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Jim Kirk followed his husband, Spock, down the narrow hall toward their shared bedroom, dimly lit by a fading Vulcan sun. His fingers curled around Spock’s, holding on to his husband’s words, complete and unbreakable, as he had described their consummated bond would be. His mind was dizzy with it, still reeling from the kidnapping and enslavement, knowing just how close he had come to losing everything.

They moved together until Spock paused at the foot of the bed and turned, face cast in shadow. “It is my greatest desire to touch you, Jim. I must admit I am … not certain how to proceed.” The Vulcan tilted his head down, avoiding Jim’s gaze. The strength of Spock’s grip betrayed the depth of his anxiety.

“So, we start slow. There’s no rush, right?” Jim smiled. “Unless they’re coming back to get me tonight, I’m all yours. And for many days to come.” Jim meant it as a joke, but it fell flat.

Catching Spock’s slightly pained expression, Jim took a calming breath and brushed his lips over Spock’s again. “Don’t overthink it. Just feel.”

“I am Vulcan,” Spock said, as if he meant to explain everything.

“And human, Spock,” Jim countered, tracing his tongue along Spock’s lower lip. “We’ll figure it out, right? As long as we’re together.” Jim skimmed his fingers along the short hairs at the nape of Spock’s neck.

Spock nodded, lips barely moving in response to Jim’s kiss.

“Hey, relax. Okay?” Jim said, letting his hands drift down to squeeze Spock’s shoulders.

“I find I am unable to do so, Jim.” Spock said and tilted his head away. “I have made many mistakes.”

“Okay. How ‘bout we just lie down? We can talk…or whatever.” Jim stepped back and toed off his shoes. He sat on the bed and nudged himself back over the coverlet and against the pillows. His body sagged in the soft fabric, aching muscles reminding him of his exhaustion. “Come on. Tell me about what happened after the accident,” he said, sensing Spock needed to talk it through.

Spock hesitated, then approached his own side of the bed, sitting gingerly and keeping his feet on the floor. He turned slightly, catching Jim’s gaze for a moment. “The car spun out of control and the passenger window shattered next to my head. I felt your hand slip away even as I tried to hold on.”

As he listened, Jim slid over to curve around Spock’s seated form. He found Spock’s hand and held it.

“I lost consciousness and awoke in the hospital. Sarek sat at my bedside and informed me of the events that had transpired. When he told me you had been taken…” Spock stopped, muscles tensing, and Jim squeezed him around the waist.

“Hey, I’m here now. It’s not logical to keep being upset, right?” Jim offered.

Spock let out a small sigh. “It appears my logic is not sound when faced with injury to the humans I love.”

Jim smiled and pressed his face to the cool fabric of Spock’s robe. “Yeah, I get it. Although, I am rarely logical to begin with. What happened next?”

“I demanded my father do everything in his power to find you. He agreed and departed. And then I was left alone with my grief.” Spock squeezed Jim’s hand. “It was my deepest belief I would never see you again. Hope, however logical, seemed impossible.” Spock’s voice was barely above a whisper. The darkening sky through the windows echoed the sadness in his words.

“I counted each day, reviewing in my mind the efforts you had made to know me. Your human expressions of kindness and generosity to me. I regretted keeping my distance as I had. If we had consummated our bond…”

“It’s okay, Spock. I didn’t mind. I mean, at first I was pretty weirded out. You weren’t the friendliest guy, but that night when we talked about the moon — I knew then it’d be okay. I just had to be patient.” Jim slid his body around to sit up and pulled Spock more onto the bed until they were facing each other half-propped up on pillows.

Jim continued, sliding his hands into Spock’s sleeves and grasping his arms, stroking gently with his thumb. “Your father told me to be patient. He told me things would be okay if I gave you time. I could’ve waited, Spock. I mean, I wasn’t sure how you felt, but you seemed to like me. We did a bang up job on the library, right? Worked like we’d known each other forever.” Jim grinned and thought he saw some of the tension ease out of Spock’s face.

