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Jimin had spent the first two years of his adulthood doing everything in his power to avoid learning how to drive. He’d been completely against the idea at first, citing college work and a lack of money as viable reasons not to, far too embarrassed to confess to his parents that he was actually terrified of the concept of being behind the wheel. But by the time he entered the second year of his course, it became a necessity. He no longer had the luxury of living on campus, and with his parent’s constantly occupied with work, he was forced to finally learn. His first time behind the wheel was traumatic at the least, displaying no natural talent for driving or even any remote understanding of how vehicles and road systems worked. He’d failed a grand total of 4 times, before finally receiving a bold ‘pass’ stamped in the centre of his application sheet. All the panic and hesitation he’d had seemed to leave the moment he drove for the first time alone, the freedom of finally having his own mode of transport outweighing any doubts in his mind. It brought him freedoms he’d never considered, but took advantage of to the fullest once he earned money to buy his own car; spontaneous trips with his university friends to concerts miles across the country, drives down to the coast in the hours of the morning when everything’s so peaceful that he can clear his mind for a few hours whilst watching the sunrise, and of course, his brother.


His inconsiderate, ungrateful younger brother.


“Oh and no driving off whilst I’m in there”, Jihyun mumbled, scrolling mindlessly through his phone in the passenger seat, “the lesson only takes an hour and I know it takes you half an hour to get back to your flat anyway so just wait outside or I’ll tell mum you abandoned me”. Jimin reached over to chastise his sibling, lightly smacking him around the ear before returning his hand to the wheel, strumming his fingers along the surface in irritation. Of course driving came with it’s drawbacks, mainly in the form of his rude younger brother demanding lifts whenever his parents weren’t available. They’d sworn him being Jihyun’s personal chauffeur service was a one time thing. Their promise did nothing to alleviate his attitude. 

“If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t even be able to make it to your lesson”, Jimin said, already highly irritated by the midday traffic, “Kids are so ungrateful nowadays”.

He could almost feel Jihyun rolling his eyes from where he sat next to him, but Jimin was too fed up to care. The summer heatwave was making it nearly unbearable to sit inside the vehicle for extended periods of time, and with a broken AC and excruciatingly slow moving traffic making everything worse, having to deal with his brother was the last thing he needed. All he had to do was take him to and from his piano lesson and then he’d be free; he only agreed to do it once and certainly wouldn’t be repeating that mistake.

Sweat dripped down the sides of his hair as he sat, mind numbingly bored of his Twitter feed and the faint piano playing he could hear from inside the teacher’s house. He felt almost unbearably sticky even with the windows rolled down, and the hour Jihyun had promised it would take had already far been exceeded. 

He felt like screaming, felt like storming inside and telling his brother to make his own damn way home, maybe shoot a few comments at his teacher in the process for taking far too long to finish up. Just as he was about to explode Jihyun finally exited the house, trailing beside a gentleman with grey hair and a slight smile on his lips.

To his surprise the teacher was considerably younger than Jimin had expected, perhaps no more than a few years older than him, his young and enticing features giving away his youth. The energy he gave off entirely contrasted that, as he walked over with a certain swagger and authority in the way he held himself, perfect for a teacher. He was dressed decently well too, a simple pair of designer brand jeans and a t-shirt, yet they still looked good on his relatively in shape body. Jimin wasn’t sure why, but he suddenly felt overly self conscious, hyper aware of his sweaty skin and slouching posture.

“Mr Park?”, the teacher said as he approached the car, and a bright blush spread across the entirety of Jimin’s face. He brushed it off as simply a consequence of the heat, smiling widely at him as he approached the car. “I’m Min Yoongi, your brother’s piano teacher”.

Jimin was too distracted by Yoongi’s eyes, they were a deep brown shade that looked almost black under the harsh shadows from the sun, to notice the hand he’d extended to him. “Oh!”, Jimin exclaimed, giggling nervously and shaking Yoongi’s hand, “Hi, I’m Jimin”, he replied coily, and he could feel Jihyun’s confused expression transform into a glare as he entered the passenger’s seat. They exchanged goodbyes, Jimin hesitating just a second too long before driving off.

“Don’t”, Jihyun said blunty, sharply punching Jimin in his arm as he made his way on to the main road, “I saw you flirting and I don’t approve”.

Jimin scoffed and rolled his eyes, the heat of the car turning his face a bright red again. “Dont be stupid, Jihyun”, Jimin drawled. “All I said was hello”.


The journey home remained mostly silent, bar a few questions Jimin asked about Yoongi which Jihyun answered rather reluctantly. He was a college graduate, currently teaching to fund his Masters in Composition which he was apparently taking at Jimin’s college, although he’d never seen him around. Apart from which Jihyun didn’t seem to know a lot else. Regardless, Jimin was impressed. 

