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a storm we're starting now

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Nikki’s close. She can see exactly where she’s meant to be headed, knows it’s not far in the distance, knows she can jump from here and make it across to the rooftop if she concentrates her energy just right, and–

And there’s an explosion from right where she was headed. Maybe it’s a good thing she hesitated. Nikki gives it a minute and makes her way over.

It’s just like any other wreckage, except the smell of burning is more – more natural than anything a machine could do. Superpowers. Really, she isn’t surprised when she feels eyes on her.

Nikki turns, quick, and behind her is woman in a mask and cape, fire at her fingertips and the letter F emblazoned on her chest, and oh. Nikki knows who she is.

When Nikki first heard of this hero, she thought she was a pretender, someone trying to emulate her, but then she found out that this F doesn’t stand for Fearless. It stands for Foxy.

“Thought you could use a hand,” Foxy says, dusting herself off of debris and swooping in closer to Nikki.

Nikki isn’t quite sure what to make of this. She hasn’t had a partner at all since Brie decided her powers were better put to use in a rainforest, but she thinks… she thinks this could be something special. After all, Foxy can fly.

“Sure,” Nikki tells her, and she extends her hand for Foxy to shake.

Fearless and Foxy. It has a ring to it.