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Batches Of Lovely Cupcakes

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2p England(Oliver Kirkland) and (Country) (F/n) (L/n)

(Country): Oliver!!
Why is a dead civilian in your house?!

2p-England: Oh!
How did he get here?

(Country): Ollliver!
What did you do!?!

2p-England: Me?
*Looks away and quickly looks back to him*
I-I didn't do this.

(Country): Explain what happened Oliver!?

2p-England: I never seen him before in my life

(Country): Why did you kill this civilian, Oliver?!

2p-England: I do not kill people, poppet.
That is-
That is my least favorite thing to do.

(Country): Tell me Oliver, exactly what you were doing.
Before I arrived?

2p-England: I was in the downstairs.

(Country): Okay.

2p-England: I was sitting in my living room.

(Country): Yes?

2p-England: Reading my cook book.

(Country): Go on.

2p-England: And this guy walked in.

(Country): Okay.

2p-England: I walked up to him.

(Country): Yes?

2p-England: And I..
Stabbed thirty seven times in the chest.

(Country): O.O
Ollliver, that kills people

2p-England: Oh I did not know that.
By the way, have a cupcake, Poppet~

(Country): How could you not know?!
*Takes the cupcake and eat it*

2p-England: Oh I guess in the wrong here.
I suck.

(Country): Why is he missing his insides?

2p-England: What's that poppet?

(Country): His insides.
What why, are they cut off?

2p-England: I kinda mixed them up in the cupcake batter and baked them.
For you, Poppet~

(Country): O.O

2p-England: Well I love baking, and when you own a bakery.

(Country): That still doesn't explain why on earth, you would do that.

2p-England: I am a baker.
Give me a break!

(Country): Ollliver!

2p-England: My heart was beating

(Country): Oliver!

2p-England: That only cupcakes and your love would satisfy.

(Country): What is wron-
Did you confess to me, Oliver?!

2p-England: Well I kill people and bake them to cupcakes.
That's two things and yes I did, poppet.

(Country): [Comment what would happen]