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Two Alphas walked into a bar...

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Jared Padalecki looked at the mail that had just unceremoniously been dumped onto his desk by a very pissed off Omega. As far as he was concerned all Omegas were pissed off so that was nothing new, but he didn’t’ have to work with all Omegas, just this one; Mike Rosenbaum. Welling.
He keeps forgetting that part.

Mike and Tom have been together forever, but Jared still sees him as Crazy Mike Rosenbaum from their childhood and not the bitch he has become since he first went ass up for Tom. Because of their past, Jared tries to show Mike more respect than he does most Omegas, but Mike’s attitude made it hard to do that. Instead of keeping his head down and doing as he’s told he had to speak up and try to be an Alpha’s equal.

When Mike comes into his office with that attitude sometimes it’s all Jared can do to keep his wolf at bay and not jump over his desk and bite down on his neck until he submits like an Omega should. He refrains because Tom is his friend and he’s sure that not only would he be upset but so would all of the other partners. So instead he grits his teeth and let Mike have his way.

He’d thought that when Mike had pups that he would want to stay at home with them as all good O’s would, but not the activist, Mike Rosenbaum. Welling. No, he left his pups in a daycare and came to work and not even Jared’s needling made him feel bad about leaving them.

He’d like to place the blame on Tom’s head but he couldn’t because all of their partners were responsible. They all grew up together and Mike was one of the guys until he presented at sixteen. Jared remembers that day well. They were at Jared’s playing a game of shirts and skins basketball when all of a sudden the most tantalizing scent hit their noses and Tom beat all of them back to get to Mike. Everyone else continued to treat him the same but Jared knew he wasn’t and treated him accordingly and Mike resents that.

Jared’s mother was an Omega and his father made sure that she knew her place, serving Alphas and then Betas. As long as she didn’t try to do anything outside of her household duties, she was fine and treated with the utmost care, but his father never once tolerated her stepping out of line.

His Alpha siblings were soft on her, but Jared was like his father and made sure that she knew her place in the hierarchy of the household.

Unlike Mike she had been trained as a proper Omega. Just because she didn’t present until she was a teenager didn’t mean she hadn’t shown signs. When he looked back on their childhood Mike had shown signs as well but because it seemed that everyone else in their group were going to be Alphas they closed their eyes to Mike not doing the same. Until they couldn’t.

He quickly went through his mail, calling it a day when he saw the letter from an Omega right’s group. For some reason they kept soliciting him, but he thinks that Mike had something to do with it. Jared was going to have to talk to Tom about getting his mate under control. They could pay a Beta with a family to support do what the Omegas did and Jared would only have to tolerate his presence at gatherings like the one tonight at the local watering hole.

Checking his watch, Jared decided to call it a day. He and the guys were going to meet at their favorite bar, Henry’s to wind down after a long week. Once he’s had a couple of beers, he’ll forget Mike and his belligerent ways. At least for tonight.

Thirty minutes later, Jared walked into Henry’s and paused at the entrance of the main room. Pinching his thumb and forefinger at the bridge of his nose, he squeezed his eyes shut against the smoke that was burning them and to adjust the darkness of the room. Once his sight was clear, he surveyed the half-filled room looking to see if any of his friends had arrived.

Not seeing anyone from the office, Jared figured that he was the first one there so he glanced, around the room to find a table that would accommodate their large group. Once he spotted a large partially hidden, empty table in the corner of the room, he made a bee-line for it. As he rounded the corner the part that was hidden by a wall revealed that the table wasn’t empty. In a chair hidden from view sat Mike Rosenbaum-fucking Welling; Tom’s Omega. He really was going to have to reconcile with the change in the man’s name and status because if he didn’t it was just going to give Mike something else to bitch about.

Jared bit back a curse as he saw the man sitting there, his head back against the wall with his eyes closed and his hand wrapped around a bottle of beer. It reminded Jared of a pose that he sometimes affected after a long hard day.

The pose made Jared smile, Mike was an Omega with a cushy job - even for an Omega - working for his Alpha at the company that his Alpha and his friends owned, so how hard could his day have been?

Mike was your typical Omega in many ways, short, soft, pretty features and loyal, and in many ways he was not. He was also confrontational, outspoken and defiant and Jared didn’t understand how Tom put up with him. Had he been Jared’s he would have had the little bitch collared kneeling at his feet the way his mom had done.
Sometimes he was so blunt that Jared forgot that he was an Omega until he saw the red Ω on the back of his hand. All Omegas were born with the brand and it turned red once they were mated.

