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Adventure Is Out There

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Pike thought that seeing Winona with her sons would somehow soften her, as if the consistent warm glow of human motherhood would find her in the vacuum of space. Chris supposes he thought that, in this regard at least, she would be normal. He doesn’t know why, but he did.


At a measly five foot four inches, she still manages somehow to tower over the rest of her engineering crew— a crew made up mostly of Vulcan men, at this point. Her older boy— Sam, if Pike remembers correctly— has his hands bunched in his mother’s shirt, peering around her elbow apprehensively as the machines rumble around him. The baby in her arms is a bald, happy thing, smiling toothlessly and clapping with each hiss of steam. Both children are a stark contrast to their mother: sharp and too thin and eyes like ice chips in her face that, were it wearing any expressions other than those of his Chief Engineer, would be called pretty.


Pike gathers his courage to stop the human hurricane before it blows right past him and tears straight through his engine room. “So, these are the boys, then," he offers lamely.


Winona looks him over like she’s debating the ways she could kill him without dropping the kid. He’s beginning to worry that she may be approaching a solution when the tension breaks.


"Sam," she barks finally. "Say hello to Captain Pike."


Sam blinks up at him, all doe-eyed and nervous.


"Hello, Captain Pike," he says obediently, untangling one hand to give a little wave.


Chris smiles.


"Hello, Sam," he says. "I’ve heard a lot about you."


"And this is Jimmy," Winona adds, bouncing the baby absently. She doesn’t look at him, Chris notes, but her grip tightens, almost like she thinks someone will take him from her.


"He’s cute," he offers. "Is he walking yet?"


"Why do you think I’m holding him? He’d tear through this place in a heartbeat." Winona smiles slightly. "He’s gonna be a terror. Just like his mom."


The Captain can’t  help the bolt of terror that jolts through him at her last remark. The kid looks harmless enough, though. And besides, he’s George’s son too. Jimmy should prove to be no trouble at all, Pike decides, smiling in what he hopes is a friendly manner at the giggling baby.

In retrospect, Chris realizes that, like everything else, Winona will prove herself right in the end.