The only other conversation came from a phone call from their mother about whether Jimin had successfully dropped Jihyun off without screwing anything up. Before ending the call, she slipped in a few words of how grateful she was, thanking Jimin for helping her, and when she asked if he would be interested in doing it every week, he despised the idea just a little bit less this time.




It hadn’t been this awful last time had it? Was it hotter today than it had been the week before? Jimin wiped as much sweat of his forehead as he could with what was unfortunately the last tissue he had left, groaning in frustration and hitting his head against the wheel with a small thud. Every window was open fully, and he’d been fanning himself for what seemed like hours now, the heat reaching such a high he felt like stripping all his clothes off then and there. Jihyun had insisted he only wait outside, made him promise not to bother them, but it was becoming unbearable and once again they were running overtime. Surely there was no harm just checking up on them was there?

Jimin found himself growing nervous as he walked to the door, unsure of himself and continually fixing his hair or his shirt on the way. It seemed ridiculous considering he was only going in to check on his brother, but Yoongi seemed so intimidating in their first brief encounter, he couldn’t help but feel nervous around him.

Just as he was about to knock, the door swung open, confronting him with the sight of Yoongi. He heard his brother groan in the background when he noticed him, but decided to ignore it, he was only checking on them after all.
“We’re all done for today”, Yoongi said monotonously, checking his watch as he did. He briefly glanced upwards to shoot a seemingly rehearsed smile at Jimin, before letting Jihyun passed him, the younger boy shooting Jimin merciless daggers with his stare.

“Thank you”, Jimin said, cheeks hurting with the genuine grin plastered across his face. It was clear Jihyun was trying to usher him away, but it felt rude not to at least talk a little. Small talk was appropriate amongst adults.
“So”, Jimin cleared his throat, “Do you have any other students you teach?”. He mentally kicked himself as soon as it left his mouth, although he wasn’t entirely sure why. It was a perfectly acceptable question, but it just didn’t feel good enough. Yoongi gave off such a strong sense of self as a sophisticated music teacher and graduate, being just some college student made Jimin feel undeniably inferior next to him.

“I actually have another student now so-...”, Yoongi trailed off, barely glancing at Jimin as he waved him goodbye and closed the door over. It was perfectly fine, he was in a rush after all, yet Jimin felt a tinge of something akin to offense at his lack of interest in a conversation. He felt stupid that he cared about some random person’s opinion of him, but regardless, he still felt it. Given Yoongi’s energy, how enticing he seemed to Jimin, he was thrown off by how dismissive he was of even so much as small talk.


Jihyun begged him to just drop it the entire journey home, explaining that Yoongi was just a quiet person, it wasn’t personal, but Jimin couldn’t stop the nag at the back of his brain. Was it something he’d said? Surely not, they’d barely exchanged a sentence. Regardless, Jimin was determined to win him over, not matter how many tries it took.

The next two weeks went less than swimmingly, Jimin’s topic choice of the weather resulting in the most mundane seven second conversations he’d ever experienced before Yoongi made his way back inside. Although he was red faced, Jihyun insisted he was just shy. On the third week Jimin came inside to pay the coming months fees, taking the opportunity to tell Yoongi about their mutual interest in music as he was a dance major. He felt like Yoongi was becoming interested in the conversation until he cut him off to ask him to sign some papers, and then wished him a safe journey home before he even had the opportunity to continue the conversation. Jimin felt defeated at his lack of expression, Jihyun halfheartedly argued he’d seen Yoongi smile. One week Yoongi complimented Jimin’s physique when he bragged about how often he went to the gym, and he would have melted right there and then if not for Jihyun dragging him out of the house and as far away from his teacher as possible. 

An endless cycle formed of Jimin making small talk, Yoongi barely reciprocating, and Jihyun dying of embarrassment the entire time. He hated to admit it to himself but it was fairly undeniable at this point; he had a crush on Min Yoongi. It was so infuriating how easily he fell for people, how easily he became attached regardless of whether the person showed interest or not. It was an issue, one which he had been trying to get over, but something about Yoongi just drew him in, he couldn’t help trying to hear him talk as much as possible.




Jimin stared up at the ceiling, eyes drooping from exhaustion as the hours of the night ticked on, but never quite able to fall asleep. In his head he listed all the things he found wrong with himself, all the things he figured Yoongi probably found wrong with him too. He was always too forward, too blatant in his affection that it scared people off so often. He wasn’t the most handsome person around either, or the most intelligent, not that that mattered when he could barely spark up a conversation with Yoongi in the first place.

