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Imagine: Having fun with Damon and Dean at a house party

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Imagine: Having some fun with Damon Salvatore and Dean Winchester at a house party after a bad week at work

A/N: F/N- friends name, Y/N- Your Name, Y/F/M

This week had just been one of those week, the ones that were just chock full of disappointment, where there was no let up what so ever and it wasn't even the end of the stinking thing yet, luckily you had taken Thursday onward off so hopefully it would get better. On Monday you had lost your car keys and had to get the bus around, well until the new ones were sent out, by Wednesday you had broken up with your long term boyfriend of almost four years, he had decided that after all that time rather than let you down gently and well break up, that he would cheat on you with his so called best friend, you knew that it had been going on for a while you finally found out, not that he would ever grow balls big enough to admit that, they had always been too close this was noticed not only by you, you hoped he loved you enough not to cheat at the very least of course, not how it worked out, you caught them in your shared bed in the house that you had rented together a few years ago, just to add salt to the wound, now unfortunately he happened to work with you so you couldn't get away from the cheating son of a bitch, to make matters worse he was in the cubical right next too your own, there was only one between you for separation.

By Friday you had taken any stuff you wanted from the house and left putting most of it into storage, he could keep the bed for sure and anything else he and that bitch might of touched. So now you were living with your best friend F/N, in her spare room until you got yourself sorted she said she would put you up as long as you needed, you had been best friends since nursery, she was more like your sister, your family loved her and her family loved you she was everything you could ever want or need in a friend and always had been. So when you arrived at her front door with your face covered in tears she pulled you straight into a hug, you just dropped your stuff inside the door and both wrapped your arms around each other, you both sat down on her comfy sofa still hugging, you told her everything that had happened the last week in detail, eventually you got talking about the old days giggling as you relived the memories together, smiling laughing and drinking together now that was something you hadn't done in a while, or enough over the years together, you promised each other that you would both commit to once a week together, just like you used to do before you had gotten in a serious relationship that had taken all of your time up and away from most other people in your life.

"So hey Y/N i was thinking there's this party get together thing tomorrow in a little town not far from here, that my friend Kristi from work is throwing and she said she has loads of cute guys going and too invite you too she really wants to meet you, there's gonna be free booze food and DJ what'd you think babe we can go shopping in a little bit since it's still early enough please say yes" she smirked jumping up and down on the spot in front of you, then changing to giving you puppy dog eyes you giggled after watching her for a minute, letting her stew before a beaming smile broke out across your face, the first one in what felt like month. "Okay fine then, i guess we can go, after all we can't let all of these so called fine ass guys go to waste now can we, besides lets face it we haven't been out together in way too long, we've got a lot to make up for so, you go and get dressed and lets go shopping and buy some killer outfits for tomorrow night" you said with a giggle, watching her as a smile spread across her face, "Thank you thank you, you wont regret this Y/N" she replied, before she was dashing upstairs to get changed, about an hour later you were both dressed and on your way to the closest mall in F/N brand new car, it was a white Audi A3, with Y/F/M blasting out of the stereo both of you singing along and laughing at each other, until finally you parked up in the nearest car park to the mall, still both singing slightly on your way to the double sliding doors of the entrance, then proceeding to link your arms together chatting until you got to the first store you wanted, which of course was Victoria Secret.

As always trouble being that you both wanted most of the items in the damn shop just on first glance, but you agreed on only getting two each to choose from. You had chosen two matching bra and frenchies set, one of which was black with purple under-lace the other one was very similar, it was also black but this one had a blood red under-lace, both of them fitted you perfectly, now if you were honest you knew which one you wanted for tomorrow already and would of only gotten one, but hell how many times did you really treat yourself these days well you couldn't remember. F/N had gone for two bra and thong sets, one was the brightest white you had ever seen with dark red roses, the other was a baby blue set. Now with all of your items purchased you went too the next store on your list, for your outfits you had decided to get dresses as it was a good time to dress up properly together, not surprising you at all as soon as you walked in F/N picked up a dress that would come up to your ass, to make it worse for her, you were shorter than her so god knows where it would be on her, "Honey i love you, but seriously, we're not going as strippers, no matter how hot these guys are, unless there is something you didn't tell me" you said both laughing, as you put the dress back where she had picked it up from.