He steeled himself as he walked towards the table and greeted the Omega with a nod of his head before sitting in the chair the furthest away from him. This has been a long week and even longer day, and he didn’t want to deal with a fucking O whining about his lot in life and not for the first time, Jared wished Tom had just left his bitch at home.

No one else brought their mate and it didn’t matter to Jared that Mike worked with them. The O should be at home clearing – something or taking care of his kids. He was most likely here more for convenience than anything else, Omegas couldn’t drive without a licensed driver with them. The reasoning being because their heat could hit them at any time but Jared believed that it was because they were too simpleminded to keep their mind on the road.

There was no threat of the O going into heat, no Mike was here because Tom didn’t want to have to take him home and then come back, but that was just an excuse. There were services that would take Mike home while Tom enjoyed his night out and Jared wouldn’t have to deal with the little fucker.

Hell, Jared would even pay for it if he could have the night Mike free.

As soon as his ass hit the chair, the server was on him to take his drink order and while he waited for her to return with his jack and coke, Jared searched the half-filled bar for Tom or anyone else so he would not be alone with Mike.

“He had to hit the head, so you can relax, because despite being an Omega I really don’t need you to entertain me. God knows that I don’t want to waste my breath on someone who can’t get past the fact that I’m an Omega and therefore doesn’t believe that I’m worthy of getting to know. What’s the old adage, seen but not heard?”

“No one will ever accuse you of that, and besides, I like you fine,” Jared corrected, “I just can’t get past the fact that even though you are cuddled and loved to death, and shouldn’t have a worry in the world, you demand more. It’s not enough that you’re able to work, you want jobs that rightfully belong to Alphas and Betas. Just be happy with your lot in life and stop all of your bitching and perhaps then I’ll take you seriously.”

“We just…” Mike began, “You know what, I can’t explain what’s wrong to someone who doesn’t believe that there is something wrong in the first place, so just enjoy your drink and pretend that I’m not here.”
Sarah, their server, thankfully chose that moment to bring him his drink and as he took his first sip, from his peripheral view, he saw Mike glaring at him. See this was another reason that he didn’t deal with Omegas’- too fucking emotional. The O’s heat was probably due soon and he was just being hormonal.

Jared knew that perhaps he himself was being a bit unreasonable, he didn’t know if it was because he was jealous of their close bond or the fact that his girlfriend, Genevieve had been out of town for the past week. Now that she was back she chose to go out with her friends, and he was taking out his frustration on Mike.
They fell into an uncomfortable silence that was only eased when Tom joined them followed by the other partners in their company, Chad Michael Murray, Stephen Amell, and Misha Collins.

The others didn’t bring their mates or dates, but technically since Mike worked with them that was okay with Jared as long as he didn’t start his grumbling about Omega rights. When they first started the advertising agency, and Tom finally mated Mike, the Omega was on suppressants, but the doctor advised them they unless they were willing to risk sterility, he had to go off the sups and now Jared was blessed with one week a month that was Mike free. Tom gave the man too much freedom, if he had taken him in hand when they first mated, he wouldn’t have this problem.

“…gotta be rough man, to just be turned like that,” Chad said as he found a seat around the table, “how do they decide who gets to be the O-excuse me- Omega,” Chad corrected when he spotted Mike in the corner rolling his eyes at the derogatory name for Omegas.


“What are you rambling on about now Chad?” Jared asked. He wasn’t really interested, he just wanted to turn Mike’s attention away from him.

“This episode of 20/20 I saw last night, I’m surprised you haven’t heard about it, because it’s all over social media today. It a little heard about phenomenon where two Alphas, both of them straight, are mates. As you know once they find each other they know that they can’t be apart and have to consummate the mating, but neither wants to be an Omega.”

“Well that’s impossible,” Jared scrunched up his nose as though he tried to picture how two Alphas could mate, “two Alphas can’t mate, it’s almost physiologically impossible so how does that work?”

“Apparently by deception,” Stephen another of their partners answered. “It seems that one will drug the other and consummate the mating with knotting and a claim mark while the other is passed out and when he wakes, he’s Omega.”

“I didn’t know that could happen,” Mike admitted. “Imagine the ramifications of turning an Alpha into an Omega.”
“Well it looks as though you don’t know all things Omega then huh?” Jared sneered, “I guess I’ll have to find another O expert then.”

