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The Wonderful Misadventures of Song Jisung and the Many Rappers and Idols that Decided to Live with Her

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The sunlight was starting to peek through the blinds in front of Jisung's bay window, making her shift uncomfortably until she eventually shrouded her face with her blanket. This continued for a few minutes, but to no avail. She was awake and there was no use in trying to go back to sleep. Sitting up in bed, the green-haired girl rubbed her eyes with a soft groan and carefully slipped out of bed, dodging the other two bodies that had decided to join her while she slept. She shook her head at the two dark haired boys who were still deep in slumber, figuring the two of them had been so busy gaming the night before that they had lost their window of opportunity to find a decent place to sleep. And of course her bed would be the only open one left.


Minsik and Gunhee. They were better known as Sik-K and #gun, and they were her two biggest goofballs, that was for sure.


With a soft smile upon her pink lips, Jisung quietly left her room and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast for her weirdoes, only to realize that her kitchen was already occupied by a certain boy with blonde dreads. She rubbed her eyes once again to make sure she wasn't dreaming. "Kevin? How are you awake this early? Shouldn't you be asleep or something?"


Kevin flashed a warm smile at Jisung, flipping the finished omelet in his frying pan onto a large plate. "Good morning Jisung. I couldn't sleep last night so I figured I'd make breakfast today. Is that alright?" He raised a dark brow in her direction, cracking another few eggs into the pan before setting down the spatula in his left hand and walking over to her, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her into his chest.


"Good morning Kevin." She hummed softly, knowing that his hugs could very well put her back to sleep if she wasn't careful. "And yeah, that's fine. I'll start waking up the boys then so they're at least semi-conscious during breakfast today." She slowly pulled away from the hug, her gray eyes meeting his brown ones.


"Go for it. Everything else is almost done anyway." He agreed, pressing a kiss to her forehead and then shooing her away so she could wake up the rest of the household.


Going to a nearby hallway, she decided to start from the end and then work her way back to her own room, letting her two gamers sleep for a bit longer. She let out a sigh and opened the first door to the room where Kiseok and Sunghwa tended to sleep. With quiet footsteps, she grabbed one of the pillows that had fallen on the floor during the night and stepped over to Sunghwa's side of the bed.

"Here goes nothing." She whispered under her breath, taking her chances and slamming the plush object against his soft body, which only made him wrap his arms around her waist and pull her into the bed, turning so she was stuck in between him and Kiseok.


"Jisung~" He groaned out, pulling her in so her back was pressed against his chest. "It's too early to get up." He muttered against her shoulder, nuzzling his nose against it for a few moments.


"He's right, you know." Kiseok mumbled from the other side of the bed as he opened his eyes to look at her, his expression sleepy and his hair more disheveled than usual. 


"Yeah but Kevin made you guys breakfast and he said it's almost done. It's better than I’m waking you guys up than Byeongyoon, you know. He would make you both do the prayer before breakfast and you know it." Jisung replied with an almost evil grin, remember a few times in the past where she had him wake up the boys when they were being especially stubborn. They weren't particularly happy about all having to give a before-meal prayer that was to Byeongyoon's satisfaction before being permitted to eat.


Sunghwa let out another groan, this one a bit more annoyed. "Alright alright, we'll get up. Go wake up the others and we'll be there in a bit." And with that, she was released from her place on the bed but not before each of them had left a kiss on her body. Sunghwa left one on her shoulder and Kiseok left one on the palm of her hand. She would've been just as happy with hugs but her group of weirdoes preferred kisses for some reason.


Jisung then headed to the next door down the hall and before she could open it, she heard the moving of furniture, a few groans, and a low, "I told you the table, you dumbass. Not the damn wall. Someone's bound to hear us." The green-haired girl rolled her eyes and knocked on the door. "If you two don't come down for breakfast in the next five minutes, I'll sick Byeongyoon on you two."


"Y-yes ma'am. J-jiSUNG!~" She heard Hanbin moan, her usually tan cheeks turning a shade of crimson. Of course those two idiots would decide to fuck this early in the morning.


Jisung's journey wasn't over yet, and she still had three rooms to do, so she soldiered on to the next door. After pressing her ear against it to make sure it was safe, she carefully opened the door, only to meet a sight she hadn't been expecting this early. Woosung was tied to the bed by one of his shirts and his pajama pants had been pulled down to his knees and if she was correct, Myungwon had probably shoved a vibrator up his ass and paired it with a cock ring to make it go from a reward to a punishment. It didn't help that Myungwon probably made him promise to keep quiet too. She shook her head in annoyance instead of being shocked. Myungwon and Woosung were always placing bets on stupid things and the aftermath was never a pretty sight to behold. One could say they both had a very dark sense of humor.


