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"I never thought being a mother would be so exhausting. Misty cries all night."

"I know the feeling, Pearl. Andrew and Clara are always getting into things. They grow up really fast, though. Mommy said I'll miss feeling tired some day."

"I guess. I just... I was kind of hoping that Misty would be quiet like I was, but she's more like Cody."

"Hey you can't win everything. At least Cody's sticking around, though, right?"

"Yeah, I'm glad, even when he has to work late. The village may be run by women, but we kind of need men too. He's helpful when he's not working. And Master Maya gets along with him pretty well too. Your situation is kind of weird, too, isn't it?"

"A little, but I like my patchwork family as much as being in Daddy's."