“Okay Jared that’s enough!” Tom snapped.

The waitress from earlier came and took drink order from the new arrivals and because he couldn’t place an order for himself, Tom ordered another drink for Mike as well.

As he placed an order with the server, Jared used this to cover his embarrassment for snapping at Mike. In a way he could understand the man’s frustration, because the thought of being an adult and not being able to do things for yourself would probably drive him mad, but at the same time, Mike was old enough to know how the world worked and stepping outside his role was only going to bring him trouble.

“So what happens to the turned Omega?” Misha asked. Jared was sure that it was just to break the tension because like Tom, Misha was mated to an Omega and they both walked around as though they had discovered the key to the fucking universe. Both were always spouting that it was okay to have a relationship with a Beta, but Alphas and Omegas were designed for one another.

“I mean if he or she is an adult, especially if they are in our age range, they have accrued belongings, perhaps property or even own their own businesses, what happens then?”

“Their new Alpha gets it all,” Chad told him, “and there is nothing they can do. Not even family members can claim their assets once the new Omega is mated. Some of the new Omegas are saying they don’t believe that they are soulmates and designed to be with one another, they believe that the Alphas were just trying to get their hands on things that they had, and want some sort of law put in place. They want to be able to retain their belongings.”

“Sounds fishy to me,” Jared said in a bored voice. “I see this as just another item on the agenda on the part of the Omegas to get equal rights,” he said as he made air quotes with his hands. Jared wasn’t sure if it was the earlier confrontation or the alcohol that was now coursing through his veins, but tonight the tight reign he normally kept on the need to piss Mike off was loosened so he looked at his friend’s mate and said. “If an Alpha is so easily placed in a position where he can be drugged and knotted, it seems to me that he wasn’t that much of an Alpha to begin with and already had Omega tendencies so the Alpha who turns him was just giving him what he wanted so there is no truth to the claim.”

He could see that Mike was upset and instead of retaliating, Mike jumped up from the table and ran out the door.

“Fuck you, Jared,” Tom spat as he ran out the door towards his mate.

The occupants of the table sat in stunned silence as Jared did nothing except toss back the rest of his drink.

“I know that I’m often accused of being an ass, and quite often it’s true but even I have never done anything that dickish,” Chad reprimanded through gritted teeth.

“I…” Jared started.

“I nothing,” Chad spat. “Did you know that I have been seeing an Omega for the past two months, but I haven’t introduced Matt to you because I can’t explain to him how I can be friends with someone who is a classic Omega-phobe?”

Jared was shocked, Chad has been seeing someone and hadn’t shared the news with him. He and Chad were closer than anyone else at the firm. He knew that the blond has been blowing off engagements with him and Gen, but he had no idea this was the reason.

“Even though he knows that you don’t mean it, you need to apologize to Tom at least,” Stephen suggested. “And you can give your usual half-hearted apology to Mike later,” he added when Jared gave him a look that said that he didn’t want to.

Taking a wary glance around the table, Jared knew that his friend was right and the rest of the group would hound his ass until he apologized. He still didn’t think that he was wrong, but he was outnumbered. Soon it seemed that everyone but him would have an Omega in their lives. Stephen was mated to an Omega named Katie who unlike Mike was unable to whelps pups but Jared hadn’t given her a hard time about that so, he wasn’t a big a dick as everyone thought.

If Jared had been mated to her he would have had the bond dissolved once the doctor told him that she couldn’t breed. If he’d have been the dick everyone thought him to be he’d have asked Stephen why he stayed with a defective O, but he’d kept his mouth shut. Not that it did him any good.

Reluctantly, he got up from the table and made his way to the door to see if Tom and Mike were still in the parking lot so that he could apologize and get this over with. He saw the tall man comforting his little Omega and almost convinced himself to turn around, but he needed to come to grips with his dislike of the fairer sex, and Mike.

If he thought about it, Mike hadn’t really changed who he was since he and Jared have known each other, it’s just that Jared has expected him too. He can’t say that it was easy for Mike to go from carefree to having to get permission to conduct his daily living. Jared’s not so sure that he could do it, but he didn’t have to and Mike does.

Before he opened the door, Jared tried to find the right words for both Tom and Mike. He knew that apologizing to the Omega was going to go a long way with his friend, but it still irked him that he had to apologize to him.
As he stood there he caught a waft of something faint, but amazing and realized that he was hungry. The great thing about Henry’s was that he also served great food so he would place an order to appease the appetite that he was working up from making this apology.