“Indeed, Jim. I could feel you through our bond, your honesty…your affection for me.” Spock held Jim’s eyes steady. “I returned your affection, but years of isolation and fear have driven me to be overly cautious.” Spock looked away again. “Even then I wanted to kiss you.”

Jim’s face brightened. “That makes two of us,” he said with a chuckle, and kissed Spock firmly to accentuate his point. Spock’s wariness remained and Jim withdrew his hand from Spock’s sleeve. “But what say we call it a night? As much as I want to tear off your clothes, I am completely exhausted. I want to be totally awake the first time, you know…” Jim said, face growing hot.

For the first time since he’d returned, Spock’s “amused” eyebrow raised and Jim laughed. “Really, I can’t wait. Feels like fucking Christmas Eve.” Jim kissed him again and pulled himself close to hug his Vulcan husband. “I can’t wait to do all kinds of new things with you, Spock.” Jim felt another declaration of love at the back of his throat but was suddenly shy.

Pulling him tight, Spock echoed Jim’s words. “I share your eagerness, ashayam. I shall prepare for bed.” He eased away and Jim watched him stand and look softly down at him. “Everything is as you left it. I am grateful for your safe return.” Spock turned and walked out of the bedroom.

Jim stretched, intending to close his eyes for a moment to wait for Spock to finish in the washroom. Half-coherent images of his captivity flitted briefly in his mind, but it was Spock’s face that stayed as sleep took him over.


The Vulcan sun streamed through the windows as Jim blinked awake, startled, then relieved to find himself in his own bed. He stretched out, spreading his arms and legs to feel the sheets beneath him. Gratitude filled him as the events of the previous two days played in his head. So many things could have gone differently.

Testing sore muscles, he sat up and put his feet on the floor. His stomach rumbled loudly and he thought of eating as much breakfast as he could shove in his maw.

“Jim,” Spock said, coming through the doorway with a tray. “My mother used to bring me breakfast in bed when I was recovering from illness. She indicated it was a Terran custom. I assume you are hungry?”

“You know it! Wow. That looks amazing.” Jim surveyed the tray and gasped. “Wait, are those eggs?” He glanced at Spock, startled. “You don’t eat meat.”

“I find eggs tolerable to prepare. My mother had a fondness for omelets. I did not know your preferences, but hope this satisfies.”

“Oh, my god. You are the best, Spock. I’m gonna run to the washroom — hold on a sec.” Jim sped there and back and slid under the covers once more.

“I am gratified by your enthusiasm,” Spock answered and once Jim’s tray was settled on his lap, he turned awkwardly to leave.

“Wait, will you stay?” Jim asked, cup in hand.

“Of course. I would be pleased to stay.” Spock pulled the stool to Jim’s side of the bed and sat on it, arranging the blankets around Jim’s tray.

Sipping tea and digging into his eggs, Jim ate for a minute before he spoke. “So, what are we doing today? Have you heard anything else from your dad?”

“He departed for Terra several hours ago and will relay information after he meets with the Federation. I trust we will know more by evening.”

“So, do you think they’ll want me to go Earth to testify against Marcus?” Jim said, mouth full of kreyla.

“I am uncertain. It can only occur, of course, if you are adequately protected.”

“Will you come with me?” Jim asked, voice hopeful.

Spock hesitated. “It is my duty as your bondmate to support you.”

“But you don’t really want to,” Jim suggested.

Spock frowned minutely. “I admit to some reservations, but they are illogical. I will accompany you if you are asked to return to Terra.”

Jim reached out to squeeze Spock’s knee. “Awesome. I don’t want to go without you. Not after everything. And who knows, it might be a couple of months until that all happens. The Federation will most likely drag its feet.” Jim shrugged and finished his eggs. After eating gruel for weeks and only fruit and bread at the air field, Jim was finally beginning to feel satisfied.