"You're right, as always, unfortunately for me anyway" she laughed, then began tugging at your hand, pulling you toward the back of the store where there were fairly similar dresses, that just so happened to be a little longer than the one you had just put back, they looked like they would mostly stop just above your knees. "Here, these dresses are better right" you said, as you pointed at the dresses that had caught your eye, they were right at the very back of the store, they were mostly black from what you could tell, there was the odd white, red and blue ones here and there as well, but you knew you wanted a black one before you had even left the house to go shopping the first place, it was the color that you felt most comfortable in after all and with meeting knew people, well you would need to feel as confident as possible, because you wanted to make a good impression on these people, especially after you had been talked up so much by F/N too Kristi, honestly you were looking forward to finally letting your hair down after the week you had, surely things could only get better from here there wasn't much else that could of gone wrong.

As you finally stopped at the dresses you had your eyes on you were drawn too one in particular, it was black of course, maybe a little more skin tight than you would normally go for but what the hell it was a party right, it was a v neck with the back of the dress dipping to your lower back, it was ruched a little from the waist downwards. You quickly grabbed it making sure it was your size and rushed to the dressing rooms excited to try it on, F/N was following closely behind you, calling after you to try and get you to slow down and wait for her, you just walked quickly too your destination, knowing that she was following you anyway carrying her own choice of dress, which from what you could see other than the color was the almost the same as yours just in white instead of black, as always she preferred the lighter colors.

Finally she came to a stop behind you, when you walked into your changing room pulling the door closed behind her, "Hey i was calling you then, have you all of a sudden gotten selective hearing" she asked you playfully smirking at you and smacking your arm, "No sorry, i guess i just really wanted to try this on sooner rather than later" you explained to her, lifting up your own dress to show her as you did she giggled, which confused you a little until she held up her own selection, wow you both thought, we are way too similar, as if knowing what you were thinking you both let out a chuckle at each other, it was all down to how they fitted you however. Both wiggling out of your own clothes and into your dresses, you looked into the mirror to check how it looked on you, well you had to say you liked what you could see so far, the dress itself was tight fitting, but yet but it hugged you in all of the right places, not attracting attention to any wobbly bits that you had, "Wow" F/N said looking at you, meeting her eyes in the mirror you smiled at each other, already knowing that this was the dress for you, luckily you had your shoes at home so your day of shopping was complete however F/N faces didn't read the same because you knew what that face meant, you were not done with her shopping by a long shot. "Oh crap, we're gonna be here a while aren't we" you asked her, already knowing the answer, she simply nodded back at you with a smirk.

At last you were sitting down and had almost finished your lunch, after a long day, not helped by the fact that it had taken her a further two hours to choose her dress for the evening, you were so deep into your conversation with F/N that when she elbowed you in the ribs out of nowhere you jolted up a little, almost jumping out of your seat with shock. "Uh okay, what the hell" you asked her, with slight agitation in your voice, looking right at her confused by her actions, however she didn't answer you she just pointed in front of you both, you raised your eyebrows at her she was never unable to talk, intrigued at what had stolen her voice you did as she prompted and shifted your gaze in front. As you did your heart almost stopped at the sight now you knew why she couldn't talk now at least, because there stood a group of ten insanely hot guys, all shaking hands and a few embracing here and there, what was this a hot guy convention in town that you were both unaware of, you thought to yourself because these guys were so far off of the hot scale, so far in fact that they were in male model territory.

You grabbed F/N's hand under the table squeezing it, because you were both trying not to scream and act like fan girls around these guys, sure they were probably used to that reaction everywhere they went anyway, hoping you two could act a little differently if need be it depended how long they were going to stand there look bloody perfect. Two of them were standing out the most to you, they were two of the guys that had just embraced each other among the group, they looked really close. Wouldn't mind that sandwich you chuckled too yourself at the thought of that, they were just close enough that you could see they were undeniably hot and had amazing bodies by anyone's standards, their clothing all appeared to made specifically for them, just like it was tailored maybe, as soon as that thought had passed through you head however, the group had turned on it's heals like a swarm of sharks on their prey, starting to walk over to your table, lead by a strong looking guy with blonde slightly curly hair, he was hot but not your type, you had your eyes locked somewhere else, but as you turned to your friend to see her reaction your hand was squeezed tighter in hers, both your eyes getting wider as it hit you, they're coming over here she mouthed to you, of course this made you audibly gulp, she was nervous too you could see it practically written on her face.