She could hear the shower in the adjacent room running, which gave her a window of opportunity to free the trapped boy before the mastermind behind his punishment could reappear and ensnare her into it. She took quiet footsteps towards the bed, listening in between each one to make sure Myungwon was still showering before continuing on. "You lost another bet, didn't you?" She whispered, receiving a quick nod in return. "I told you guys that your punishments were getting out of hand but no one listens to me." She remarked, climbing onto the bed and straddling his chest, using her knees as leverage as she untied the boy. She tossed his wrinkled shirt off to the side and then moved to remove the cock ring, shifting to sit beside him and allowing him to release with a low groan as he came on his chest in short spurts. "Thank you Jisung." Woosung panted softly, shakily sitting up and removing the vibrator and turning it off. His body was still shaking from his orgasm, the over-sensitivity caused by the toy and the ring only making it worse.

"It's no problem. Breakfast should be done any minute so I'd clean up and head to the kitchen if I were you." Jisung commented, her cheeks flushing once again at the sight before her. You'd think that after living with a bunch of boys for a few months would make you immune to blushing, but some things still got to her. "And while you do that, I'm going to kill Myungwon."


"Good luck." He muttered, still a bit blissed-out as he leaned in to press a kiss to one of her crimson tinted cheeks.


She soon slid off the bed and headed towards the adjacent bathroom, taking a few deep breaths as she convinced herself that she could do this as well as to make her cheeks return to their original hue. "Seo Myungwon!!!" She growled, practically stomping into the room. She was only 5' 3" so the only intimidation factor she had was her voice.


"What?" Myungwon looked at her from his place in front of the bathroom sink, a towel wrapped around his waist. "What did I do?" He turned, raising a brow in her direction and leaning back against the sink, his arms crossed over his chest as an innocent smile played upon his lips. It was funny how one of the least innocent people in the house had one of the most innocent smiles.


"You know what the hell you did. Was that really called for? It's like 7 in the morning, Myungwon. And you thought you'd tie up Woosung and leave him there to let his dick burst while you took a fucking shower? He's still recovering from when you made him take more than the daily dosage of Viagra! We were all worried that he'd never be able to reproduce!" She flailed her arms around to show her annoyance but kept her gray eyes on the tall, half-naked male as she stepped closer.


Instead of speaking again, Myungwon simply waited until Jisung was within reach and pulled her into his arms, turning them both around and bending her over the bathroom counter, his hands intertwined with hers and his hips pressed against her enough to leave her stuck where she was. "Now now, it was all in good fun Jisung. Woosung's fine and you know it. So don't get so worked up~" He cooed softly in her ear, brushing his lips against it and then moving down her neck, grinding his barely shrouded half-hard cock between her bare legs. Why the hell did she decide to wear pajama shorts instead of pants last night? "Or I might have to de-stress you right here and make sure everyone hears you." Jisung bit her lower lip, fighting the groans that were begging to leave her lips as she curled her toes, also fighting the urge to grind back against him. Ah the pain that came from a house full of testosterone.


"Myungwon! Breakfast is ready! Kevin says you need to hurry up." She heard Woosung call from the other room, making her let out a sigh of relief.


Myungwon looked towards the door and then back at Jisung, weighing his options and ultimately deciding that breakfast was more important at this point. "This isn't over, you know." He smirked, leaning in once again and sinking his teeth into her shoulder, just where she liked it, causing her to gasp and let out a soft moan of his name. He knew how she ticked, and some days she hated him for it. It was all because of a game of truth or dare paired with some alcohol that she played with the guys when they all moved in. It was their version of an icebreaker. Myungwon snickered while he left the room to get dressed, leaving Jisung in a state of annoyance and mild sexual frustration. Hopefully it would be gone before she had to go to breakfast herself.


Just two more rooms and then she could eat. She could do this. Right?


After fixing her clothes and running her fingers through her hair, Jisung left the bathroom and headed to the next room full of occupants she had to wake up. She quietly stepped inside, thankful that the only noises she could hear were soft snores.