With an exhale, Jim pushed his plate away and drained the rest of his tea. “I could really use a shower and then maybe we can talk more?”

“I am amenable to talking more. I have procured a three-week supply of tri-ox compound, as well, which you will find in the closet.” Spock stood and lifted Jim’s tray. “I will clean the dishes. Please find me in my office when you are ready.” Spock’s gaze was warm and Jim stretched again.

“Sounds awesome.”


Jim finished his shower and gave himself a hypospray, surprised to find it already well past noon. He’d slept for more than fifteen hours, but still his body felt weighted down by fatigue. The tri-ox and breakfast helped, but Jim knew he needed some time to process everything that had happened.

He dressed in a simple robe and slipped on his house shoes. The temperature was cool and he stepped into the room that was now his office and scanned a PADD for any news of Marcus or the slave trade he had been part of. After several frustrating minutes of searching, he realized his connections to the outside universe were limited.

He tapped lightly on Spock’s office door. “Hey, Spock. Can you give me access to the subnet? I’m getting Vulcan information, what there is of it, but I can’t access anything else.”

“Ah, of course, Jim. I apologize for my oversight.” The Vulcan tapped several keys on his PADD and turned around to look at Jim. “I have given you complete access to the subspace network. When you sync your PADD, you will be prompted for a new passcode. I can offer you an upgraded PADD requiring a DNA match for entry if you prefer stronger security.”

“Nah, that’s fine. I don’t think I’ll need that. Do you think it’s safe to contact Bones and Gaila? I kinda miss them.”

“I am uncertain of the risks at this time. Would you be amenable to waiting until I have communicated with my father? I will send him a message now.” Spock looked down at his PADD then hesitated. “Jim, I believe it would be better for you to communicate with Sarek directly. You do not require an intermediary.”

“Yeah. That’s cool. I’ll message him.” Jim gripped his PADD. “Hey would you mind if I took some time? I’m feeling unsettled and could use some time to get my head on straight.” He gave a wan smile.

“Are you unwell?” Spock asked, concern wrinkling his brow. The Vulcan stood and approached Jim.

“No, I’m good. I guess it’s all starting to hit me. Everything that happened, you know?” Jim took a step forward and met Spock in the middle of the office. He placed a hand on Spock’s chest. “Are you okay?”

“I am adequate. My mind is at ease knowing you are safe.” Spock grasped Jim’s fingers and brought them to his mouth. He grazed Jim’s knuckles with his lips. “I will be here until you are ready to interact. Please let me know if you require anything. I am happy to serve you.”

“I’m good, Spock. Really.” Jim smiled and kissed him on the mouth. “I’ll catch up with you later, okay?”

Spock nodded and Jim moved away, glancing back with a smile. “Dinner later?” he asked.

“Affirmative,” his husband answered, and they parted ways.


Jim hunched over his makeshift desk, clicking and clicking to find information about Marcus’s arrest and the upcoming trial. There were stories, sure, but the details were scant. Even as he read the popular feeds, the details had been watered down, simply stating Admiral Marcus had been temporarily relieved of duty. There was no mention of Venta IV or the slavers.

He scrubbed a hand over his stubbly jaw, feeling the spots near his ear he’d shaved poorly at the airfield. In the few weeks he’d been gone, he’d managed the beginnings of a beard, more grown out than it had been in as many years as he’d been in Starfleet.

Groaning, he sat back in the chair. Starfleet, he thought. Before the kidnapping, he’d been okay with leaving, letting it all go to focus on his new life with Spock and maybe enrolling in the VSA. Now, though…his anger was a slow burn he couldn’t ignore. It was more than him — he’d seen at least forty species at that slave market and a dozen buyers had strolled past his cage. It was disgusting.

His calm rattled, Jim stood and began to pace the room. Someone had to do more about these slavers. Obviously the Vulcans knew about them, why didn’t they intervene?

