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Girls Love Girls

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"H-Hey, Mom?" Juleka's voice cracked. This was either going to go super awkward or super horrible, and Juleka would much rather go with awkward.

Juleka wasn't straight. She knew that, her friends knew that. Rose was the first person she told, obviously. Rose was her best friend, her closest confident, and her-

"Yes, Juleka?" 

Her mother looked exasperated. That did wonders for Juleka's bravery. So, like an intelligent teenager, Juleka blurted it out.

"I'm lesbian."

Juleka's mom looked taken aback. The black-haired teenager took a deep breath. "And I have a girlfriend. You've met her." 

Her mother had a steely look in her eye. "It's that pink girl, isn't it?" Juleka nodded slowly, not making eye contact with her mother. Her mom sighed.

"Juleka, I honestly don't really care about your preferences. I'm happy you told me, however..." Juleka's mom had a look of nervousness. "Your grandmother may not approve." 

Juleka's heart soared. Her mother was okay with her dating Rose, with her being who she is-

"Not approve of what?!" A shrill voice cut through Juleka's moment of happiness. All of a sudden, her entire world fell on her shoulders. Her throat dried up, her tongue felt like lead.

"Uh, um..."

"Don't mumble, Juleka! It's not ladylike!" Her grandmother stated firmly. Juleka took another breath, deep and full of fear. 

"I... I have a girlfriend." 

Her grandmother had a blank look on her face, before an expression of rage fell on her face. Juleka's fears were confirmed. 

"No. That is not true. This," her grandmother gestured to Juleka's attire. "was tolerable. But a partner?! Whom is female?! Where have your morals gone? Where is the lovely granddaughter who I doted on? Is it because your father left? Is it because you got your heart broken by a boy?" Juleka's grandmother asked, forcing Juleka into the spotlight. The spotlight was Juleka's least favourite place.

"N-No, grandma. I love her. She makes me feel like I'm not 'tolerated.' She makes me feel like I matter."

Her grandmother rolled her eyes. "Either come to your senses or get out of my house." 

Juleka glanced at her mother, who was close to tears. Juleka smiled softly at her mom, before glaring at her grandmother and flipped her the bird. 

"Goodbye, grandmother." Juleka said bitterly. Juleka ran out the door, and began to sob. In the corner of her eye, she saw a dark butterfly faze into the mirror she had on her hand.


"Hello, Carte Blanche. My name is Hawkmoth. I can give you the power to show shunned people who they really are, but you have to give me something in return. I want Ladybug and Chat Noir's Miraculous." 


"Deal." Juleka didn't know what she was doing, but she wanted her grandmother to see her, and to see her loud and clear.

A purple smoke enveloped her, and when it passed, a grin fell upon her face.

Her dark hair was now bright pink, styled into two long, curled pigtails and she was wearing a Harlequin-esque half-white, half-black dress. It had a hooped skirt, and under she was wearing soft rainbow leggings. She jumped towards the local park, and felt a sinister smile fall upon her face.

"Rose, my darling! I absolutely must introduce you to my family!"


Hawkmoth felt himself smile evilly. This girl had very strong emotions that were suppressed. It would be easy to twist them into negativity.