He liked making lists, verbalising and rationalising things in a structure so he could sort out the mess in his head. The mess that was currently all Yoongi. Rolling over with a sigh, Jimin opened his top draw and pulled out an old and battered notebook, far past it’s better days. He turned to a fresh sheet, removing the pen from it’s bindings and began to write, to rationalise his thoughts in to a concise ‘Why Min Yoongi Is Not Worth My Time’ list. It was fast approaching dawn, and he was desperate to figure out some way of getting the piano teacher off his mind so he could a least try and rest.

Passive. Yoongi was far too passive for Jimin’s taste. Topics of music and politics and studies sprung from Jimin’s mouth uncontrollably and messily, sprouting at random moments in an attempt to flare any sort of conversation, only to be met with silence of passive hums of agreement. It seemed fair at first, he was there to teach after all, but it was bordering on ridiculous at this point. Jimin liked conversation and discussion.  Yoongi did not.

Workaholic. Yoongi was ridiculously centered around his work. His demeanour was constantly professional, verging on serious and blunt on occasion. He barely let out a laugh or even a half hearted smile at any of Jimin’s corny jokes, opting to remain entirely business, and who doesn’t love a good joke? Jihyun insisted Yoongi was hilarious, just not with Jimin.

His list was wearing thin, and only succeeded in making Jimin feel like he was right in the first place, that Yoongi simply didn’t like Jimin. He promised himself he’d phone is mum in the morning and tell her she’d have to make the trip from now on. There was no point getting caught up on men like Yoongi.


Jimin still thought about him all night regardless.


7 cups of coffee into the day, and Jimin was severely doubting his ability to get any of his assignments complete by the next morning. He had enough time left, but his week of all nighters wasn’t helping the current situation and he was starting to wonder how much more caffeine he could take before burning out. Taking the cup from the Barrister who looked more than a little concerned about how much he had ordered, Jimin stumbled over to the nearest table, collapsing into his arms and hoping the coolness of the table top would do something to alleviate his headache.

He felt someone sit across from him, having no energy to look up and check on who it was. It was most likely another acquaintance from within his course, equally in a panic and rushing to get everything done and handed in on time. Worst case scenario was it was his teacher, and he wasn’t quite ready to face them anyway, so made sure to keep his head down.

“So”, a familiar voice sounded from across him, and Jimin’s head shot up with such speed he was certain he had a minor case of whiplash. Of all the people he wanted to be sitting across from him during this exam crisis, the last person on that list was the guy he’d spent about a month embarrassing himself in front of. He’d stopped taking Jihyun to his lessons a few weeks ago, and that was more than enough time for him to hate how desperate he’d been acting. No wonder Jihyun had been embarrassed the entire time.

“I haven’t seen you in a few weeks”, Yoongi said, clearing his throat and concentrating a little too intensely on his cup as he stirred his drink.

“Yeah”, Jimin replied, trying to contain the overflowing humiliation spinning through his head. “I decided to focus on college work instead.”

“That’s a shame”. Jimin felt his chest twist in response, but tried to calm himself. It was just small talk after all. “I’ve missed hearing you talk about stuff”, Yoongi said, face flooding with a light pink blush that covered his nose to his ears. He still didn’t meet eyes with Jimin, but could feel his gaze directly on him as he spoke.

“Yeah about that”, Jimin rushed, desperate to get across that he wasn’t in fact crazy, completely unaware of the smile growing on Yoongi’s face. “Sorry if I came across a little”, insane, delusional , “hyperactive when we saw each other, I can get like that sometimes”. I’ve been beating myself up over it.

Yoongi laughed wholeheartedly at Jimin’s remark, and after weeks of barely any response the sound made him smile uncontrollably.

“No, no”, Yoongi chuckled, “It was nice. I actually felt bad about-”, he paused, scratching the back of his neck, “I get shy, sometimes, is all”. He dragged his bottom lip through his teeth, finally looking up at Jimin to gauge his reaction. “But I’d love to hang out sometime, i-if that’s okay with you?”, he stuttered, voice breaking ever so slightly with his nerves, sure Jimin had grown tired of his company and wouldn’t be interested

Jimin felt his hands go clammy, him now being the one to avert his gaze to his drink. It felt unreal, like this was all some elaborate lie just to make sure Jimin didn’t feel bad about coming across so obsessive and eager. Yoongi always seemed too good for him, too smart or too old to find any interest in Jimin, and yet here he sat, so curled in on himself, a mirror image of Jimin as they both awkwardly shared conversation.

Jimin took a deep breath, meeting Yoongi in the eyes for what seemed the first time. “Okay”, he started shakily, “Sounds good to me.

Without realising he’d been holding it, Yoongi let out a breath, a smile breaking across his cheeks.