Jim sat on the edge of his chair and began furiously typing a message to Sarek. There was so much he needed to say, and while he was certain Sarek would respond, he knew it wouldn’t be pretty to read.

An hour later, Jim had written everything he could remember and attached a file to his message to Sarek. The details were fresh and he needed to let someone know what he had seen. He also included Spock, so he’d know, too.

With a satisfied sigh, Jim clicked send and went to find his husband.

His office was empty, so he headed downstairs to find him. The Vulcan was pulling items out of a cupboard and glanced at Jim when he came down the steps.

“Hey, Spock. Sorry I took so long. I really wanted to write down everything I saw when the slavers had me. I sent you a copy of what I sent to your dad. Sorry, it’s kind of a jumbled mess.” Jim perched on one of the stools next to the center island. Spock was taking cups out of the sonic washer.

“I am certain the details you’ve provided will be helpful,” Spock said, moving to place a bag of rice and two other packages next to some yellow vegetables.

“Helpful to who, though?” Jim asked, face serious. “It seems pretty clear the Vulcans could find their way to the slave market—so why haven’t they intervened?”

Spock regarded him thoughtfully. “I wish I had an answer for you. I assume you have asked my father the same question?”

“Yeah. I mean, I guess I’m thinking this slave stuff might be the real reason behind Marcus’s need for the Romulans. They were all over that fucking place.”

“Indeed. They are a violent and cruel race. In this circumstance, it was fortuitous the Romulans are as despicable as they are. The similarities to Vulcans increased the likelihood of successfully rescuing you.”

Jim shrugged, not really sure it was good. “What can we do, Spock? I can’t just leave it. I know we don’t know each other very well — yet— but I really want to do something. The Federation can't stand by and let his happen anymore.”

“Agreed, Jim. We must await father’s answer and then we will know more. It appears you are more willing to testify than you were prior to your kidnapping.” Spock raised a brow as he started to chop vegetables.

“Damn right. There was always enough evidence to pin Marcus against the wall, if they could just get him to trial. I knew the Vulcans weren’t going to let it go and if I didn’t have to risk my life, I wasn’t going to. But this, Spock, it’s just the kind of messy entanglement I can see the Terran members of the Federation wanting to stay out of. I am sure a lot of pockets have been lined because of it. I can’t just stand by and let it happen.”

Spock slid the pieces of vegetable into a wide metal pan. “I concur. Slavery demeans us all and cannot be tolerated.” Spock held Jim’s gaze. “You have my support, Jim. I will do whatever I can to assist you.”

“Awesome, Spock. Thank you.” Jim grinned, then dramatically slumped his shoulders.

“Now we just have to figure out what in the hell we’re gonna do.”


Jim and Spock sat side by side at the large table, so different from their first disastrous meal when the pair had sat at opposite ends. Jim watched Spock’s delicate fingers work the chopsticks and smiled. He had dated a lot of men, and he’s not sure he’d have called any of them beautiful, but Spock was all that and more. A cap of dark, shiny hair contrasting against the slight greenish blush of his skin. His ears, possibly Jim’s favorite part after his eyes, were transfixing Jim and he ignored his food.

“Jim?” Spock asked, pausing in mid-bite.

“Yeah?” he answered, still gazing at his husband.

“Are you well?” Spock asked. “You have not moved for nearly a minute. Is your food unpalatable?” Spock laid down his chopsticks.

Jim snapped his focus back to Spock and grinned. “I was just looking at you. I think you’re beautiful.”

Spock flushed a deeper green and swallowed. He took a drink of water and avoided Jim’s gaze. “I find that an improbable statement. It is quite possible you continue to experience the detrimental effects of your experience on Venta IV.”

Spock actually looked concerned and Jim shook his head. “I feel good, Spock. Just feel grateful to be back here with you. You kept me grounded…protected almost, Spock. I know it’s crazy, but I just knew you’d find me. Or at least I kept hoping. And you did! I got rescued!”

