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Green Fairy Sausage Dreams Can Come True

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"No, Mr Grawp!" Winky called through the trees, floating in the viscinity of the giant's nose. "You is making a dreadful mess!"

Attempting to look past the house-elf, Severus asked, "What has he done?"

"Professor Snape, make Winky big!"

Severus watched himself hand Winky a potion. She drank it, enlarged to Grawpian proportions, and then . . . .

Lap! Lap! Lap!

"Merlin!" Severus exclaimed, sitting up in bed abruptly.

"Too much sausage?" Hermione mumbled.

"Too much reminiscing with your friends over absinthe."

Hermione listened to Severus' dream and then laughed. "Severus?"


"Is this your way of asking me to suck you off?"