Both of you turning back to the front, where they were still approaching from slowly, it felt like all eyes were of the group of men now as they walked over to you, finding yourself trying to gain some composure, all of this despite the fact that you wanted nothing more than to run and hide, why the hell were they coming over here anyway, suddenly the shop behind them was very interesting, maybe they would walk right by you, half of you wanted them too of course, the other half, well it was having indecent thoughts about the two gorgeous men and they hadn't even spoken yet, boy were you in trouble this was too many dirty thoughts for two people you had just laid eyes on. So deciding it was best to look at somewhere else, if they were going to talk to you then you had to be able to speak, you had chosen to focus on the one in the middle that appeared to be a leader of sorts, while he was intimidating you at least didn't want to jump his bones, so that was something you thought with a sigh at yourself simply exasperated by the whole situation.

The one in the middle spoke locking eyes with F/N "Now my love, do tell me, what on earth are two beauty's such as yourselves doing sitting alone" mystery man asked her seductively in a very thick English accent, however F/N appeared to of lost her voice, something very unlike her, she was staring into the handsome strangers penetrating crystal blue eyes, seemingly lost in them. Deciding it might be best for you too speak up, so that hopefully his attention would be shifted off of her for a minute, so she could breathe again because that even seemed to be a challenge for your best friend of many years at this moment in time. "We were just having some lunch, getting a few things for our big night out tomorrow" you answered with a friendly smile, surprised that your voice had come out even and unaffected, as you were looking straight at him, this also seemed to surprise and impress him, his gaze shifted to you, when you finished talking a smirk spread across his face. "Klaus a pleasure" he said, as he extended his hand to you keeping the smile on your face you shook his hand as you spoke in reply, "Y/N and this is my best friend F/N" you replied he smiled, soon releasing your hand with a wink, silently thanking you for your friends name or so you suspected anyway.

"Very nice to meet you F/N" Klaus said to her politely extending his hand which she quickly shook he placed a kiss on her knuckles causing her to blush and let out a very girly giggle, very unlike her own, Klaus however just smiled a charming smile at her as he released her hand he let out a little chuckle of his own. Their eyes were locked still as he spoke again, "Y/N, F/N, these are my best mates and brothers, this is Stefan Salvatore, next too him are my brothers Kol and Elijah Mikaelson, then we have Sam Winchester, Alaric Saltzman, Marcel Gerard and Kevin Trang, finally next to you Y/N, is Dean Winchester and Damon Salvatore, we too are getting ready for a get together of out own" he explained, writing something on a piece of paper and handing it too F/N, "Try and make it love" he smiled, closing her hand around the paper.

Dean and Damon very nice you thought to yourself, biting you lip as you looked them up and down, they both winked at you watching as you looked at them, both clapping the other on the shoulder and smirking to themselves, my god these men could melt you just by looking at you in a certain way, they were even more gorgeous up close. Damon had black hair scruffy but sexy on him, suiting him perfectly and the most gorgeous blue eyes you had ever seen and that smirk, with his strong jaw wow you thought, Dean was almost the opposite to Damon, not in a bad way at all though, but he had light brown hair spiked a little but styled just right and amazing emerald green eyes, with adorable freckles covering his face. As they left you couldn't help but prey that you would see them again, somewhere other than your dreams because they might be a permanent feature there now you thought inwardly chuckling, unable to stop yourself from watching them leave, because as cliche as it was you hated that they were leaving but boy did you love to watch them walk away, they looked over their shoulders at you both winking one last time, before they slowly disappeared into the crowds of people in the mall.

F/N looked at you with a beaming smile, showing you the paper that Klaus had given her, on it was his name and number and the address of the party they were going too, as luck would have it which god did it, their house party only happened to be next door to the one you yourselves would be attending, you could of kissed her for getting all of this information without even trying, but she beat you too doing anything as she grabbed your hand and dragged you too your feet "Come on lets get going we've got a lot to do" she laughed excitedly, you followed her playfully rolling your eyes but inside you were jumping for joy like a kid in a candy store, oh let the games begin you thought to yourself this was going to be very fun.