“Father found you, Jim. I did nothing but wallow in self-pity and ponder breaking our bond. If it were not for our father, you might have actually been sold to a Romulan.”

“Spock—” Jim interrupted, shaking his head and needing to disagree.

“No, Jim. I must speak. Father created a rescue plan without me. I was useless in this situation, Jim. Just as I was with my mother’s psychic illness.” Spock lowered his head and Jim wondered at this morose change in his mood.

“Spock, what happened? I thought we were okay? Let it go. I forgive you.” Jim grasped Spock’s hand and squeezed it.

Spock’s eyes were intense as they regarded Jim. “It is not your forgiveness I require, Jim. You are kind and sweet and I cannot imagine you holding onto your anger at me. The person from whom I require forgiveness cannot provide it.”

“Your mom…” Jim ventured, stroking Spock’s wrist with his thumb.

“Despite my father’s assertion he blocked the bond and damaged mother’s mind, I must admit to failing to notice and act upon her depression.”

“Is that a reasonable thing a child would do? Feel a parent’s emotions?”

“Yes, if fully Vulcan. Given my mother’s humanity, our connection was muted. As I grew toward adulthood, it became weaker and weaker. I sensed her unhappiness at times, but when I questioned her, she always disclosed a reasonable explanation.”

“So, how were you supposed to know? If it didn’t act like your bond with your dad, and she didn’t tell you the whole story, how could you know?”

Spock was silent, stock still and staring at his half-empty plate. “I do not know.” His face was so sad it brought tears to Jim’s eyes.

Jim stood and shoved his chair back. “C’mere.” He tugged on Spock’s hand until he stood.

Spock’s neck was warm as he pulled him close. “You are a good son, Spock. Humans are tough to figure out. You gotta give yourself a break,” Jim spoke as he squeezed his husband tightly.

With strong fingers, Spock clutched the back of Jim’s shirt, pulling it tight against the front of his neck. Spock trembled in his arms and he drew back to look at him. His eyes met Jim’s hesitantly.

Jim spoke softly, stroking Spock’s skin. “The way you talk about your mom makes it so clear you loved her more than anything. She knew that, right?”

“I believe so.”

“Do you think she wanted you to know she wasn’t doing well?”

“It is not logical to hide one’s distress, Jim,” Spock countered.

Jim took a half-step back to better see Spock’s face. “Well, we know humans aren’t logical, Spock.” Jim huffed a laugh. “And if she had some kind of mental illness or broken bond or whatever, maybe she thought she was doing the right thing?”

“It is never right to take one’s own life.” Spock’s body tightened as he spoke.

Jim drew a long breath and sighed. “I guess, Spock, but human brains don’t always see it that way.”

“She could have received help. She needed only to ask.”

“Maybe she couldn’t. Maybe her brain was so twisted up she didn’t know she needed help. Maybe it happened so slowly it seemed normal.”

Spock stared at Jim. “Your words indicate familiarity with this phenomenon.”

“Yeah, a little. My mom was depressed off and on a lot growing up. She drank and wasn’t around very much. I’d ask her what was wrong when I was a little kid and she’d always make up some excuse. So, yeah, I guess that part of it, I understand.” Jim shrugged his shoulder, suddenly self-conscious.

“You have withstood much, Jim. I desire to be as strong as you are.”

“Spock. Stop it. I’m not as strong as you think. I’m messed up, too. I take stupid chances. I don’t think things through. I decided to report the biggest Starfleet scandal in two hundred years and married a man I’d never met. I don’t exactly shy away from trouble.” Jim half-rolled his eyes, trying to make light of the heaviness of their words.

Spock’s lips twitched ever so slightly and Jim smiled. “Come on, Spock. Let’s finish eating and go onto the veranda. I’ve missed that glorious sunset.”

“As you wish, Jim,” Spock said and leaned forward to kiss him quickly. When they separated, Spock seemed less tense and they sat to finish their meal.


