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Making Up Is Hard To Do

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“I made a deal with him, Mick.”

“I’m pretty sure we made a deal, once. What’s mine is yours and all that. Including the identity of superheroes. Spousal privilege.”

“That’s - not how spousal privilege works. And I’m still not telling you. You’d let it slip that you knew and the deal would be off and it’s too good a deal to risk it.”

That's how the argument starts, with Len having found out the Flash's real name and refusing to share it, not even with his fucking husband. It ends with Mick getting pissed off and going to work out his issues elsewhere for a few months. Meaning he’s not in Central when Len gets kidnapped by Lewis and later ends up in jail - not that jail lasts long, and he hurries back as soon as he hears the news, because “damnit, Lenny, I thought you had a deal with the brat?!”

“I did, and I broke it. Shot somebody dead right in front of him.”

But Len still won’t tell Mick who the Flash really is. And he gets this fond look whenever he talks about him (Mick can tell it's a fond look. Most other people would probably think Len was just looking particularly murderous, but Mick knows his Len). And Mick is getting really frustrated right about now.

So he starts his own investigation into who the hell the Flash is. No breaking Len’s precious deal, just - investigating. Looking into interesting facts, staking out STAR Labs to see who comes and goes, that sort of thing.

Without telling Len.


Mick starts investigating, and he’s got a pretty good starting point, since he knows that the Flash is associated with STAR Labs. So, he goes and stakes it out. Boring, but it works - pretty soon, he’s got a good idea about what sort of people are regularly coming and going. And most of them he can disregard - clearly it’s not Ramon or Snow, and most of the people showing up are the wrong gender or race or age.

But then there’s a young guy who’ll sometimes arrive with the cop West and sometimes leave in a happy little group with Ramon and Snow, and interestingly enough it doesn’t always seem as if he's arrived before leaving, so to speak, though Mick can’t be sure, he doesn’t have the time for 24/7 staking out.

Still, it’s a clue. And he thinks he sorta remembers the kid from that time him and Len got arrested after fighting the Flash - hanging out at the station, watching from a cautious distance. So, obvious place to look: the police. Turns out the kid is a badge, a CSI. Okay, so maybe that just means he’s part of the Flash’s crew - like West and various other people. Except a little snooping and Mick has the info that this Allen kid got hit by lightning when the particle accelerator did its thing, and then spent months in a coma. And the first reports of the Streak started up shortly after he woke back up.

So, Mick takes one of his stake out pictures of Barry Allen and a red pen, and he draws the Flash outfit on top of him, and yeah, that looks about right.

Good. Now he knows who the Flash is, now he just needs to approach him and convince him that he should totally have a threesome with him and Len. Which means approaching him in a non-threatening manner. Wonder if the kid likes barbecue?