellow-hole-finders’. He wasn't the only human carrying out the monsters dirty work; he was just the letter boy who would always need to pick them up. Usually, his boss only needed one girl but tonight he had requested two. And from past experiences he knows that he can't capture more than one girl at a time.

He put the letter in his pocket and stood up, pulling the hood back over his golden hair. He walked down the dark and muddy road. It was still so early in the morning that the sun still hadn't risen, and shouldn't for a long time at this time of year. This is perfect, perfect for his line of work. He walked down to the shabby garage and opened the door, a few Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling shone in his eyes. A woman with a bob cut walked up to him, staring down at him as if he was nothing compared to her. "So… The letter, do you have it?" He pulled the letter out of his pocket, never breaking eye contact with her. "It's a four-man job Lena-" "I can read that you twat." Her snappy response with her accent made him cringe. "And I thought I told you not to call me by my name." She said as she finally took the letter out of his hand.

As she read her eyes got wider and wider. "Holy crap dude, I've never seen that many zeros in all my years working for the boss." She walked over to a wobbly table and placed down the letter. She reached into her pocket and took out a flip phone, typing a few numbers before holding it up to her ears. "Boys we have a big load on our plates tonight, but not as big as the paycheck!" She balanced the phone between her shoulder and her cheek as she took out her cigarette pack and lighter. "God, can't you smoke outside?" He spoke up as she listened to the voice on the other line of her phone. Her only answer was the flicker of her lighter. He rolled his eyes and turned towards the door, looking outside at the sky, hoping the darkness lasts for a bit longer. "Alright, blondie were meeting everyone at the cafe downtown. They say they know the perfect girls, which is amazing that there would be any 'beauties' in the rat hole of a town."

She quickly grabbed her leather jacket and threw it on. She walked out with the boy following her out of the garage door, locking it with a padlock.


You picked up the tray of amazing smelling food and brought it to the lovely old couples table. "There you go; Janet and Gerald, If you find anything wrong with your meals don't hesitate to call me over!" You tilted your head and gave a warm smile. "Oh dear, when have we ever had anything wrong with our meals here? The answer is never." Janet said as you poured some coffee into her husband's mug. You gave a small laugh "I just want you to know you'll never annoy me, and that if you need anything I'm here." You walked back to the kitchen and grabbed the two plates that go to table B. You picked up the trays and headed over, at the table sat two men. One looked quite young, maybe a year or two younger than you. He had amazing blonde hair with spotted freckles all over his face. The other man was much older; he had short black hair and electric blue eyes. You walked over and sat both of their trays down. "Here you go gentlemen, my name is (Y/N) and I'll be serving you today. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask." The blonde boy looked up at you and smiled.

"Thank you, but if it's not too much could you show me if this facility has a smoking area? I didn't see one outside and well, old habits die hard." You're honestly a little taken back by his question. He looks so innocent, and healthy, his voice doesn't sound like it's been through the experience of smoking. But you refuse to let yourself judge a book by its cover. "Oh well of course! It's around back; please follow me I'll show you." You’re surprised (again) to see he's taller than you as he stands up. You lead him through the cafe door around to the back where the smoking area is. "Here we are, please take as much time as you need." "Man lady, you are way too kind." You look up at him shocked at his statement "W-well I-" "Like really, a pretty thing like you should protect yourself more." Your mouth and nose were then covered with a cloth and your vision started to blur.

No, this couldn’t be happening, you needed to stay alive; you were finally making a life of your own. It couldn't end now.