"Sungmin, Siyoung, Byeongyoon, it's time to wake up. Kevin made breakfast for everyone." She called out to the sleepy boys, only to find that there was only two. Sungmin was currently sitting up in bed, rubbing his eyes and making sure his dreads hadn't gotten messed up while Siyoung was putting on his glasses. "Sungmin, where's Byeongyoon?" She questioned with a confused expression on her face. Usually Byeongyoon would still be passed out at this hour or he'd at least be in the room praying or something.


"He went out walking early this morning to clear his head. I figure he's probably already with the others by now." Sungmin mumbled into his hands as he slid off the bed and stepped over to her, Siyoung following close behind.


"Anyways, good morning beautiful." Sungmin smiled almost sweetly, lifting her chin with his fingertips and pressing a kiss to the corner of her mouth. Despite what he seemed like on TV, he wasn't that bad of a guy. Then again, it could've just been that he had a sweet spot for the sarcastic girl with emerald green hair.


"Good morning Sungmin, and good morning Siyoung." Jisung grinned brightly at the two boys, her anger from earlier dissipating almost immediately as Siyoung took her into his arms for a hug, proceeding to lift her and spin her around a few times, making her giggle.


“Good morning to you, Jisung. We'll see you at breakfast." Siyoung nodded in agreement, setting her down and ruffling her hair a bit. The two boys sleepily shuffled out of the room moments later, leaving her on her own once again.


One more room to go and then she could eat.


A few minutes later, Jisung found herself back in her own bedroom, and Gunhee and Minsik were still knocked out like lights. It was almost surprising that none of the others had come to wake them up, but she figured they all knew those two needed the extra sleep. Minsik had been in and out of the house for the last few weeks working on stuff for his new album and Gunhee had been coming home late after working on stuff for his supposed solo debut. Knowing these were going to be her toughest ones of the morning, she closed the door behind herself and then walked across the room, crawling carefully back onto her bed. "Gunhee, Minsik, it's time to wake up. Breakfast is ready." She spoke in a soft tone, taking turns shaking each of the boys in hopes of waking up at least one. Gunhee was the first to awaken and just as she was about to lean over on the other side to try and wake up Minsik again, Gunhee lifted her to straddle his waist.


"Not so fast." He muttered lowly, tangling a hand in her emerald hair and pulling her down to crush her lips against his. The tension Myungwon had left her with hadn't quite disappeared yet so her usually stubborn nature basically went out the window, her hands cupping his cheeks as she moaned against his lips, liking how soft they were against her own. That soft yet beautiful noise was what awakened Minsik from his slumber as he sleepily rubbed his eyes, his eyes soon widening at the sight before him. "Wow Gunhee, you couldn't even wait to share?" He let out a chuckle, reaching over to untangle Gunhee's hand from Jisung's hair.

"You took too long so I took the opportunity while it was there." Gunhee muttered in reply, shifting his gaze from Jisung to Minsik and then back. "I bet no one else was brave enough to try for a real good morning kiss." He smiled up at her, using his hand to brush her bangs away from her face, tucking them behind her ear.

"Sungmin tried, but everyone else either hugged me or kissed me elsewhere. With the exception of Jiwon and Hanbin though, they were too busy fucking. And Byeongyoon was already up and moving before I could catch him." She figured she shouldn't mention what Myungwon tried to do, knowing it would only spark jealousy and it was much too early in the morning for her to have to see the guys wrestle in the living room over territorial boundaries and the like.

"What a shame. Ah well, we could always say the best was saved for last, hmm?" Minsik commented, flashing a smile at the girl. It was always nice to see his actual smile without his grills, not that she didn't like his smile just as much with them on.

"I guess you could say that....." She trailed off, raising a brow at the two boys, a smirk soon appearing on her lips. "You two planned this out again, didn't you? You guys stayed up late to make sure you guys had to sleep in my room, knowing that whoever sleeps in my room gets woken up last in the mornings."

"Well damn, she's got us figured out, doesn't she?" Gunhee smiled back over at Minsik, who shrugged in return, knowing they'd been figured out.

"I've learned a lot from living with all you boys." She remarked triumphantly, placing her hands on her hips as though she had just won a great battle.

"Hmm, not enough though." Minsik spoke in a soft tone, nodding over to Gunhee who placed his hands on Jisung's waist and started rolling his hips, Minsik taking the opportunity when she gasped in surprise to capture her lips when his own, his tongue brushing between them before he took her bottom lip between his teeth and sucked on it, another moan leaving her lips as her hands reached up to tangle themselves in Minsik's hair.

Were they usually her goofballs? Yes, but they were also her little horny demons too.

