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  • X-Writers (XWriters) by marysiak

    24 Jul 2016


    The X-Writers stories follow on from the following actual issues of Marvel comic books, so it might be advised to reread them before starting. Generation-X #7, Pryde and Wisdom LS, Gambit LS, Cable #24, X-Factor #115, Excalibur #90, X-Force #46, Wolverine #93, X-Men #45, X-Man #8, Uncanny X-Men #325

    The X-Writers project ran from 1995-1996. The storylines are incomplete as the endeavour fell apart rather than ended cleanly. This period of over a year covered 3 different editors (including myself) and a multitude of writers. It was a bit like herding cats but I think there is good work here.

    Some of these stories are anonymous as the authors have decided they no longer wish to have their names attached to them.

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