Once the door opened, Jared was greeted by a fist to his jaw. Tom somehow knew that he was coming and lay in wait for him. Jared supposed that he deserved this, but that didn’t mean that he was going to take it, so he swung back. His slight height advantage, packed on muscle and less emotional state gave him a small advantage and sent Tom to the ground.

“Stay down Tom,” Jared advised softly aware of the group standing near the door. “I don’t want to fight you.”
Tom didn’t take the advice and stood up and swung at Jared causing a small scuffle away from the door of the club. Jared grabbed Tom by the collar of his button-down and pressed his back up against the wall of the building before landing another punch. Tom tried to break free and retaliate, but Jared had stepped away leaving the angry man swinging at air so he grabbed for Jared pulling him into his body. As both Alphas had been drinking, neither were steady on their feet and ended up with Tom on his ass near the brick wall of the building and Jared slightly on top of him.

Jared rolled off Tom and shifted his large body until he was seated beside Tom with his back against the wall as well.

“Why do you hate Omegas so much, Jared? Mike hasn’t done a damned thing to you but express that he wants more freedom than he has and you act as though he some kind of terrorist.”

“I don’t hate Omegas,” Jared sighed as he rubbed his hand down his face.

“Oh, so it’s Mike then?” Tom growled.

Okay he was not really doing a great job of explaining, “I don’t hate Omegas and I don’t hate Mike; it just that I think that everyone has their place and should stay in it. Omegas are limited at what they can do and how they think and that’s why they can only get jobs specifically designed for them.”

“Oh you mean they can’t do much beyond receptionist and clerk jobs then.”

“That’s exactly what I mean, and they shouldn’t have much more than that anyway because sooner or later they will leave the job for babies anyway.”

“Perhaps they have babies because that’s all anyone thinks that they can do, “Tom countered. “We have pups but Mike is still working and doing a damned good job at both. My mate is smart and had he been born an Alpha or a Beta, he would have been one of our partners and not the office lackey. He hates the job, but it keeps him from going crazy.”

“But he wasn’t and he needs to understand that,” Jared said softly. “He is an Omega and that won’t change. I personally don’t see the fascination with them. With my Beta I’ll have a true mate, we can plan and have things that wouldn’t be available if Gen was an O.”

“You’re an idiot if that’s what you think. Mike and I have the same material things that you and Gen have; we have a house and we can go on trips and our bank account is quite healthy, but we have things that you and Gen will never have. We have a true bond, he actually understands what I feel and he puts me first. Always. It’s never I don’t want to, it’s what do you need, and I know that it’s Omegist, but then there’s the sex. Hell, you can’t even knot your precious Beta. Chances are you can’t even give her a baby.”

“So what?” Jared shrugged as nonchalantly as he could, because that was a sore spot with him and Gen. They were at the point where they were talking babies and he was going to give her a claim mark but as far as she was concerned, that was contingent on babies. “All that means is that I don’t get tied with Gen especially when all I want is a quickie. If we can’t have a baby, then we can get an O to carry for us.”

“By the way, stop fucking calling him an O, he’s an Omega. You should give them that much respect that since they are good enough to carry a child for you and your barren Beta. Omegas and Alphas were made for each other, Betas aren’t really needed and that’s why they are the ones to keep the antiquated Omega Laws enforced. If you ever give in and get tied, Gen will be history, because there is nothing like sex with your Omega.”

“I agree that we have a difference of opinions, but I promise that I will not be a dick about Omegas any longer, besides, I’m hungry and I don’t know what that wonderful smell is but I want to get the biggest one Henry can cook.”

“What smell?” Tom asked as he shot Jared a puzzled look.

“C’mon man you have to smell that, it’s like a steak fresh from the grill, all bloody and rare, but there’s something sweet as well.” He took a deep breath and inhaled the wonderful scents. “Cinnamon.”

Tom stood up and brushed the seat of his pants clean before extending a hand to Jared to help the big man up, “Must be your hunger talking, because I don’t smell anything. I’m glad we had this - err talk, Jared, but tonight has been ruined for Mike so we’re gonna head home. Jared I. I don’t know how much more of this we can take. Overnight Mike went from being your friend to being something you try to scrape from the bottom of your shoe. He’s a good man and if you don’t recognize that then things will have to change.”