The kiss ended all too soon when Minsik pulled away so Gunhee could flip their positions around so Jisung was on her back. Minsik reconnected their lips once she was comfortable, her hands reaching for his hair again and bringing him closer while Gunhee left kisses down her neck, collarbone, and chest, lifting her tank top so he could kiss down her stomach as well, making her shiver. He could only smirk as he made his way down, spreading her legs and nuzzling his nose against her clothed clit, another gasp leaving her pink lips. 

She'd have to kill Myungwon another time....after she was done thanking him for the frustration he had caused.

"She smells so sweet, Minsik. Should I taste her? I bet you she'll taste even better than breakfast." Gunhee smirked at his friend, slipping a hand into Jisung's shorts and brushing his fingertips over her clothed clit to tease her, keeping his movements quick for a while and then actually applying pressure, making her cry out against Minsik's lips, her back arching off the bed.

"Hmmm, might as well. Breakfast will probably be gone by the time we get out there anyway. But I agree, she's probably going to taste much better." Minsik flicked his tongue over the bite marks on her inner lip. "What do you think, Jisung? Can we have you for breakfast instead?"

"B-but Kevin cooked for you a-all~" Jisung stammered out, her breaths coming out in slow pants. "A-and won't someone be coming to look for us anyway?"

Minsik turned to look at Gunhee again. "But we could make her feel so good." He muttered, letting out a sigh as he glanced at the other male.

"Who would be stupid enough to come looking for us, Minsik? They'll be too busy stuffing their faces to care." Gunhee added, reaching up enough to hook his fingers in the top of Jisung's shorts, tugging them down and setting them at the foot of the bed. "Now, for my breakfast." He hooked his arms under her legs to lift them onto his shoulders, his hands bracing under her ass as he ran his tongue over her clothed entrance to tease her, her body shuddering as a result. "You're so sensitive this morning, Jisung. I wonder why."


The answer came all too soon by another presence in the room. Jisung looked over at the now open door and wondered when it had opened to start with. "I’ll take blame for that. I got her riled up not long before she came to wake you two up." Myungwon smirked, analyzing the sight presented in front of him, his arms crossed over his chest much like before, with the exception of him actually being dressed this time. "You already looked wrecked Jisung, and they've barely touched you. How cute." His smartass expression soon became a neutral one as he looked at the two boys. "You guys can have her for a meal later. Kevin said everyone has to eat what he cooked or he's not cooking again. And his food is pretty damn good today." He warned. It wasn't much of a threat but it was enough to get the two boys up and out of the room before Jisung could even say 'wait for me'.


Myungwon stepped over to the bed, climbing up on it and putting himself where Gunhee had been moments earlier. "You look beautiful like that, you know. All wrecked and desperate all because I offered to fuck you on the counter this morning. Would you have liked that, baby? Me slamming my cock into you while you scream my name, letting everyone in the house know who you belong to today?" He brushed his lips over each of her thighs until his hot breath landed on her clothed core, making her body shiver in anticipation.


He was a sweetheart, sure, but he always prioritized being a tease first.


Before Jisung could manage to speak a word, her breath was taken away by his tongue brushing skillfully over her now uncovered entrance, her panties somehow getting removed while she was trying to calm down. His lips wrapped around her clit from time to time but for the most part his tongue was buried inside her, tasting her sweetness as he moaned against her, loving how good she tasted, her moans and cries of 'more' encouraging him as her fingers tugged on his dark locks, bringing him in even closer as she neared her release, only for him to pull away. "I'd fuck you so good, you know. I could make you scream until you couldn't speak and fuck you until you couldn't walk." He muttered, leaving kisses on her inner thighs as she tried to bring him in closer. "Maybe some other time, hmm?"

And with that, he lowered her back onto the bed and left her with a soft kiss on the back of her hand.


She was going to kill him at this rate, she swore.


Jisung was able to leave her bed after a few more minutes of deep breaths, the breathing deafening her frustration for the time being. Her steps were still a bit shaky but she managed, heading over to her closet and grabbing a new pair of lace panties and slipping them on along with a pair of jean shorts. After running her fingers through her probably unruly hair, she left her room and went to the dining room for breakfast.


"Good morning again everyone!" She smiled sweetly, making sure to send a death glare at Myungwon before taking her spot at the table next to Kevin.


"Everything alright, Jisung? You seem off." Kevin questioned, handing her a plate full of food. "I saved you some in case the vultures took all the extras."


"Thanks Kevin. And no, I'm fine. Just preparing for someone's death is all."