Jim took half a glass of liqueur onto the veranda with Spock. They sat close together, fingers loosely intertwined as they watched the mountains' long shadows spread across the rugged plains below the house. The alcohol seeped into Jim’s bones and he slid down into the comfortable seat.

Talk of his mother had put him in a pensive mood, reminding him of their long years of separation, punctuated by arguments and sometimes violence. His mother, with her long blonde hair in disarray, had disowned him more than once, only to beg him to come back when she decided to get sober again.

“You are thoughtful this evening, Jim,” Spock said, the sun illuminating his face.

“Yeah. Thinking about my mom. Haven’t seen her for about four years.”

“It must be difficult,” Spock said.

“Nah. Easier, actually. Our relationship was so rocky…this is better. Although I am surprised she hasn’t contacted me. She always seemed to know if I was in trouble and I’m sure my name was in the news enough it had to reach her.”

“Where is your mother, Jim?”

“Eh. Not sure. She travels around, but usually ends up in Riverside. Iowa, that is.” Jim glanced at Spock and then gazed back out at the horizon.

“I see. Perhaps she will contact you when you return to Terra?” Spock asked.

Jim shrugged and took another sip of his drink. “Maybe.” He never could predict her.

“I sense your distress. I apologize for my role in it.”

Jim’s mouth turned down in consternation. “Spock. My emotions are a roller coaster. If you take responsibility for every loop-de-loop, you’ll go nuts. I’m fine, Spock. I’ve lived with my mother’s bad parenting my whole life — thinking about it isn’t going to hurt me.”

“I shall strive to be less responsible,” Spock answered, and when Jim was about to protest, he caught the quirk in Spock’s mouth.

“Ha. You’re having fun messing with me.” Jim pulled Spock’s hand to his lips and held it there.

“I like to see you happy, Jim, and it appears my jokes make you laugh. I shall strive to make that occur at more regular intervals.”

Spock’s words were so sincere Jim burst out laughing. “Good start, babe.”

“Babe?” Spock said, raising a brow.

“Yeah. Don’t even try to persuade me. I give everyone nicknames and you’re no exception. Spockums.” Jim chuckled as he watched Spock process the word.

“You are incorrigible.”

“Yes I am,” Jim answered proudly and drained the rest of his drink. He tapped the glass on the arm rest. “Wanna go inside? See how incorrigible I am?”

Spock blushed a brighter shade of green and shifted in his seat. A moment later, he stood and tugged Jim to standing along with him.

“I desire nothing else, Jim. Show me…”


Spock led them through the double doors, the great room, and down the hall to the bedroom. Jim watched, bemused, as his shy husband seemed to be taking the lead tonight.

Jim paused in the bedroom and put his glass on the dresser. He watched as Spock removed the decorative coverlet from the bed and folded it over a chair.

“Jim, will you sit?” Spock asked, motioning to the bed.

He answered by moving and sitting on the edge of the bed. Spock knelt and pulled off Jim’s house shoes, sliding them toward the dresser. As Jim watched, Spock leaned forward and began to untie the neck of his robe. Spock’s fingers were warm where they brushed his skin and Jim reached out to touch Spock’s cheek.

“Did it hurt?” Jim asked, tracing the new edge of Spock’s scar with his thumb.

“The pain was manageable.” Spock said, sliding the robe off Jim’s shoulders. It pooled around his waist, revealing his bare skin.

“Will you get the rest removed?” Jim asked. He trailed a finger across Spock’s lower lip, mesmerized.

“If you prefer,” Spock answered.

“I have no preference, Spock. I love you no matter what. I loved you with more scars and now with less.” Jim kissed Spock’s cheek. “What do you want?” he murmured into his ear.

“I am satisfied to go no further,” Spock answered and shifted his face to meet Jim’s eyes. “I am gratified by your words, Jim. You are a truly remarkable human.” Spock kissed Jim softly on the lips.