Jared’s attention was on the smell that was drawing him in and he barely acknowledged Tom’s warning or his good-bye. He couldn’t understand how Tom couldn’t smell that, but he was going back inside now to get whatever it was. He watched as Tom made his way back to his car where Mike was waiting before turning to make his way back inside.

As Jared got closer to the door he saw her. Standing in the group he and Tom had passed earlier, she was a beautiful redhead with a heavenly body and a devilish smile, but most importantly, she was the owner of that wonderful smell. What he thought was hunger wasn’t, it was pure unadulterated lust. The smell was her scent and he wanted to wallow in it.

Tentatively he gave her a dimpled smile as he sauntered towards her, his chest puffing out and standing taller, in an attempt to appear as Alpha as possible. The closer he got, the more turned on he became. His blood felt as though it was on fire, his dick was hardening and he was doing everything in his power to keep from pressing the heel of his hand on it to keep his knot from forming.

This was his mate.

Jared watched as she turned to speak to one of her companions and as she turned, the smell became stronger, he realized that the wonderful scent was not from her but her friend.

When she stepped aside she revealed a petite body with spiky dark blond hair, full lips, and eyes that he wasn’t sure if they were green or if it was just the reflection from the neon in Henry’s sign. An Omega. His fucking mate was an O. Jared knew that after all of the shit he had given Tom for Mike, he was going to catch hell for this, for having an Omega as a mate, but until he could bury himself in his Omega, Jared couldn’t bring himself to care.

The closer he got the better the smell and the harder he became, he went from half hard to a full salute to the group that was standing between him and his mate; and stepping up to the group, he made two discoveries. His mate was a man, and even worse, he was an Alpha and not the Omega Jared though a man as pretty as this one would be.

If he had any doubt about this being his mate, the way the blond scented him and returned his stare erased it. His eyes, (and yes they were green) darkened and as if by a magnetic force, he made his way towards Jared.
Before they could touch, the redhead stepped in front of his mate.

“Whoa,” She said as she placed her hand on Jared’s chest.

“Danni is everything okay?” a stocky long haired blond man in the group asked the redhead.

“I’m not sure Chris, but it looks as though Jen has graduated from college and found a mate on the same day.”

“Mate?” Chris echoed as he walked closer to where the three of them stood.

“Yes, mate,” Jared growled in frustration. His blood was running hot and his fingers were itching to touch his mate, and there were two idiots standing between them. “Now please step aside.”

Danni and Chris parted and his mate held out his hand, blushed and said, “I’m Jensen.”

Finally, Jared was able to touch him. The simple touch sent a wave of heat and want coursing through his body. Suddenly his skin was too tight and itchy and his knot was swelling. Now he understood what Tom had been trying to tell him a few moments ago. No, Jensen wasn’t Beta, but he was mate and even the hottest sex between him and Gen couldn’t compare to his mate’s simple touch.

Closing the space between them, Jared leaned in for a kiss and before he could taste those plump lips, Chris cleared his throat and said, “Get a room.” Causing Jensen to blush with embarrassment.

“I think he’s right,” Jensen murmured softly as he moved closer to Jared. But I don’t have a car, we rode with Steve and Chris...”

“’S all right,” Jared smiled loving the fact that he was going to be able to impress his mate as he thought about the Dodge Challenger he had recently purchased, “I’m parked over there,” he said as he absently nodded his head towards the parking lot.

Jared clicked the key to allow Jensen to get into the front seat instead of opening the door for him, right now he was an Alpha and wouldn’t appreciate the gesture. However, once he turned, Jared was not going to allow him to lift anything heavier than a fork and even then Jaded was entertaining ways to be able to hand feed the beautiful man.

Jared turned on the ignition and twisted in his seat to look at Jensen. “I. I live with someone and I can’t take you to my home, do you have somewhere we can go?” he asked hopefully.

“No, I um. I don’t,” Jensen told him. “I share an apartment with my friends Chris and Steve. Oh, God, please tell me that we…”

“Our first time is not going to be in a car, especially since I know that we won’t stop at one time. We can find a hotel. I can call Gen from there and let her know what happened, but I promise that I won’t take you home until she is gone. I know that we didn’t plan this, but I want to give her time to find a place to live.”

“That’s fair. If push comes to shove we can go back to my apartment, but with them there it just won’t be comfortable. I just graduated from college, so I can’t afford to rent a hotel room for the time that we’ll need.”

