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As Dark Comes the Night: The Codex

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Table of Contents


 A collection of summaries of each chapter for easy digest.

  • Before Fates: A Timeline
  • Prologue (Chapter 0 -6)
  • I: Darkness Embraced (Chapter 1- 8)
  • II: Army Building (Chapter 9-12)
  • III: Chevois Rebellion (Chapter 13)
  • IV:  Yukimura's Offensive (Chapter V.O.)
  • V: Life From Death (Chapter 14, 15)
  • VI: The Race for Hoshido (Chapter 16 - 25)
  • VII: Sons and Daughters of Valla (Chapter 26+)
  • DLC

Main Cast (Q&A)

The Kingdom of Nohr

House Lorenzen

House Albrand

House Buelen

House Durand

House Lovell

House Minett

House Ragnar

The Kingdom of Valla

The Kingdom of Hoshido