At the brush of his mouth, Jim pressed into Spock, initiating a deeper kiss. Spock opened easily and their tongues explored much as they had the night before — gently, curiously, until Jim pulled Spock with him to lie back on the bed.

As they kissed, Jim arched into Spock’s fingers roaming his chest and stomach, skimming lightly, as if he were afraid to touch. Spock’s erection dug against Jim’s hip, full and hard. “I want you so much,” Jim said, sliding kisses along Spock’s jaw. “Seems like it’s been forever, wanting you.”

Breathlessly, he tugged at Spock’s robe until he could feel bare legs against his own. They intertwined until Spock was nearly on top of Jim, their erections brushing together.

“I desire so much to please you. Will you allow me?” Spock asked, meeting Jim’s gaze.

“God, yes. Anything, Spock. Fuck.” Jim strained his hips against Spock’s, needing more skin. He pushed his hand down to grasp Spock’s penis but the Vulcan slid away.

Spock planted hot kisses down Jim’s chest, pausing to lave each nipple, and Jim gasped. His teeth grazed Jim’s ribs as Spock slowly crawled down the bed. With a racing heart, Jim’s fingers found Spock’s hair as the Vulcan moved Jim’s robe aside and nuzzled his face in the soft fur around Jim’s penis. A moment later, he felt Spock’s hot, rough tongue licking a stripe up his shaft, drawing a please gasp from Jim.

Wrapping a warm hand around him, Spock grasped him and pumped slowly, experimentally, drawing a groan. “God, yes. Harder, Spock.”

The Vulcan answered by stroking him firmly two or three times before enveloping the head of his cock in wet heat. Jim’s eyes rolled back and he pulled at Spock’s hair. “Fuck,” he grated, arousal swift and powerful.

Spock swallowed him down from tip to base, then again as Jim moaned. “Oh, that’s perfect. Spock. Fuck,” Jim twisted the fingers of his free hand into the sheets. “Jesus, Spock. I’m not gonna last.”

At those words, Spock pumped him harder, applying more suction and Jim’s sensations winnowed down to the feel of Spock’s mouth and hand and the pleasure coursing through him, gathering, tightening. He opened his eyes to watch and blinked hard when Spock’s own eyes met his, deep chocolate lit with arousal and a smear of saliva on his cheek.

Unable to keep his head up, Jim flopped back to the sheets, mind blissing out as his orgasm approached. “Spock…fuck. Oh, fuck!” Jim’s voice was rough, a strangled moan announcing his orgasm, and he pulsed hard into Spock’s mouth.

Spock continued to suck, gentling until Jim tugged him off. Spock slid down and onto his knees on the floor. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and kissed Jim’s knee.

Reaching out, Jim splayed his fingers toward his husband until Spock’s fingers wrapped around them. “Come up here,” he ordered, voice breathless.

Spock climbed back up, his cock heavy, grazing Jim’s thigh as he moved. Jim immediately took him in hand and kissed Spock fiercely, greedily tasting himself. “You’re fucking amazing,” he said between kisses. He stroked him hard, riding a wave of bliss and wanting Spock to join.

Quickly, the Vulcan gasped, breath choked and body stiffening as Jim pumped. “Jim,” he barked, spilling his seed all over Jim’s hip and hand.

Jim stroked him through his orgasm and peppered his face with kisses before Spock buried his face in Jim’s neck, breathing rapidly.

Grinning tiredly, Jim pulled Spock closer and kissed his hair. “That was awesome, babe. You’re so amazing.”

“It is you who are so passionate I cannot help but to follow you. It would my greatest pleasure to do that to you again.”

Jim chucked tiredly. “Oh, babe. You can do that as many times as you want.” He stretched languidly.

“I shall endeavor to put those words to the test,” Spock answered, humor in his voice, and Jim laughed once more.

“Challenge accepted, Spock.”