“I can,” Jared informed him. “I own an advertising business with some of my friends and we're quite successful. After the initial mating week is over, we’ll see about getting you a job there if you want. Tom’s Omega, Mike works there and I think that the two of you will get along fine.”

“We’ll see,” Jensen responded.
There was a hotel in the downtown area that the agency often set up their clients, and that's where Jared headed because he had to get his hands on his sweet little mate. If he thought that scents before were driving him crazy, they were nothing compared to how they smelled in the confines of the car.

He wanted to roll the window down because the scent was making him dizzy but he chose not to because he didn’t want anyone else scenting his pretty little mate.

Jensen didn’t speak again until they were in the elevator and that when Jared sensed a change in Jensen’s scent. There was a sour smell creeping in the delicious scents from earlier.


“Jensen?” Jared asked hoping that the acrid scent didn’t mean that Jensen was changing his mind.
“I’m nervous. I have never been with an Alpha before, never thought about it, so I don’t know how this is going to work.”

“We’ll get this figured out,” Jared assured confidently giving the man his best smile. “I mean Google has the answer for everything.”

Nerves were getting to Jared as well and he was sure that Jensen could scent that. They were warring heavily with the lust that was ramping up each second in Jensen’s company. The conversation from Henry’s came to mind. He had nothing on him to sedate Jensen but he was much bigger than his mate who was a foot shorter so the struggle should be brief.

One thing he was sure of was that there was going to be some kind of fight because Jensen’s wolf would not submit without a fight, but Jared’s plan was to keep him off guard until he was ready to strike.


The room was nice but they didn’t come there for the décor. The reason Jared chose it was because he was sure the bed would be comfortable and it more likely to be disease free. Once the door closed, Jared was on Jensen. He was going to use this lust in his favor, so he reached down to take those soft lips in a heated kiss.

Oh, God he thought, they were as soft as he thought they would be, so he took his tongue and ran it along the seal of Jensen’s mouth until Jensen allowed him access and Jared’s knees buckled at the taste.

“Gotta see you Jen,” he begged, and he began to undress the smaller man. It was like unwrapping the best Christmas present ever.

Once they were both undressed, Jared pulled Jensen’s smaller body into his so that his back was to Jared’s chest, and he bent down to place kisses along the shorter man’s jawline. When he reached the sensitive spot behind Jensen’s ear he sucked on it wishing that he could place his claim bite now, but it would be just for show. Their claim wouldn’t be cemented until they were knotted but it would help make Jensen aroused and relaxed so that he would put up a weak struggle when Jared was ready to enter him.

Jared continued to work that spot until he felt Jensen shiver and melt into him. Sensing that this was his chance, Jared used his large hand and pulled Jensen’s back until they were trapped between their bodies.

“Jared, what the fuck?” Jensen nearly shouted.

“You Omega, me Alpha,” Jared said as though that should have been understood the moment Jensen got into the car. Moving the struggling man towards the bed Jared pinned him down with his weight and reminded himself that he had a plan in mind from the moment he realized that Jensen was an Alpha so it wasn’t his fault that Jensen hadn’t.
It was like he told Chad, if an Alpha could be so easily subdued and turned then he was leaning towards being an O anyway. Jared was just helping him along.

“Don’t do this Jared, please.” Jensen begged. “Especially since you don’t know what you’re doing.”

“You know that this has to be done, Jensen, Alpha and Omega, and besides, it’s not that hard to figure out. Right now you only have one hole and my dick will fit there nicely.”

The one flaw to turning an Alpha was that he was not going to be wet until he was turned, to show some compassion, Jared searched the room for something that would ease the initial coupling for Jensen and spotted an assortment of lotions on the nightstand. Loosening his hold slightly, Jared leaned forward to reach for one of the bottles and that’s why he didn’t see it coming.

Before he knew what happened, Jensen had thrown his head back into Jared’s face with such force that Jared thought that his nose was broken. The instinct to check the damage made him drop the lotion and grab his nose left him open for Jensen’s next attack.

With lightning speed and a precision that bespoke of training, Jensen punched Jared in his stomach twice before the big man rolled over in pain not sure whether to grab his nose or his stomach. A few seconds later when he saw Jensen’s hand come towards his face he ducked thinking that he was going to be hit again and turned his head, unknowingly exposing the area just below his ear that Jensen wanted to exploit, the Vagus nerve.

Jared felt a painful pinch to the same area that he’d been suckling on Jensen moments earlier, but Jensen was the successful one as that was Jared’s last memory before he blacked out.